Redhead Mom loves anal penetration

Redhead Mom loves anal penetration
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HARRY: Doing it was on my mind from about the time I was in the second or third grade. I knew something went on but it was a mystery. I was confused by what Jimmy, a neighbor kid, told me. He was in the eighth grade and let on like he knew everything but now I realize that he too had a lot to learn. I was shy and lacked confidence around girls so didn't get the courage to ask a girl for a date until I was a junior in High School.

I finally asked Betty out a few times but the problem was, I didn't know what to do.

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Looking back, I realize that she was trying to encourage me to be more aggressive but I didn't know how to read the signals. One night as we were talking, she explained in detail about Dorothy, and how she and Al spent two or three hours kissing good night. I was so inexperience around girls I didn't understand that she wanted me to do what she was describing! I went to college and had a chance to observe more experienced guys and girls. I also read some books that helped me understand more about the mystery.

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I began dating girls, ranging from shy too more aggressive. Before long, I realized that by treating girls with what I thought was great respect they actually got bored. What they really wanted to do was fight the guys off.

Irene drove the point home when she simply put my hand on her breasts and responded passionately when I finally began feeling them in earnest. I was home between my sophomore and junior year of college and ran into Betty at a party.

After chatting for a while I asked her if I could take her home. "Sure, I'm ready now." We drove to the local town for a hamburger and malt then headed for her place.

Finding a dark stretch of road off the beaten path, I pulled over. I was on her in an instant, kissing her with fervor. She responded in kind for a few moments but then began giggling. When I asked what was so funny she just sat there for a moment before responding. "I gave up on you being interested in doing anything but talking," she said. "I finally decided that you really didn't like girls and was just going with me to impress the guys. You never seemed to understand what I was trying to tell you." "I got some education in college," I replied.

"Oh yeah, just what kind of education did you get?" she replied with a suggestive smile. Without comment I slid my hand between us and began playing with her breasts. She didn't protest, so I kept at it. After a while she pulled away sliding to the right side of the car. When I gave her a questioning look, she responded by putting my head in her lap and playing with my ears. This left me free to play with both breasts. We played for a half-hour or so, exploring her breasts and necking.

She stroked my chest, rubbed my ears, kissed my eyelids, etc. I wanted to get a better feel of her breasts but she was wearing a high neck dress that buttoned down the back. There was no way to get past the dress. I tried to slide my hand down the neck but there just wasn't enough room. After an hour or so she said that as much as she was enjoying my education, she had to be at work at seven the next morning and it was almost tomorrow already.

Reluctantly, I took her home. A couple of days later I called her only to find that she had gotten a fantastic job starting next Monday, and was moving to Mitchell. We chatted for a few minutes and made plans to stay in touch. I got a couple of letter from her in the next week or two, giving me her address and telling me about the apartment she shared with another girl.

A week or two later I made plans to drive up to visit her, leaving about four Saturday afternoon. I arrived in Mitchell in the midst of a record high for the July day, just more than 100 degrees!

My '54 Chevy had no air conditioning, so the drive was not much fun. I was looking forward to cooling off, but on arrival found that her apartment had no shade and was almost as hot as the car. We decided to go out for dinner, then to a movie. The restaurant was air-conditioned which provided much welcome relief. The theater was cool as well, but the movie was really boring so we left before it was over. By then, the sun had gone down and although it was a bit cooler we were still very uncomfortable.

Betty suggested that we go to her apartment and have some cool lemonade. "What about your room mate?" I asked. Betty explained that she had gone home to visit her parents for the weekend, so we would have the apartment to ourselves. Arriving at her apartment, we opened the windows. There was some breeze but it was still hot and sticky.

The cold lemonade helped and in a minute or two, we were in a serious clinch. As I began playing with her breasts, she snuggled up to me letting me know how much she enjoyed my attention. I liked the feel, which was a softer feeling through the thin blouse that she was wearing than the feeling through her heavy dress of a few weeks ago.

