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Sarah jay gets fuck in a doggy style by lexingtons huge cock
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Club Fatale, Pt. 7 Chapter Twelve Athena "Let me look at that," I said as I prodded the wound gingerly. "You need a bandage." Emma had gotten the injury in our last game. "I'll be alright," she protested.


I set her down in a chair and propped her leg up in front of me. Devon brought antiseptic ointment and I swiftly bandaged her up. "See," I said, caressing her calf. "All better." "Thank you, Evan," she said.

"No. Thank you, ma'am," I said. My fingers explored her leg. "I guess tennis isn't my game," she said. "Devon managed to do pretty well against you, though. Don't feel bad. She's had a lifetime of experience. She won the Femme tournament for the last three years in a row. However, that isn't measured completely on athletic ability, since every contestant must play in the nude and be graded on it." I looked at Devon. "That's it, no more clothes for you. even outside," I said with a smile.

She smiled and then laughed. It was the first laugh I had heard from her in days. "You need a shower," Emma said to me. "Go on, I'll join you in a moment." I smiled, stood and walked to the locker room. It was devoid of people this close to lunchtime.

Quickly, I stripped and turned on the water. I was just lathering myself when Emma and Devon appeared. I beckoned them to me, entranced by dual pairs of succulent tits. Emma knelt before me, soaking the bandage on her leg. "Doesn't that hurt your --," I began.

"Shut up," she said, as she took my cock in her hands. "Such a pretty cock, isn't it, Devon? I think I know where this is wants to be. Don't you?" "Oh yes, indeed," Devon said, as she knelt beside her friend. Emmanuelle's blue eyes locked on mine. She kissed the head of my cock and her tongue shot out, sliding along the underside of my shaft. She looked into my eyes as she gave it long, sensuous licks.

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My eyes flicked to Devon and immediately, she joined in. They kissed around the shaft of my cock, licked on either side, tongues mingling with each other's. Devon kissed Emma once, passionately. "Again," I said, and they kissed.

"Again." They kissed longer, tongues dueling for supremacy. "Kiss her, Emma, as if you were kissing me." Emma gripped the back of Devon's head and pulled her closer, mauling her lips like a wild predator, eyes closed all the while.

I reached down and caressed both of their pretty heads, petting their long, wet hair. Devon watched me as Emma continued kissing. I grabbed a handful of hair in either hand, pulled them apart.

They looked at me, mouths open, water running down their faces, both impassioned. "Now, both of you suck my cock," I ordered. "You first, Devon." I pulled the brunette to me and thrust between her lips, down deep to the furthest extent. I held her with hands on both sides of her head. She struggled to look up at me. Beneath her left eye, I could see the fine half-healed knife scar.

It was small and, when fully healed, would be barely visible except upon close inspection. I ran my thumb over it. Surprisingly, Devon flinched and shuttered at the touch. I had never seen anything bother her, but that memory did.

It aroused me and I thrust deeper. I took her more violently. I used her like a toy. It didn't matter if her head were attached. It was like a piece of rubber to me. I pounded hard, taking her fully with each violent thrust, bouncing her head on my shaft. After a score of violent thrusts, I switched to Emma. I watched my cock as it went in and out of her beautiful, full, red lips.

All the way down and I held. I used them both like cheap whores, back and forth, until I felt the need for release. I pushed Devon's head down on me and held her. "Go on." I said. "Go on, baby. go on, yeah. take it, yes. fucking yes." She was sucking hard, now, desperately. Her eyes looked up at me, but I saw not a hint of pleading in them, just a flicker of fear and desperation. It was natural when her air was on the verge of running out.

"I want you unconscious now, Devon." There was one last wild suck at my cock and then her eyes rolled up in her head. Devon went limp in my hands. I held her for several seconds, embracing the feel of her still throat. Then I let her slide from my cock to splash onto the shower floor. I pulled Emma to her feet, threw her back against the tiles. Gripping her neck, I thrust my cock inside her.

I squeezed hard as I fucked her pussy. I was nearly there. It took only a short time. Groaning, I ground into her cunt and came. "Oh, god! Emma! Emma, fuck yes!" She cried out with me and I stared into her eyes as my semen was planted inside her.

After the shower was over, I bandaged Emma's wound, again, while I waited for Devon to rouse. "Thank you," she whispered.

I smiled at her. "The Commodore's mansion, Evan," she said. "Tonight, seven o'clock." "What's happening?" I asked. "The Commodore asked once if you'd like to breed with a special woman. Do you remember that, Evan?" "Yes, I do." "Tonight is the night, if you still want to go through with it. Do you?" "Is she pretty?" "I guarantee that you will be unable to resist her, dear." I smiled.

