Little Teen Brandi Belle with Big Dick in her Mouth

Little Teen Brandi Belle with Big Dick in her Mouth
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Wendy is 33 divorced with three small children trying to run a ranch and train horses. Her ex-husband was a gambler and he won big, got over 1.5 million. Instead of giving some to Wendy and his three small sons, he took the waitress that he was banging while Wendy was working at the ranch and left town. Wendy is a very attractive woman for 33, long blonde hair, hot sexy body, and nice breasts.

Wendy is so tired, and sore, she just needs some alone time. She brought the baby in her room with her, the baby is sleeping in his stroller, the other two kids are watching Cartoons, so they are good for about 20 minutes, she turns on her hot tub, she went to open the door to the kids room, checked on them, they are fine, so ran back to the hot tub, she striped and climbed in, the water is so warm, she moans as she sat down and had two of the jets, pointing at her pussy, ouuuu felt so nice, all that power hitting her pussy, didn't take her long to open her legs, and let those jet pulse over her clit, feels so much like vibrations going through her clit.

Then she slides forward just a bit, so the jets are hitting her needed to be touched pussy lips, right there, oh yesssssss, it is hitting a hole that really needs some attention. she is in heaven. She took her finger and played with her clit, ouuuu that is giving her such a nice, feeling. OMG, she is getting so hot, she needed this soo bad, ohhh yess, been well over five months, all she can think of is staying on the edge.

She put her head back on the side of the tub, and is getting ready for an awesome orgasm, just a clit tap to set her going. Ohhh baby what a feeling, mmmmmmmm yesssssss who needs a man. A awesome warm wave, just spread all the way from her toes, to her clit. Now the jets making her tingle all over her body, Just as she was about to put two fingers in her pussy, a knock came at the door, She said quietly come in. In came Duke, her ranch manager, just wanted you to know I have every thing under control.

She said " that is awesome," She said in a nice relieved voice, Thank you so much Duke for taking such good care of her. He said anything for you, Maam, and out the door he left, just as quietly as he came in. Maybe some day she will get to have the warmth of a man.

Since she had some time in the house, she decided to go through the ranch email, came across one that said, Investment inquiry so she opened it up, and this man John was asking if the ranch was for sale or possibly open to business partner interested in investing in the ranch.

Wendy wrote back, and said, both were possibilities. She asked me when would be a good date to set up a meeting. The sooner the better, I wrote back, asking how does this weekend sound?


Wendy is surprised at the quick answer. She replied " I'm open, if you are available, what time should I expect you?" Reply came right back, " Let say I hope to pull in around 4 pm today.

But please if I'm late, don't worry." She replied back " No problem." All Wendy can think of she could use a good stiff drink.

She is standing there with her children when I pull up to the house, stopped. I got out, dark sunglasses on, gray hair with an expensive shirt on, and tight jeans.

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I walked toward her. " Hi, Wendy." I said in a raspy voice, reached out to shake her hand, " I'm John Malone." Her mouth dropped open, she said, back to me, tripping over her words, " Hi John, I'm Wendy," She sort of stuttered, " Very Nice to meet you, Let see if we can't get you settled." She got up and asked me " if he would like to take a walk around the ranch with her," I got right up, " Sure." I answered.

" Let me check on the kids, and I will be right with you." She checked on the kids. I'm sitting on the front porch, looking out over the grounds I could see, Wendy grabbed my hand and said, " This way." She is leading me up a steep roadway, up to the upper flat, where all the horses graze through the day.

I'm divorced six times. She found out through some questions and answers. The longer we walked, the better she smelled. I can't get enough, Ode to female hormones, I don't know, but she had me at hello.

Her voice is easy to listen too. She is having chills, she is getting so wet between her thighs, I made her feel like a young woman again, walking and holding hands.

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We talked like we knew each other for years. We got back to the barn, and we went in to see her horses. I grabbed her suddenly and kissed her, took her off guard for a minute, dizzy and weak.


