Chubby with big boobs toys herself on cam

Chubby with big boobs toys herself on cam
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I am a single male in my late twenties, who has a really good job and therefore really hardly any time for relationships. I've got plenty of money to visit expensive brothels regularly, but I find myself doing that less and less all the time. It starts to get boring after a while, because it's all so predictable. I live in a high-priced apartment in a big city and recently I got new neighbours.

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They were couple in their mid-thirties and they politely introduced themselves to me. He was a businessman named Arnold, she was a housewife called Paula, who was pregnant with their first child.

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They seemed friendly enough folks, but I didn't pay much attention to them. I like to be by myself and usually have as little to do with my neighbours as possible. A few weeks after my new neighbours had moved in next to me, I came home one Wednesday night at about eight 'o clock. I had a day full of meetings behind me and felt rather tired. I switched on the TV, grabbed a cold beer from the fridge and dropped on the couch.

While I was zapping through some channels I wondered what I was going to have for dinner. Would I simply put a TV dinner in the microwave or order a pizza? Before I could decide, the doorbell rang. Annoyed, I got up and walked to the door. I opened the door, expecting to find someone there who wanted to tell me about Jesus, but instead I was facing my new neighbour Paula. "Hello," she said, "would you perhaps feel liking having a cup of coffee with your new neighbour?" I didn't know what to say, because she kind of caught me off guard with this invitation.

Like I said I had as little as possible to do with my neighbours. My neighbour noticed my hesitation and said, "my husband is away in Scandinavia on a business trip and I'm bore to death. I could use someone to talk to. But if you don't feel like it, just say so. I hope I'm not being too forward. "Oh, no," I answered automatically, "not at all.

I've had a rough day today and I could actually really use a cup of coffee." "Good," she smiled, "I just made a fresh pot. I grabbed my keys, closed my front door behind me and followed my neighbour into the apartment next to mine.

I followed her inside and noticed that the accommodation had been decorated tastefully, but rather conservatively. A lot of wood and leather. While I was looking around it seemed to be more like the house of couple in their fifties or sixties than people in their thirties.

My neighbours' decoration was their business however and I didn't pay any more attention to it. My neighbour invited me to make myself comfortable on the couch and a moment later she joined me with two steaming mugs of coffee.

"How do you take your coffee?" she asked. "Black," I said. "That's easy," she smiled and put one of the mugs in front of me on the table. While she was standing in front of me like that, I took a good look at her and concluded she wasn't unattractive.

She was a bit large and somewhat sturdy, which was now accentuated by her big round belly, but absolutely not plump or fat. She had a face that wasn't overly attractive, with fairly common features, but definitely not ugly. Her long, straight hairs were bleached and her body looked quite good, which I could see rather well since she was wearing a low-cut red summer dress. She had nice long legs and quite large breasts that were so cheerfully moving around in her little dress that I got the impression she wasn't wearing a bra.

While my neighbour took a seat in a chair opposite me I looked a little better, in the least obvious way possible and I could clearly see her nipples through the fabric of her dress, convincing me she really wasn't wearing a bra, which I found pretty arousing. I had never found myself attracted to pregnant women before, probably because of my loathing of children, but now I was sitting here face to face with this somewhat scantily-clad, well-rounded pregnant woman I noticed I was starting to get turned on.

We took sips from of coffee and spoke of trivial things. She wanted to know how long I'd lived here, whether I still liked it here, that sort of stuff. After we had been chatting about such inconsequential subjects for a while, I decided to ask her about her pregnancy, because I knew that pregnant women always like to talk about that.

Actually I hated those kinds of stories, but it seemed the polite thing to do to pretend I was interested in her pregnancy. "Almost eight months underway," she said, "I'm due to give birth in five weeks. It's quite exciting, this being my first child.

It's just that. . you know, maybe it's embarrassing to talk about this to you, but. . the last few months, since I've been really visibly pregnant, my husband isn't interested in me at all anymore, if you know what I mean. And that just at a time when I want it more myself than ever before." I almost choked on my coffee and feared I was blushing.

I quickly recovered and said, "I find that very hard to imagine. You're still the same woman, aren't you?" "That may be, but he doesn't like my big belly. I'm afraid, that he sees me as an ugly fat woman.

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And when you look at his secretary, one of these thin twenty-year-olds. . ." "Thin twenty-year-olds aren't all they're cracked to be, you know," I tried to cheer her up, "I for instance don't fancy that type at all. I like real grown-up women." "Are you serious?" she asked happily. I could tell be looking at her face that my remark had an immediate effect on her.