And kissed her softly. "Then, yes." -- "Evan Anderson," Emmanuelle said, "may I introduce Athena. Athena, this handsome man is Mr. Evan Anderson." "Pleased to meet you, sir," she said in a melodious tone. "And I, you," I said. I took her hand and felt a firm grip. I stood in open awe of the woman with the goddess' name. Blonde-haired and blue-eyed, her finest feature was, nonetheless, her height. She towered above the ground at over six feet.

I felt sure that most of that extra height had gone into her legs, for they were the finest pair I had ever set eyes upon: long and sleek, with just the right blend of athleticism and slenderness. I couldn't wait to feel them wrapped around me. Emmanuelle spoke. "Dinner is prepared and if there is nothing else that I can help you with, I will leave you both alone for the evening.

No one else is here so you will have the mansion to yourself. I will wish you both a very fulfilling and very productive night." "Thank you, Emmanuelle." I smiled at her and she left. "Alone at last," I said. Athena smiled. We served ourselves dinner and struck up a conversation. I found her to be a charming companion, though somewhat tight-lipped.

She didn't speak of herself, but instead turned the conversation to me whenever I asked a probing inquiry. We were finished with dinner when I noticed the sheen of perspiration on her brow. "Are feeling you alright?" I asked. She nodded and unbuttoned her dress. "I feel. very warm. I'm beginning to -- I'm afraid that I find you very attractive, Mr.

Anderson," she breathed. "Well," I said, "that's not an altogether bad thing, is it?" Athena moved to me and sat on my lap. Her dress was partially open and I could see a fine pair of breasts down the open top.

Our lips closed together and they touched. She kissed me very passionately and I returned it. "My god," I said, "You're burning up." I felt her forehead. She felt feverish. She must have been sick. "I'm always very hot." she hissed. "Help me with that, please?" she nearly begged. Lifting her, I brought her to the indoor pool.

I set her on her feet and, very carefully, stripped her nude. It was like unwrapping a treasure. Smooth, athletic arms and firm, proportioned breasts; trim and toned abs and lean hips. and those utterly magnificent legs. She seemed clean and fresh. Fresher than any woman I had ever met. I lowered her into the pool and dove in after her. We swam together and kissed until I couldn't wait any longer. Bending Athena over the side of the pool, I took her from behind, splashing in the water as I reamed her burning pussy.

My hands gripped her shoulders and I pounded into her with all my strength, listening to her high-pitched cries as pleasured her. I wrapped my hand around her neck and squeezed softly, my other hand locked in her golden tresses. I pulled out of her, spun her around and pushed her down in the water. My cock pressed to her lips and she took me in. I fucked her face underwater for several long minutes until finally she came up for air. I studied her features as I rubbed my cock on her face.

High forehead and cheekbones, a chiseled aquiline nose, a strong jaw and a small, delicate mouth. Athena gave off an impression of aristocratic grace coupled with physical vitality. It was glorious to have her face as my toy. I jerked off over her and blew a load, showering her features with my semen. She licked it up and swallowed, staring into my eyes as my come raced down into her belly. I caressed her face. "Please," she begged, "take me to bed, master. I can feel that it's my time. I'm so ripe and ready for you.


You must breed with me and make me a mother. Please. I may not have another chance." Catching her up in my arms, I carried her off. We made vigorous love in the Commodore's bedroom. So many times I had dreamt of making love to Emmanuelle here, in her own bed, and now I was bedding a woman no less exciting than my blonde lover. For several hours we tested various positions.

I must have come a half-dozen times. In the end, she lay atop me as I gasped for breath. She was perfectly calm and composed. Still, she glowed as she had earlier. But, even in our exertions, I had rarely found her out of breath. "I must not be as youthful as I thought," I said. "You've taken everything I have and you're not even winded." "Mmm," she murmured.

"You've gone longer than any man I've ever been with. I didn't know a man could ejaculate so much." Then she propped herself up on one elbow. "How old are you, anyway?" she asked, curiously. "Turned forty last month," I said. Athena's mouth fell open, as if in surprise and she turned away. "What is it?" I asked. "It's just that." she began, "I've never met someone of your age." I blinked.

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"Have you been on the island a long time?" She nodded. "All my life," she said. "Really?" I said, unsure if I was hearing right. "Well, you must have met the Commodore and he's a good deal older than me." Athena shook her head and laid it back down on my chest. "I'm tired," she said. "So dreadfully tired." "Me, too," I confided. A few minutes later we drifted off together.

Chapter Thirteen Secrets that We Keep My hardening cock brought me back to the waking world. Dim morning light met my eyes and I blinked the sleep from them. There was a pressure in my groin and I looked down. Full blonde hair covered my waist and shook as my cock was taken deep inside a moist, warm mouth. I pushed the blonde mane aside and sparkling blue eyes and a gorgeous mature face met my gaze.