She turned to me reaching past me, grabbing a horse blanket, and with out saying a word, she went into her office, she got a bottle of wine and took off up the ladder, " Follow me." She whispered. She went to the top, climbed over onto the hay and spread out the horse blanket. I'm still trying to get there, she looks at me and giggles, " You should feel honored." She told me, " Your only the second man I have ever brought up here." She is pulling the cork out of the bottle, taking a swig and passed it over to me.


I was asking who the other man was? I'm taking a drink, and she told me his name was Eddie, he gave her, her first kiss right here in this barn loft. As she is telling me, it is the smells, and sounds, that make it special, and at that moment I lean into kiss her, my kiss took her breathe away.

She feels me unbuttoning her blouse, undoing her bra, her pants, she is weak when I'm kissing her. I knew where to touch her, and she didn't want me to stop, I know what I want, and what she wanted. I slide my hand down inside her panties, and start to grope her pussy, she moans, I knew how close she is by the squirming she is doing.

She explodes, all over my fingers, " Ouuuu baby," I said, " We have just gotton started wendy!" She moans louder, and thought to herself pinch me please " OMG." My kissing and finger play, brought Wendy to orgasm soooo many times, she is weak, when I pull her jeans down the rest of the way, pulling off her boots, then peeled off her jeans and panties.

I told her how beautiful she is, went down to lick her pussy, OMG to feel my hot tongue, made her writhe, ohhh it feels soooo good, I moan and told her how good she tasted, she lay there enjoying the sensations, and moaned, then she came all over my tongue, she is worried about me drowning. Then I surprise her, I came up and begin kissing her and massaging her swollen breast, I whisper " Please baby if this bothers you tell me.

It makes me sooo horny." Before she had a chance to answer, I start to suck on her nipples and massaging her swollen breasts, as I sucked, I'm drinking her breast milk. I'm loving it, sucking hard, making her pussy tingle, I went over to the other one, and start on the other breast, and here she thought I was going to be repulsed by the leakage, She pumps all baby's milk out in the morning. So I can have all I want, as long as I make her feel good.

OMG her pussy is soooo hot, wet, and tingling again, she reaches down rubbing my rock hard cock, she only got to stroke it a couple of times, I got up sliding off my jeans, grabbing my cock and stroked the full length, I couldn't close my hand fully around it. Wendy's eyes are wide and her mouth is open as she stares at my big cock. I put my fingers down on her pussy again, stroking it to see if it is wet and ready.

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I spread her legs, guiding my thick long cock to her slit then she grimaces as she feels the bulbous purple cock head pushing in, " Oh're hurting's too big.too big," She whimpers. As I'm pushing my bulbous cock head deeper inside her. I growled and grunted as I use my weight to force myself deeper into her.

With every millimeter I inch in, the fires follow as my girth came into contact with tender thick walls scraping and stretching with every millimeter of my shaft driving deeper.

Every muscle in her body tenses when she feels my hips grind against hers. My feral grin reveals my pleasure with my savage thrust. Her hair whipping futilely around her face, the only part of her unencumbered enough to resist. Unfortunately, it only served to remind her how thoroughly she is being violated. Each new thrust is no easier to handle than the last one. Wendy feels as if her body is on fire and her pussy is a blast furnace.

Her muscles burn from struggling until she can barely feel them. Her breath coming in ragged gasps between sobs as my hot steel shaft slams in and out between her legs. With the pain and pleasure fighting to overpower each other, Wendy didn't think she would fall any deeper into the burning cauldron within her. Being celibate for so long after her divorce left her unprepared. Wendy's mind focused suddenly, a burst of intense pain deep inside of her as my cock head slams against her cervix.

My monster cock has scraped, stretched, and tore her, suddenly my cock head forces her cervix open then the ring of her cervix glides up over and rests upon the tip of my penis. Now the sanctity of her womb is violated by my searing manhood. The slimy, concave opening of her cervix feels like it's sucking on my crimson cap as the ring repeatedly tries to stretch over my large engorged head.

