White gazoo for black cock interracial and hardcore

White gazoo for black cock interracial and hardcore
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Note:This story is completely fictional and comes completely from my imagination. All of the characters in this story are portrayed the way that I want them to be. If you don't like the story that's fine, if you do, please let me know. Hi. My name's Jeff. I am 17 years old.

I have one brother, his name is Matt and he's going to be 20 next month. He's my best friend. He has been my whole life. We do everything together. Well, us and our friends, Shannon, Shane, and Amy. We are all in this little group called, 'Team Xtreme' it's kind of silly if you ask me.

I of course didn't come up with the name, it was all Matt and Amy. Although, that's all that they've come up with, we rarely see them, they're always off in Matt's room fucking. I swear, that's all they ever do. Anyway, right now we're out in the woods in this area that we all go to go smoke pot and drink.

That's always fun. Of course I don't drink, only smoke. I've never really liked drinking, it's kind of gay if you ask me.

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"Jeff, hand me a beer." Matt said as he sat back in his chair, Amy on his lap. "Are you sure you need one?" "Just give me a fucking beer." He was slurring his words big time.

I just rolled my eyes and dug through the cooler, finding one I handed it to him and then mumbled something under my breath that sounded a little like 'fucking drunks'. "What was that?" "Hah, nothing man. Just drink your beer and get back to your slut." "Hey, I am not a slut! Matt tell him I'm not a slut." Amy insisted. "Well baby, you have gotten around." "Matthew!" She narrowed her eyes and then got up, walking over to a chair across the fire from her boyfriend. "Come on baby." Matt whined slightly.

"Don't talk to me." She then turned her head and started to talk to Shane while taking a long drink of her beer. I laughed a little bit and then looked to my right where Shannon was sitting.

"Are you almost done with that? I don't want to be still rolling a joint in." I looked at my watch. "Two minutes." Shannon grumbled a little bit and then handed me the tray "Yeah, I'm done, now shut up and roll it." Laughing I took the tray and sat it on my lap, pulling my papers out of my pockets. I crumbled the green between my fingers and then pulled one of the papers out. I had the joint rolled in under a minute and a fatty at that if I do say so myself.

"Lighter please." I looked around at everyone. "How the hell can you smoke pot and not have a lighter?" Shane asked as he pulled a lighter out of his pocket, throwing it at me before going back to talking to Amy. Flirting if you ask me. "Because you guys always have one." I laughed and then lit the joint up. About an hour or so later we were all pretty much gone.

I had drank a few beers but smoked a lot of pot, therefore I was extremely fucked up. I looked around at everyone else, they were all pretty much out of it too. Amy was back on Matt's lap and they were making out.

I grumbled, looking away from them and in the direction of Shannon. Shane had moved over next to us and was now talking to our youngest friend. "What's your problem?" Shane asked as he looked at me.

"Look at them." I nodded to Matt and Amy. "They go at it like jackrabbits and I haven't been laid in like 3 months. Come on.I'm better looking then he is." "It's not that you're not better looking then he is, because believe me you are." Shane said, grinning at me.

I raised both of my eyebrows at him, kind of confused. "It's just that you can't get a slutty enough girl to go out with you." He finished. "That's not i-" Shannon started and then just stared at Shane. "Did you just say that you thought Jeff was hot?" "Yes.I did." Shane said, giving me his winning smile. I didn't know he was interested me in that way, if I would have known that, I'd of gone after him a long time ago.

"But." I glanced over to Shannon, he looked kind of hurt. I then watched Shane leaned over kissed Shannon lightly on the lips. I watched Shannon smile a little and then kiss Shane back. "Wait aminute, are you two." I asked, looking at both of them. "Yes, we've been fucking for about 6 months now." Shane shrugged, pulling Shannon onto his lap, his hand going to Shannon's crotch.

He pressed down with the palm of his hand and then squeezed a little as he closed his fingers around the 16 year olds buldge. "I didn't think either of you were." I was cut off by my brother. "Into dudes?" He laughed a little bit and then shrugged his shoulders. "So am I man." "No way." I looked at Amy who was smiling pleasantly.

"You know?" "I've been in on it." She grinned even more, she then got off of Matt's lap and got down on her knees in front of him. I saw her reach forward and unbutton then unzip his pants. She reached into his pants and then pulled out his dick. My eyes widened. It was at least 7 inches long and it was only semi-hard. I stared at it and then Matt made me realize I was doing it. "Impressed little bro?" He asked as I watched Amy lower her mouth onto his semi-erect cock.