"Oh, fuck!" I cried out in surprise. "Emmanuelle!" And I came, hard. Full lips and puckered cheeks sucked and my semen disappeared down Emma's tight throat, never to see the light of day.

My head fell back to the pillow and I luxuriated in a few more minutes of post-ejaculation pleasure. Finally the sucking subsided and Emmanuelle pulled her lithe body up to lay atop my chest. "Mmm," she sighed. "Was your night enjoyable, Evan?" "Not as much as this morning," I said. "I don't believe that," Emma said. "I think that girl would be most satisfying. If not, then the Commodore would want to know." "She was," I assured her. "But I do enjoy your presence here, Emmanuelle, at least as much." She smiled, Cheshire-like.

"How much time do we have?" I asked. "The Commodore doesn't return for days," she confided. "But our relationship might grow suspicious if you linger too long." "Do we have time for you to show me around?" I asked.

"I've wanted to see this place, but I wanted to share it with you." She smiled. "We have at least a few hours. Let's get you cleaned up." -- Two kitchens, a library, a billiards room, an armory, an indoor pool, a smoking room, a ladies suite, two offices, a garage, a terrace, a helipad, seven sex chambers, three living rooms, four dining rooms, thirteen baths and twenty-one bedrooms.

That was the grand total of the Commodore's mansion.

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Unless I missed anything. Which I was sure I had. "And this room," I asked, pointing at the next door on the third floor. "Jenn's and Jordan's room," she said. "They're the Commodore's first daughters, by Linda, whose room this originally was." "And what happened to this Linda?" I asked.

Emma hesitated. "She was snuffed." was the final reply. "By the Commodore?" "No," Emmanuelle said quietly. "Linda attempted to escape from the Forbidden Island and was caught by officers of the Coast Patrol. As I told you, by tradition, the Patrol is vested with the power to determine punishment for a Femme so caught.

Even the Commodore could not break that tradition and so Linda. paid the penalty." "You were friends with her," I said.

Emmanuelle nodded and looked down. I lifted her chin. "I am sorry," I said. I took her hand and walked on. Arm-in-arm until we reached the hallway's end. It was there that I spotted a pair of mahogany double-doors that were decorated with a large golden 'S' in a severe, stylized font. I stopped. "What's this room?" I asked. Emmanuelle hesitated.

"Well?" I asked. "I -- I don't know what's behind those doors," she admitted. "You're joking, Emma," I said. "Please, Evan," she said, quickly, "let's move along." "You're not kidding," I said. "You've really never been past these doors? Hmm. I wonder what could be so exclusive that the Commodore wouldn't let one of his own wives see. Does anyone go inside, ever?" "Just Matilda, the head housekeeper." "And how does she get inside?" I asked.

"She has a golden key with a metal 'S' carved into the grip," Emma said. "She only goes in when no one is looking. Please, Evan, let's go." "And how do you know what this key looks like, so precisely?" "Because. well, I've seen where the Commodore hides his." "Get it for me," I ordered. "No! Evan, you mustn't! No one is allowed in there on pain of --!" "He's never going to know, Emma," I said. "You told me, yourself. No one is here today. Now, get the key for me, this instant." Hanging her head, Emma led me to the key's hiding place.

I took the ornate object from her delicate hand. It was as she said: a large, carved golden key. I returned to the double-doors and fit the key into the lock. It opened with a heavy, unnerving CLUNK. I slowly pushed the door open and it swung back to reveal a long, dark passageway. I took Emma's hand. "Let's go," I said.

I followed the hallway for perhaps twenty feet until it turned abruptly to the left and ended at another door. Using the S-key, I unlocked this one, too. It opened into a spacious chamber.

Circular and tall, it was decorated with paintings, tapestries and wall hangings in reds and golds. Several chairs and divans were scattered about the chamber, providing ample space to sit or lie.

The walls were lined with bookshelves containing rare tomes. But the most startling thing of all was the woman in glass. At first I wasn't sure if I was seeing correctly. But after taking a few steps closer to the center of the room, I could make her out clearly.

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A beautiful red-haired woman half-lay on a divan, dressed in naught but a lacy set of red lingerie, in a pose of extreme eroticism. She was as still as a mannequin, but as lifelike as the woman next to me, and encased in a gigantic glass case at the center of the room. I felt that if I could but reach out and touch her, she'd move. "Oh, my god." Emmanuelle breathed. "Is she?" "Real.?" I asked.

"Not anymore. She's stuffed." Emmanuelle took a step back, horrified. Then another and another. I turned to her and that was when I saw the other women. They were standing in one archway of the circular chamber. All three were very much alike: tall, slender, with flowing red ringlets for hair and deep-set blue eyes the color of dangerous, stormy seas.

