Sexy gay Seth has a nice meatpipe and he keeps his pubs lovely and

Sexy gay Seth has a nice meatpipe and he keeps his pubs lovely and
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4:55 pm I can't wait one second longer. I stand and walk around my desk. I peek out into the lab to make sure that everyone is there. Sure enough, everyone is present, closing out their workstations for the day. I head directly for Anna. Moving up quietly behind her, I whisper "Do not say one word.

I am going to instruct you to have an orgasm. When I do, it will not be the mind-blowing orgasm you had earlier. It will be only good enough to make you moan loudly, and leave your audience with no doubt as to what just happened." I look around the room, and every guy in the lab is staring at me like I've lost my mind. I can nearly hear their thoughts "Is he nuts, rolling up on ANNA like that?" "Now, Anna, when you feel my lips on your neck, you will cum." I lean forward, and softly suck on her neck, just below her ear.

I feel her body tremble, slightly at first, then noticeably. She moans audibly, and her head drops back onto my shoulder. When the trembling subsides, she straightens and drops her head forward, humiliated beyond words.

I grab both of her hips and rub my growing erection against the cleft between her ass cheeks, and tell her it's time to go. "Hey Jake, are you playing poker tonight?" Bryan, one of the mathematicians, asks me.

"Oh, sorry dude, Anna and I are going to play poke her tonight." I cannot help but laugh boisterously at my own joke, and Anna's abject misery. I lead Anna from the room, leaving my friends gaping after us. "You may speak once we're in my apartment, but only if you are nude." I would leave the choice to her. If she wanted to spew epitaphs at me, she would have to get undressed to do so. Little did she know that I had every inch of my apartment covered with video surveillance.

In the competitive world of research, you can never be too careful. As soon as the apartment door closes behind us, Anna begins ripping her clothes off. On camera, without the benefit of audio, it will appear as though she can't wait to get naked with me. I will activate the audio recorder later, after issuing a few well thought out instructions.

Anna now stands before me, beautifully naked, her chest heaving with fury, her nipples hard as pebbles. "Why did you have to do that? You fuck! You deliberately humiliated me. Why? So all of your nerd friends would think I LIKE you? None of them is that stupid!" "Anna, when will you learn that humiliating you is a huge turn on for me? It makes me hard just thinking about how you looked to all my 'nerd' friends, standing there not-so-quietly cumming because of a little kiss on the neck.

Then, letting me rub my dick all over your ass without saying a word. It was priceless." I move to stand in front of the couch and order her to undress me. "I want you to lick every inch of skin that you uncover.

I will taste like fine wine on your tongue, and that taste will cause your arousal to grow and grow." As she begins undressing me, I reach around her and turn on my huge flat screen TV, and choose the "video feed" option.

Now I can watch as Anna begins taste testing every inch of my body. When I am down to my birthday suit, and Anna is so horny that she is once again humping the air, I command her to offer her tits to me. Placing a hand under each tit, she lifts them up for the taking. "Listen, Anna. From now until I tell you otherwise, you will verbalize everything your body is feeling. You will not speak your thoughts, only your physical needs and sensations. And remember how I told you to refer to yourself." As I press the AUDIO selection on my remote control, I ask Anna to talk to me.

"I am so fucking horny, Jake. My tits ache to be sucked on; twisted; pulled; bitten. My pussy feels like this big leaking hole that needs to be filled with your cock. And MY ASS, oh God, Jake, my ass is burning up. Every time, you touch me, or I touch you, a new need unfolds. Please, please let me cum. My body is burning up, I need to cum so bad, Jake." Priceless!

I couldn't have scripted a better opening for our little porno. "I love it when you talk dirty Anna. I'll give you everything you want and need, just keep talking, telling me what I'm doing to your body." I grin, knowing that her arousal would only grow until I gave her permission to cum. I figure that she's going to have a lot to say. I sit back on the couch and draw her to her knees between my spread thighs. "Lift your tits up to my mouth, Anna" as I lean forward.

She lifts her hands as high as her tight little tits will allow, and when my tongue reaches out to flick across the hard little nub, she nearly jumps out of her skin. "AHHH, yes Jake, suck it, please. Take it in your mouth and suck hard. Oh God, yess, bite it Jake, bite my nipple. Oh fuck, it sends little shocks straight to my pussy when you do that. Now the other one, Jake, it's jealous." Then without instruction, Anna grabs my hand and pushes it towards her soaking cunt.