Trying not to be too obvious, I began unbuttoning her blouse from the bottom up hoping she wouldn't notice until I was fairly well along. When I got to the top button, I slid my hand inside the blouse onto her bra and began stroking tenderly, taking care not to come into direct contact with her skin.

I wanted to get acquainted with her bra before getting pushed away for going too fast.

After several minutes I started playing with the space between her breasts. "Whoa, looks like you are going for graduate school," she said as she pulled my hand away.

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As she did, she discovered her blouse had been unbuttoned. She pulled back and buttoned it up, but did not resist my kisses on her neck and ears. A moment or two later we were once again locked in a clinch. I began pushing her down onto the divan and gradually made the transition from sitting upright to laying full length.

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Once again I unbuttoned her blouse, but this time I went straight to her bare tummy, working upward until I was once again in contact with her bra. This time I tried to slip my fingers under the band, but it was entirely too tight. Betty neither resisted nor helped, but continued to play with my ears and chest. Being in reclining position, her bra felt a little slacker than when we were sitting up.

Finding a barrier from below, I decided to try approaching from above. This time I opened the top button and pushed the blouse aside. She didn't resist, so I began kissing her throat, working my way down toward her breast. I knew a bra fastened in the back, but since we were lying on a very confined divan there wasn't room to maneuver her into position get the thing off.

After a while, it seemed as if we were at a stalemate. I wanted to go further but there wasn't a practical way in the confines of the divan. In addition, when combining the heat of the evening with the heat of our passion it was unbearably hot.

By mutual consent, we took an intermission. Betty went to get some more lemonade and I used the opportunity to adjust my painfully hard cock to a less restricted position. We drank the cool liquid, feeling somewhat refreshed but still oppressive and hot. "How do you ever get cool enough to sleep?" I asked. Betty explained that she took a cool shower and had a window fan in her bedroom. "Sounds good to me," I said as I stood up.

"What's this, going for a PHD?" she said as I pulled her up. "That's what you go to school for isn't it?" I replied. We went to her bedroom finding a breeze moving through the corner bedroom windows providing glorious relief. I began kissing and cuddling her with my hands all over her body. Since we were standing, I could move much more freely and I ran my hands down past her waist massaging her bottom, pulling her tight against my cock.

She snuggled in close, obviously feeling my manhood against her belly. Once again, I began unbuttoning her blouse. This time I wasn't subtle about it. I began at the top and worked down. After opening the last button, I slid the blouse off her shoulders. She moved her arms from her side just enough to let the sleeveless garment fall to the floor. I began fumbling with her shorts, locating the button at the side and opening it.

Down with the zipper and off her hips. She stepped close hugging me tightly. "I think you are trying to get me naked," she said. "How else do you take a shower?" I grunted. "Well, what about you, do you take showers with your clothes on?" she asked. "Haven't in the past," I said. Betty began unbuttoning my shirt and slid it off. In an instant, she had my belt pulled open and my jeans unzipped. As I stepped out of them, she caught sight of my bulging cock inside my jockey shorts. "That thing is huge!" she said with awe.

"Have you ever seen a naked man before? I asked. "Well, kind of," she replied. "Actually, just some of the boys I baby sat, but never a grown man." "What about you?" she asked. "Oh, I see lots of naked men in the dorm shower room." "You know what I mean," she said with mock irritation. "You ever see a naked girl?" "Well, when you put it that way, I've seen some pictures, but never a real woman." We stood for a few moments studying each other.

Finally I took her in my arms and gave her a long slow passionate kiss. "Time for your shower," I said as I reached behind her and began fumbling with the clasp of her bra.

After what seemed like an eternity, I got it open, stepped back and slipped the straps off her shoulders. She shrugged her shoulders forward letting her bra drop to the floor. I gazed at her firm breasts standing proudly in the gentle breeze.

I couldn't resist reaching for them. The feeling was unlike anything I had ever felt before.