They were obviously sisters.

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Emmanuelle jumped when she saw them, hands clutched to her mouth to stifle a scream. The three were still, but with wide eyes fixed upon me. They trembled with what I could tell was intense fear. "No," I said. "Don't be afraid of us. We won't hurt you, ladies. I promise." "Who," the girl in the middle started then licked her red lips. "Who are you?" "My name is Evan Anderson." "You're.

you're a man." the first one said. "But where do you come from?" "Well," I said. "I live in New York. But I split my time between London, Paris and about a dozen other locales." "London!" the third girl exclaimed.

"I've always wondered about London. Our mother was from there." "Your mother?" I asked, but I had the feeling that I knew. The girl in the middle, the eldest I believed, pointed to the glass box. I took another look at her, and then back to the three girls. They all shared features with the stuffed woman, but also others that I recognized.

"You're the Commodore's daughters," I said. Together, they nodded. "I'm Victoria," the eldest said, "and these are Catherine and Elizabeth. We are the daughters and lovers of the Commodore." I smiled. Victoria was easily the most beautiful, but the others were each enough to take a man's breath. All of them seemed to be in their late twenties, with Victoria perhaps thirty, though they acted much younger. "What is this place?" Emmanuelle asked. "It's the Chamber of Scion," Victoria told her.

"Where the Commodore keeps his progeny." Victoria stepped up to me and, tentatively, put her hands on my chest. "You've never seen a man other than your father, have you?" She shook her head demurely and looked down. "Just him. And a few women. Just those that father sends to take care of us. I never knew that a man could be so beautiful. I. I wasn't sure any more existed." The other two nodded and stared at me with such hunger that my cock was suddenly hard.

"Evan," Emmanuelle said, "we should go, now." "No, don't!" one of the girls said. Catherine, I thought she was. "Please don't go!

Not yet! Just stay and talk or fuck!" "Yes, stay!" the other two said, plaintively, their pretty slender faces pleading. "Evan! We have to go, now!" Emma said, desperately.

"If he finds out that we have been here, you have no idea of the trouble that we will be in! Hurry --!" "Emma! Sit down and stay!" I said harshly, cutting her off. "We won't tell," Victoria said. "I promise. Just stay a little longer, please." "She's your woman?" Elizabeth asked, nodding towards Emmanuelle. "I don't like her very much. Why don't you just snuff her and take me, instead?

I would make a much better slave to you. I know I would. And when you were done with me you could always snuff me and put me in the box with mother." "With mother." Catherine echoed, a smile on her fair face.

"Lizzy, Katey," Victoria said, exasperated. "Stop simpering and trying to seduce this man, now." She stepped up to me. "After all, can't you see that he wants a real woman?" And she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me, deeply thrusting her tongue down my throat.

I sucked for several seconds on her mouth. Then, throwing Victoria back on a divan, I tore at her red dress -- pulling it down over shoulders and breasts. I quickly removed her panties and struggled with my own pants. My cock slapped on her groin.

I paused on the verge of penetrating her. "You've never seen a man other than your father, have you, little one?" She bit her lip and shook her head.

"So, no real man has ever been inside you!" I said and thrust my cock into her red-haired snatch. She cried out and I pushed in deeper. I started moving in and out, getting faster and faster until I was fucking her all out. My hands went to the long, red ringlets and I pulled her head back to gain access to her neck. I kissed and sucked on her beautiful alabaster throat while she moaned at my cock's advance into her.

Moving down, I sucked on her pale breasts and red nipples. She was moaning and thrashing when I finally came. She shuttered on my cock as she received my sperm. Standing, I pulled Vicky to her feet: breasts bouncing, long alabaster form swaying. She was quite an erotic sight. "Emma, stay right there," I said as she tried to rise.

"I want you to play with yourself -- no, in fact, I want Victoria to pleasure you." "As you wish, sir," Vicky said. She moved over and knelt before Emma. Green eyes caught blue and I could see that Emma was entranced. She breathed heavily as the younger woman's mouth moved to her cunt. "You two," I demanded of the others, "kneel and blow me." I sat where I could see the glass box and received my offerings from the two red-haired girls.

I studied the stuffed mother as her two daughters sucked my cock. My eyes traced every detail of the taxidermy. She was a masterpiece. Perfectly preserved in a moment of extreme eroticism: head partially thrown back, mouth open, hand gripping one breast, the other with fingers in her pussy. On each wrist, I recognized a nearly-concealed gash. Reaching down, I ran a hand through each girl's hair and fucked my cock between their faces until they moaned. Off to the side, I could hear Emmanuelle moaning, getting off from Vicky's mouth.

