Pussylicking babes catfight in a boxing ring

Pussylicking babes catfight in a boxing ring
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I didn't get another call from her for a few days, until I thought all of this was just a dream, or she may have abandoned me. I had obeyed her orders all that time, not wearing underwear any more and always keeping a toy with me. The toy was just a carrot, since I had never found the courage to buy myself a real vibrator or something else.

Also, I could always act like I had it with me to snack on, so that made me feel a little more confident. Every time my phone rang, my heart made a little jump. I got nervous and very aware of my surroundings. Especially when the caller was unknown my hands began to shake and my voice gave up on me.

After a week, I had gotten back to some sort of routine. I was just out preparing a client's home for an open house when suddenly, I got the call. The call I had been waiting for.


"Y-yes," I said, answering the phone that said "unknown caller". "So, where were we," the familiar voice asked.

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I took a deep breath. "I. I was going to tell you how wet I am?" I said, a little insecure. I heard a faint laugh coming from the other end. "Mh, good to know you still remember that," she said. I smiled, feeling a little more secure now. "I'm Jocelyn," I said, trying to establish something of a friendship with the woman who's name I didn't even know. "Bullshit," she said, suddenly getting harsh again.

"You're not Jocelyn. You're a lowly, dirty whore. You're a little fuckslut with no rights and no name. You're Jocelyn's horny little cunt hole. You're Jocelyn's whore ass. You're Jocelyn's stupid little slave mouth that's only good to swallow whatever she'll get in it." I swallowed hard and nodded, even though she couldn't see me.

"Yes, Ma'am," I replied. I hesitated, too scared to say anything, but eventually asked: "And. what should I call you?" She laughed. "Well, tradition has it that I'm your mistress, but fuck tradition. You can call me Missy." "Yes, Missy," I whispered, smiling a little. I already loved the name. "Now, where are you?" she asked.

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I looked around, as if I was aware of my surroundings for the first time. "I, uh, in someone's house," I whispered, even though there was nobody around. "Okay, who else is there?" she inquired. "Nobody," I said, shrugging. "It's just me." "What, are you breaking in or something?" she laughed.

I giggled quietly. "No, it's. I'm preparing their house for sale, there's supposed to be an open house." "Shut up," she interrupted me sternly. "If I need you to blabber on, I will tell you. Now did you bring your toy?" I paused a minute, slightly hurt by her rudeness, then remembered who I was to her. "Yes," I answered truthfully. "What is it?" she asked. I had hoped she wouldn't, as suddenly I was quite ashamed of my choice of toys.

"A. a. a carrot," I stammered almost whimpering. She suddenly burst out laughing. "Mmmh, kinky," she said. "Anything else?" I hesitated, then said: "No, I don't have anything." "Mh, figures," she said gruffly. "Well, let's see then. Who lives in that house?" "Uh." I said, taken aback. I thought for a moment, then answered: "A couple, man and a woman, two kids. A boy and a girl." "Mhm," she replied.

"How old?" "Ah, they're. late 30s, I think? The kids are in high school, the girl's a senior, I think, the boy's a little younger," I answered. "Hm, then go to the girl's room first," she instructed me.

"She's probably a lot more sloppy in hiding her toys than her mom. Search her bed and drawers." I stared at the phone wide-eyed. The lady was instructing me to burglar my clients. For sex toys! Slowly I walked down the hallway to the girl's room. Almost mechanically I opened her door and got down on all fours, crawling to her bed and searched her mattress, pillows, the drawers of the nightstand.

Then, behind the bed, where it was backed against a wall, I found something long and round. I pulled it out and finally held a strange, green, weirdly shaped dildo in my hand. "Uh," I said, "I think I found something." "Good," Missy replied.

"What is it?" "A dildo, I think," I answered. "You think?" she said sternly. "What, have you never seen a dildo before?" "A. I. well, this one is kinda strange." I stammered. She sighed. "Send me a picture," she commanded.

I obeyed. After a moment, I heard her voice again. "Hmm, kinky," she said. "The girl likes extravagant cocks, or maybe it's a joke from her friends. It's a dragon cock. Well, at least that's what they call it on their website. Mmh, and they have dog and horse cocks too. I'll have to get you one." "I.

yes, Missy," I answered. "As you wish." "Good," she said, pleased with herself. "Now lick it until it's clean." Obediently, I put the bulbous head of the dildo in my mouth and immediately took it back out, retching from the taste.

"Uhh," I gagged. My mistress laughed.


"Mmh, just as I thought," she said. "Teenagers don't like to draw too much attention to their masturbation, so I guess little miss sunshine never bothered to sneak it into the bathroom to clean it. You'll do it for her now.