After several attempts the mucus covered ring of the external orifice dilates appropriately, relinquishing it's guardianship of her sacred feminine passage. Slowly the muscular orifice of her cervix rolls over my penis, contracting its ring behind the ridged corona of my bulbous head, locking me tight within. Once inside I push into the unexplored, constrictive passage of her resisting womb; while enjoying her changing facial expressions at each stage of her inner deflowering.

My cock swelling thicker feeling as if it is ripping her open. The sudden throbbing followed by my erratic rhythm, warning her what is about to happen. Her whimpering pleas take on new urgency. " Please! Don't. Not that. Not inside me!" Her brain is too scattered to remember if she is on birth control or not, or whether it is near her time of the month. All that burned through her is pain and her complete powerlessness. My crotch slams against her so hard that her body jerks and causing her head to slam on to the floor.

My back arched. My head flew back and a growl of pure contentment roared from my lungs. Tears running down her face, she thought herself used up. The world swimming in uncertainty and her frenzied hair begins to sway dizzily. Finally, holding her tighter, I stiffened and she feels me forcefully erupt, claiming what I perceived as belonging to me. I stagger back. Wendy finally feels empty but what should have been a relief only burns all the more harshly with shame.

A silky warm trickle of my cum mixed with blood begins to seep from her and travel down the crack of her ass. Wendy laid there gasping for breathe, her body sore and feeling torn inside. She sat up looking down between her legs seeing the bloody blanket and streaks of cum and blood on her inner thighs.

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Wendy is getting up from the floor when I appeared in front of her, naked, stroking my enormous erection. I look at her and grinned then told her to turn around and stay on her hands and knees. I spread her legs moving behind her, I run my hand over her buttocks, making her wince as I push two fingers into her anus. Wendy outraged at this tried to clench her buttocks tight to stop me from going further, but I smack her hard and she screams with pain and tries to relax.

Wendy grimacing as I enter her, " Oh're hurting's too big.too big," She whimpers as I push my bulbous, cock head deeper inside her anus. Oblivious to her pleas, I hold her hips thrusting into her, my long thick cock filling her.

Faster, deeper and harder until my body tenses and I begin to grunt with urgent thrusting into her. Finally, holding her tight, I stiffened and she feels me forcefully erupt, claiming again what I already perceived as belonging to me. Wendy is unconscious by this time. The next morning Wendy is on her hands and knees in the garden, I walk up behind her. I kneel down and shove my nose between her legs and forcefully lift her up trying to get Wendy to push her shorts down.

Wendy keeps swatting at me when I continued to do this, at times forcefully shoving my nose under her crotch and lifting her ass up. Suddenly I get up and mount her. I lay on Wendy's back and start humping her. Wendy trying to struggle getting my 200 pound body off her back.

Suddenly Wendy let out a piercing shriek as I ripped her unlined nylon jogging shorts, she is wearing no panties. Then my hips went into sudden over drive, fucking her with blazing speed and slamming into her like a freight train. Wendy tried to break the vise-grip that I had locked around her waist. Wendy stopped her struggling and kneel there with me slamming into her. Wendy is spreading her knees apart, Wendy's face showed mixed emotions as she experienced the sensations of being savagely fucked again.

Her bruised and sore pussy stuffed full with a hot cock that is continuously squirting large amount of hot pre-cum deep inside her, a cock that is massive and impaling her. Then, one firm hard nipple breast is pounded free and pops out of her deeply scalloped tee-shirt. Her freed breast swaying in rhythm with her body as I slam into her. After ten minutes of this Wendy put her forehead to the ground, spread her knees as wide apart as possible and lifted her ass up into me. Wendy is doing the same thing a woman does when being fucked from behind lifting her firm tight ass up to facilitate taking me as deep as possible into her!