"Please Jake, finger my slit. Rub my little clit, and let me cum. I'm so wet for you, Jake, so wet." My fingers tease the very edges of her pussy lips, staying just clear of her clit and slit, which is kind of hard since her hips are swiveling this way and that, trying to ease the growing tension.

I release her tit from my mouth long enough to tell her to put my cock in her mouth. Little slut moves to the outside of my right thigh and leans over it to grab my cock in her mouth. The aim of this position shift, apparently, is to keep her pussy in arm's length of my fingers.

I can't get angry with her though, because without knowing it, she has shifted her ass right into my camera's line of sight. As I use my fingers to open her pussy lips, I can watch my actions on the large screen in front of me.

The resolution is so good that the camera is able to capture the thick glint of pussy juice on my finger as I slide it out of her cunt. She is soaking. No one who ever sees this will believe that she is anything other than an all-too-willing participant. Slowly, I slide one finger, then two, then three into her wet hole. On the TV, it is obvious that she is humping her cunt backwards to meet the thrust of my hand.

Pushing up on her forehead, I dislodge her mouth from my cock with an audible pop. "Fuck me Anna." Before I can finish the command, she launches herself onto my waiting pole. She starts riding me like a mechanical bull, searching desperately for the orgasm that will ease her tense arousal.

"Oh, oh, oh. Harder Jake! Pleeeaasse! I can't …I need…Please, let me cum!" "Not yet slut. Hold on. I have more in store for you. Oh, Anna, I felt your pussy clench when I called you a slut.

Does that turn you on, whore?

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Oh! I believe it does. Tell me how it feels when I call you my little slut, my fuck toy, my WHORE." "Yes, Jake, oh yes. It turns me on so much. It makes my slit twitch. My body craves the humiliation. Please, please, Jake, give me more. I am so close to cumming." I reach around Anna's waist and shove two fingers up her sopping cunt, beside my dick. "Oh Yessss, Jake fill my pussy up, stretch that tight little fuck hole." She is completely wild now, the need to cum overriding any negative feelings she may have.

When my fingers are soaking wet, I slide them up to lubricate her asshole. I feel her little rosebud clench at the near invasion. "OOOOO, God that feels amazing. Poke my asshole Jake. Shove your fingers in my tight little shithole." How can I resist that heartfelt little plea? God, she's tight. "Have you ever had anal sex before, Anna?" "No Jake, I never wanted to. I've heard it is very pppaaiinnfullll&hellip.but now I can't think of anything but having your huge cock slamming into my tight little ass." As my index finger slides past her tight anal ring, her words become shrill and drawn out.

"Stand up slut. Move over here." I direct her to an ottoman that I'd previously placed right in front of the camera lens. "Kneel down, bend over that stool and pull your ass cheeks apart. Look at the TV Anna. See your little bud winking at me. See your pussy lips dripping. Does that turn you on?

Does that make you want to cum?" "Yes Jake, I am begging you to let me cum." I take hold of my dick and slowly rub it up over her clit, past her cunt, and on to her asshole, then back down again. With each stroke, she whimpers, and moans, and begs. "What do you want, whore?" "Fuck me Jake, fuck me hard. Pleeeeaaaassse!" "Where bitch? Where do you want my cock?" "Oh God, in my ass Jake, fuck my asshole." Thoroughly lubricated by my trips through her snatch, I place the head of my cock at the entrance of her forbidden tunnel, and push slowly.

The rubbery little ring resists mightily, but soon gives way to my determined push. I have to stop for a moment, afraid the incredible feeling of her vice-like clenching will push me over the edge. At my hesitation, Anna begins pushing back on my dick, her face a picture of pain and pleasure. Soon, my entire 9 inches is buried deep in her bowels.

I grab her hips to hold her still for just a moment, so I can relish the tiny contractions in her anal ring as it struggles to adjust to this invasion. I lean forward, pressing my stomach to Anna's back, and whisper softly so as not to be recorded, "Anna, as I slide out of your asshole, you will begin to cum, and you will continue with one long orgasm until you feel me cum inside your ass.

This will be the best orgasm you have ever had. Every time you look at me from this point on, you will be able to recall, very clearly, how this orgasm felt, and your body will crave more orgasms like this one." I straightened, and slowly pulled my dick backward from her grasping hole.