One by one, I mounted each girl on my cock and they rode me until they orgasmed. When we were finished, I had them kneel again, a face on either side of my cock, and came between them, spraying their pale features.

"Mmm!" Katey said. "That was wonderful, master!" "Are you going to stay with us, master?" Lizzy asked. "I have a comfortable bed you can sleep in where I promise I will keep your cock wet at all times." "That sounds interesting," I said. "But I'm afraid that I can't, sweet thing." "Oh, no!" Katey said. "I just knew it. You're leaving aren't you?" "I'm afraid that I have to," I said. Victoria stood and walked to us.

"Please don't!" she said. "We're so desperate for attention. You can't leave us." "Listen," I said, "you can't tell anyone about our visit; especially not your father. Can you all promise to keep us a secret?" They looked at each other. "We'll do it on one condition," Victoria said. "Alright, name it," I said. "We all want to leave this chamber and see what is outside," she said. "If you can promise us that someday.

someday. you will take us away, then I promise you that we will remain silent about your visit." She looked nervous and defiant, at the same time, but hopeful. I pretended to mull it over. "Alright," I said, "but I can't promise you when I will be back for you.

But I will return. Until then, you need to remain silent about our visit. Treat your father well and do everything he tells you. Agreed?" Vicky smiled. "Agreed, master! Thank you so very much!" I kissed them, one and all, planting one peck on each nipple.

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"We must go, now, girls. Take care of each other." Together, Emmanuelle and I locked the doors behind us and returned to her room. "I feel a little bit like I just returned from the rabbit hole," she said. "Are you really going to free those girls, Evan?" I smiled. "Those three sweet things didn't even know that any men existed anymore.

That kind of devotion is impossible to buy or enforce. It must be worked upon. Hammered and shaped like iron over a long period of time, practically from birth.

Even If I could free them from the Commodore, freedom would just ruin them by turning them into brats." Emmanuelle looked at me. "Then you lied to them," Emma said. "That's a nasty thing to do." I looked at her, mulling. "What would you have me do, Emma? Helping them is going against the Commodore. Perhaps in a fatal way." "Maybe, maybe not." she said. "Are you offering something?" "If I helped you.

with the Commodore." Emmanuelle started out, very slowly and hesitantly. "What would I get?" I smiled at her. The first step towards betrayal was difficult. Emmanuelle had crossed that one when she started screwing me. The second step was even harder. That one she crossed when she offered me the Commodore's secrets, practically of her own volition. But the third step. This one was easy. Chapter Fourteen Goddesses and Monsters Crystal clear water sparkled with the rising sun as I luxuriated in the magnificent vision of Gillian's lips wrapped about my hardened manhood.

I had brought her here to this beach, away from prying eyes. Saliva dripped from her lips in copious amounts, trailing a long line from her chin. I played with her long blonde tresses, absently. Young Gillian had become quite the cocksucker in the past two days. But it was about time for more than that. I reached down and pulled her from my cock. "It's time, girl," I said. "Mount me." She hesitated, but not enough to generate a rebuke from me. An hour of my whip upon her back, provoked by her refusal to service my cock the first day, had taught her that I was not a master to be disobeyed or trifled with.

I looked into her eyes as she slid down upon me, ever so slowly. I watched her brows furrow in tense passion. "Tell me, girl," I said. "Have you been with another man?" There was a pause. "Oh no, sir. No one." "Then I want you to take your cherry with my cock. Down all the way in one quick thrust ought to do it, Gillian." Raising her hips up a bit, she gritted her teeth and then thrust herself down upon me, in a swift motion.

"OOH! Fuck me, it hurts!" she cried. I grabbed her neck and held her. "It will pass, girl," I said. "Oh, oh, god!" she grunted. I started moving her atop me. Gradually, she joined in the motion and was soon thrusting against me, youthful tits bouncing in my face as she got herself off on my ridged, experienced cock. She screamed as she came. Crying out, I came with her and my seed sprayed inside her for the first time.

"Was that good, Mr. Anderson?" she asked. "Evan, girl. Call me Evan." "Evan," she repeated. She smiled at me. I stood and gathered my clothes. "Get dressed," I told her. "Let's see what there is to find on this island." Taking Gillian's hand, I delved into the trees.

We walked for nearly an hour until we arrived at several large buildings. Gillian brushed an errant lock of blonde hair from her beautiful face. "Where are we?" she asked. "What is this place, Evan?" "I don't know. Somewhere near the center of the island. I don't remember seeing it on the map I was given," I replied. "Let's take a look, dear." I was moving in for a closer look when I caught sight of movement: a blonde woman in a beach chair.