Wendy is now enjoying this! Immensely enjoying it! She begins rocking back trying to meet each hard furious thrust. She has a lustful look on her face, she is breathing heavily from me driving my massive cock deep into her, forcing my cock deep into her pussy pushing the air from her as I furiously slam home again and again. Wendy's body swaying in time with the savage force of each of my stokes, my heavy hanging balls slapping her protruding hard clit.

Fucking her in the garden is so damned erotically lusty and the hottest thing I have done, I'm fucking this beautiful divorced woman.

I'm now standing over her, her mouth hanging open, her hard nipples firm breasts swaying in rhythm with the fucking, she is panting with exertion, sweat profusely glistening on her long hard lithe body enthusiastically fucking back against my thrusting cock. Wendy repeatedly pushes her ass back as she gorged her pussy on my massive hot cock, wanting all and taking all. My cock is thrusting deep in and out of her womb, having the effect of stimulating her uterus again, now feeling the hot ejaculating precum into her womb, feeling not only the massive thrusting cock but a building pressure of hot fluid akin to a water balloon being slowly filled, which judging by her reaction will soon culminate into a massive overwhelming orgasm.

I dipped down and fed Wendy a long, rippling under slung stroke that tilted her ass further up into the air, then slammed in at a downward angle that forces her chest to the ground. I had driven my slowly swelling knot deep into her, that up to this point had been rapidly passing in and out of her tight vaginal entrance, flaming her desires with each passing stroke, my knot will not emerge until later. Wendy is feeling for the first time, a knot swelling to tennis ball size or bigger, pushing against her sensitive G-spot, when stimulated, triggers a massive orgasm.

Still I continue slamming into her, driving my knot repeatedly against her G-Spot. Wendy's head starts rocking back and forth, her ass arched high. She lifts her head back involuntarily as she spreads her legs impossibly wide as she arches her back lifting her ass up even higher encouraging more of my monster cock to penetrate her deflowered womb again like I did last night. She emitted a beautiful, piercing primal orgasmic scream that arose from deep within her, crying out a orgasmic cry.

After ten minutes more we are still, Wendy starts slowly moving, she starts to slowly gyrate her tight ass around and after awhile her pace starts picking up and pushing back onto my thick cock, she is impaled and stuck on. I likd what she is doing and start to slowly thrust into her but Wendy is doing most of the action. She is rubbing her G spot against my knot imbedded in her.

Wendy has her eyes closed and the tip of her tongue protruding past her lips as she concentrates.

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It is not long before she has another shuddering orgasm. Wendy has a particularly sensitive G spot and is now enjoying multi-orgasmic sensetions from her clit as well as her G spot.

I threw a leg over her and then turned, Wendy's eyes are popping out feeling this maneuver, feeling my vastly swollen knot turn and tightly grind against her G-spot still tightly tied. Wendy again slowly begins thrusting until another massive orgasm slams through her body.

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Wendy and I stay tied for fifteen minutes before I start tugging, pulling Wendy with each tug, then my knot slowly pulls free.

Wendy slowly changes from a kneeling position to sitting cross-legged, staring at me standing a couple of feet away. She let out a gasp. Seeing the length of my cock and the thickness at the aroused stage, my knot at the base of my shaft startled her.

She realized it must have easily swollen larger than a tennis ball inside her and then when she accounted for the additional diameter across the knot, she estimated she had been impaled on almost eleven inches or more. She also realized that my cock had managed to repeatedly violated her cervix.

She now knew my cock was long enough to make it past the cervical entrance driving her wild with passion. For the time in her life, she experienced internal deflowering of her womb twice, I was the only man able to go that far inside her, fucking into her womb with my hot squirting cock, Wendy then feeling the sudden hot liquid explosion deep into her womb, expanding it with the voluminous ejaculation.

Wendy slowly stood up. Her inner thighs covered with cum mixed with blood running down her legs. Wendy then slowly started walking toward the pool area.