"AAAGGGGHHHHH" Anna began to tremble, and her asshole contractions gained strength. I pick up speed, jackhammering her little shitter because I cannot hold out much longer. "OH GODDDDDD, YYYYEEEESSSS, I'M CUMMING JAKE, CUMMING SO HARD, OH FUCCCCCKKKK, OH,OH,OH DAMNNNNN, I'VE NEVER CUM THIS HARD. DON'T STOP JAKE. SHOOT YOUR CUM IN MY ASS, FUCK ME HARDER, FUCK MY TIGHT LITTLE ASSHOLE." As I realize that her screaming will be heard up and down the short hall that separates all of our apartments, I feel cum boil up from my balls and spew from my cock.

Never has an orgasm drained me like this one. I fall forward onto Anna's back, trying to catch my breath and calm my racing heart. For a second, I'm afraid that Anna has actually fainted, but when a loud "YOU GO JAKE!" booms from down the hall, I feel her body tense, and the heat spread over her entire body.

In a moment of pure rage, Anna elbows her way from under me. "Freeze bitch. Don't move and don't say a word." I turn the recording equipment off for now.


I stare at her for a moment, trying to figure out how she was able to control her body enough to move away from me. "Stand up." She stands. "Get on your knees." Immediately she kneels. "Clean my cock with your tongue." With a look of absolute horror on her face, she leans forward and follows my command.

So my control is still absolute. Was it the acute embarrassment caused by the knowledge that my friends heard her? Was it the absolute satisfaction of such an awesome orgasm? How had she undermined my authority? Looking down at her now tear-stained face, gingerly licking the blood and shit from my dick, I become enraged. "Suck it like you love the taste bitch. You think you can get away with striking me? You are going to pay for that Anna.

After my dick is completely clean, I am going to punish you. Your body will once again betray you, because the punishment will only serve to arouse you more. But that unbreakable mind you boasted about?

When I am finished with your punishment, you will do anything that I ask of you and you won't even hate it, because you will have the memory of this punishment to remind you that there are much worse things than being my little fuck slave." Now sucking my cock with relish, Anna merely raises fear-filled eyes up to meet my hard ones. It takes a good ten minutes for Anna to get me hard again.

When I am satisfied with her performance, I stand up, grab her hair, and drag her toward the couch on her knees. I sit down heavily, and drag her across my lap so that her ass is once again facing the camera lens.

I restart the recording devices. "Do you understand why you are being punished Anna?" "Yes Jake. I'm being punished for elbowing you." "And…?" "For being so proud, "she asks tentatively. "Yes, Anna. I am trying to teach you some humility. You are a trashy whore.

You get off on all things perverted. What do you have to be proud of? Your IQ? It's no higher than mine. Your looks? I've had more beautiful women. Your ability to hold off orgasm until some guy cums in your asshole? Now that's a nice trick, but more for your benefit than anyone else's, right?" With each question, I strike her upturned ass cheeks…hard. As I watch the TV screen, I can see red handprints appearing on her flawless tanned skin. I continue raining pain down on her tight little ass, until I notice that she has her hand between her legs and three fingers buried in her cunt.

"What are you doing cunt? Are you trying to get yourself off? Is having your ass spanked red a turn on for you?" These words are strictly for the camera since I have left her no choice but to be aroused by my punishment. "Yes Jake, I'm so.soorrry," crying copiously Anna attempts to explain her behavior. "I c.c.can't help it. My body is completely under your c.c.control.

Everything you do makes my cunt ache." Pushing her off of my lap, I begin play-acting for the recorder. "So no matter what I do to humiliate you, it winds up turning you on?" I try to add a little incredulousness into my voice, like I'm surprised. Quieting down, she answers woefully, "Yes Jake, the more you try to humiliate me, the hornier it makes me.

I can't stop it. " "So when I made you lick your blood and shit off my dick, how did that make you feel?" "It made me incredibly horny, hornier than I've ever been. My pussy started twitching and my juices started flowing again." Her chin falls forward, her shame absolute.

Trying to sound confused and defeated, I slide to the floor in front of her, lift her face so she is looking into my eyes, and ask "Anna, are you telling me that you get turned on by being a trashy slut, by being humiliated, by being made to perform disgusting acts?" I am very glad the back of my head was blocking the view of her face because if looks could kill, I would be dead.

Still she answers honestly, as instructed, "Yes, Jake, you know it does. YOU made me this way." I can see her struggle to get the rest of the story out but her words go unspoken.

My controls are firmly in place. I smile evilly at her before turning back to the camera. "Well, if that's what turns you on, I'm willing to come up with some pretty humiliating stuff. I just want to keep you happy, Anna." I hit the STOP button.

