46 Jahre Alt Milf Liebt öffentliche Blinken

46 Jahre Alt Milf Liebt öffentliche Blinken
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Part one: "Dammit this couch fucking sucks, why do women have to be so complicated? I was caught staring at another girl and now she is making me sleep on the couch, ugh." It's true; We were out at dinner and a gorgeous blonde walked by and Marie caught me staring at her large perky breasts. "I wonder if she is still awake&hellip. MARIE????." There was no reply. "MARIE?." Finally after two attempts, he heard a reply, it was shaky and very faint, and he knew that quiver in her voice anywhere.

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She was masturbating! And while he was forced to sleep on the couch! If she was so horny, why was she making him sleep on the couch? "Marie, what are you doing?" It took about 10 seconds for him to get a response.


"Attempting to get some sleep, have you forgotten that you are on the couch? That means leave me alone!" Ouch, that was a low blow. Again, he heard the quiver in her voice and was 100% sure she was masturbating now.

So without wasting another second he quietly tip toed up the stairs towards her bedroom.

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When he peered through the door he saw what he was expecting, there she was: eyes closed, completely naked, lying down on her bed as her hand vigorously rubbed at her clit.

Without realizing it, he accidently let out a sigh, luckily she was breathing so loud his sigh was drowned out in the commotion. He decided to have some fun with this. For a good 5 minutes, he stood there, thinking of the best way to get back at her for making him sleep on the couch.

But as he watched her rubbing her clit and listened to her subtle moans, He began to forget about his plans of revenge and became more and more aware of her beauty. He was horny.

Very horny. As she played with her clit, he knew exactly what had to be done! He held the handle of the door very loosely, and when he was ready threw it open so it made a very loud, very squeaky noise. She immediately stopped what she was doing and looked up. She knew she had been caught. "Having fun, Marie?" he asked.

"I could say the same for you." She had noticed the giant bulge building in his pants. "Looks fun, mind If I join you?" he asked.

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"You are supposed to be on the couch" " I was on the couch, that is until I heard the shakiness in your voice, you can't hide your masturbation noises from me, Marie!" "I guess a visit to the bedroom isn't a bad thing, as long as you go back to the couch afterwards." "Of course" He said as he was grinning.

He had been so horny recently, getting off a load or two would do him some good. As he walked over to where Marie was laying, he could feel his cock getting harder, "This is finally happening" he thought.

This would be his first time having sex. Ever. He was 100% totally virgin, and extremely horny.

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After what felt like eternity, he reached the edge of the bed, and wasted no time removing piece after piece of his clothing. "WOW, you ARE excited aren't you!" "After so many years of un-dealt with hornyness, yes!" Without saying another word, she quickly took his cock into her moist, warm mouth.

"Oh my god, that feels so amazing" He had never experienced anything like it, the amazing feel of mouth enveloping his hard cock was the most wonderful feeling of his life.

He began making small thrusting motions while he held her head, running her hair through his fingers. After a few minutes of her sucking, and his thrusting, he was ready to cum. And he felt like she knew as well.

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"dammit, why am I Cumming so soon?" he thought. "oh fuck, Marie, I'm Cumming, where should I cum?" "cum In my mouth, I wanna taste your cum" FUCK. That turned him on so much, he could no longer hold it. He was cumming and there was no stopping it, seventeen years of hornyness was cumming out…literally.

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"Oh shit, god that feels so fucking good, swallow every single last drop for me" His slow thrusting movements quickly became spasms. This was it, he was cumming, he was cumming in a girls mouth. After cumming, he collapsed on the bed. He was breathing very heavily, after about 10 seconds he felt Marie lay down next to him. She put her arm around him, and in a very sexy, very seductive voice, said "Ready for some more?" At first he felt like just going to sleep, but after hearing her say that in such a seductive way, he instantly became hard again.


"What do you mean by 'Some more'?" He couldn't believe he was still so horny! "We can do whatever you want, it's all up to you" His cock was rock solid by now. "I have always wanted to try doggy style, can we do that?" He was excited.

Very excited. "Whatever you want" she said, she then winked at him and licked the head of his cock once more before turning around getting into position for doggy style. "Oh my god" he thought " This is the most sexy thing I have ever seen" as he looked down at her standing on her hands and knees with her ass lifted slightly in the air. He wasted no time taking hold of her hips, guiding his hard cock into her pussy, he began to push into the entrance, waiting for her to give him the okay.

Instead of the instructions he was seeking, he heard only soft moaning. "oh fuck, right there" he got the confirmation he needed. Letting out his sexual frustration, he inserted his hard cock all the way into her wet pussy.

He began to thrust his hips while holding a firm grip of her's. "Holy fuck, this feels so fucking good" he thought. "I'm glad I already came before or I might not have been able to last even five minutes of this!" He began to thrust a little harder.

To be continued…

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