Ficken bis zum tod

Ficken bis zum tod
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It was two months later and her mind was still busy with the still fresh memory of the party. A smile crept across her face as she remembered her first two orgasms since high school and tried to remember who had given her such a pleasurable experience. All her memory would allow her was the momentary gap of light where his steely hazel eyes peered into her soul. It felt as if she was a semi-completed journal and he was all she needed to finish. It didn't bother Sheila one bit that she had woke up in the same bed she had been fucked to sleep in, that her ass tingled every time she thought of it or even that she had sex with a complete stranger and used no protection.

In fact, she enjoyed all of those troubling signs and thought that night could have only gotten better. If only she could have lasted for a second round. A few hours later, Sheila found herself alone in the chemistry lab since her partner bailed half way through their independent study session. Books and notes were scattered every which way and Sheila was bent over the lab desk, writing in figures to apply to a formula. It had been relatively quiet until the door creaked open and slammed shut just as fast, making Sheila jump and knocking over almost all her books.

She spun around and saw nobody was in the small room. After a deep breath she picked up her books and returned to work. Another fifteen minutes passed before the day took a turn for the better. It was about time to take a break when Sheila felt something brush up against her calves, like fingers. She squealed, looked down and around the lab desk, but there was nothing in sight.

Just as she was about for brush it off, something tugged on her hair tie completely unraveling it, dropping her hair to its full length. She whipped her head around quickly, but there was still nothing there. What was happening was a little more than strange and Sheila wasn't looking forward to hanging around.

She began to pack up, throwing papers in her bag to be organized later and stuffing the lab equipment wherever there was space. She had leaned forward to place the microscope in its spot when what felt like a hand pressed itself against her pelvis accompanied by a warm push of air that echoed past her ear before a set of teeth began nibbling.

Immediately the night of the party rushed into her mind. These were those same teeth, the same hands on her waist and the same breathing pattern. The same shiver shot down her spine as a soft moan escaped her lips. She could already feel the iron hard bulge poking at the soft flesh between her legs as the mouth worked her ear over, weakening her knees. Sheila put her hands out on the counter in front of her for support. This afforded an opening for the hands.

They slowly moved up her sides, stopping to pull her blouse out of her skirt. They proceeded to meet over her waist, and began to unbutton her shirt. The hands stopped halfway before ripping the shirt open the rest of the way. The buttons popped off one by one, each hitting against the assortment of microscopes Sheila leaned over for support.

The hands caressed every inch of her exposed flesh, their soft touch leaving trails across her toned stomach. They traveled upward, reaching Sheila's bra. It was a red lace bra that closed in the front instead of the usual back clasp. Each hand took a breast and began to squeeze as the mouth began it's work on her neck, nibbling and circling her most sensitive spots with the tongue. Sheila could only stand there and bite her lip, trying to muffle any sounds she might make.

Right outside that door was the entire science department and half of the overall administration staff. As if the job wasn't hard enough, one of the hands started the ominous trip south. Just as it reached her waist, it paused. She was suddenly spun around and a pair of the softest lips she had ever felt met hers. The faint scent of Burt's Bee's Mango graced her nosed and their tongues danced to the flavor of Strawberry Orbit. Sheila thought of opening her eyes, finally catching a glimpse of her unknown pursuer.

But she couldn't bring herself to do it. A part of her deep down wanted it to be this way. He kissed her passionately, resting his hand at the base of her back to balance her.


The kiss lasted several minutes and Sheila could feel herself getting damper by the second. There was no going back now, she wanted this and she would have it, all of it and would accept nothing less than the last performance. Sheila sought to even the experience by wrapping her arms around his shoulders and kissing back, taking control.

She felt a sudden rush as he submitted slightly, letting her tongue take charge. He reached up and pulled her shirt off making her break the momentary neck hold. The shirt fell to the floor and her bra joined it after the pop that signified the breaking of the front clasp.