"Get up bitch. Now, for the rest of your punishment, you think you're miserable being my fuck toy? Let's see how you feel about being the entertainment for the whole lab?" Anna's eye widen in horror at this suggestion. "Please, no. Jake, don't do this. I won't fight you anymore. I'll do whatever you want without complaint. You already know I'll enjoy it physically. I will learn to enjoy it emotionally. Please." "Anna, Anna, Anna.

I don't want you to enjoy it emotionally. I love the feel of controlling you, making your body betray you, watching your proud little ass become a dirty, disgusting cock slut. Keep your mind, Anna, and your emotions, I don't want them. I just want to humiliate you some more." "Follow me." Giving her no further details, I stride towards the bathroom. After such a fantastic orgasm, I've got to piss…bad, and what guy hasn't dreamed of pissing down some bitch's throat.

Once in the bathroom, Anna looks at me with a huge question mark on her face. "Sit" I point to the toilet. Anna sits primly on the toilet seat, legs tightly closed. "If this next act turns you on, feel free to cum. However if you cum, you must narrate.

Tell me exactly when you cum, and show me with your body how good it feels. Now, spread your legs wide." Slowly, with great trepidation, Anna slides her legs apart until it appears she will dislocate her hips. Her pussy lips gape open. I grab my cock and take aim on her tits, letting loose a stream of hot piss onto her chest. "OH MY GOD, JAKE, I'M CUMMING." Amazingly, Anna begins rubbing my piss all over her body, writhing, and squirming with the force of this new orgasm.

"It's so hot, and so dirty. More, baby, more, cover my body with your piss. Make me your little piss whore." I can't fucking believe it. I never would have dreamed I could turn the prissy, stuck up bitch into a trembling mass of cockmeat.

As I emptied my bladder I instructed Anna to clean my cock again.

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Still in the throes of her orgasm, she did so without hesitation, and with a great deal of enthusiasm. Even though it's only 8:00 p.m., I'm worn out. I decide on a nap.

Taking some previously bought supplies from the cabinet under my sink; I explain to Anna what is expected of her while I sleep.

"See these, Anna" directing her attention to the four pre-packaged enemas I've lined up on the vanity. "You will clean out your nasty shitter. You will administer all of these enemas to yourself. Since you like my cock in your ass so much, you're going to have to clean it out. Save the last one until after I wake up. I want to be sure that you have no more shit left inside you." I turn and walk out of the bathroom without another word.

I wake, after about two hours, with a raging hard on. Even in my sleep, Anna haunts me. I dream of new and humiliating acts to perform on her. I rise from my bed, and trek to the john.

There, still on the toilet, sits Anna, head in her hands weeping softly. If possible, my dick gets even harder. The sound of her misery is a powerful aphrodisiac. "Hello, kitten ready for your exam?" She flinches in surprise at the sound of my voice. "Kneel down on the rug, with your face on the floor." She moves slowly, obviously dreading what she cannot stop. "Please, Jake. I'm clean.

My last one was clear water. Please don't do this." "Your last what?" I ask this knowing that talking about such personal acts is very degrading for her.

"My last shit. Are you happy? I'm shitting clear water." She snipes at me, ever the prideful bitch. "Why should I trust your word? Besides, having to shit while someone is watching you has got to be your worst nightmare. Am I right?" "Yes, dammit. I would rather die than have to do this." "Well, take heart, dear Anna, because of my control, your body, at least, will absolutely LOVE the experience." I slowly slide the nozzle of the enema bottle into her tight little rosebud, and begin to squeeze the clear liquid into her bowels.

Once it's empty, I move to the tap to refill it. "What are you doing?" she shrills. "I want to make sure your empty, bitch. Now don't speak again, unless it's to tell me how all this is affecting your body." I proceed to empty the newly refilled bottle into her bowels.

Anna moans softly at this new fullness. "One more, I think," I inform her as I rise once more for a refill. By the end of this third bottle, Anna's stomach is bulging slightly. I reach underneath her body and massage her tight abs.

"How does that feel slut?" "It's feels horribly good. The need to cum is nearly as strong as the need to shit. My body is extremely turned on by the thought of you watching me. Oh, God, I'm cramping so bad. Please, Jake, I need to shit so badly." "Ok, up you go. Now spread your legs wide so I can see clearly." I help her stand, turn, and nearly fall down onto the toilet seat.

