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Gay jocks With his sensitized ballsack tugged and his beef whistle
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My Polish Neighbour Chapter 4 Sorry reader, I have been neglecting Maria again. When I followed Mum in she had disappeared to her bedroom, probably to change from work. I was conscious she had realised where I had been at Maria's and had seen her rather cold stare. Emerging from her bedroom and entering our living room, she came and sat next to me on the sofa. She had shed her work clothes but still wore her stockings, but was braless under her light blue silk dress.

Her breasts leaned comfortably against the fabric. She had recomposed herself and was now smiling at me. "Well Ian, been round playing with the cats today?" Said with a very teasing smile. Stuttering I replied, "Yes, sort of Mum." Not a good reply. "What's that mean Ian? Sort of. Not hanky pankying with your Maria are you?" "No Mum, of course not. She's too old for me anyway." It didn't sound very convincing though. "So you've obviously thought about it?" "Er no Mum." She just looked at me quizzically after that and paused whilst I remained very uncomfortable.

Putting her arm round my shoulder and drawing me into her breast she responded, "I hope you still love your Mum and haven't moved your affections elsewhere. You're Mum wouldn't like that." "Oh Mum not at all." I said with total feeling and hugged my free arm round her back, inadvertently pulling her other breast closer to my chest.

She returned the hug as we held each other really close. She then relaxed and released me. Her nipples were pronounced and their shape visible through her blouse.

I began to get hard again notwithstanding my two cums earlier. "You know she's at least my age don't you." I had realised my warped logic earlier.


She had realised it too but didn't press it. Just then Dad's key was turning the front door lock. She quickly got up and went to greet Dad and gave him a hug. That was the end of our tryst for today. They were quickly absorbed in each other and Dad appeared in good mood from work, (something that always affected him he was very serious about it being a wholesale rep for a drugs company.) I benefitted from that good mood too. They were always including me in their discussions about each other's work.

I never felt excluded. I watched their closeness and quite intimacy during the evening. Going to bed Mum said she would come and give me a goodnight kiss and I disappeared to my bed careful to leave my bedroom door slightly ajar.

Mum didn't come to my room and I noted that they were too wrapped in each other to remember. When they went to bed it wasn't long before I heard Mum's sighs and moans in her lustful embrace (as I imagined) with Dad.

Pretty soon I could hear his grunts. He continued for awhile and then suddenly he lifted his voice (albeit muffled) and then silence. I had casually been stroking myself listening to their horny fucking but because of the day's events didn't feel the urgency.

After about twenty minutes I heard footsteps in the hall and Mum was going to the bathroom. I could hear the noise of her pee piercing the water below her. More hardon. On her return she stopped at my door and looked in. Hesitating, not sure if I was asleep, she came quickly to my bedside and sat next to me whilst I lay on my side toward her.

She saw I wasn't asleep. Placing her hand on my shoulder, she bent toward me.

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In the light from the street lamps I noticed her nightie falling away from her shoulders to reveal her soft breasts pressing against the material. She paused and looked at me then realising I wasn't asleep leaned further forward to kiss my cheek. I turned my face toward her.

My lips were slightly open.


Hesitating, she made a move I least expected. Her lips very gently scuffed mine, then slowly grazed over the surface. I tentatively returned her kiss, totally disarmed by her warmth and affection, much more than usual.

Suddenly I felt her tongue skim my lips, slowly, unhurried and wet against my lips. Up to this point I had remained quite passive, gratefully accepting her love. Instinctively I let my tongue touch hers.

Her body reacted minutely but I recognised the effect. Our fondling tongues then intertwined relishing each other. My hand came out of the sheet and slipped over her exposed breast, my lust taking over. In the speediest move she moved back to my cheek, kissed my briefly and got to get up. "Ian I need to go to bed, goodnight. Sorry I didn't get here earlier." With that she disappeared, the door still ajar, leaving me breathless but not disappointed.

I was just going off to sleep even though my hardon was slowly retreating, when I heard quiet moans coming from their bedroom. Dad was fast asleep with his regular breathing obvious. The moans were Mums. They didn't last long. She came with a restrained but definite high pitch that lasted moments.

My hard on returned as I went to lie on my tummy. I wanked myself onto the sheet totally fixated by the effects of Mums cum. Very quickly I too climaxed onto the bed. Mum must have heard me for I didn't bother muffling the effects of my cum vocally. I fell asleep totally oblivious of my mess. After school the next day I wandered home casually knowing that I could let myself in anytime with my own key as both mum and dad would still be working. I let myself in quietly and strolled to the bathroom to relieve myself.

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However, I heard squishing noise and heard the definite sound of a woman, my mother, pissing what must have been a gushing flow into the bowl below her. Even though I felt horny with that wonderful sound I decided to beat a retreat so as not cause embarrassment for either of us.