Sheila could care less about her broken clothing right now. She needed more now and it made no difference who walked in on it. She broke the kiss, dropping to a squatting position. As if she could see her target with her eyes still closed she wrapped her soft, full breast around his shaft. Sheila felt it jerk when she gave the top a short lick. She had only given head twice before and it was a memory that she hoped she would one day repress, but Sheila felt this time would be different.

She had learned enough to be confident about her abilities. The taste this time was wonderful, everything she thought a well cleaned and maintained penis should taste like. It was a good musky, and he had definitely spritzed it with the best smelling cologne ever. Sheila wasted no time bobbing her head up and down, her tongue circling the tip as her soft cleavage massaged his length. She teased the tip with small licks and rewarded him with long treatments with her soft tongue. After a few minutes of progressively sloppier head, his hand came to rest upon her, grasping a fistful of hair and starting to control her speed.

He slowly eased himself deeper into her mouth until Sheila began to realize she was deep-throating.

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She let him coax more and more of his length into her throat, even past the point where she felt she couldn't breathe. The pace quickened sharply as he pulled out and pushed in just past her lips. A torrent of his warm seed flooded her mouth and Sheila swished it around before swallowing.

It was slightly salty but surprisingly sweet which left her with a craving for more. After she had swallowed it all she stood up and licked her lips. Sheila opened her eyes but no one was in front of her. She sighed at not getting the chance to see her mystery man but still content with the recent events.

She cast her eyes across the lab room and saw the clock and giggled. Only fifteen minutes had passed in all that action. And with that thought, Sheila's skirt fell to the ground, show casing her silk red lace thong.

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Just as fast as her skirt had fallen, the sound of a chair moving across the floor echoed through the room and Sheila found herself sitting in her mystery mans lap. His dick felt hard as steel under her hot, wet folds through the thin fabric. Before she could order her thoughts, the hands had pulled her thong from her pussy. A thin strand of her juices were visible as they separated.

The fingers of the stranger went to work quickly, expertly fingering her soaking snatch and arching her back with the gentle but firm circling of her clit.

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Her mind blanked and her jaw went slack. No thoughts formed in her head as wave after wave of pleasure erupted through her. He worked all of her best spots simultaneously as if she had come with a manual and it was driving her mad. Sheila couldn't wait any more, she needed him in her.

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She didn't care where. As if on cue, the man moved his hands to under her thighs and lifted Sheila just high enough to pick. She reached down and blindly aimed as he lowered her, the head of his cock head slipping into her sticky hole with no effort. A chill shot through her body as the intruder stretched her. It felt so much bigger than before and she was certain it was longer. The man wasted no time bouncing her on his shaft, burying himself as deep as possible with every stroke.

A few thrust later and he stood and turned around, placing her so that her head was cradled against the chair. She was upside down and he could see it all. Sheila felt her face get hot and wished she still at least had a sock on.

He withdrew halfway and drilled right back into her hot core with no mercy. Something in Sheila snapped as she completely let go.

She could no longer control her voice as she howled out in pleasure.

Every fiber of her being was exploding at once and all she could do was vocalize her pleasure. At this point, Sheila came, her pussy tightening so fast that it forced him out. Sheila squirted, showering the man in her nectar.

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He took this a sign to keep going. As soon as her juices stopped flowing he reinserted himself and picked her up and put her back against the door to the lab room.


Leaning in with a soft tender kiss, his stroke was slow and gentle. It was a loving kind of stroke that almost every girl wants after an orgasm. She at this moment felt more loved by this stranger that anyone else to be in his position.


Sheila began to open her eyes hoping to see his staring back into hers. Her lids lifted and those same steely hazel eyes peered back. She had gotten her wish and placed her head on his should as his stroke continued. Sheila wasn't sure when she had fell asleep, but when she came to, she was fully dressed. Her head resting on the same lab desk where it all started. She was fully dressed, all of her broken garments fixed and herself cloaked in a lab coat.

A hand was shaking her, not quite as gently as her mystery lover. She looked up and saw that her lab partner had come back with her favorite take out. He was talking but Sheila couldn't hear any of it. All she noticed is that only 47 minutes had passed. A goofy smile crept across her face as she began to chow down. "I could get used to this."