She took almost all of it into her mouth before I heard her gag. She stopped and then adjusted herself before lowering her mouth the rest of the way onto his cock. Her nose just hitting his stomach. I saw her throat making swollowing motions and Matt closed his eyes. Just then did I realize that I had a hard on. I looked down at my crotch and then blinked, putting my hands over it, trying to cover it up as much as possible.

"Oh my god." I said as I looked at Shannon and Shane. Shannon was on his hands and knees in front of Shane, he had Shane's cock in his mouth and he was going to town on it. Deep throating it and gagging everytime the head of it hit the back of his throat.

"Yeah baby.suck it.keep going." Shane was muttering to Shannon he then looked over at me and grinned, motioning for me to sit in Shannon's chair next to him. When I sat down he reached over and started to unzip my pants.

I resisted at first. "Come on Jeff.you know you wanna." I pulled my hands away from his and let him get to my cock. When he had my pants unzipped and unbuttoned he pulled my 8 inches out and then wrapped his fingers around it, stroking it lightly.

Moaning quietly I glanced over to my brother and Amy.

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Now I saw my brother's girlfriend sitting in the chair, her pants and panties were off and she had her legs spread as far as she could. Matt's face was covering most of her pussy, I only saw a glimpse of it when Matt moved his head.

I could tell that he was licking her. He told me once that he liked to do it. As I watched I felt my dick harden even more in Shane's hand. I don't know how it was possible, but it was. I gasped and then looked down to see that Shannon had now swollowed my dick.

I wanted to tell him to stop, but I couldn't. It felt great, better then any blowjob I had gotten before. Instead of resisting I put one of my hands on the back of his head and pulled him close to me, making him take more of my cock down his throat. Man, this was wonderful. I rocked my hips slightly, thrusting a little upwards.

I opened my eyes and looked forward, surprised when I saw Shane behind Shannon. He was on his knees, I saw that one hand was on Shannon's back, the other one I couldn't see. And judging by the small moans I heard coming from Shannon, I knew what he was doing. Sighing quietly I sat back, one hand on Shannon's head, the other on the arm of the lawn chair I was sitting in.

I watched as Shane pulled his pants down to his knees and then got back down on them. I saw something wet on his hand and he grabbed his dick, stroking it slowly. He was lubing it up. "Oh my god." I whispered quietly. I couldn't believe what was about to happen. Shannon stopped sucking and just closed his eyes, my cock in his mouth.

I knew it had happened. Shane had begun to fuck Shannon. While Shannon was sucking me. I couldn't believe it. Shane stopped for a moment, letting Shannon get use to the dick in his ass.

After a minute or so I heard Shannon tell Shane it was okay to move. Slowly at first but then I saw him grip Shannon's hips and slam balls deep into Shannon's ass. He groaned loudly and then started jackhammering into his fuck buddy. Shannon started to suck hard on my dick and I moaned, closing my eyes again. This went on for a while before I finally heard Shane groan rather loudly, I opened my eyes, looking at him. He had stopped moving and was holding onto the young man before him.

His eyes were closed tightly and then he just grinned and sighed heavily, releasing Shannon's hips and pulling away from him. He looked up at me and smiled widely, pulling the used condom off his dick.


I had my hand on the back of Shannon's head and then I shuddered slightly as I felt my balls tighten up. I guess seeing Shane fucking Shannon like that had really turned me on. I tensed up slightly and then looked over at my brother and Amy. She was on top of him, facing me, riding his cock. it looked huge and with that I moaned real loud and then released my load in the back of Shannon's mouth.

He milked the cum from me and then swallowed before looking up at me and grinning. "Was it good Jeffy?" I head Shannon ask me, his voice quiet, he was sitting up on his knees now, looking at him, his head cocked to the side slightly.


I just grinned at him, nodded and then leaned forward, grabbing his head with both of my hand I kissed him hard on the lips. I shoved my tongue in his mouth, tasting myself before pulling away from him and looking to Shane. "No wonder you got to him before I did." I laughed a little and then looked back over at my brother and Amy. I thought about it for a minute and the got up, I didn't bother putting my dick back in my pants because it the senario in my head played out right, I wouldn't have to.

When I reached them, Amy was leaning over the chair, her knees on the ground, Matt was behind her on his knees and he was fucking the shit out of her.

And when I looked closer, he really was, he was fucking her ass. I just stared for a minute then was brought out of my trance when I felt a warm mouth on my dick. I looked down and blinked, Matt was sucking me off. My brother. He was giving me a blow job. I grinned and put both of my hands on the back of his head before thrusting lightly, he never stopped fucking Amy but he continued to suck my cock deep into his mouth. Then he pushed himself away from me and pushed himself away from Amy.

