Monster Gape Abby gets her asshole Fucked and Loaded with Big Cock

Monster Gape Abby gets her asshole Fucked and Loaded with Big Cock
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This is a story of casual, unprotected sex, and is a work of fiction. In real life, use a condom, damnit! Unwanted babies, HIV and all sorts of lesser sexual diseases await the idiot who "dips his wick" or "rides the rod" without protection. --- I Dream of Demie (MF, MFF, con, reluc, impreg, mc) by Krosis of the Collective --- I listened carefully to the homeless guy's breathing as he slept under the stained, stinky tent.

Yes, ragged and this cold winter weather he wouldn't last the night. I was sure of it. I pulled out the chalk and drew the protective circle around the tent. It was difficult to get a proper circle due to how close the tent was to the wall of the alley but I did my best, making sure the line had no breaks. When I was done I pulled out the lighter fluid and doused the tent with it. I spoke the words. I had memorized them from the book. It was time. I pulled out the matchbook and struck the match.

I held the flickering flame before my eyes. It danced, seeming to yearn for the meal before it. Could I do it? Take a man's life?

Well, I assumed it was a man under the tent. What if I was wrong, and he was going to survive the night if I didn't.? I looked to the stars, easily seen on this cold and clear night. What should I do? The choice was taken away from me as the match burned down to my finger. Reflex caused me to whip my hand back to remove the source of my pain. The match flew forward and down.

The tent easily caught fire in an almost cartoony "fwoomp" sound. It was too late to go back. The homeless guy never made a sound.

He might've been blitzed on something, or the surprise of being burned alive might have just given him a heart attack and he died quietly. I waited.nothing. I felt sick. The light from the fire danced off the alleyway walls and, fearing that I might be seen, I quickly fled.

Blocks away from the murder I had just committed -- was it murder if I accidentally dropped the match? -- I stopped in another alleyway and barfed. After a few minutes my brain finally calmed down and I thought about the spell. No demon had appeared. I spoke the words correctly.I had dedicated that death and that bum's soul to the summoning.what had gone wrong? It made no sense. I went back to the street and realized that I had wandered near Monday's place.

His name wasn't actually Monday, it was Garfield, but Garfield the cat hates Mondays so the nickname stuck. He should feel lucky he wasn't nicknamed Lasagna.

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Anyway, Monday was my supplier. After a night like this I needed to calm the fuck down, so I rang his bell, spent 5 minutes in his stinky apartment, bought $20 of pot from him and hoofed it home. Oh, look what I wrote there.hoofed.ha. Don't worry; you'll get it in a moment. It was 4 AM by the time I got back to my apartment.

Nobody was around to notice, thankfully, or they might have wondered what a nice guy like me was doing coming home so late. Yeah, I'm one of those guys that neighbors get interviewed later and say, "He was such a nice boy.nobody expected this from him." I closed my apartment door behind me, and then froze.

Something was wrong. My eyes scanned the dim light of the room, searching. There.someone was in my La-Z-Boy. I could see.bell bottoms? And.small round lift shoes? "'bout time," said a sultry female voice.

The figure rose from the chair and stepped into the light of the entryway. She was the most female being I'd ever seen. The first thing I noticed is the leather half top she was wearing, the tops of her breasts spilling out over the low cut hem. The half top tapered down to a slim waist, then expanded into sexy hips that many women would kill for.

Her jeans clung to her like a second skin right down to her knees, and then belled out to her feet. What I had assumed to be shoes were actually.Oh God.hooves?!

I looked up from the woman's gorgeous body to her face as it came into the entryway light. She had straight ash blond hair spilling down to her shoulders, and a headband with peace symbols keeping it in place. She was absolutely beautiful and I realized that she looked like Janis Joplin, a singer from the 1960's.well, Janis Joplin at her most beautiful and if she had been given a crapload of plastic surgery, not to mention a reddish tinge to her skin.

Then I noticed her horns, one on each side of the top of her forehead, poking out just a little above the headband. Finally my eyes locked on hers and I was lost. She walked toward me slowly, purposefully. "Stupid little mortal.your protective circle was imperfect. I received the soul sacrifice but you have no power over me." She was in front of me now.

