Six trannies take turns banging boy

Six trannies take turns banging boy
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----------------------------- Part 02: Sharing the fun ----------------------------- The next day she called Amelia and Carmen, and invited them over. "Hey, what's happening?" Carmen asked her when they were all sitting in her room.

Denise smiled. "I got him!" she said. "What?!" both Amelia and Carmen asked in unison. "I said: I got Adam," she repeated. Amelia began smiling, and Carmen wolf-whistled. "How on earth did you do it? I thought the game was over when I didn't hear from you at all yesterday," Amelia asked. "Well, I found out something about his little blonde bitch, that he didn't want me to share with others," Denise said, and handed them her phone, where they watched the video of Amanda's confession.

"Holy crap," Carmen said, as a very evil smile grow on her pretty face. "That's some heavy shit. What did he say when he found out, that you had it?" "Well, he wasn't exactly too pleased, and practically begged me to delete it.

I refused, and told him that he would have to fuck me in order to keep me silent," Denise said in a cheerful voice, as she took back her phone. "Was he big?" Amelia asked, and Denise could see the lust in her eyes. "See for yourself," Denise told her, as she fetched her laptop, and played the recording of her fuck-session with her brother. Amelia and Carmen were both hypnotised by the video.

"Wow, I haven't seen that outfit in while Denise. I sense that a certain person was trying to make an impression on Adam!" Amelia teased, as she saw the lingerie Denise was wearing in the video. "I just wanted to show him how good a real woman could look," Denise answered. "I'd say you accomplished that pretty well," Carmen said.

"Wauw. I would love to try that thing on for size," Carmen said, as Adam's cock was revealed in the video. "No kidding. How was it like?" Amelia asked, as she stared dumbfounded on the screen. "He was pretty thick, so it was a bit painful at first, but then it felt like heaven. Johnny from the club had a dick which was a bit longer, but he was nowhere as thick as Adam. It felt amazing. I would take Adam's dick over Johnny's any day." They all watched as Denise mounted Adam in the video.

"Jesus, I am so fucking jealous right now," Amelia mumbled, as she observed how Adam's cock slowly vanished from view.

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As the video progressed, they arrived at the point where Adam tried to push her off of him. As they heard Adam argue that she was not on the pill, Amelia gasped. "Oh Jesus, I didn't even think of that. You stopped when you kicked Carl out right?" she asked. Denise nodded. Jennifer shrugged. "I stopped using mine last month as well.

There are not really any guys I want to fuck at the moment anyway. At least there wasn't until I saw this&hellip." she said, closely observing the screen.

"Well, good for you that Adam remembered it then," Carmen said to Denise, which made her blush slightly. "Actually&hellip. I. I kinda&hellip." she stuttered, but she didn't have to say anymore, as the video spoke for her.

Both Amelia and Carmen watched the rest of the video as in a trance. Their mouths were slightly open, while they observed one of their best friends, as she tried get impregnated by her own brother. As the video ended, and the camera zoomed in on Adam's cum leaking out of her pussy, Amelia and Carmen turned their heads towards Denise, who was now blushing for real.

"Fucking hell. What has gotten into you Denise?" Carmen asked. "I&hellip.I don't know okay? I simply lost it when Adam tried to take control. I could only think to do everything he didn't want, and he clearly didn't want to risk making a baby in me.

So I made him run the risk," she said. Amelia looked at the screen, which was now showing a still image of the last frame, showing Adam's cum leaking out of Denise. "I don't know if that is the sickest thing I have ever watched, or the most exciting one!" she said.

Denise was a bit surprised. "You don't think I went too far?" she asked. Amelia began laughing. "Of course you went too far. You went way too far girl. But I am glad you did, because that was fucking amazing stuff to watch. You broke him down like an old withered tree, and I loved every second of it." Denise felt a bit better.

Carmen seemed to be wondering about something. "Uhm, Denise?" she asked. "Yeah?" Carmen glanced at the screen, and then watched Denise again.