I recognized the woman's face. It was Athena. Was this where the Commodore was keeping her? After our night together, I had wondered if I would ever see her again. But here she was.

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Hope sprung into my mind. Perhaps I could convince the Commodore to let me visit with her, when he got back from his trip. I froze as Athena stood and her form came into view. A cold shock passed over me as I saw the bulging belly on her once slender form.

She was pregnant. But how? It had been less than three days since our night together. and the woman I was staring at was somehow around six months pregnant. I watched her gather her things and disappear inside the building. I shook my head. -- "I wasn't imagining it! She really was pregnant, Jacob!" We were at the Blue View Club, on the deck twenty feet from the water. "And you slept with this girl, what?" Jacob said, incredulously. "Only days beforehand? I don't mean to disbelieve you Evan, but what you're saying is clearly impossible.

Surely you can see that. There must be some explanation for what you saw." I shook my head. "Something is going on, and I'm going to find out what." I pounded my fist upon the table, in emphasis. Dark-haired Judy poked her head out from under the table. "Did I do something wrong, master?" she asked Jacob. "Not at all," he said.

"Go back to what you were doing." She obliged. "Sorry," I said. "I shouldn't be so adamant." "I'd just recommend that you be careful crossing the Commodore, Evan," Jacob said. "It can be dangerous to do so." Jacob took a sip of his drink. "I can't get anything decent to drink around here, ever since you appropriated Sophia." "Me neither," I said. "I think I'll have her return to work.

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She doesn't do anything but lounge around anyway." "Make sure she wears your collar," Jacob said. "Or I might take her, myself." "Well, I'll leave you to Judy, man," I said. "I'm going to go think about some things." "Later, man." -- When I returned to my beach house, there was a jeep outside.

Devon obediently met me at the door, naked tits bouncing. "You have some visitors today, master." I entered and saw Emmanuelle. I smiled. I always felt better when she was around.

Another woman was with her: medium height, a little fuller than Emmanuelle, but still slender; black-rimmed glasses that matched her shoulder-length hair. Brown eyes that looked intelligent but distant.

"Evan, this is Dr. Paige." I took her hand. "Doctor. What can I do for you or you for me?" "I am employed by the Commodore," she said, "to run a very special facility for the Club Fatale: a breeding facility. Perhaps you've heard of it. Well, before the Commodore left, he instructed us, in the event of a gestation, to show this facility to you and enlighten you to our ultimate plans." "You're talking about Athena." "Yes," Paige said. "My security cameras caught you outside the facility yesterday.

I believed that you saw something. Now it is confirmed." "I just want to know how a girl gets six months pregnant in a couple of days." Paige stepped up to me, close; breasts nearly touching. It was only then that I realized how attractive she was. "Then come with me and I'll show you." "Before you say yes, Evan," Emmanuelle said, "I have to caution you that what you will see and be asked to do is like nothing you have ever experienced." I didn't hesitate. "Let's go." -- Emmanuelle dropped us off.

"You're not coming?" I asked her. "No," she said and shuttered. "This place makes me uneasy, Evan. Good luck." And she roared away from the building. "Do I need it?" I asked to myself. "This way, Mr.

Anderson," Paige said. The Doctor led me quickly into the building complex. As we entered, I spotted two members of the Coast Patrol. I had never seen them close up. Always they lurked in the background, usually on watercraft beyond the surf. But here they were out here in force. I watched Paige's ass wiggle before me. "You're not like the others, are you?" I asked. "Not a slave, you mean?" Paige asked playfully. "No. I'm a free woman who has an arrangement with the Commodore. I perform the experiments he desires and he pays my exorbitant fee." "Too bad," I said.

"You'd fit in well as a Femme. Most of them could use a little more backbone." She opened the next door for me. As I passed her, our eyes met. She held them for a moment, but then looked away. We then entered into something called Secure Room One.

SR1 was protected by biometric locks and electronic doors, guarded by the Coast Patrol night and day and monitored by security cameras around the clock.

Doctor Paige led me into a computerized laboratory where several lab technicians where hard at work running computer models on what looked like human DNA typing. "The entire facility that you are standing in is dedicated to the production of what the Commodore has dubbed 'Dolls.'" Several computer models showed young gorgeous women in a 3d simulated perspective. "They're genetically engineered, aren't they?" "Not at this time," Paige said, "I simply don't have the budget necessary to perform next generation genetic engineering on human beings.

But Dolls are the next best thing. Taken and bred from the finest of Femmes, they are stronger, more beautiful, more pliant and more economical than the current Femme. They will revolutionize the Club Fatale and set it apart from its rivals." "Rivals? There are others who provide the same service as the Club Fatale?

