Amateur cfnm slut sucks pornstars and handjob

Amateur cfnm slut sucks pornstars and handjob
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Daryl Gets Caught. Daryl showered, wrapped a towel around his waist and made his way down the hall. Passing his parents was startled to see his mom in the state of changing into her swimsuit. Well, she wasn't actually changing, she was trimming her bikini line with a small razor. She didn't see him and was standing, bent over slightly, naked from the waist down using her hand to push her vagina away from where she wanted to clean-up.

Daryl was shocked and intensely interested. This was the second vagina he had now seen and he noticed several differences. His mom's pussy was fuller and the lips were more pronounced. She looked moist down there, but not soaking wet.

She had thicker hair but it was trimmed into a strip so her pussy was quite visible. Under his towel, despite the fact that this was his mom, he became achingly hard. He moved on quickly to his own room. She caught sight of a shadow whipping past her door and looked up startled. Like a deer caught in the headlights of a car. She dropped to her knees and squeezed her legs together, covering her pussy with her hands.

She heard her son's bedroom door close. "Shit!" she thought. "I knew I should have just put the dam suit on. I would have been changed and done in a few seconds. But no, I just had to notice some hairs that might show. Poor Daryl. What if he'd seen her?" She was embarrassed for both of them at that thought.

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"I better check on him." She put her suit on and crept down the hall. She stopped at his door and was about to knock when she heard some sounds. They were sounds she was familiar with. Sounds of sex. Moans and heavy breathing. She knew he was jacking-off. She wanted to walk away, but something kept her there. She very slowly turned the door knob and waited. She wasn't sure whether he'd seen the knob turn, but when his sounds continued, she knew he hadn't.

Again, with careful stealth, she inched the door open just a bit. It was enough to easily see his bed completely. Her eyes widened at the sight of her son, lying on his back with his head thrown back and his eyes closed. He was naked and madly stroking his very erect penis. She wanted to turn away but she couldn't. Her son was beautiful. He was well proportioned and his cock was perfectly formed and extremely solid.

He was average in size for his young age. About 5 inches long and nice and thick. She was enthralled by the exhibition in front of her and couldn't move until he gasped "Oh Mom!" She covered her mouth with her hand and stared.

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"He did see me. He saw me shaving my pussy and now the little bugger was jacking-off to images in his mind of my pussy." She was both surprised and actually a little flattered.

It kind of bothered her that her son was using her nakedness to masturbate to, but she also knew from experience that it was normal to picture someone in your mind when you did this, and sometimes it was someone you would never actually have sex with. Suddenly he groaned, squeezed his eyes shut and came. His body tightened, his hips rose and the first shot of semen flew out of his hard red cock.

It flew up and landed squarely on his mouth and face. He made a look of disgust and pursed his lips together while his penis continued to shoot out cum with less and less verbosity.

At the sight of his cum splashing against his lips and face, she burst out laughing and covering her mouth with one hand, she pushed open the door with the other. As she walked in, Daryl scrambled. He wiped the cum off his face with one arm and grabbed his covers with the other. "Shit mom. What are you doing?" He was beet red.

She calmed a bit and walked over to his bed. She was still in a fit, but controlled her laughter to just a bit of sporadic shoulder shaking silent rolls. "I'm so sorry Daryl. I saw a shadow go by my door and wondered if you saw me shaving.

I was worried that if you did, you might be feeling awkward." " Awkward! Shit mom, THIS is awkward!" Smiling at him warmly, she apologized. "I'm sorry Daryl. I wasn't expecting you to be…well…in the middle of something and when I saw you I couldn't seem to pull myself away.

You were actually very handsome looking and let's face it, when you ejaculated, it was pretty funny." "Jeeze Mom, I'm so embarrassed." " Daryl, there's nothing to be embarrassed about. At least not with the act of masturbation.

I can understand you being embarrassed about me seeing you do it, but believe me it's not something that shocks me or that I find wrong in any way. It's fine…even good to masturbate. Besides, your dad and I have known that you have been doing this for awhile now." Daryl groaned and covered his face with his hands. "This is too much.

