I will help you jerk off in my sexy little pantyhose

I will help you jerk off in my sexy little pantyhose
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As I write this story, I can see Klaus througth the open doors leading onto the terrace. He's stretched out in the sun, topping up that already impressive all over tan, the sun glistening off his well oiled body. He's asleep, I can tell by the slow rythmical rise and fall of his chest. And my god, what a chest!

His dark nipples standing erect just waiting to be licked and sucked.but wait, let me describe Klaus for you. He's 22 years old, 6 foot 1 inch tall and with muscles where really there shouldn't be any muscles, if you know what I mean!! He is the kindest, most sensitive person I have ever met and we have been together now for just over 6 months. Oh yes, I almost forgot, how could I, he is also completely hairless apart from the long golden hair on his head. That's right Klaus hasn't got a single strand of body hair.

To lick and suck his is simply devine. If you haven't tried shaving off your body hair then I really recommend it, the sensations are out of this world! Anyway, let me tell you how we came together. Six months ago, in April, I was working in the offices of a large multinational organisation in London.

I had no real responsibilities within the company, I was paid to come to work each day, crunch numbers and then go home. Life was okay, I suppose, I had a small house way out of town, paid for from a small inheritance, a decent job (but no career prospects) and my health. So all in all not bad. But there was something missing, I knew.

Quite what, was difficult to say. The weekend had been a real drag. The weather had been awful and my only hope of excitement that weekend, a date with Mandy, my long standing sort of girl friend, had allen through. I say sort of girl friend because although we'd known each other since school, we'd never actually kissed or done anything else. We'd just meet up for drinks and then part each going their own way.

It's not that I didn't want to have sex with Mandy, but something inside my head kept saying it would be wrong. The was once she put her hand on my thigh, but I just froze, scared she'd expect more.

Looking back of course, its easy to see that the reason for my retisence, was that I prefered guys. Anyway back to the story. Monday morning came around and I was glad to be back in the office.

At 10 o'clock, Henry, the department manager called us all together for a snap meeting. This was unusual to say the least, he hardly ever spoke to any of us at the best of times, so this could only mean bad news. I saw Kirsty smile at Jenny and whsiper whether she knew what was happening but Jenny just shuck her head.

Then I saw him, Klaus. He was walking out of Henry's office just behind Henry. When we'd all gathered together, Henry spoke. "I'd like you to meet Klaus. He's from Head Office in Munich and will be with us for about 3 months to study how we do things here. I'm sure you'll all make him welcome." I glanced across at Kirsty and saw her wink and pout at Jenny who just smiled back.

But my heart was beating fast and my prick had grown and was leaking a pool of juice in my underwear. At that moment, I knew. I remember a saying from my old headmaster, that in everyone's life there is a defining moment, and mine had just arrived. For the rest of the afternoon my mind was a whirl of excitement and confusion.

I simply longed to run my hands all over Klaus, to feel his cock pressing against my arse and to taste his cum in my mouth. Then I knew why I'd never slept with Mandy. By late afternoon, with only 10 minutes before I could leave for the day, my longing got the better of me. I went to the restroom, releasing my wet and solid prick from my inderwear, and began to jerk off.

It didn't take long for me to shoot a massive wad of cum into the toilet and release my passion. After a few moments I collected my composure and went to leave. As I opened the cubicle door, there he was, bending over a wash basin. From behind Klaus looked very bit as gorgious as he did from the front.

As I approached he looked up and caught my eye in the mirror. I saw him glance down towards my crotch and I'm sure a slight smile flicked across his lips. Had he heard me wanking off?


If he had, did he know it was over him that I had to come? The next time I saw Klaus wasn't until Thursday morning. I always get to work at about 7.30 am, it helps to beat the rush and it allows me to knock off early.

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As I walked in to the office, he was stood at the photocopier, looking out across a sun bathed London. It was now or never, there was no one else around and after two days of lustful thoughts I'd finally come to a decision.

If anything was going to happen, we'd have to at least start talking to each other. I walked towards him and noticed that he was leaning against the machine that was churning out sheet after sheet. Was he doing what I'd sometimes done?

Set the machine going and then got off on the vibration? I'd done it once until I came in my jeans. As I got nearer I spoke, giving him time to recover. "Hi Klaus, a penny for your thoughts" "Excuse me?" "It's just a saying. When someone is deep in thought, you offer a penny for them" "Oh, I see. Well these thoughts might cost you more than a penny", he laughed. God he was handsome.

"How are getting on? Finding your way around, okay?" "Yes, I am thanks, but I've not been out much. I'm not really a city person, I prefer the open country.

Where I come from there are mountains and open meadows right on the doorstep" "Well, you should come and see where I live then. It's only a ten minute walk to the beach and open country" "That would be good.

Let me know when I can come!" i thought, you can come any time and anywhere you like Klaus. "How about at the weekend?" "Okay, that's great. I'll meet you down in reception tomorrow, about 3.00 pm?" "Fine. See you then" I'd done it!

I'd got talking to him and whatsmore, he'd be spending the weekend with me. Friday came and went in a blur of anticipation. Every time my phone rang I thought it would be Klaus calling to say something else had come up. But he didn't. At 3 o'clock, I shut down my computer and headed for the lift. The sinking feeling as the lift descended was the exact opposite of how I was feeling.