"What if he actually did knock you up?" she asked. "I don't know," Denise said truthfully, as she sat down on her bed. "Part of me despises children, and I never actually wanted any of my own. But the other side of me finds the idea incredibly arousing. Besides, I know Adam would hate it more than me, and I love the feeling of power that knowledge brings me," she said. She looked at the screen again, observing the frozen image of Adam's cum. "I guess I am going to wait making a decision, until I know if it is needed," she said.

They all sat in silence for a few moments. "I'd wish that I could actually show the video to Amanda," Denise suddenly said. "Then she could see that Adam is not the perfect knight in white armour." "Well&hellip.

how about making a new one? Then you could show her that instead of this one," Carmen said in a slow voice. Denise shook her head. "How would another one make any difference? I don't want to go around in public, showing videos of myself fucking my own brother," she said. "I wasn't thinking about you," Carmen said. Denise and Amelia watched her. A little smile began to show on Denise's face. "Oh, you are a naughty little girl Carmen!" Carmen smiled. "I am sorry, I can't help myself. I guess I have a problem with rejections.

Like another girl I know&hellip." she said, and winked at Denise. "Well, if seeing Adam with another girl would make Amanda mad, then how would she react if she caught him with 2?" Amelia asked. They turned towards her.

"Oh that would probably make her want to kill him," Denise said. And then they all giggled. After a while, they controlled themselves, and Denise looked at them both. "So, I get the feeling that Adam might end up in a threesome soon," she said. "I would say that is a highly real possibility," Carmen said. "Well, I will need to go and have a chat with my sweet brother, and see if I can persuade him to agree to your idea then, won't I?" Denise said. Carmen then suddenly burst out laughing.

"What is it?" Amelia asked her. "Oh I am sorry Amy. I just suddenly realised how comical this entire situation is. I mean; here are 3 of the most desired women in the entire town, who could practically have any man they want. And yet they are all conspiring how to get the one guy that doesn't want to have anything to do with them," she said.

Amelia and Denise began laughing as well. "Yeah, that is kind of messed up," Amelia agreed. "Alright, you go home and get changed, and I will make sure to make the preparations here," Denise told them. About an hour later, both Amelia and Carmen returned.

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"Alright, go wait in my parents' room, and I will go to inform Adam about how lucky he is about to get," Denise said. Denise quickly went upstairs, and knocked on the door to Adam's room. She didn't bother waiting for a response, and just walked inside.

Adam looked up from a book he was reading. "What is it now Denise? I am really not in the mood to talk to you right now!" he told her in a fairly agitated tone. Denise sat down on bed next to him. "Relax brother. You seem awfully tense tonight," she teased him. Adam gazed at her stomach, and threw his book to the side. "Look Denise, I don't know what the hell has gotten into you, but you need help. Serious help. I really think you need to talk to a psychiatrist." Denise giggled.

"I am fine Adam, you are the one who is breaking the law, and acting all up over some small innocent games," she said. Adam looked ready to kill her. "I don't know what reality you live in Denise, but forcing your own brother to perhaps impregnate you against his will, is not innocent.

In fact, it ain't normal in any way. It is just plain sick! Get out, I can't stand the sight of you!" he snapped at her, and reached down for his book. "Adam?" Denise asked in her sweetest tone of voice. "I have come to ask you a little favour. If you refuse, bad things could happen to Amanda." He turned his head towards her so quickly, that Denise actually heard a little snapping sound from his neck.

It didn't bother him the least though, as he seemed on the edge of wanting to hit her.


"I am done with your favours. I did what you asked. Now, leave me and Amanda alone as you promised," he said. Denise shook her head, still smiling. "I never promised to leave you alone if you fucked me Adam. I just said I wouldn't go to the police right away if you fucked me yesterday. I never promised anything about not doing it later," she said. "YOU HAVE TO BE FUCKING KIDDING ME DENISE!" Adam yelled, as he grabbed her shoulders, and placed his face inches from that of his sister.

"I love Amanda. You made me do something against my will and against my judgement, but I did so to keep Amanda safe. Are you seriously going to keep taking advantage of me, simply because you hate Amanda so much?!" Denise broke free of his grasp.