I could do nothing but gape; her red eyed gaze held me fast.

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I could smell brimstone. "Now you shall join your victim, with a single kiss," she drawled. I had summoned a succubus, a female demon that stole men's souls through intimate contact! I couldn't do anything but lean forward as she beckoned. I was going to die! Why couldn't I do anything? Sniff. My lips were puckered and waiting. She was only inches away. Would it hurt? Sniff sniff. And.I was still waiting. "Is that.ganja?" "Uh?" My brain wasn't properly connected to the rest of my body.

Why wasn't I dead? She started to pad my coat, searching. She pulled the plastic bag of weed out of my inner pocket. "Oh My doG, I haven't had this in decades!" she exclaimed. She snapped her finger in front of my face and I was myself again.

"Light it up, man! Let's get this party started!" She opened the bag and took a big sniff. "Right on!" She started to rifle through my desk drawers. Though I could move again, I was still dumbfounded by my home.

I could see a long, red, barbed tail coming out from her jeans a bit above her nicely formed ass. She turned back to me. "Where the fuck are your papers? I got the fire." She flipped me "the bird" and a small flame erupted from the tip of her middle finger. Action now, think later, I told myself.

I had a temporary reprieve, if I could keep her focused on the pot. "No papers," I said, "I have a volcano." Now it was her turn to look confused.

I went to the couch side table and uncovered my vaporizer, pulling one of its bag balloons from underneath. I held out my hands for the weed and she handed it over.

The succubus looked on, fascinated, as I ground up some of the pot, fed it into the vaporizer, hooked up the balloon bag and switched it on. The balloon started to fill as the volcano vape whirred away. Within a few minutes it was full. I handed it to her. "Keep the end closed until you're ready to toke off it, then you just breathe the vapor in," I explained. She looked at the balloon dubiously, shook her head and put the end to her mouth.

She breathed in and held it. After a number of seconds she breathed out. "This ain't doin' shit, man. I can barely even taste it." She looked upset. "Give it a minute," I said hurriedly. She toked again, harder, holding it longer.

If she was human I would have told her to be sure to breathe more in between, otherwise. She stumbled, coughing.

Holy shit! She gorked herself! She held the bag out as she coughed and swayed, and I took it gingerly, then said what the fuck and took a big hit myself. If I was going to die I was going out fucked up.

The demon made her way unsteadily to the couch and dropped onto it. She looked dazed. "Far out, man! I can feel it hitting me already." I sat carefully next to her, holding the vapor bag out. She took it and hit again. After a few minutes her eyes were half lidded and she was obviously in, metaphorically speaking. "Psychedelic! That shit is way stronger than back in the day. I'm fucked up already!" I took another hit.

We passed the bag back and forth until it was deflated. The succubus was looking at me in a strange way. I felt really uncomfortable all of a sudden.

I was no good at making small talk with women but I did my best. " what's your name?" "Ha! Nice try, guy, but I'm not giving you my real name.that would give you power over me." She reclined on the couch, bringing one leg parallel to the back of it. I suddenly had a great view of her jeans-covered crotch. Those jeans were tight.I could actually make out her pussy lips. Despite the danger my cock started to harden. " what do I call you? I'm Tom." I held out my hand.

She took my hand and pulled it, placing the flat of my palm square between her legs. Her hips started to rotate and I could feel the heat coming from down there. "Call me.Demie." I don't know how my brain was still working by this point, but I asked, "You mean, like Demi Moore?" The pronunciation wasn't quite right.

"No, 'Dee-mee', short for Demon. Like you." she pointed at me. ".'dum-mee', are short for 'dumbass'. Ha, Demie and Dummy!" She laughed.

I tore my attention back to her face. It had changed somehow, and her hair had darkened a bit.

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It took a moment, but then I realized she now had some of Demi Moore's features, combined with Janis'. Did she do that when I mentioned the actress' name?

The effect actually made her more beautiful, and she had already been a knockout. My attention returned to my hand on her crotch. She was really heating up down there! She laid back and looked at me from between her legs. "So, mortal, what say we make a deal?" Her hips continued to roll against my palm.