Barely getting fully seated, she opens her legs wide, and I watch as the clear liquid is forcefully expelled from her bowels. The act itself is not arousing to me, but the deep red blush creeping over Anna's skin, and the look of absolute misery on her face are. I stand, grab hold of Anna's hair, and instruct her to open her mouth.

As soon as she complies, I begin fucking her face. Not concerned with her comfort, I simply shove my dick down her throat then pull out again, until just the head remains in her mouth.

Repeating the motion over and over, I have no need of any assistance from her. This is not a blow job; I am simply fucking her mouth.

Apparently, her body isn't aware that I don't need anything from it right now, because she begins sucking and humming. Stopping before it's too late, I pull my dick from her lips.

"Let's get you ready for you big debut." I step into the shower, motion for her to join me, and turn on the water. Getting out of the shower, I can tell that Anna is very aroused. Her breathing is slightly erratic, and her nipples are so hard they appear pinched. This arousal is a direct contrast to the mounting fear in her eyes.

"Speak bitch.

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Ask those questions in your eyes." "Jake, what are you planning? Please don't make me go out there in front of your friends like this. I worked so hard to get their respect. I am a scientist, not some piece of ass that everyone drools over." "Anna, first of all, you had our respect from the minute you walked in the door.

You ruined that by putting us into the same category as all those brain dead jocks you probably dated. Not one of us was more interested in your ass than your research, but by being such a bitch, you made us all hate you. Now I think it's time you paid for your profound misjudgment of our character. You WILL go out there with my friends tonight. You WILL perform exactly as instructed.

And your body WILL absolutely love the entire charade." "Now let's get you dressed for the occasion." Pulling her toward a closet in the foyer, I begin rifling through a number of different outfits I'd purchased, in the event that my research became viable.

Pushing aside first one choice then another, I search for what I need. Finally, I select my choices and turn to Anna. "Follow me." Once in my bedroom, I retrieve a small wooden box from the shelf in my closet.

Carrying it to the bed, I sit and face her. Opening the box, I remove an intricate gold rope chain. It is long and fits nicely around her waist, with only about 3 inches left over. This chain is a special purchase. Once secured, the clasp cannot be opened. The only way Anna will ever be able to remove the chain is to have it cut off. If you consider the fact that there is a rather large pendant hanging from the length of chain that is left over, and on that pendant are the words "If you're close enough to read this, you're close enough to fuck my ass", I doubt Anna will ever have the audacity to go and have it removed.

I secure the clasp, and have her read the engraved words aloud.


A tiny gasp is her only reaction to the words. Next, I remove two tiny bull ring hoops. I swiftly open the first ring, place the tiny balls on each side of her left nipple, and release the ring, allowing the clamp to tighten on her already aroused nipple.

The sensation must be unbelievable, because Anna's knees buckle and she falls heavily onto my bent knee. In this position, with her head thrown back, her back arched pushing her tits forward, and her legs splayed weakly, I can easily see her pussy lips contracting, reaching out for a cock that isn't there.

I place the other ring on the right nipple. Each ring is adorned with a small gold chain that hangs down. At the end of each chain is a small, but heavy, gold disk pendant, identical to the large one on her waist chain except for the inscription. The right disk reads "Butt bitch" and the left, "Cum slut". Seeing that Anna can no longer keep still due to her advanced state of arousal, I realize I will have to let her cum soon, or she'll be so out of it, any humiliation I dish out will roll right off of her.

"Anna, I want you to lie back on this bed with your legs spread as wide as they will go. Good. Good. Now, I want you to finger your pussy.

When you can get all five fingers into your hole, you can cum. It won't be a massive orgasm, it will merely take a big edge off of your desire, but it will allow you to calm yourself for a while." Before I could finish her instructions, Anna begins circling her clit with the fingers of her right hand, and stabbing her slit with her left index finger. She is so wet that it takes no more than 30 seconds for her pussy to accommodate 3 of her tiny little fingers.

Hunching up and down on her own fingers, moaning loudly, she is decidedly the hottest thing I've ever seen. After struggling a few minutes to insert a fourth finger, I hear her talking to herself. "Oh yeah bitch, oh yeah that feels good. One more finger and that tight little pussy is gonna overflow. Just one more finger, oh God, so fucking tight. C'mon Baby, slide that thumb in there, yes bitch take it.