Now, how is it that I've never heard of this?" "I'm afraid that I don't know much about them," Paige said. "My position is technical. I solve very specific biological challenges." "Such as?" We proceeded into SR2, where I observed the lifecycle of the Dolls from birth through adolescence and into adulthood. "When I was employed at a biotech firm," Paige continued, "I discovered that a revolutionary derivative of the Human Growth Hormone could be used to accelerate the human ageing process.

At first, I tried to reverse engineer a youth agent: one that I hoped would destroy the ageing process altogether. I failed. But the original formula still has its uses. I call it HGA: Human Growth Accelerant. With it, I can accelerate a Femme to full maturation in just a little over one hundred and twenty days." "You mean that you can make a person in four months?" "Essentially, yes.

Given a suitable mother. The only problem is that, in such large quantities, the HGA permanently alters the metabolism of the subject." "They keep getting older," I said. "Yes, at a reduced rate, but yes," she said quietly. "I'm still looking for a way to counteract the effect completely." "As the girls age, they are exposed to a simplistic form of mind programming. Specifically, computer assisted learning. It programs them with the skills necessary to operate in society, or at least one as primitive as the Club Fatale society." "Primitive?" "Yes, Mr.

Anderson," she said. "A primitive society that consists of little more than: eat, drink, fuck, replicate and get snuffed. While I can understand the primitive urges that these desires are based upon, it is, nonetheless, primitive." "You're oversimplifying, doctor," I retorted.

"There is nothing simplistic or primitive about the emotion bond between a master and slave or the intricate games of social dominance that they play. Nothing is more complicated than the look in a woman's eyes when she knows that she is about to give you her life. There is a desire there to give you the best time you've ever had, even though she won't be around to know about it. I can assure you, it is a very complex intellectual and spiritual process." Paige looked at me.

"You speak with passion, Mr. Anderson. I admire passion in a man. Perhaps I misjudged some things about you." "Call me Evan, Doctor," I said. "Susan." she murmured. "So why did you really bring me here, Susan?" "Stage three," she said. "Replication. It's the most difficult part: a part that I need your assistance with." "My assistance?" "A man's assistance," she said.

"And you are a man. aren't you?" "Lead on, then." And I followed her. "Athena is nearing the end of her birthing cycle. It is a very costly process to the mother, growing a child in just four days. And the birth itself is even more dangerous. Someone must provide assistance during this delicate time." "I'll do anything to help," I said. We stopped in front of a one-way glass window into a maternity room. Athena was there. I stared at the once beautiful girl. She was emaciated and gaunt, but somehow still had a luster about her, like nothing I had ever seen.

She was like a shiny penny with grime overtop, but she was still half the woman she had been. "My god," I said. "The fetus has leeched the nutrients from her body," Paige said. "Her body weight is dangerously low. Medicine is the only thing keeping her going, now. But she needs more than just that." "What does she need?" "Adrenaline and endorphins released during the sexual act," Paige said.

"I need you to fuck her like you've never fucked before. Can you do that?" I nodded. "Then stay here while I prepare things," she said. I watched her ass sway off. There were several more rooms connected to the hallway and I found myself wondering who was in them.

Unable to contain my curiosity, I walked down the hallway and looked in the windows. Behind the first few, I saw stunningly beautiful girls.

Each seemed to be undergoing examinations or tests. A brunette. A redhead. Another blonde. All were beautiful like Athena: pure and untouched. But behind the last window, I saw something that shocked me to the core.

At first it was just a shadow, but resolved itself into a human form. "Evan!" Susan's voice came from behind me. I spun. "Evan," she said again, in an almost dangerous tone, "you shouldn't be looking where you're not supposed to be." "Are you threatening me, Susan?" I asked. "Certainly not," she said. "If you'll follow me, please?" Paige took me to what looked like a hospital nurse's station. "Please remove your pants and underwear and sit," she said.

As I complied, I watched her prepare an injection. "I'm afraid that this is going to hurt, Evan," she said and stuck me. "Fuck!" I hissed. "That hurt like a motherfucker, Susan! And it was uncomfortably close to my cock." "I'm so sorry." she said, condescendingly. And then, sultry: "Perhaps I could make it up to you, though." Without further ado she bent down and took my cock between her lips. I sprang to full erection almost immediately, my mouth falling open.

Susan Paige was aggressive, arrogant, pretentious, self-important and egotistical. She was also a champion cocksucker. "Oh, fucking god, Susan," I mumbled. "You suck like a fucking goddess!" In less than sixty seconds I was spraying into her mouth. As I looked at my semen dripping from her lips and chin, I realized that that must be some sort of record. She slowly licked at her lips, swallowing my jizz, and stared at my cock as if she expected it to sprout wings and fly away. I took me a few seconds to realize that something was different.