"What kind" It was very hard to concentrate.all the blood had rushed from my brain to my dick, which was straining at my jeans. "Will it cost me my soul?" She tilted her head back. "Ha! I already own your soul, lost when you burned a man to death and failed to make a proper protective circle. No, this deal involves you and me." She reached down and unfastened her jeans, slowly moving the zipper down.

My eyes were locked on her crotch as I moved my hand to make room. My mind was stuck. She owned my soul? She fully unzipped her pants. Instead of awkwardly removing them, though, they shimmered and disappeared, leaving hot red panties in their wake. "Wha--?" "I am a shapechanger, mortal stud," she explained. "The jeans are me. All of" To make her point, her half top disappeared and her bountiful boobs bounced free.

The areolae were a rich red, as if they had been lipsticked, and her nipples were small but hard. "What.what do you want from me?" I asked unsteadily as she sat up. She got up from the couch and walked in front of me, straddling my legs with hers. The clip clop of her hooves distracted me and I looked down her legs. Not only were they unshaven, but there was a fair amount of fur on her lower legs, going down to her hooves.

Strangely, it didn't detract from her sexiness. She unzipped me with practiced ease and with an ungodly strength my jeans and boxers were off. My over 7 inch "Tommy Gun" was harder than it had ever been, and it stood up like a red rocket, ready for launch. Demie's panties shimmered and disappeared and she climbed into my lap. "I want to stay here, with you, smoking and toking and enjoying everything this world has to offer." I could feel the heat emanating from her nether region as she brought it to the head of my cock.

I was suddenly very scared, though my cock didn't flag at all. "Wait.won't sex with you.kill me?" She brought her face close to mine, flicked out a forked tongue and licked my lips. "No.just don't kiss my lips and you're safe. If you agree you will live, though you will be mine.there are advantages to this arrangement." Her pussy lips rubbed on the head of my cock.

It felt so amazing. I had to fuck her! "Yes, anything!" I responded. "Mmm." she moaned, sinking her pussy down on my cock, which was now harder than steel. A flaming heat surrounded my penis, almost unbearable, but extremely pleasurable as well. Demie looked down at me as my face contorted from the pleasure mixed with pain.

She rose up, then down again. We were only touching at the crotch. She was strong enough to keep herself upright and moving up and down without leverage. She repeated the move, again and again, speeding up and bringing me to new heights of pleasure. I wasn't going to be able to last much longer. It had been 6 months since Laura had kicked me out and I had been on my own, and as I said, I wasn't very good at talking to women, so I was all backed up and primed to blow.

One thing I did know, though, was how to pleasure women. "Slow down," I urged, grabbing her hips, "or this will be over too quickly." She looked confused. "Is that not what you want, mortal?" She tried to lift up and I barely held her still using all my strength. I looked up into her beautiful red eyes.


"No, I want.for both of us to enjoy this. Just wait a moment." She stopped at full penetration, our crotches together as one. She waited. "Can I.put my lips on.other parts of you?" I asked. She nodded, amused.

I took one of her candy apple nipples into my mouth and she gasped. My hand moved down to her clitoris. She started to shake a bit as my finger found her love button and I manipulated it as my tongue swirled around her nipple. Her breathing quickened. My other arm reached down her hip to cup her ass. On the way it hit her tail and the unexpected contact startled me a little.

It was unbelievable to think that I was having sex with a demon! No, I couldn't think about that right then! I quickly recovered and my hand cupped an asscheek, massaging. I released her nipple and leaned back so I could have better access to her clit.

Luckily Demie didn't start to resume her bouncing or that would have been the end for me. My finger was doing the trick.was I going to be able to make a demon cum?

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Yes! Demie arched her back and cried out as her cunt suddenly gripped my cock, sucking on it like a professional hooker's mouth. I had no chance. I grabbed her hips and held on for dear life as she orgasmed and I fountained my semen deep inside her vacuum tube. When I regained my senses Demie was off of me and back in her "clothes." My spent cock was somehow still hard, and covered with our mixed juices. She gave my manhood an appraising look.