OH YESS! FUCK! That's it, that's it. Oh God, I'm cumming&hellip." As I watch the last of her five fingers disappear into her dripping cunt, I hear her pronouncement of impending orgasm. I continue to watch as she descends from the high. "Do you feel better now, whore?" "A little bit, but I'm still quite horny." "Well, let's finish getting you ready and we'll see if we can't take care of that." I quickly adorn her with the remaining objects: a velvet collar, two velvet bracelets for her wrists, and two velvet anklets for her ankles, each with a steel ring that can be attached to any rope or chain.

A henna tattoo across her lower back reads "Jake's plaything". I toss the outfit at her and begin her instructions for the night. Even as her hands reach out to retrieve the hateful clothes, she begins to beg for my mercy. "Please don't do this." "From the moment you put these clothes on until I tell you otherwise, the only words out of your mouth will be to ask for some sort of sexual favor, comment on one you're already getting, or to suggest something nastier than is currently going being done.

Whenever someone speaks to you, no matter what you're real answer would be, you will only be able to speak words that will invite your own humiliation. As for your facial expressions, they are way too transparent.

So for tonight, your facial muscles will only be able to move in ways that are sexy: sexy smiles, bedroom eyes, and pouty lips. Anyone looking at you will think you are enjoying yourself immensely. The rest of your body will move sexily as well. However, no matter how aroused you are tonight, you will sit still unless you're getting fucked. Only when one of your holes is filled will you be able to move.

Lastly, you will once again have to have permission to come. You can get it from anyone, but you must have permission." Standing there with nothing but the body decorations I'd placed on her, with tear-stained cheeks, Anna is breathtaking.

"Now get dressed. We still have to do your hair and makeup." I watch silently, intrigued by the obvious change in her demeanor as she slides the short, short plaid, and pleated skirt up over her round ass. Her face loses the mutinous expression of before, her full lips pout slightly, and her hands move as if rediscovering her own body.

By the time she slips her arms into the white blouse that has no buttons, but merely ties just below her full breasts, her facial expression is one of anxious anticipation.

She bends forward from the waist to slide on black knee socks leaving her ass in full view under the mini skirt. 6 inch platform heels complete the ensemble. When she straightens, I am overcome with the desire to keep this gorgeous little slut all to myself. However, the thought of her being used by the same guys she hates so much trumps any possessive feelings I have.

I lead her back into the bathroom, and instruct her to comb her hair into two high pigtails, and apply very little makeup. I amend my instructions to include heavy red lipstick. There's just something about waking up in the morning with a lipstick ring on your dick that makes a guy happy. As we stand at my front door, I take just a moment to make some last minute adjustments.

I slide the skirt down low on her hips, not because there is a chance in hell of covering anything up with the tiny scrap of material, but so that I can arrange the waist chain pendant outside the skirt, in full view. A tiny tug on each nipple ring to ensure maximum head light action, and we are out the door.

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I allow Anna to walk in front of me, enjoying the sexy sway of her hips, and the upright posture that pushes her tits forward and her ass backward. I catch up to her side just as the 4 guys at the poker table notice us. Their faces are worth the price of sharing my little fuck doll. Jaws drop, eyes widen, and I'm willing to bet my large paycheck that dicks rise.

Clearing my throat loudly to catch, not only, the attention of the 4 guys at the poker table, but also the other 4 guys lounging on the couch of the common room watching a basketball game. "Hey guys, Anna here decided that she wanted to socialize with us tonight. Is that OK? I know she's usually a bitch to us, but she's decided to play nice, isn't that right Anna?" I wait anxiously to hear how Anna's reply is going to be phrased.

"No Jake, I don't really want to play nice&hellip.I'd much rather play nasty" she finished with a feline smile that caused at least 2 guys to cum on the spot. Bryan, the mathematician, and the most outgoing guy in our bunch, stands up from the table, and offers his chair to Anna. "That's OK Bryan; Anna will just sit on our laps." At their confused looks, I realize I'm going to have to offer some sort of explanation.

"OK guys, listen up, here's the deal." From the corner of my eye, I notice that the 4 guys in the common room have given up their game to listen in on the conversation. "You noticed earlier that Anna and I are fucking.

It was kind of an accident, but it gets us here. During one of our conversations, Anna revealed that she is mean to us because she is scared that if we know she is a trashy slut who loves sex, and loves being used and abused, we won't respect her. I told her that we are all very good friends and that we always try to help each other out. We still respect each other in the morning, don't we, guys?" I ask with a heavy dose of sarcasm.

"Anyway, I figured we could all help Anna get the nasty, degrading sex she craves, and if we can respect her tomorrow, we'll all be happier for it.