"I am going to do what is needed, in order to teach the both of you a lesson," she said. Adam shook his head. "I am not going to have sex with you again Denise. No way," Denise smiled. "Okay, I will make you a deal. I am not going to have sex with you, but then you will have to do something else for me. If you don't, then I will force you to fuck me again, no matter how much you don't want to," she said.

Adam's eyes became narrow. "What plans are you cooking up in your head now Denise?" he asked her. "Well, I have a surprise waiting for you in mom and dads room," she said. As Adam was about to say something, Denise just cut him off. "I solemnly swear that I won't have sex with you," she said. Denise walked to the bedroom, and Adam followed her.

He stopped dead in his tracks as he noticed the presence of Amelia and Carmen. Amelia was wearing a pair of tight ripped jeans, which looked like they were painted on, and a light blue shirt, which made a nice job of showcasing her breasts. Carmen was wearing a pair of ripped shorts, which showed her long tanned legs nicely, and a tight pink tank top. Adam turned around to face Denise. "This has to be a joke Denise. Please tell me that you are not thinking what I think you are.

Because I am not going to do it," he said. Denise smiled. "This is exactly what you are thinking. Amelia and Carmen want to join in on the fun. You wouldn't be cruel enough to turn them down would you? Look how nicely they have dressed up for you," Denise said. Adam didn't give them a single look, instead it started to seem like he was about to shoot fire from his eyes. "I can, and I will.

How many times do I have to tell you girls, in order for you to understand it? I-DONT-WANT-YOU!" he yelled. "Everybody wants us," Amelia said. Adam turned to face her. "Everybody except for 1 single guy. And for some reason, it seems like you have a hard time dealing with that. I get the feeling that all of you need some practice, in how to deal with rejections," he said. Denise took a step towards Adam. "Look Adam, you are going to do this, otherwise you know the consequences.

You can fuck me, or you can fuck them. It is your choice. And I will let you know, that I am probably ovulating right now," she teased him, as she lifted up her shirt, and started rubbing her belly with a little smile.

Adam was frozen in place it seemed. His eyes kept switching from Denise, to Amelia and Carmen. After a few moments of this, he suddenly punched the wall so hard, that his hand left a wide hole in the drywall. When he spoke next, his voice was almost shaking in anger.

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"If I do this, will you be happy?!" Denise nodded and smiled. She went over to the camera. "Not again! Come on Denise, give me a break!" Adam said in a half angry, half desperate voice. "Just for our amusement, I promise," Denise told him. Adam leaned back on the bed. "I am going to warn you now Denise: If you think I will keep playing these sick little games of yours, then you are sadly mistaken.

And if you break your word, and show any of these videos to anybody other than those 2, then I make sure you pay dearly for it," he said, giving a hateful look at all of them. All of them looked at each other, and then giggled. "Feisty one isn't he?" Amelia asked. Carmen shrugged. "Well, not for long.

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I have never had a man fight me when he had his dick inside me." Denise chuckled a bit at the comments. "Alright, he is yours," she said as she turned on the camera, and then leaned back to enjoy the show. "Adam, would you be kind enough to take your shirt off?" Amelia asked him. He obeyed quickly, and threw it on the floor. "Now the pants," Carmen said. Denise could see her licking her lips already. Adam took off his pants without a word. Silent, and as if they had agreed on it, both Amelia and Carmen walked over to Adam, and pulled his boxers down together.

They both let out a little gasp of approval, even though they had seen his cock on video before. They quickly pulled the fabric all the way off, and then back a bit away from him. They both seemed to have a tough time pulling their gaze away from Adam's cock.

"Would you like to see us naked?" Carmen asked him. Adam nodded silently.

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"We can't hear you," Amelia teased him. "Yes please. Please get naked for me," he said, trying to sound calm, even though his voice was again sizzling with anger.

Carmen grabbed the bottom of her tank top, and slowly pulled it over her head. She wore a black lace bra underneath it. At her side, Amelia unbuttoned her shirt, and pulled it off. She wore a sexy light blue bra, almost the same colour as the shirt.