"I will be back, mortal-- Tom. You have filled me with energy and I feel the need for a walk around today's world. Oh, also." Suddenly she became a lot less serious. "Can you get more ganja? That shit is bitchin'!" With that, she was out the door and I was barely able to stumble into bed before I slipped into unconsciousness.

--- Demie still wasn't back when I finally woke up, 16 hours later, or maybe she had been and gone. Did she need to eat or drink? I had no idea. I hit the web search but everything about demons was just folklore and bullshit. I memorized a few things, but nothing that would help me preserve my immortal soul. I showered, left Demie a note, and then went to Monday's place to get more weed.

If Demie was as much of a pothead as she seemed I'd need a lot of it. My mind wandered, the image of her naked and riding me popped into it, and my cock got hard as a rock.

I adjusted myself for comfort and discretion and continued on, but it didn't go down. Monday looked at me as I entered his apartment. "Hoolleee shit, Tommy! You sick or something?" He covered his mouth as if his hand could filter out germs. "You bringin' The Black Death with you?" I flopped onto his grubby couch.

"Just a bad." I thought about it.was it really a bad night? I had killed a man and forfeited my soul, but now I had a nubile demon offering me sex. I amended my statement, ".a badass bitch." Not incorrect.not incorrect at all.

Monday parked his butt in his grubby recliner. "Oh yeah? Got a piece of ass, huh? Hope she didn't taint your man parts with cooch cancer." Oh shit! Could I get some sort of demonic version of V.D.

or crabs? I suddenly felt extremely itchy down there. No, it was just my mind running away on me! I replied, "Naw.I think she's safe." Her body was so hot -- temperature hot -- nothing bug-like could probably survive anyway. We played some video games and then I headed back home after getting another $100 of weed. Demie still wasn't back and the note was where I had left it.

Had I dreamt it all? I had to work in the morning and was still pretty tired, so I watched Game of Thrones and went to bed. --- I dreamt of my ex-girlfriend Laura that night, holding me, jacking my cock up and down. I woke up with someone in bed with me. I was still in a dream state. "Laura?" I groaned. Then Laura's face was in front of mine in the dim light, smiling in that impish way she did when she was doing something naughty, like waking me up with a handjob.

"Hey baby," I whispered. "I missed you." "Sorry, meant to be back earlier," said Laura. "Too much fun out there. Mmm." She clambered up onto me. I reached up and pulled her head down for a kiss. "Hey!" she yelled, pulling back. "Do you want to die? I explained this, dummy." Her pulling back didn't stop her getting her extremely hot pussy around my cock, though.

The hot pain/pleasure combo brought me right back to reality.

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"Demie!?" I yelped. Laura's face quickly morphed, still sort of Laura, but also still part Janis and part Demi. Laura's impish grin remained, which quite suited Demie's infernal nature. "You were having a groovy sexy dream so I thought I'd make it real.Tom." She had caught herself before calling me "mortal" again. The realization of that and what it might mean flew out of my head as she started to ride me, though. The pleasure was so intense!

She was getting a good rhythm going when I grabbed her hips to slow her down again. What would happen if I didn't please her during sex? Would she get bored and decide to end this agreement anyway? "Lie down," I urged, rolling her to the side. She complied and I pulled out hesitantly. In the dim light her eyes glowed as she watched me. I went down on her. I hadn't gotten a good look at her pussy before but even though the light was dim I could tell it was the most perfect one I'd ever seen!

Her pussy lips weren't too large or too small, and I could find her engorged clit with ease. I licked at and around the nub. Demie gasped. She had a full bush down there, which I guess was the style back in the 60's. I was fine with it. I pushed my index finger into her hot hole as I sucked and licked at her clit. She was gasping a lot now. I put a second finger into her, then a third. Finally I extracted my fingers and stuck my tongue up inside her, stiffening it to reach the g-spot, if she even had one.

She did. "Uahh! Unhh!" she cried as she came, her body stiffening. Her pussy clamped down on my tongue and she gushed love juice. I lapped it up. It tasted like delicious spiced rum. My cock was so hard it could mash potatoes by this point. I wiped my chin, lined up, and shoved all the way in, hard.