I can't believe this is happening." "Daryl, that's enough! You're a handsome young healthy teenager and your hormones are running rampant. I wouldn't be shocked at all if you jacked off several times a day. I'll let you in on a little secret if it will make you feel better. I masturbate too. Now, did you see me shaving?" Daryl reluctantly nodded his head.

"Really mom, I didn't mean to see you, but&hellip." "That's ok Daryl. I was going to be done and out of there before you finished your shower but got distracted when I noticed a few hairs where they shouldn't be.

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She reached out and stroked his cheek. "Honey, was mine the first time you've seen a woman's vagina?" Daryl looked down but stayed quiet. "Honey, I know you and Cindy are pretty close and I'm sure you've been fooling around a bit. You're both probably curious about each other and that's quite normal. Have you gotten guys had intercourse yet?" "Geeze Mom!" "Daryl, like I said, sex is not anything to be embarrassed about. I'm sure you guys have gotten into some heavy petting at least." "Ok ok, yes we've made out and yes I've seen her…err.down there, but no we haven't done it yet." His mom looked at him with love.

"Well…you two seem a bit young to be this involved, but no younger than I was I guess. And, most men call 'down there' a pussy." She paused for a few seconds "Do you know about protection?" "I guess so.

I mean we've been reading this book at the library and it talks about the pill and condoms and other stuff." "Do you have condoms?" "No." "Your dad has some, wait here and I'll grab a few for you." Daryl's head was spinning.

He couldn't believe this day. Getting caught jacking off and even cumming on his own face. He looked back at that bit and couldn't help laughing himself. His poor mom must have been shocked.


But, she actually laughed at his misfortune. Then, be damned if she didn't want to talk! Now, she was off to get him some condoms. This was not what he woke up expecting today.

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His mom entered his room with a handful of small packages. "Ok Daryl, have you ever seen a condom?" "Uh…no" She tossed him a package and put the rest on his dresser. "Go ahead and open it." He carefully tore open the package and pulled out the condom. He noted the hard band around the end and the funny little tip that dangled at the other end.

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It looked small to him, and it felt kind of slippery. As he was looking at it, his mom noticed his confusion. "They stretch out to fit any size penis. The bottom ring keeps it snug, and the tip is to contain the cum when it…well&hellip.when it comes I guess" "You roll it on. Roll it down you penis until you can't any more. Do you want me to leave so you can try it? You really should try putting one on.

You don't want to be fumbling or make a mistake in front of your partner. Not a manly thing to do." "Will you stay and make sure I do it right mom.? I know it's probably not right for a mom to see a son's hard-on, but you already have and it didn't seem to bother you…did it?" By this time, Daryl's mom was feeling pretty open with him and was flattered that he wanted her to help him. She decided to make it very causual. "Of course not.

Erections are quite normal Daryl and I've seen them many times before. I'll be happy to help. OK, off with the blanket.

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Let's get to it." Daryl threw off the blanket exposing his young hard cock. It was surrounded by a thin layer of black hair, and sported two nice sized balls below it. His mom stared at her son's nakedness and state of arousal for a few seconds and then looked in his eyes.

"Very nice package there son. Now put the condom on." He put the condom over the head it didn't even cover it. He looked at his mom. "Just roll it down hard at first to get it started." She said. Once he got it over the head of his cock, it went down smoothly to the base but it was pulling on a few hairs and he had to fidget a bit to pull the hairs out from under it.


She noticed. "Not bad, but remember to use one hand to protect yourself from getting hairs in there. How does it feel?" "God it's tight. It feels kind of slippery too." "It's supposed to be tight, and the slippery business is more for her than you.

It helps make the penetration easier." Daryl carefully rolled the condom off and gave his strangled penis a few rubs. "Thanks mom. I appreciate you being so cool about all this." "That's ok Daryl. Better not tell anyone about me helping you with this though. Probably not an acceptable bit of sharing for a mother and son."