Pulling out of her he looked at me and then grabbed my head and pulled it down to his, kissing me full on the mouth before whispering. "I wanna fuck you." I didn't know what to say at first then I just sort of nodded. I looked around, realizing that Amy was now over giving a hand job to Shane and a blowjob to Shannon. I looked back to Matt.

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"Not here." I grabbed his hand and pulled him off onto a trail, leading to our old clubhouse. When we got there I pushed him inside, closed the door, then tackled him onto the couch we had there, kissing him deep, my tongue exploring his mouth.

He kissed me back, running his hands up and down my backside. When they landed on my ass he squeezed it tightly. I didn't even care that this was my big brother. All I cared about was the fact that I was horny and I was finally going to get fucked. It didn't matter that Matt was the one that was going to be doing the fucking. He then reversed our position and he was laying on top of me. He leaned up lightly and pulled my shirt off.

He ran his hands over my chest, squeezing my nipples lightly, bending his head down to taste them. I groaned lightly, running my fingers through Matt's hair. He kissed down my chest, and then down my stomach, stopping at the top of my pants.

He sat up again, pulling my shoes off them quickly discarding my pants and boxers. He looked down at my naked form and smiled, not a drunken smile, a loving smile. He traced along my abs and then down my happy trail, with his finger, and then in one sudden movement my legs were behind my head and he was sucking my dick. I groaned, I wasn't in an uncomfortable position, I've been in it before, it was just unexpected.

I started whimpering lightly as he licked my balls. Then I shuddered when I felt his tongue on my asshole. He licked around it lightly and then started poking just the tip of his tongue inside. Not very far, but enough to make me want more. I groaned, thrusting slightly upward trying to get more of his tongue in my ass.

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He then obliged and shoved as much of his tongue into my asshole as he could. Wiggling it around, getting me nice and went. Then he stopped, but he told me to stay still, so I did, I trusted him. Then all of a sudden I felt the wet head of his pecker pressing at my hole.

I hadn't been fucked in a while and I told him that so he said he'd take it slow. And he did. He pressed lightly and then stopped when he felt the head pop in. It didn't hurt as much as I thought it would. He pushed, three more inches in.

I felt every little movement. Every flex he made. And he felt me too. He pushed one more time and was completely in. It didn't hurt, it felt good.

It felt right. He finally let me put my legs down and they rested on his upper arms. I could finally look at him again and I groaned when I saw the want in his eyes.

He bent down and kissed me before slowly starting to fuck me. I whispered. "Harder." He did.

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He fucked me as hard as I told him too and I was moaning to high hell. Screaming his name, telling him how much I wanted him to fuck me and to cum inside of me. I had never been like this before. And I just couldn't explain it. "Let me be on top." I said quietly and he nodded, rolling off of me and onto the floor, laying on his back. I got up and then straddled him, lowing myself slowly onto his dick until I was sitting on him, comfortably with his 9 inch dick in my ass.

I moaned loudly and then started moving up and down, riding him slowly. I took my time with him, I didn't want him to cum yet. I didn't want him to cum till I got to fuck him and that's what I was going to do.

After about 10 minutes of me on top I got up. He looked at me, grumbling lightly. "What are you doing?" "I'm going to fuck you big bro." I said while stroking some lubricant onto my prick. I grinned at him as his eyes lit up.

"Ohhh please do." He was worse then me. I watched as he got up onto all fours. I got down behind him, sticking a well lubricated finger into his ass, I wiggled it around before pulling it out and replacing it with the head of my cock.

He groaned and then he did, I pushed the rest of the way into him. I moaned long and low. "Yessss." I heard him whispered and then I grabbed a hold of his hips and started fucking him.

I fucked him hard and I fucked him deep, just like I heard him asking me to. "Come on baby.cum for me.cum for me." I mumbled into his ear before biting it and thn straightening back up I reached around him and grabbed his dick, jacking it a few times before I heard him gasp and then I felt it.

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I felt my big brothers cum going through his dick and then I felt it spurt out as he groaned, I jacked him until he was done and then I grabbed his hips with both of my hands and fucked him until I knew I was going to cum. I didn't put a condom on, but I didn't care. I exploded in his ass. "Oh my god Matt!" I moaned out and then colapsed onto his back. I rolled off of him and onto the floor, he rolled over next to me and took me in his arms, kissing my neck lightly.

"I wonder what Amy, Shane, and Shannon are doing." He whispered. We both laughed and then fell asleep.

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I can right more, but only if you want me to. Just let me know.