Denise watched with interest, as Amelia unzipped her jeans, and took her sweet time slowly sliding them all the way down her legs, revealing a sexy pair of blue panties which matched her bra. Carmen unzipped her shorts, quickly pulling them down around her ankles. She wore black lace panties. "Would you like to see more Adam?" Carmen asked teasingly, as she turned around, and wriggled her ass at him. "Yes," he simply answered. Carmen reached behind her back, and unhooked her bra, letting it fall to the floor.

She then bent over. Denise made sure to zoom in the camera, as Carmen slowly let her panties slide down to the floor. As she turned around, allowing Adam to see her fully naked for the first time, Amelia undid her own bra, and let her breasts free.

Everyone in the room observed her, as she removed her panties, leaving her just as naked as her friend. Both girls had perfectly shaved pussies. Adam now had a semi erection, which made Carmen shake her head when she saw it. "That is not good enough Adam. We need something more than that if we are ever going to have some fun here. You know, if not for Amanda, I would be tempted to say that you might be gay or something, considering the fact that 2 of the hottest girls in your town are standing naked in front of you, waiting for you to fuck them, and you still aren't close to being fully hard yet." Adam gave her a furious look.

"Perhaps I find the circumstances a bit of a turn-off," he said. Carmen shrugged. "Whatever, I don't really care. Besides, I know how to fix this little issue," she said, and dropped to her knees. Denise zoomed in just in time to catch Adam's cock vanish past her lips.

Denise had not been able to take all of Adam's cock inside her mouth, so she was surprised when Carmen seemingly did so with ease. She then began bobbing her head up and down on his cock slowly.

Denise could actually see the bulge it made in her throat, and made sure to get some nice shots of it. She already felt her own panties getting damp, and her nipples were tingly. Adam began to moan, but almost immediately stopped himself, perhaps not wanting any of them to have the satisfaction of his pleasure. Carmen kept working on him for a while. As he began making some new noises, she stopped. She pulled away from him with a smile. A string of salvia was still connecting her mouth to his cock, which was now very hard, and visibly throbbing.

"Good boy Adam, I knew you would like it," she giggled. She then turned towards Amelia. "Alright Amy, I will let you take the first turn if you want?" she said. Amelia had been standing and observing the blowjob with interest. She seemed to snap out of her trance, and quickly mounted Adam. She moaned as she lowered herself down onto his cock. Denise kept control of the camera, making sure it had some good shots of the penetration. "Shit!" Amelia exclaimed, as she took the last of Adam inside her.

"He might be whining more than I like, but this is well worth it!" she said, as she started fucking Adam slowly. Adam had turned his head to the side, and was just staring at the hole he had punched in the wall.

He paid no attention to the fact that Amelia was grinding her hips against his own, steadily increasing her pace. Soon she was fucking him like a wild animal, just like Denise had done before her. "Fuck yes. Oh god. Can I borrow him for a week sometime perhaps?" she panted, as she began playing with her nipples. "No, I don't think so. Only tonight," Denise said with a little laugh. "Ouuhh. That's too bad. This is way too good for Amanda. She doesn't deserve a cock like this," Amelia said, as she fucked Adam furiously.

Shortly after, Adam started moaning, and his breathing became much more rapid. "Oh fuck, I going to cum!" he groaned. Amelia quickly slid down from him, and Denise managed to catch the image of Adam's cock erupting in a fountain of cum. "Thanks for the warning. I am starting to like you more and more," Amelia said with a laugh, and gave him a kiss on the cheek, before she walked over to Denise.

Carmen walked over the end of the end, where Adam turned his head towards her. Carmen looked at his limp cock, and sighed. "So we are going to play this game again huh?" she asked, although she didn't sound too sad. She just took Adam's cock inside her mouth again, and began sucking him with a steady, and obviously well rehearsed routine. After 5 minutes or so, her work had paid off, and Adam once again sported a raging hard-on. Carmen straddled him. "Ask me to fuck you Adam," she said, almost sounding as she felt sorry for him.

"Would you please fuck me Carmen?" he asked in a tired voice. Carmen mounted him, and took all of his cock to the hilt within seconds. She smiled. "Oh my, you really are a big boy aren't you?" she asked, as she began working her hips back and forth. Denise looked up from the camera. "Looks like you have had bigger before though.