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I returned about ten minutes later more loudly. She opened the door to me as I began to turn the key. She offered to make me tea as she explained she had taken the day off as she had had a hangover from last night. She was looking very relaxed and rested but seemed somewhat distracted. I didn't ask. After about half an hour she disappeared and returned with the sheet from my bed, still unwashed from last night.

It had dried cum all over the centre where I had let myself go after listening to her wanking herself to a delicious cum herself last night. "Well, Ian perhaps you can explain this?" I blushed. "Ian, whatever happened to the tissues I asked you to use?

What am I to do with you? Good job your father doesn't have to clean up after you." That I was glad of. I apologised, but she just smiled at my embarrassment. After tea mum got up and went with much deliberation to the bathroom. She didn't shut the door. Then I heard a small but definite gush of piss like an hour ago, that reminded me of how horny it made me then and now. She returned after flushing to join me in the opposite armchair to mine.

"Ian, I don't need you to beat a retreat every time I go to bathroom to relieve myself." I blushed profusely again. Part of my embarrassment was her apparel. She was just wearing a petticoat and apparently little else. No shoes, slippers, bare feet. The petticoat was one of her black ones with two thin straps over her shoulders and no sign of a bra. "I'm at home Ian. You're father's at work and I like to relax.

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So why did you go out again? Totally trapped. Where to go? Nowhere. I decided on sheepish. "Oh Ian. You think I'm daft don't you? I know why you went out. I saw it again when I just went for a loud pee.


It gets you going doesn't it? Don't worry about it now. In fact I'm rather tickled by the idea." Just then there was a knock at the door. Surprised, Mum went to answer the knock. It was the gas man coming to read the meter.


I took it as an excuse to leave to work out what was happening to me. But I did notice the gas man give Mum the once over as she stooped by the meter cupboard giving him a full view of her cleavage and bum albeit in her petticoat. In fact I saw the gas man leave almost as soon as he had arrived. So she wasn't handing around to everybody. Somehow I felt relieved.

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I went down to the rec to see who was around and saw Mona with Alex sitting under a tree. I couldn't see their hands and did wonder what they were doing but decided to leave them to it. I had had my fill for the day, particularly after Mum had teased me so. The clocks had just changed, so that days, or rather, daylight seemed shorter as autumn got stuck in.

I had been round to some friends and it was dark on my return. I thought I would see if Marie was home only to find she was out and slowly walked back toward the entrance to our flats. In between, at a stretch where the street lights didn't reach, I saw her walking toward me. As she recognised me, smiling, she immediately grabbed me and kissed me full on.

I noticed her breath, slightly boozy, which probably explained her warmth. "Ian, how lovely you were coming to see me. So sorry I was out and you missed me. Unfortunately, my brother's coming round shortly; otherwise I would love to have you round." She saw and felt my disappointment, hugging as we were. Before I could respond, she pulled my head down into her chest. Her blouse was open a button or two.

Her softness and smells disarmed me completely as I lost my face and lips into her crevice. Her bra was low and revealing, even in the darkness. I had difficulty breathing but had no wish to escape. "Ian, I've missed you so. It seems ages since we cuddled.

Did your Mum see us? Did she say anything? Was she angry with you?" Rising from her cleavage I gasped, "She did take the piss a bit, but didn't appear upset.

She did imply that there was something going on between us but I evaded it." Darker more now, Maria began to run her hand round my tummy as I leant up against the blank wall of the flats, opposite the fence the other side of which ran down to the river. Maria went for my zip. I was immediately anxious but couldn't resist her invasion. Kneeling down she finished off pulling the zip down, slipping her warm hand inside my underpants whilst grasping my arse over my trousers.

She rested my cock from my pants and pulled it out from its confines, now very hard.

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This had never happened before quite like this. I had read about it, seen photos but never the real thing, or so I thought it would be. Maria moved fast as if her life depended on it. After glancing both ways she moved her lips over my cut part to envelope the top completely in her mouth running her tongue round the most sensitive part. Simultaneously she wanked the lower part of my cock and squeezed gently my balls. I knew I was near but almost unconsciously decided I needn't say anything.

Sucking me voraciously I knew I was going to go. "Maria I'm going to cum, cumming, cumming. . ." At that very moment from round the corner of the flats, who should catch us but my Mother walking down to the bins with the rubbish, whilst the spunk began to overflow from Maria's mouth over her cheeks and chin in her full view.

She dropped the rubbish, turned and retreated. I heard the front door slam even from where we were. In sheer fear Maria hugged me and then left quicker than she had arrived. I was left, my cock hanging out, wet from my spunk and Maria's lovely sloppy mouth and wondering how the hell I would face Mum.

Continuing. .