With your mouth." I obeyed and put it back in my mouth. The dildo wasn't very big, barely 4 inches or so, which made it easy to fit.

After a while, I got over the taste too. There was the faint taste of pussy, which was similar to my own, but something else there told me that her pussy wasn't the only place the girl had used this dildo in.

"Hey," I hears Missy say as I was still sucking on the green cock. "Hm, if it's the one I'm looking at here, then it should have some kind of hose at the back, and a syringe or something. Looks like it can squirt too." There was indeed a small transparent thin hose attached to the back of the dildo, but I didn't find anything to plug it into. "Mmmphff," I moaned, my mouth full of green dragon cock. "Ah, there's something, yes," I replied, taking it out. "No syringe, though." "Hmm, we'll have to get you one," she said.

"Alright, now let's go to the back door. Are you excited? I'm excited, I didn't know dildos like that existed." "I. uh. yes Missy," I said, slightly confused. I walked back down the hallway to the backdoor of the house. "What am I doing here?" I asked. "Grab a chair and open the door," she said. "Then start masturbating." I swallowed hard, coughing on my own spit. "I. but. what if someone sees me?" I asked. "I'm glad you're following along," she replied. "Now get your ass in motion." I opened the door and peeked outside.

The house had a nice glass screen door through which I could see their backyard. Nobody was there, of course, and the neighbours across the yard seemed to be out as well. To the left I could see a dog running in a different yard, but didn't think much about it. I pulled a chair in front of the door and held it open, then sat down, spreading my legs towards the door and pulling up my skirt.

God, how did I get that wet already? I closed my eyes and immediately pushed the green dragon thing into my sopping twat, all the way in.

I became a little disappointed at its small size, feeling not nearly as deep as I would like it to be. I began moving it in and out, moaning slightly into the phone when the friction made me feel more and more aroused.

"Mmh," she said. "Now don't forget about that carrot, your ass needs tending too, doesn't it?" I took a deep breath. "Yes," I whispered into the phone. "Yes, it does." I reached into my handbag and pulled out the plastic bag with the carrot in it, holding the small dildo in my pussy as I took it out and pushed the orange vegetable into my mouth.

A few long licks, and it was slick all around. I slid further down on the chair until I sat right on the edge, pulling my legs up and then placing the thin end of the carrot against my dark tight anus. With a groan it went in, widening me further and further as I pushed it all the way up my asshole. This, now, made me fully horny, and I began to fuck my little ass harder than my pussy, sending shivers through all of my body.

Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I saw someone watching me. "F-fuck," I whispered, freezing. There was a young woman in the backyard with the dog, probably waiting for it to finish its business while she leaned against the fence, browsing through her phone. At least, that's what she was doing, because suddenly she must've become aware of me and just stared, narrowing her eyes to get a better look at me.

I spread my legs right in her direction, green and orange sticks plugging both my holes. "T-there's someone watching," I whispered into the phone. "Well, what're you waiting for?" Missy replied. "Go and invite them over. Make sure you please them." My heart started racing. Slowly I put down my legs again, hoping secretly that the lady would just go away. I straightened my skirt and opened the back door, stepping outside. The girl smiled at me a little uneasy.

"Hi," I said as I walked up to her.

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"Hello," she answered in her best valley-girl voice, acting bored. She might be around 20 or so, so maybe she even knew the owner of the dildo that was still in my pussy. I cleared my throat. "Did you. did you like what you saw?" I asked her, avoiding eye contact. She shook her head.


"Nothing," she said. "I didn't see anything. I swear." I smiled, feeling a little more confident now.

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"Well," I replied warmly. "Would you like to?" She stared at me silently, not answering, but not trying to get away either, so I slowly pulled up my skirt, inch by inch. She looked at it mesmerized as more and more of my legs became visible, with the strange transparent tube hanging down between them.

Finally, the thick end of the green dildo became visible between my legs and soon thereafter my labia with the thin patch of black pubes above.

She looked between my legs, then up into my eyes, not saying a word. Her hand reached across the fence and almost mechanically touched the end of the dildo, holding it and moving it in and out as she leaned in closer. I shuddered. The first time someone touched me that intimately in long, long years, and it was a stranger out in public. I got incredibly turned on. I moaned and began to breathe hard, leaning across the fence to feel her closer when we suddenly kissed.

I don't even know who started it, it all just happened so fast, but it felt like the right thing to do. My lips touched hers and I felt her warm skin against mine, tasted her tongue in her mouth and breathed in her scent.

God, I wanted so much more. She seemed determined now as well and finally climbed the fence over to my side, immediately getting down on her knees and pushing the dildo faster up inside me.

I gasped, spreading my legs as I leaned against the fence, trying to give her better access.