"Aahh!" she cried out. I started to ram her hard and fast. She was mumbling, "Oh doG, again." And then she was cumming again, this time on my cock. I was able to keep from cumming this time, but barely. I mashed our pelvises together, angling the head of my cock to rub against her g-spot. Within a few minutes I had her cumming again. As before, the incredible squeezing of her infernal insides demanded that I fill her up with my cum, and I did, with the biggest release of my life up to that point.

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I must have been spurting semen for a good 30 seconds. I laid down on her ample chest, gasping for breath. When I had recovered I pulled out and fell back on my pillow. Then she was gone again, her swishing tail the last thing I saw.

I had absolutely no energy left so consciousness abandoned me moments later. --- The alarm woke me way too early, even though I had given myself 7 hours to sleep. Demie's nocturnal visit had long?

I had no idea. I felt like I hadn't even recharged a quarter of the way overnight. I played tag with the snooze button until I only had time to throw on some clothes and rush to work.

I work as a mid-level programmer for a run-of-the-mill video game company. I work on some of the graphic implementations in the games. Boring shit, and I barely need to concentrate to do it.

That's good, as I didn't have the wherewithal to do a more strenuous job that day. I had a meeting with the marketing department about the way they wanted our logo to show on the splash screens of our new games. I showed Beth, the Marketing Manager (an older but attractive slim brunette) and Carrie, a voluptuous blonde I'd always had a crush on, a couple of ideas as they leaned over my chair to see my screen.

Then the weird thing happened. "You smell good," Beth said, her hand touching my shoulder. Carrie spoke up at my other shoulder, "He does, doesn't he?" She was likewise touching me now. What.the.fuck.? I was frozen in place as both women's hands started to squeeze and rub my shoulders. "What is that scent you're wearing, Tom?" Beth asked.

"I think I'll get it for my husband." Scent? What was going on? Both women were now focusing entirely on me rather than my work on the screen.

Carrie brought her head close to my neck, sniffing. My cock started to get hard at the intimate contact from the two sexy ladies. Both women moved their faces and hands down my chest towards my lap. "It's here," said Carrie, as she reached my crotch, sniffing audibly. Both women were breathing heavy as their hands got closer to the prize. My cock.could it be.? I hadn't had time to shower this morning, so the scent of Demie's sex, however faint, was probably still on me.

I had a cubicle so there was a little privacy, but anyone might hear what these ladies were saying to me, and I certainly couldn't let this go any further there. I jumped up, my hardon tenting out the front of my jeans. "Um, sorry.I.should take care of this." "Let us help you," called Beth as I moved into the aisle toward the washroom. I called back, "No, it's fine.I've got it." I hurried down the hall, around the corner and into the washroom.

I closed the door and took a deep breath. Scratch scratch. I paused, listening. Scratch scratch. "Hello?" I called out. "Let me in," said the female voice outside the door. "Uh.who is it?" "Carrie." "Just you?" "Yes." I thought about it for a moment but my hardened cock decided my course. I opened the door. She rushed in, closing and locking the door behind her. She got down on her knees, pulling at my zipper. "I'll help you with that." I seemed to recall Carrie might have been married.

Was she happily married? Did it matter at this point? No, it didn't. She freed my hard cock and sucked it into her mouth. I groaned and held her head as she bobbed back and forth on it. Fuck that felt good. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that this hot blonde co-worker would have chased me into the washroom to suck my cock. After a few minutes she gave me a big hard suck and let go. She stood up and pulled her panties down, then bent over the sink and pulled her skirt up, revealing her nicely rounded ass.

"I'm so fucking wet," she said. I didn't need any more invitation. I lined my cock up with her wet hole and pushed in slowly. It felt good, nice and tight. Maybe she had been having problems with her husband so she hadn't had sex in a while. Was that why she had followed me to the washroom but Beth hadn't? Why the hell was I trying to rationalize anything by this point?

