Real amateur public slut fuck suck and creampie

Real amateur public slut fuck suck and creampie
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All night she has been pushing my buttons and testing my patience, by questioning me and disobeying my commands. I thought she had learned her lesson the last time I punished her, but apparently she thinks being out in public will protect her.

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It will for now, but I won't forgive or forget her insolence when we leave. And being it is her companies Christmas party, I don't want to embarrass my favorite play toy. I met her a few months back when I was out for a drink.

A little smaller than has been my preference at only about 5'3"maybe 5'4". Her breasts were nearly perfect orbs of flesh with perfect nubs of a nipple on them, made so much more perfect with the two barbells sticking through them. But what initially caught my eye was the blonde hair that caressed the top of her ass cheeks.


When we first met she wasn't into the lifestyle, but has quickly found what she likes and is always open to explore new fetishes, as long as I'm coaching her through them and taking care of her. I snap back to what's going on, and press the button on my remote, setting off the bullet hidden in her panties, I know it hit her as she stopped speaking mid-sentence. This little bauble was actually one of her ideas, and I use it to tease her throughout the night, keeping her wet with anticipation of later.

I turn it back off as she turns to me face flushed and I indicate to her that it's time to leave. When we get to the car, I stop her, sliding my hands down her legs and then back up under her dress, gripping her panties and pulling them down and off of her feet. Her musk and readiness is apparent, both by her scent and the dampness of her panties. When she sits down, I open the back door, pulling her arms behind her seat and handcuffing them back there.

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Then I go around front, and cuff her legs. At this point she can tell she is in trouble. I get in the driver's seat and slap her inner thighs apart, as I pull the top of her dress down exposing her breasts. She is a little bit of an exhibitionist, not liking to be fully exposed, so being in my car with tinted windows is a good start for her. As I start driving I start to rub up and down her lips, flicking her clit with my pinkie, bringing her right to the edge and stopping.

She is apologizing for disobeying me and promising it won't happen again. I continue to ignore her as I park in my garage. I un-cuff her legs and hands allowing her to get out, and then quickly re-cuff her hands and lead her into my basement. For her first punishment, I pull her arms over her head and cuff her to a chain. Then I attach a spreader bar to her ankles, so now she forms an inverted Y.

I go up to her and suck a nipple into my mouth, tugging at it as she moans. I slide her dress the rest of the way off of her and pull on the chain drawing her up so her feet barely touch the ground.


I go to the wall behind her and grab a whip and remove my shirt as I walk quietly back over to her. My first strike is a gentle across her ass cheeks but she still lets out a yelp, likely from being startled. "You've been quite naughty this evening" I say to her. "I'm sorry babe, it won't happen again" is her reply.

I arch my eyebrow and look at her as she quickly says "sir, I meant sir" with a devious grin on her face. She is looking forward to the punishment as much as I am looking forward to give it to her. I bring the whip down across her ass again, this time she yelps in a little bit of pain. I drop the whip preferring to use my hand on her, I put one hand on her pussy, sliding my middle finger inside of her, and bring the other onto her ass cheek with a SMACK.

She thrusts forward grinding into my hand as I smack her.

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Again I smack her, this time on the other cheek, and again she moans and grinds into my hand. I smack her for a third time, and I feel her pussy clench against my finger as I can feel her nearing an orgasm, so I quickly remove my finger. She says "no" with desperation in her voice, as she realizes the pain is not her punishment, but me withholding her orgasm is. I swat her ass a few more times until it is glowing red. I go to the freezer and remove an ice cube, and bring it back to her.

I rub it along her ass cheeks cooling them down. First one cheek and then the other.


Then I kiss all around her cheeks, as I take the cube and run it up and down her lips. She shivers against me while trying to grind into my hand again so I place the cube between her lips and tell her to hold it there.

While she does that I lower the chain so she can stand and I un-cuff her from the chain.

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From there I walk her to my saw-horse, modified with cushioning, I stand her in front of it, take her hands and pull her over it, cuffing her hands to the spreader bar. I go to the table and select a vibrator, a little bit smaller than me, about 6-inches in length and an inch around. I turn it on high, come from behind her and rub it up her lips, coating it in her juices and the water from the melting ice cube.

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I place it against her clit as I bend down and suck the ice cube from her lips. At this point the only thing I hear from her is a whisper of "please let me cum, I'm gonna die. Please let me cum, I'm gonna die." I continue to rub her clit with the vibrator, until she start tensing up, and then I pull it away again.

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I do this again and again and again, each time her begging gets more desperate. The next time I place my mouth on her clit and slide the toy inside of her, her juices just pouring onto my face and beard, her legs start trembling as she grinds as best she can into my mouth…and I stop.

She screams in frustration, as I tell her to remember this the next time she feels like disobeying an order. "I will, I will" she says in desperation. I stand and go behind her, her ass still a little red and I kick off my pants. I drop to my knees and begin slowly licking her juices from her thighs. First the right, kissing and sucking, stopping right below her pussy.

Then I move the left, starting from the top, licking and kissing my way down to her knee. Then suddenly I bury my face into her waiting snatch, licking and lapping at her juices, I stop long enough to tell her she is free to cum as she wants, and as soon as I put my mouth back on her hole, she releases, flooding my mouth and face with her cum.

Then she collapses, breathing heavy, she breaths out "thank you" as I continue to lick and clean the juices from her swollen lips.

I stand up and place my hard cock against her opening, and thrust in all the way. She throws her head back in ecstasy as I start thrusting in and out of her, and she cums again, her pussy clenching onto my cock, sucking me into her. I alternate between fast and slow, soft and hard as I slide my cock in and out of her.

After about the sixth orgasm, she says her safe word "cumquat". The first orgasm took most of it out of her, and the other five made her unable to stand. So I un-cuff her hands and her feet and lead her over to the couch. I sit her down and sit down next to her, stroking her hair. Breathing heavily still she takes my shaft and starts sliding her hand up and down, her juices still acting as lube.

She cuddles into my chest as I moan out in pleasure, her hand rubbing up and down, her thumb circling over the head once in a while. As I tense up, she knows I'm going to cum, so she lowers her mouth. The first blast of cum hits her in the cheek before she can get her mouth around my cock.


I then squirt three or four more big blasts of my hot semen in her mouth, too much for her to take, so some of it oozes out of her lips around my cock. After I'm done, she licks my shaft clean, and we get up and head to the bedroom. Both satisfied, we drift off to sleep, my arms wrapped around her and her head nestled into my chest.