"Of course I'm serious," I said, "otherwise I wouldn't say something like that." "Do you find me attractive?" was her next question. "Sure," I said and Paula got up from her chair. She put her hands on her thighs, pulled her dress up a little and turned around, giving me a good look at her generous buttocks and thighs.

She turned to me again and said, "do you really mean that? Or are you just being polite?" I was pretty obvious by now what she was after, so I decided to make my move. I got up and stood in front of her, grabbed her hand and put it on my crotch.

"Feel for yourself whether I mean that," I said. She smiled a horny smile and started to stroke my dick, that had become fairly hard by now, through my pants. "Well," she chuckled, "as far as I can feel you do really mean it." She kept rubbing my crotch, making my cock rock-hard and with her other hand she pulled up her skirt, enabling me to see that she was wearing nothing but a tiny pair of red panties under her dress.

I was looking right at her bare, round belly.

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"You really think my belly isn't ugly?" she asked. "Quite the contrary," I said with a horny look in my eyes, "that belly makes you look very. .


. fertile." She smiled again and let go of my crotch. "Go sit back down on the couch," she said, "and I will take my clothes off for you." I lowered myself on the couch and Paula began to rid herself of her spare clothing.

She turned around and slowly pulled down her panties, shaking her buttocks in the process. Her panties fell on the floor and she turned back to me. "Before you can see my tits," she said, "I want to see your prick. I want you to jack off while you're watching me." I thought that to be a bit of a peculiar request, but if she got a kick out of that.

. also, my by now fully erect cock was being rather confined by my trousers and I didn't mind, freeing my boner from its prison.

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I unfastened my belt, opened my pants and grabbed my hard pole out of my underwear. I took a firm hold of my cock and started to stroke it slowly. Paula gave my rod an approving look and continued to strip.

She slowly pulled one of the straps of her dress over her shoulder and bared one of her magnificent boobs. The nipple was the largest I'd ever seen and already quite hard. The sight of this excited me so much that without thinking I started stroking my dick faster.

As soon as Paula saw this, she smiled and bared her other tit as well. I noticed that her smile was incredibly horny. She pushed her dress over her big belly and let it slide down over her legs, so that she was now fully naked with the exception of the black pumps she was wearing.

I could now also see that her pussy was completely shaven. "Aren't you gonna take off your clothes?" Paula asked while she sat down again opposite me. That seemed like a reasonable request and as quickly as possible I rid myself of all my clothes.

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As soon as I was completely nude I walked up to her, stood right in front of her and positioned my stiff cock in front of her face. Paula understood my intention and without saying another word she grabbed my pole, pulled back the foreskin and took my cock in her mouth in its entirety, all the way to my balls.

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Subsequently she let it slip slowly from between her lips until she only had the head in her mouth, that she started to suck in a drooling, slobbering manner. At the same time she pushed the tip of her tongue carefully in my piss slit, driving me wholly crazy. She blew me like I had never been blown before. Large amounts of her saliva were dribbling all over my prick and she worked my dick-head with her lips and tongue in a way that rather soon brought me on the edge of an orgasm.

As soon as she felt this, though, she stopped sucking and let my cock glide out of her mouth. "Well," she said, "now that I've taken care of you orally for a while, you can eat me out." She lowered herself in the chair and invitingly spread her legs. I knelt in front of her and pushed my face between her thighs, where I was looking at a wonderful, fleshy wet cunt with large lips. While I carefully began licking Paula's beautiful pussy lips, I detected that the view of that large round belly that was towering high above her cunt excited me rather a much.

I pushed my tongue upward and started nibbling on her clitoris, at the same time pushing three fingers in her cunt that I began moving back and forth slowly. Paula started to breathe heavier and to massage her enormous breasts with her hands. I put an additional finger in her cunt and started moving my fingers faster, while going at her clit with my lips and tongue like my life depended on it.

My neighbour apparently enjoyed this since she started to moan louder. By now her pussy was so wet, that her juices were dripping down my chin and hand. I kept going at her cunt harder and harder and Paula put her legs on my back. It didn't take long for her to violently come.

I got up, grabbed my dick and started jacking off while I was watching my neighbour enjoying her orgasm. Paula looked at me with an incredibly lustful look in her eyes and licked her lips with her tongue. I felt the need to severely empty my balls was becoming stronger and stronger, when she got up and stood against me. I let go of my dick and firmly grabbed her voluptuous buttocks, while Paula put her arms around me, kissed me intensely and pushed her big belly against my hard cock, which was an indescribably arousing feeling.