I pushed in halfway and pulled mostly out, pausing. She sounded frustrated so I pushed in 3/4 of the way. Carrie gasped. I did it again, only going back in halfway this time. More frustrated noise. I pulled almost all the way out and held it there. "Oh God, fuck me! Please!" she cried. I shoved my cock all the way in, easily done with all the lubrication she had produced. "Yes! Oh yes!" I fucked her rhythmically and she started to cum after another minute.

Luckily she wasn't a screamer. I was able to hold back my own cum, and then really started to pound her. As I started to build to my own orgasm I wondered if she was on the pill or if I should pull out.

She hadn't mentioned anything, though, and it should have been obvious to her that I was getting close, so I figured she'd say something or would have asked for a condom if it was a problem. She was building to her own climax as I reached mine. My grunt and the feeling of my sperm splashing her insides set her off again. "Unhh! Ohh! Yes! Uhh!" Her spasming pussy sucked the rest of the seed from my cock. I pulled out and leaned back against the wall, recovering.

Carrie had come to her senses again, it seemed, and squatted over the toilet, pushing my cum out of her. She noticed my worried look. "Don't worry about it," she said, smiling, "it should be fine." She left the washroom after she cleaned up and I remained.

I used water and toilet paper to get as much sex smell off of my junk as I could. I wasn't going to get any work done if women were accosting me all day! Neither Carrie nor Beth contacted me again that week beyond Beth sending me an email of what she wanted to do with the logo on the splash screen, so it seemed that whatever effect the scent had was only temporary. --- When I got home Demie was on the couch watching Gilligan's Island on the retro channel on TV.

She still had the amalgam look of Laura/Janis/Demi, whose looks actually worked really well together. One glance and I was as easy to read as a book to her. "You've fucked some other woman," she stated, looking flatly at me. I was as a deer in the headlights of an oncoming truck. " that.a problem.?" I just about stuttered out. I had seen enough to know that Demie was strong enough to quite literally rip me limb from limb if she was so inclined.

She got up from the couch and clip clopped over to me, staring into my eyes with that piercing glowy red gaze. Unlike the first time she did it, though, I wasn't mesmerized. After a moment she softened. "No," she said. "It's fine. Hope you enjoyed yourself, stud." She sat back down.

I was pretty sure she wasn't mad, but I didn't want to just let this pass. I sat down next to her. " want to be exclusive? We didn't have a chance to talk about it before." Yeah, I was too busy trying not to die!

She laughed, a moment of unguarded amusement causing her horns to grow a little. "Ha ha.we're not married! My kind doesn't form those kinds of attachments, Tom." I noticed she had used my name again, instead of calling me "mortal" or "dummy".what did that mean?

We toked up again, and sure enough, she got horny as a goat again. I took her from behind, pulling on her tail to ram harder into her excruciatingly hot pussy before she orgasmed and I filled her up with my cum. Again, she left immediately after. You know, some men say that a woman who fucks you and then fucks off is ideal, but it kinda left me feeling a bit empty and alone. I'm damned, though, so I should count my blessings when I find them. Damned and blessed?

Only me. --- Demie actually didn't come back for several days. I was thinking about going out looking for her on Wednesday night but what was I going to do if I found her and she didn't want to come with me? She certainly knew how to take care of herself. Still, I worried. What a shmuck I am. --- When I got back from work on Friday there she was, naked on my couch, her legs spread and crotch pointing towards the door as I opened it. Old Mrs. Abercrombie, walking by to get to her own apartment, gasped as she saw past me.

I quickly rushed in and slammed the door. As always, the sight of her infernal beauty inflamed my cock almost instantly. I almost swooned due to the rush of blood from my head to my penis. I caught myself on the entryway table. Demie licked her lips. Her skin was very red today. She was voracious. After I had jammed my cock into her hot cooch and brought her to a quick orgasm she had shoved me to the floor and reverse cowgirled me, her tail smacking me lightly across the face as she bounced on my cock.

We switched to me ramming Demie from behind while she was bent over the back of the couch. The position reminded me of when I had fucked Carrie at the office earlier in the week. Unbidden, the image of Carrie squatting over the toilet, trying to get my cum out of her pussy entered my mind.had she been safe? Demie's skin changed as I sawed into her, going pink. Her body was changing, the tail disappearing. She turned to look back at me with Carrie's face. Carrie's voice came from her lips, "Oh, Tom, don't cum in me.I could get pregnant!" Holy shit!