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She noticed the carrot suddenly and gingerly took the short end between two fingers, turning it as it stuck deep inside my ass. I moaned even louder. The fucking slut was fucking both my holes, I thought. Nobody had ever done that! The thoughts and feelings overwhelmed me and I came quickly, shaking and out of breath, sliding down the fence until I was at level with my new lover.

I smiled at her and kissed her again, feeling my pussy leak some of the cum that I still instinctively held back. "Please," I said, "let me repay you." She bit her lip and looked at me with a mixture of excitement and reluctance. I carefully ran my hands underneath her jacket, caressing her breasts through her sweater.

She closed her eyes and let out a small gasp, shifting uneasily in her jeans. My hands wandered lower and began to unbutton her pants. She let me pass. When I had them undone, she slowly got up to make it easier for me to pull them down. I was so hyped up and aroused at that point from all the new things I experienced. For the first time I would see another woman's underwear up close, and touch her intimately.

She wore a simple white thong that already had a tell-tale dark spot right in the center. Shifting it to the side, I revealed her wet pussy. She had larger labia than I did, and sticky pussy juice was already stringing between them and the thong.

She was shaved the way most girls are her age, but seemed to be a little sloppy about it, with long brunette stubble growing back all around her mound. At first I just touched her slit, feeling her soft, slick pussy against my fingertips. Soon, though, I moved my head closer and started licking her along the slit, like it was the most natural thing to do. She was a little shorter than me and her crotch was conveniently at level with my head, so I didn't have to stretch at all to reach even the far end of her twat.

At first I licked off all the juices that had already accrued, the taste now a little familiar to me and a lot better than sucking on the dildo earlier. She bent over and held onto the fence, spreading her legs a little further and squatting slowly down onto me, probably trying to get me to lick deeper. I tried. With one hand I held her pussy open, spreading her with my fingers, while my tongue pushed deeper inside her, licking into the warm, soft, wet recesses of her little cunny.

That got her squirming, but after a little while I could tell she needed more, and so finally I slid my index and middle finger up inside her. They entered without any hindrance, almost as if getting sucked in by her tight wet hole.

Suddenly, a little ways behind me I heard a voice call. "Kaylee?" a woman said. I froze, hearing my young lover hold her breath as well. "Y-yes mom?" the young woman called back across the fence. "What're you doing over there?" the woman asked. I kept perfectly still. It seems like she could see the girl, but the fence must be hiding me and what was going on between her legs. "Uh." Kaylee replied, shuddering. "I threw Bowser's ball a little too far and had to get it, and there's nobody at home over here anyway." "Well, come on back, you know how they are!" her mother said.

"Yes mom, in a minute," Kaylee replied, getting ever more nervous. Suddenly I could feel a warm trickle forming around my fingers that started running down my arm and along her legs. The girl was peeing herself!

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"Are you alright, Kay?" her mother asked, now sounding a little closer. "N-no mom, please, just give me a minute." Kaylee pleaded. "I. I've had. a little accident." The woman sighed. "Oh Kaylee, again? Really?" she said, sounding annoyed. "Please mom," Kaylee continued.

"I'll be right in, just. let me clean up and please don't look." I heard the woman huff, but she seemed to leave again, since Kaylee slowly began to relax once more. "I. I'm so sorry," she whispered. "Sorry sorry sorry." I remembered my instructions and what I was there for and instead of an answer began to lick up the wetness between her legs while my fingers started to push up inside her. The girl squealed surprised. "You. you'll fuck me anyway?" she asked, gasping for air again.

"I'm here to please you, Miss," I replied, my fingers slipping in and out her dripping twat. "Oh god," she moaned.

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"Oh my god. Can you. can you do it like. in my butt?" Obediently I licked a finger of my other hand until it was covered well in saliva, then reached around her and placed the fingertip against her tight dark anus. Carefully, I probed her, sliding it in only until the first index.

She groaned, trying hard to keep quiet and failing. I continued fucking her pussy with my fingers while I slowly pushed deeper up into her asshole with my other finger. It was very warm, almost hot in there, which was nothing I had expected.

Her respose was unfamiliar as well, her pussy just starting to drip again, like she had a weak bladder. I ignored it and just fucked her diligently, like an obedient little fuckslut, until she came soon. She dripped harder and harder, sinking to her knees until I had to pull my fingers back out, then leaning agianst me, completely out of breath.

"God," she whispered. "God, that was incredible." She blushed suddenly, realizing we were still strangers. "I. I've got to go," she said quickly, grabbing her pants. Halfway up, she paused, looking down at me. "Thank you so much.

I. can I call you maybe?" I smiled and reached into my jacket. She left, clutching one of my business cards. I might have gotten another caller.