After ending our kiss, she whispered in my ear, "go and lie on the couch and I'll sit on top of you nicely." That sounded like music to my ears and I lay down on the couch on my back.

Paula followed me and mounted me. Straightforwardly she eased my rock-hard prick into the moist warmth of her cunt and began moving up and down slowly. "Nice?" she asked with a smile. "Delightful," I groaned. That this pregnant woman was riding my dick like a skilled horsewoman, while her formidable breasts were gently swinging back and forth in front of me, was an experience that was way better than anything I'd ever experienced with the most expensive prostitutes.

It was so amazingly horny! Paula started moving faster and I grabbed her tits with my hands. I massaged those marvellous orbs of flesh and played with her rock-hard nipples with my fingers.

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In the meantime my neighbour kept quickening her pace, dancing on my dick faster and faster and it didn't take long before I sensed an enormous load of semen was on its way.

Exactly on time Paula let my prick slide out of her pussy while I came gruntingly and my cock fired a huge bombardment of sperm. Massive squirts of semen landed on the round belly and breasts of my neighbour. As soon as my dick stopped squirting, Paul lay down against me. Her breasts and belly, all slippery with my sperm, felt extremely good against my own body.

My neighbour took hold of my slowly shrinking cock and said, "do you think you can do it again in a minute? I'm really insatiable at the moment." "Sure," I said.

I had the feeling I would be able to do this gorgeous woman at least twenty times in a row. "Come," Paula said, getting up, "let's take a nice shower." She took my hand and pulled me up. I followed her to the bathroom that was located at exactly the same place as in my own apartment.

We entered the bathroom and my neighbour turned on the shower. We didn't need to undress since we already were naked, with the exception of Paula taking off her pumps. We stepped into the shower cabin, where the streaming water had reached a comfortable temperature by now. Paula took a flagon of shower gel, put some of it into my hands and I slowly began to rub the foaming gel all over her delicious body.

Enthusiastically I soaped her buttocks, breasts and belly, while she put some of the gel in her own hand and began soaping me as well.

I couldn't get enough of touching her wet body, but as soon as my neighbour started soaping my dick it quickly began to stiffen again. As soon as she noticed, my neighbour began stroking my cock and it didn't take long before it was rock-hard again. Paula let go of my boner, spread her legs and leaned forward, resting her arms against the side of the shower cabin.

"Take me from behind," she said in a lustful voice, "in my ass." That was a request I was more than willing to grant. I positioned my pole against her rectum and pushed my pricked forcefully into her arse.

Though it felt nice and tight, my dick slid in effortlessly. I found this all pretty exciting and began kneading my neighbour's buttocks with my hands while I was vigorously banging her ass. At the same time Paula began touching her pussy with her hands and she started moaning. I picked up my pace and let go of her fine buttocks in order to put my arms around her to be able to fondle her massive tits and nipples and rub her big belly.

Every now and the Paula cried "harder, harder" between her groaning and I did my very best to satisfy her. My pole was plunging into her ass so hard that with every thrust my balls banged against her cunt. My neighbour kept on moaning louder and louder and I felt she was close an intense orgasm. I also felt I wouldn't be able to contain my semen for long either and we came together, sharing an amazing orgasm. Paula came shaking while I exploded in her ass.

Sighing I fell against her and we just kept standing in that position for a while, enjoying the aftermath of our orgasms, until my dick had shrunk so much I slipped from her arse. Paula turned around, embraced me and kissed me.

"That was nice," she said smiling. We let the warm water cleanse us of all the soap, sweat and bodily fluids, dried ourselves and walked back to the living room, both still naked. "Do you have to go home," Paula asked while we sat down on the couch together, "or shall we do it one more time?" Her hand was already moving in the direction of my crotch. I glanced at the large standing clock, that had a central place in the living room and saw that by now it was past ten 'o clock.

I thought of my schedule for the next day and contemplated that it might be better to go home. On the other hand, perhaps after today I would never again have to opportunity to fool around with this wonderful woman.

The second point soon beat the first and before long my neighbour was skilfully sucking my dick again. In the end we both had several more delightful orgasms before I finally said goodbye to Paul and returned to my own apartment.

I was a total wreck at work the next day, but my delicious evening with my pregnant neighbour had certainly been worth it.