I realized that Demie's pussy had actually changed shape a little was now tighter like Carrie's had been. Not that Demie's pussy wasn't tight, but Carrie's was just a little tighter. I had slowed down a little when the change occurred, and Demie with Carrie's face started to push her ass back at me, urging me on.

I picked up speed again, fucking her harder. Demie/Carrie spoke back at me again, "Do you want to put a baby in me, Tom? Is that what you want?" Carrie's eyes looked back at me with fear, but also desire. My hips were a blur now as I slammed into her repeatedly. Her naughty words spurred me on, and I was getting close. "Do it.fuck a baby into me, Tom!" I bellowed like a bull and jammed my cock in all the way inside her.

I blasted cum deep inside Demie's/Carrie's seemed like it would never end. I collapsed on her back, huffing and puffing like I'd run a marathon.

The thought that I might have impregnated Carrie earlier in the week had been a worry, but also a major turn-on, and Demie had homed in on it, giving me the strongest orgasm in my life with her fantasy-fulfilling shapeshifting ability. --- I again slept for 16 hours, waking up Saturday afternoon. Demie was once again gone, so I showered and ate while I waited for her return.

As I ate my waffles I wondered about her obvious telepathic ability. Could she fully read my mind? She had shapeshifted a number of times based on what I had been thinking about, but usually to enhance the sex. However, she had known I'd had sex with Carrie when I came home earlier in the week. Maybe she was only telepathic about sexy things? It stood to reason, her being a succubus and all. I played some online games and it got to be evening.

I figured Demie wasn't coming home -- hm, was this her home? I was assuming, but maybe she found somewhere else to stay, since she went out so often. She reminded me of a cat in the way she would come and go as she pleased.

--- At about 2 AM the front door opened. In came Demie and.a hot redhead! I stood up, adjusting my hair to look as good as I could quickly. The redhead looked to be in her early 20's, with lots of curls, freckles, a tight green blouse under her coat, and a black miniskirt with black tights. She was obviously tipsy, but not falling down drunk. Demie spoke up as she saw me, "Hey Tom, Jessi and I have been talking about you.

I said she should come and have some fun with us." Jessi gave me an appraising look as she dropped her coat onto the couch.

"Heyyy Tom.Demie tells me you're a fantastic lover, and doesn't mind youuu mind?" She had knelt on the couch by now, bending over and crossing her arms so her chin rested on them on the back of the couch, facing me. I could see a pink bra down her blouse. She was so cute! Feeling like I had just won the lottery, I responded, "Don't mind at all!" and walked up to them. Demie patted the couch next to Jessi and I flopped there. Jessi turned to face me and Demie went to the other side of the hot redhead.

Jessi leaned forward. "Demie says she doesn't you kiss, Tom?" She was really close now. In answer I took her face in my hands and planted a hot, wet one on her. Her tongue snaked into my mouth. Hot damn, I missed kissing! Nothing like the thought that you'd die if you kissed your.girlfriend?.to turn you off of it. As I snogged Jessi, Demie massaged the slim redhead's shoulders, then reached around to unbutton Jessi's blouse.

She didn't object. Jessi ran her hands over my chest as we kissed and I moved my lips to her neck. She gasped at the intimate contact. As I nibbled on Jessi's earlobe I noticed that Demi's features had become more human.

The horns were gone, and presumably the tail was as well. I looked down her legs and saw sandal-covered feet instead of hooves. Demie caught me looking and pointed two fingers first at her eyes, then to Jessi. She also mouthed, "dum-mee." time to be distracted! Demie removed the girl's blouse, showing off the pink bra covering a pair of smaller boobs.

I revised my estimation of the girl's age to 21 at most.maybe she had even lied about her age in order to go drinking. My kisses went lower, licking and nibbling along Jessi's freckled collarbone.