They were soft, but in a strange sort of way firm at the same time. She didn't have large breasts but they were beautifully shaped and pointed. I could feel her shiver as I touched them rolling the nipples between my fingers. After a minute or two she pulled back. "You're ahead in your home work, my turn to do some studying." She slipped her hands under the band of my shorts and tried to pull them down. Of course, they got hung up on my pounding hard cock. She had this funny little look on her face, kind of like, how do you get this thing off?

"You didn't help me with the bra," I said, "so no help here either." Betty giggled as she pulled the front of my shorts away from my body. She pulled, and pulled, and pulled. As she released my cock from its restrictions, it kept following her efforts." Wow!

Do you have enough elastic to get past this thing?" she asked. She made an exaggerated pulling motion, finally getting past the obstacle and sliding them off. She stood there for several seconds staring at my throbbing tool. Slowly she reached out and began exploring it with her hands. I thought I was going to shoot off right there! My knees felt weak and the urge to begin thrusting my hips toward her was almost overwhelming.

As she ran her hands down the shaft to the base, I felt her begin to stroke my balls. That was all it took! I began pumping, squirting my juice all over her hands and onto her tummy and panties.

Betty stood there with an amazed look on her face. "Why didn't you tell me it was loaded? I could have been mortally wounded!" I was so weak kneed that I had to sit on the bed for a minute. "You took it off safety!" I told her smiling. I could see my juices running down her tummy and on her hands. "A good thing we're planning to take a shower," I said as I stood and slipped her panties off.

This time it was my turn to stare. Betty caught sight of my amazed expression and asked if something was wrong. "Nothing, I just didn't realize a girl would have so much hair down there," I told her. "Obviously you need to do a lot more home work," she laughed "Well, let's go to the laboratory and set up the experiments," I replied with a leering smile.

Betty turned and led the way to the bathroom. I walked behind her, aware of my throbbing cock swaying from side to side.

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She turned on the water and adjusted it to a cool but tolerable temperature. It was a small shower, just big enough for one. She had put on her shower cap and picked up a bar of soap. "Want to watch?" she asked as she stepped in.

She left the curtain open, which afforded me an unimpeded view. I watched with unabashed passion as she ran the soap over her body. Shortly, she stepped out.


I held up a towel and let her step into it. I gently dried her, taking care to cover every square inch while exploring her mysterious body. When I was finished, she announced that it was her turn to watch and pushed me toward the shower. I made quick work of it, enjoying the cool spray of the water as it cascaded over my body. When I stepped out, she repeated my example by drying me off.

While she rubbed my painfully swollen cock, my knees sagged as she ran the rough towel up and down. We went back to the bedroom switching on the window fan. I turned off the ceiling light and took her in my arms. She snuggled up to me, grabbing my bottom pulling me close. I ground my cock into her tummy, pushing my hips into her as hard as I could. At the same time I kissed her with mounting fervor. I wanted to possess her, feel her, climb into her, and become one with her.

At the same time I was a little apprehensive. I wasn't sure just what to do. I had read some things and heard stories from the guys who claimed to have done it. It was so dark that I could barely see her, so I asked her if she had another light that wasn't so bright. She stepped to the head of the bed and turned on a little reading lamp.

It was just the right amount of light. We could see each other but weren't overwhelmed with bright light. I moved to her, taking her in my arms. I pressed her back onto the bed and lay down beside her. The fan was perfectly positioned so that while lying on the bed we were pleasantly bathed in a cool breeze. "Are you ready for lab work?" I asked. Betty kissed me in response and rolled onto her back. I rolled between her legs and knelt on my knees.

"Be careful, go slow, I've never done this before." "Me either," I replied as I settled over her body. I moved forward, trying to get the tip of my cock where I thought it should go. After a couple of futile probes, Betty reached down and guided my cock into position.

I could feel the wet slickness of her hot womanhood as I pressed forward not knowing what to expect.

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I had heard that it hurt the girl the first time and while I wanted to ram it home, I didn't want a screaming girl on my hands. Betty lay perfectly still as I began the invasion of her virgin pussy. I slowly inched forward until I felt a slight obstacle. I paused for a moment, but Betty said it was OK and I should go on.

