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Sexy babe dped by many huge black cocks
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Please read the first one as it will help you understand the rest of the story.

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------------------------------------- "Get up JJ you got school!" I heard Gloria yell as she left the house. I groaned preparing for the day to come. I took a shower, then threw on all red, From my Chucks to my shirt (excluding my denim pants.) "D-Dub don't pack today they got metal detectors here!" I yelled down the hall. "Oh yea I forgot that bullshit thank you!" he yelled back.

We met up with Jamal outside the house. The school district got smart after a shootout on a bus and started sending small bus's to each neighborhood to pick us up. There were 5 of us in all going into high-school, a lot of freshmen for one neighborhood which gave us a good chance at taking over the drug trade.

You had Jamal, D-Dub, Poker, Chopper, and me all representing the 36th Street Demons.


Chopper and Poker had just move in during the summer about a month apart. We loaded up on the bus, we were alone. We all got the same schedule so we would stick together.

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We bullshitted about the girls, and all the people going there. When we pulled up I looked out the window and there were cops everywhere. I got out and heard the familiar Loco Crew whistle. I threw up a couple signs and yelled "3 6 Puttin it down! Throw that shit up!" There were bomb girls everywhere, mostly white because we lived right on the edge of a good neighbor hood, so we and the Locos were the only ones here that where big enough to do anything.

We went to our first class, we all posted up in the back observing all the students doing work. My eyes fell on the back of a small blonde, in a leather jacket and jeans. I saw her look back and realized it was the same girl from yesterday. I smiled and she quickly looked back to her work.

Security pulled in and checked us all in the classroom checking if they missed anything.

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It interrupted the class, as everyone look at security patting us down. Most of the kids here were suburban kids who had never laid eyes upon a gang member, other than on the news. We stayed quiet throughout the search until they left. Once the door shut we broke out in laughter as this happened every other day or so. After 2 periods of sleep it was lunch. Security was tight but we didn't care. I saw a group of Locos at the other end of the lunch room and threw up a sign that signified Loco Killer.

They started yelling and whistling. They headed over to us, I saw security move in closer. "Fuck you punk bitches." I heard one of them say. We stood up and started a big fight in the middle of the lunchroom. They took away trays about 3 years ago because of the danger of using them in fights.

I hit one in the eye and another in the nose.

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One crying and holding his nose and the other knocked out. Security quickly got there and put us in cuffs and called the ambulance. I was sitting back smiling at the small victory, when I looked over and saw a group of girl all staring at me smiling, one of them being the blonde. When one of the guards had his back turned she quickly ran over and tucked a piece of paper into my pocket then back giggling.

We got off with a 3 day suspension, we were picked up by Gloria on her lunch break in her van. The ride back was silent. I took out the piece of paper.

It had Emalie and her number. I pulled out my phone and sent her a text Me: Hey A couple seconds later Her: Who's this? Me: James you gave your number too me. Her: Ohhh hey :) Me: Sup?

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Her: Stupid language arts wbu? Me: On my way back home. Her: Ohh cool cool, Me: Yea I'll ttyl gotta go. Her: Better text me later! I looked at the text, then smiled to myself.

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I went inside and got my grip (Gun) then went back outside meeting with the homies. "Down to hunt?" D-Dub asked. "Naw we'll do it tonight don't want to risk it in the day." I responded. "Aight let's go get some grub though my ass hungry." Jamal chimed in.

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We went down to the Subway were I got a BLT. We walked back, and patrolled some more. There was a party some girl at school was throwing and she invited us. I decided to text Emalie.

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Me: You going to the party? Her: No I'm busy with homework :( Me: Or your boyfriend haha Her: Shut up. He's not my boyfriend! That was my brother! Me: Wow wow wow sorry miss pissy pants! Her: Oh shut it! I'll text you later gonna take a shower. I didn't respawn and got out of Scoobs whip "Thanks for the ride Scoob" I said. "No problem lil' homie stay safe." he said as we all finally were out.

It was a mixed crowd, blacks, whites, mexicans, asians. Jocks, nerds, bangers and flamers. I walked inside where the music was playing and got some water. I saw a blue rag follow D-Dub into the bathroom. I got up and entered to find D-Dub in the shitter and the Loco waiting for him. I hit him in the jaw feeling it crack on contact. I uppercut him and sent him flying into the wall.

"Hey Dubs you done?" I asked. "Yea." and I heard the toilet flush. I drug the Loco into the bathroom and sat him on the toilet, Then left. I started dancing with this hot Mexican chick. She had to at least 16, too much makeup on, and a hour-glass frame.

She led me into the bathroom. I was getting all worked up until she spit on her had and started stroking. 'Better then nothing' I though and felt her spit again and jacking me off.

Finally after about 20 minutes I felt the urge to um. I erupted and sent shot after shot onto her, her hair, tits, face, neck. She was pissed off and started cussing me out in spanish so I cleaned up the left.

I called up Scoob and told him we were ready to roll back. He picked us up, I fell asleep in the car, and Scoob carried me inside on the couch. More?