Something you haven't told us Carmen?" she asked.


Carmen turned towards her, and smiled as she kept fucking Adam. "I've had a few yes, but trust me; these kinds of cocks are not something you see every day. And Adam is wider than most others, making this even better," she said. Denise glanced at Adam.

She was probably imagining things, but she could have sworn she saw a hint of a smile for a fraction of a second. Carmen didn't fuck Adam as fast or rough as Denise or Amelia had done, instead opting for a slower and steadier rhythm.

This, combined with Adam already having cum once already, meant that Adam lasted surprisingly long this time. Sweat began appearing on both of their faces, and within minutes they were both glistening with it. Adam finally began moaning, and looked at Carmen. "You better get down," he warned her.

She shook her head with a little smile, and kept fucking him without a hint of slowing down. A few seconds later Adam seemed to get scared. "Carmen, get down now.

I am going to cum!" he said. Carmen simply leaned down and kissed him. Adams protests were silenced as she pushed her tongue inside his mouth, but his eyes grew wide with terror, and he began making some weird noises. Denise noticed that he was shaking and contracting slightly, and knew that he was coming inside Carmen's pussy at that moment. After about a minute, Carmen dismounted him. She sat down, turned towards the camera, and spread her legs. She then pulled her pussy lips apart, making Adam's cum seep out of her pussy.

"Wauw," she giggled. "I think Adam might just have become daddy for the second time." Adam almost flew out of the room at her words. They felt the walls shake as he slammed his door down the hall.

Amelia looked at Carmen with wide eyes. "Carmen, are you serious? You as well?" she asked. Carmen shrugged. "Well, as Denise said, the idea and the risks are very thrilling. It makes my entire body tingle. And unlike Denise, I actually want kids some day.

So why not start now?" They got dressed, and then all went to Denise's room to watch the video. When they were done, Amelia and Carmen left. Just as Carmen went past Denise, she leaned towards her and whispered "I actually hope he knocked you up Denise. You deserve it!" she said, and then walked out to catch up to Amelia.

As Denise closed the door, and headed towards her room, she wondered what that was supposed to mean. She deserved it? How? Did she mean that by messing up Adam's life, Denise deserved to have her life ruined by a child that she didn't really want? Or did she mean that since Denise had finally found a way to break her brother down, she deserved to get him to knock her up, because it would be final nail in the coffin of his pride?

Or perhaps it was supposed to mean something entirely different. No matter how it was supposed to be interpreted, Denise found the idea of being impregnated by Adam increasingly more arousing. She walked to her room, and locked the door. She then quickly pulled off her clothes.

She observed herself in the full length mirror, running a finger across her flat, smooth stomach. She imagined how it would look like, swelling up with Adam's baby inside. Her breasts started tingling, and she felt her pussy soak up at the thought.

Denise began counting the days since her last period in her head, and after a few seconds she realised that the next day would probably be the last day of her ovulation cycle. She began playing with her nipples, watching the mirror, where she watched a smile grow on her reflection.

"Yeah, we need to play one last game with him before we let him go," she told the mirror. She lay down on her bed, and began fingering her pussy with one hand, while playing with her breasts with the other.

"You are a sick fuck Adam. You are going to make your own sister pregnant aren't you?" she mumbled, as she rocked her hips slowly in motion with her fingers. "Oh fuck! You are going to watch your baby sucking on my tits in less than a year." Her voice was becoming increasingly more high-pitched, as she neared her orgasm.

As she worked herself towards her climax, Denise imagined Adam burying his cock inside her, as he declared his intention of knocking her up. She imagined his strong, yet gentle hands keeping her pinned down on the bed, as he tried his best to breed her.

She could almost feel his cum filling up her defenceless womb with his millions of potential babies. It was too much for her, and she came in a major orgasm, which she didn't doubt that Adam heard from his room. Denise fell asleep naked on the bed, determined to make sure that Adam would have a little baby growing inside her belly, within the next 24 hours