I pressed on, and suddenly felt my cock just slide in and in and in. Our bones met, our hair mingled. For a moment I lay still, not knowing what to do. Betty clung to me for several seconds.

"Do you like it?" In reply, I began thrusting into her hot slick pussy. At first it was awkward. We bumped into each other, but shortly she seemed to get into the rhythm and began meeting my thrusts. Much too soon, I reached my climax and fell shuddering on top of her. She didn't say much as my throbbing cock lost its rigid state. Slowly I rolled off and cuddled up beside her.

"Did you like it?" I asked. Betty snuggled up to me and gave me a gentle kiss. We drifted off to sleep. Perhaps an hour later, I felt Betty stirring and jolted awake.

I wasn't used to having anyone in bed with me, so any movement got my attention at once. Immediately my cock rose to attention. "Ready for the next experiment?" Betty rolled to her back and opened her legs in answer.

This time, I plunged right in and we began pounding into each other at a fever pitch. Twice more that night, we awoke and conducted another experiment, each time taking a little longer.

As the sun arose, streaming through the East window of her bedroom, it almost took my breath away as I looked on her beautiful body bathed in sunlight. Quietly I slipped out of bed and took another shower.

As I stepped out of the shower Betty handed me a towel and stepped into the shower before I had a chance to turn it off. Moments later she joined me in the bedroom. The bed was a disaster, with the sheets pulled out and wrinkled. Evidence of my love juice was all over the bed along with a few blood smears.

"Did I hurt you?" I asked. "Not really, I bled a tiny bit, but I guess that's normal for the first time." She pulled the sheet off and replaced it with a clean one from the linen closet. "Got time for another experiment?" she asked. "Well, if I want to complete my graduate degree on schedule, I don't think we should miss any opportunity." By now, although I once again had a powerful erection, my passion was somewhat subdued from having shot my wad five times in the last twelve hours.

As I lay Betty on the bed once again, I took about a half-hour exploring her naked beauty from every possible angle. She reciprocated by studying me in the same sunlight. Finally we came together, but with less urgency than before. We savored the feelings and spoke of what felt good, asking each other to move or adjust the speed to achieve greater sensitivity.

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After several minutes of thrusting into each other I felt the beginnings of another orgasm. This time I sensed Betty building to a higher level of passion than before. I tried to move with her, wanting to match her level of excitement, trying desperately to stretch the feeling as long as possible.

Suddenly, Betty began thrusting with an urgency I hadn't felt before. "OH, OH, In, In, In hard!" I began pumping with a renewed passion, and felt my come begin shooting. Betty clung to me in an embrace that I thought would smother me. At the same time, I could feel her fingernails digging into my back. I finished shooting my cum into her in a shuddering climax. I fell onto her breathing as if I had just run a mile at top speed. We clung together for what seemed an eternity until my limp cock slipped out of her love hole.

As we drifted in to sleep, we clung to each other in the cool morning breeze. We awoke about an hour later with all passion spent. Once again we showered, but this time with more leisure. We studied each other as we dressed, noticing the differences in our bodies and the way we dressed. After breakfast I prepared to leave when Betty stopped me. "What grade are you going to give for this lab experiment?" "Well, I first thought an unqualified 'A,' but then rethought.

I think I would have to give you an 'A', but I think I only deserve a 'B.'" She looked at me with a question mark on her face. "I don't have any thing to use as a standard," I explained. "Before I can establish a grading scale, I need to conduct enough experiments to create a standard." We made plans for a series of lab tests over the next several weeks, which coincidentally matched her roommate's trips home to visit her parents.

By the end of the summer, we believed that we could realistically award 'A' grades to each other!

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At our last visit before I had to go back to Kansas for college, Betty observed that having gotten a Masters Degree, perhaps we should plan the start of a PHD the next May. By then, more advanced degrees were being formulated in my mind as well, perhaps even an MRS?