So what do you say?" "Fuck yeah, I'll give you any kind of sex you want, Anna" from Bryan. "Hell yeah, count me in" from Paul, the psychologist. "Sign me up" from one of the 4 game watchers. "So why don't we all go into the common room, and we can all get acquainted." On the short walk to the bigger room, I whisper into Anna's ear, "Are you on the pill?" "No, Jake, wanna knock me up?" Ahh, now I'm sure this is meant to put a damper on my desire, but all Anna's remark really did was put thoughts into my brain.

"Guys, there is one rule in this game. No one, no one but me fucks Anna's pussy. We're trying to get pregnant." I see Anna's eyes widen in surprise, and quickly add, "I know you didn't want anyone to know, but I don't want there to be any doubt about the father." Once everyone is seated on the large sectional sofa that fills one large corner of the common room, I start the game.

"How about if Anna comes and introduces herself to each of you individually? As she stands in front of you, you will give her your name and ask her one question. Anna, you will answer each question as honestly as possible, and then you can ask that person a question of your own.

Guys you will answer as honestly as possible as well. Remember, we're all friends here." "Uh, Jake, when I introduce myself to a friend's girlfriend, I usually hug them.

Can I hug Anna too?" Bryan asks with a huge grin on his face. "Ask Anna, not me." He turns to Anna and raises one eyebrow questioningly. "I don't mind a hug, as long as your hands are roaming while you do it." Oh my God, I may not survive this night! This much sexual satisfaction has got to be dangerous. "I'll start the line so Anna can loosen up a little." I loosely take Anna's hand and pull her between my bent legs.

As I begin my 'introduction', I run my hands up under that short skirt, smoothing over her ass cheeks. "Anna, my name is Jake. My question is what your wildest sexual fantasy is?" I already know what her answer must be, per my own instructions, but hearing her say it out loud in front of my friends is something I can't resist.

Softly, her voice booms in the quiet room, "Having a fat cock stuffed in every one of my holes." "Ok now move on, whore." "Jake! I thought this was about respecting Anna despite her desires!" defends Connor.

"Oh, guys, wait. Anna loves being called a whore, a slut, or anything degrading. She says it makes her feel dirty, and turns her on. Ask her." Anna is now standing in front of Bryan, who had to shove 2 guys over to be next in line. He imitates my move to bring Anna between his knees. "Anna, my name is Bryan. My question is: does it really turn you on to be humiliated and used?" As he asks his question, I see his fingers disappear under the front of Anna's skirt, and hear her moan softly.

"Yes Bryan, every time Jake calls me a whore, or something similar, my pussy tightens in anticipation of the coming fuck." She begins grinding seductively on his hand. I realize he must have his finger in her cunt. "You like that slut? You enjoy me finger fucking that nasty little cunt?" "Oh, yes Bryan, please don't stop.

I need to cum. Can I cum?" Bryan pulls his hand from under her skirt, and says, "No, bitch, not yet. You haven't even met 7 of the guys you're entertaining.

Now move on." Next is Danny, a shy electrical engineer. "Hi, Anna, I know you probably don't remember but we met already. My name is Danny, and, ummm, my question is: Umm, what is your favorite food?" Blushing profusely at his own inane question, Danny can't stop staring at her tits.

"Cum. That's my favorite food Danny. It tastes like the world's greatest chocolate to me, and I crave it the way most women crave chocolate.

Would you like to feed me?" At this remark, Anna drops to her knees and waits for Danny to decide. Danny looks to me for direction. "Go ahead buddy. She gives fantastic head. Plus you get your first nut out of the way, and you last longer when the real fun begins." Head down, Danny slides his gym shorts down to his knees and sits back on the couch. Because of this position, with him so far back on the couch, Anna has difficulty reaching his 7 inch cock. She decides to stand, and lean over him from that position, leaving her ass and her cunt completely open to our view.

Within seconds of working her ruby red lips up and down on Danny's cock, I hear Anna start to hum, and I notice her free hand working furiously on her clit. I step forward, dick out and in hand. "You guys can wait for introductions, but I can't hold out any longer." I slide my hard dick into Anna's waiting snatch. I begin to fuck her slowly, flipping the hem of her skirt onto her back so everyone in the room has a clear view.

"Oh Jesus. Oh God. Oh, oh, fuck. I can't hold back. Here it comes, Anna." I see Danny's body jerk up, and I know that Anna has shoved herself all the way down on his dick. "OH CHRIST, SHE'S WORKING MY COCK WITH HER THROAT.