The girl was very turned on by now, and Demie got her bra off quickly. My mouth surrounded one of Jessi's tiny pink nipples, my hand massaging her other small, cream-colored breast. Demie and I had Jessi whipped up to a lather in no time. The girl lay back on the couch as Demie sucked on her nipples and I pulled her tights, skirt and pink panties off. I got up, whipped off my shirt and pants, and then paused. "I should get a condom," I said, moving towards the bedroom.

Demie turned Jessi's head toward her and held her gaze. "No," Demie said, "it's fine. Tom's healthy, and I promise you won't get pregnant." I paused. Demie had just put the whammy on the girl, who now looked dazed.

I knew what that felt like.

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Demie then looked at me. "Trust me," she said. No whammy for me this time, but I wasn't going to argue. I returned to the couch. My cock was rock hard. Jessi blinked, then seemed to snap out of her trance. "It's fine," she said to me as she looked at my cock, licking her lips. I never fuck women without making sure they have sufficient lubrication, so I went down on Jessi first. Her pink pussy was very cute, like her, and it took me a little effort to find her clitoris, but I made sure to get her nice and wet before I moved back up her body to line my cock up.

Demie was naked as well. I didn't see her do that, but I knew because her clothes were part of her that it could have happened at any point. My penis was leaking precum as I pushed it into the vaginal folds of the sexy young woman beneath me. I wondered if Jessi was actually safe and my newly discovered impregnation kink made me hope she wasn't.

Well, yes but not really, y'know? I didn't *actually* want to make the girl pregnant, but the thought that I could. I pushed in. The girl was very tight, even with my going down on her earlier. She moaned, "Mmm." It took a number of smaller penetrations with the head of my penis, but then it got easier to push more of myself inside.

It felt good.really good. Not as good as with Demie, but the forbidden aspect of fucking a possibly fertile young woman unprotected made it super hot. Jessi put her shapely legs around the small of my back, urging me deeper within her. I kissed her as I started to get a good rhythm going.

Demie licked at Jessi's nipples as I fucked the girl beneath me. After a few minutes I could feel Jessi tense up and then her pussy started to pulse. She broke our kiss to cry out softly as she came on my cock: "Oh! Ooh! Uhhh!" I was able to hold off on my orgasm, but just barely. I pulled out and sat back on the couch.

After Jessi recovered she clambered onto my lap and settled her pussy down on my cock. It went in easily, and she started to move up and down. Her small boobies bounced lightly as she did so, and I clamped my mouth to the one I hadn't sucked on earlier. Jessi gasped, bouncing harder in my lap. I was getting close. I felt Demie get up from where she had been kneeling and move around to the back of the couch. I felt her mouth at my ear and she whispered so only I could hear, "She's fertile right now.

You could totally knock her up if you came inside her. But don't worry, I'll make sure she doesn't get pregnant." I should have wondered how Demie could keep that promise. Maybe some part of me thought Demie had some sort of magic that would make my sperm not work or something. I was a stupid fucking idiot. I leaned my head back and looked at the face of the beautiful young redhead as she bounced on my cock.

I was getting really close now. Jessi saw Demie standing behind me. She smiled at the demon. I cried out as I started to cum. Jessi stopped bouncing and gasped, "Oh!" as she felt the pressure of the semen rushing up my cock.


That's when Demie leaned forward and kissed Jessi on the mouth. The result was instantaneous: Jessi's pussy clamped down *hard* on my cock, spasming as the poor, cute redhead went into the greatest orgasm of her young life. My cum hosed out of my penis and coated the insides of the girl's ultra orgasmic vagina, shooting through the mouth of her spasming cervix, which repeatedly opened and closed in an orgasmic fit. I would have certainly become a father that day, if not for.

Jessi collapsed onto me, no longer breathing. I could feel her bowels empty as piss and shit, no longer held in by living muscles, spattered all over my lap and couch. After a few seconds of shocked silence I shoved the dead girl to the side and onto the couch. Her eyes were still open, and a smile of complete bliss remained frozen on her face. I looked back at Demie, standing there with a big smile of her own. "Mmm." She licked her lips as though she had just finished a fine steak dinner.

What had I done? I was thoroughly damned.

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To be continued.