And there he was, waiting with a small holdall at his feet. The train was crowed as was usual for a Friday afternoon. Klaus and I had to sit opposite each other and conversation was difficult through a mass of commuters, but I could see him and my eyes kept being drawn towards his cock. His jeans were fairly tight and I could see the outline of his prick lying along his inner thigh.

It looked huge there, what would it be like when erect and ready for action. A sudden panic hit me. What if I'd read this all wrong?

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What if Klaus wasn't interested in me but just wanted some time out of the city? I must have looked worried because as the crowd parted Klaus leant across and put a hand on my knee. "Are you okay?" "Sure, I just thought of something I should have done at work", I lied. He smiled but left his hand there just long enough for me to get the message. As he leaned back in his seat, I caught him lick his lips.

It would be okay. My house is nothing grand but it' comfortable and has the benefit of a secluded small garden. If you turn right at the front gate, you'll be in open fields within a minute and ten minutes atfer that you'll find a pathway leading towards the beach. It's not a commercial beach at all, no facilities and no parking areas for cars. As a result, it's almost always completely deserted. After I showed Klaus which room to use, I suggested that we eat out at the village pub, which I agreed to.

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The evening went well. Klaus and I found we'd got so much in common, and after a short while we were chatting as if we'd known each other for years. As time went by and more drink was had conversation turned towards sex and girlfriends. I told Klaus about Mandy. He then shocked me by openly stating the he was gay. But why was I shocked? It was something I'd hoped for.

At this news my cock twitched, I was really going to get to have Klaus, the most gorgious guy I'd ever seen! By the time we got back home we could hardly keep our hands off each other. As soon as the door was closed Klaus pulled me to him and sank his hot wet tongue into my mouth. He worked my t-shirt with his hands and soon eased it over my head. My nipples were standing erect just begging to be sucked and teased.

My heart was pounding and my cock was straining to be released from its prison of clothing. I could feel Klaus's hands running down over my shoulders to the small of my back, inside the waist band of my jeans. As we stood there I could feel his dick pressing against my leg and the heat was immense. With and expert action Klaus went to his knees and eased my jeans down.

I stepped out of them until I was stood there in just my underwear. Soon Klaus had removed his clothes. What he was wearing beneath surprised me but I swear my cock grew an extra inch when I saw it. His cock was encased in the sheerest black lace thong i'd ever seen. I also saw then that his body was shaved. Not a single hair appeared on his chest abdomen or legs. He stood there and I ran my hands all over his smooth skin. I looked him in the eyes and just smiled.

As I peeled down his thong his cock sprang forth and almost popped straight into my mouth. I stepped out of my boxers and for the first time we stood looking at each other admiring the body before us.

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Without a word, Klaus took my hand and led me to the back door. The evening air was warm and the scent of the sea was waffting inland from the beach. The outside light cast a gentle shadow across the grass.


There in the middle of the lawn Klaus pulled me to the ground and started kissing my neck and face. Soon he was running his tongue down across my chest, encircling my nipples, whilst his hands moved lower to play with my cock.

On he moved slowly until the tip of my prick was touching his cheek. Then, all of a sudden, I was in his mouth, with his lips toying the hed of my cock. God I was ready for him! I was so wet and ready. I opened my eyes and saw his dick pointed at my mouth and who was I to refuse such an invitation? With a slight adjustment, Klaus was able to lower his cock into my eager mouth.

I was in heaven. Never before have I experienced such feelings of joy and pleasure. There I was, on an early summer evening, lying in my own garden, having my cock sucked and sucking the cock of a dream guy. I knew, this moment would define my life. After a few minutes Klaus let me slip from his lips and he turned me over so that I was lying face down in the cool grass.

I knew what was coming as he positioned himself with his cock nestling into my arse cheeks. Gradually, he moved forward until the tip of his cock met my hole. We didn't need any extra lubrication, we were wet enough. Slowly, lovingly, he eased forward until I'd opened for him.

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Inch by inch in he went, until I could feel his thighs against my cheeks. I could feel his prick deep inside me, his weight pressing down against me.

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Slowly, in, out,in he moved, in a steady rythmn until at last, with one final push he sent his sperm deep inside me. At that moment I came too flooding the grass beneath me. After a few seconds Klaus bent down and kissed my back and when he withdrew from me he lowered his head and ran his tongue along my arse lapping up his spunk as it seaped out of me. We spent the next couple of hours out in the garden, caressing and sucking each other until we both fell asleep.

The following morning I woke in my bed to the sound of running water. Klaus was in the shower and I decided to have a peek. As I got to the bathroom I peered through the open and saw Klaus in the middle of shaving his body. As I walked in he looked up and grinned. "We ought to do this to you" he said. After thinking about it for ten seconds, if that, I readily agreed.


Without another thought Klaus set to and removed all my body hair. The feeling of his hands gliding over my smooth, hairless body was just too much and almost within seconds of him finishing I was shooting a load all over his face.

Klaus and I have been together since then. The following weekend he moved into my house. We've had many sexual adventures together and we are looking forward to many more. Next time I'll share with you one of our more public adventures. Until then, if you haven't tried shaving your body, give it a go, you'll love it!