OH FUCK MEEEE!!!" As soon as Danny's cock slips from her lips, Anna starts talking to me, "Yes, Jake, yes. Oh do it hard Jake, do my little pussy hard. I need another cock. Come here, Bryan. Fuck my face. Oh fuck, yes Jake." Bryan stands and slams his cock down Anna's throat in one swift stroke. Having cum multiple times today, I figure I'll be able to last awhile.

As Bryan is swiftly sucked into the vortex, and Anna swallows another load, I suggest a position change. I sit with my ass on the edge of the couch and have Anna straddle me. Connor slides up beside us, on his knees, and pulls Anna's head down to his cock.

I pull the community tube of KY out from between the couch cushions and proceed to finger fuck Anna's ass. It doesn't take long for Paul to get the hint, and slap my hand out of the way. I lean forward to try and catch a glimpse of his huge black cock disappearing in Anna's ass. Anna is wild by now.

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The need to cum is building inside her, but with her mouth full, she can't beg to cum. She's humping back on the two dicks in her nether holes, then lunging forward to impale her face on Connor's pole. At this point, I realize I was wrong; I won't be able to last very long. The feel of Paul's massive meat sliding next to mine, separated by only a thin membrane, is working me over.

Plus, his girth is making Anna's pussy as tight as a 12 year old virgin. Just as I see Connor pulling his now soft cock from Anna's mouth, I feel Paul's cock twitch in her ass. This, combined with Anna's begging to cum, is too much for me.

"Cum now, bitch. Come on my cock while I fill your pussy up with my jiz." "Oh yes Jake, give me all of your baby-makers. Fill my pussy up. KNOCK ME UP JAKE! AAAGGGGGHHHHH!!!" Anna slumps forward onto my shoulder. I feel another dick slide into her ass. Not as big as Paul's but then I'm losing size fast after that orgasm, so it might just be me.

I open my eyes to see Kevin, another chemical engineer, begin humping Anna's asshole. Turning my head slightly, I watch as Adam face fucks my little cock slut. I lay my head back on the cushions for a moment, just enjoying the sensations around me: Anna's hard little nipples against my chest, vibrating because she is humming again; Kevin's dick sliding past mine in search of Anna's anal G spot; and Adam softly taunting Anna as he rams his cock down her throat. "Yeah, you like that cock don't you bitch?

You like me fucking your face. Yes, take it slut, swallow it whole. Fuck yeah. Hmf, hmf, hmf, swallow that whore", and finally, the tiny contractions in Anna's pussy as Kevin commands her to "cum with" him.

I push Anna off of my lap, and onto her back, with her ass hanging off the edge of the couch. James, John, and Gerald have been watching up until this point. Now that Anna is free, James lies down on the floor while John and Gerald drag Anna over to him. They lift her nearly limp body over him, and slide her asshole down on his 9 inch black cock.

Gerald then stands over James' head with his knees slightly bent, and forces Anna's mouth onto his cock. When I see John move behind Anna, I remind him of our deal, "Hey dude, no one gets her pussy but me." "Don't worry Jake, I'm about to share this ass with James." HUH.

Is that possible? I lean forward for a closer look. Sure enough, I see John's cock slide into Anna's ass, right beside James' big dick. Holy shit, what a turn on. Not sure how I'd feel about being skin to skin with some guy's cock, I can only stand and watch in wonder. It isn't long before James and Gerald both cum. John is the lone hold out, slowly sliding his dick in and out of Anna's ass. With her mouth now empty, Anna is begging John to fuck her harder…deeper.

I think this is spurring him on. Finally, with a powerful jerk, John pulls his dick out of her ass, and begins jacking himself off into her gaping asshole. "Look at this bitch's ass Jake.


I could stuff a garden hose in there. That's it whore, suck up that cum with your ass. Oh fuck yeah." As the last spurt of cum disappears into the waiting hole, John looks at me and says, "watch this", then he pulls Anna's ass into a position slightly lower than her shoulders.

As I watch, fascinated, Anna's asshole begins to contract. With each tiny movement, a fresh glob of thick white cum slides from her asshole and slides down her pussy lips. It is possible one of the most erotic things I've ever seen.

After about 2 hrs of everyone fucking Anna at least 2 more times, I help her to her feet, and lead her back towards my apartment. The guys are calling out "Thanks Jake!" and "When you're ready for more, Anna" as we leave them half dead in the common area.