I wasn't loosing rigidity. In fact, I was harder than ever: ready, I realized, for another round. I touched her face, aroused again by the prospect of facefucking her. She pulled away, and stood. "Perfect," she said. "What the fuck did you do to me?" I demanded. "A cocktail of my own design, sweetie," she said. "It will keep you hard and pumping for at least four hours.

Trust me you're going to need it today." I followed Paige as she entered Athena's room. Athena looked up, surprised. "Oh, god, Evan!" she said. "I'm so glad you're here. I'm about to have your child! I can't explain how happy this makes me!" "Me too, my sweet," I said, as we embraced.

"Now, we have to stimulate her adrenaline and endorphins, Evan," Paige said. "There isn't much time to waste, so, please, start fucking her." I stepped up to Athena, pulled her to her feet and lay down in her place.

"Mount me, my love," I demanded. Awkwardly, she climbed atop me and slid down on my wet cock. I luxuriated in the delicious sensation of her heavy belly on my stomach. It was a feeling that I hadn't felt since my former wife's pregnancy over sixteen years ago. And one that I just realized I had desperately missed.

I aided her with leverage and soon she was moving up and down on my manhood, belly bouncing and tits jumping. She cried out and I met her with: "Oh, fuck, baby, yes!" Paige monitored Athena's vitals as we fucked, urging us to go faster and faster, until I was fucking the girl all out, as vigorously as I had ever fucked any woman. I bounced her atop me violently. I reached up and wrapped my fingers about Athena's frail neck. The neck was my favorite part on a woman's body and hers was so beautiful, even, and especially, emaciated as it was right now.

It looked so beautiful, so weak and breakable. I felt that I could snap it with a single twist and take two lives as one.

I cried out and came at the erotic thought, spraying deep into Athena's belly. As before, my cock stayed ridged and I felt the intense need to continue and take her again. Turning her onto her hands and knees, I fucked the blonde goddess from behind.

She cried out as her heavy belly and full tits swayed beneath her and I slid my fingers up her engorged abdomen and gripped the heavy melons in either hand. I pounded her from behind, plunging into her again and again, as violently as I could.

I rolled through orgasm after orgasm as I fucked Athena in every imaginable position. Harder and harder I went each time. I pulled on her neck, her breasts, her hair and her arms. "OH, GOD! OH, FUCK!" I screamed as I came for the umpteenth orgasm, taking Athena in missionary this time, plowing into her belly. Athena was breathing heavily now, panting with absolute exhaustion.

I felt like my chest was about to explode. I was suddenly afraid to push her any further, even though I desperately wanted to. My cock ached for the final release that it was forever being denied.

Suddenly, Athena cried out. "Oh," she yelped, "I think I just went into contractions! Is the baby ready, Doctor Paige?!" "Yes, dear," Paige said and smoothed her hair. "Evan you must help me, now! The contractions will get faster and faster until the baby comes." "What do I do?" I asked. Paige moved to Athena's right arm. "We must restrain her, Evan," she said, as she fastened a leather strap about the woman's wrist.

I did the same with Athena's left wrist and then both her legs. While I did, Paige fixed a rubber tube gag between Athena's teeth.

"You are going to have to bite down hard when the baby comes. No matter what happens you must continue to push or your child will never survive, dear." Athena nodded, confused, but determined. Paige then laid Athena's head back and fixed a strap about her forehead, locking her in place with throat exposed and mouth accessible. I pulled Paige aside. "What are you doing to her?" I asked. "Evan, you are the most important part of this delivery," the dark-haired doctor said, while adjusting her glasses.

"I am?" I asked and then I said: "I'll do everything I can to assist you, Susan. Just tell me what I have to do." "You must snuff her," Paige said coolly. Athena's eyes grew wide. "What?" I asked. "She is too weak to deliver. I've known for some time that it would be this way. I had hoped that she would be the first to make it through the delivery process. However, only pure adrenaline generated by the shock of a violent death can save the baby now.

Do you understand, Evan?" "You mean that. all the women that give birth here. all the mothers, they die?" I asked.

"Oh, yes," she said, "they die, most horribly and painfully, but also beautifully and gloriously, bringing life into the world." My cock jumped and I smiled. "Tell me what to do," I said. Athena cried out, violently, from another contraction. "Mount her face! Quickly!" I did, swiftly positioning myself before Athena's face, cock pointed toward her mouth. I let my cock hover at the entrance. Athena mumbled, trying to protest.

"It's okay, sweet baby," I said as I smoothed her hair. "Our daughter will be fine, I promise!" She cried out as another contraction hit her. "Do it, now, Evan!" Paige hissed. I pressed forward and took Athena's throat with one smooth motion.

Thrusting forward and pulling at her hair, I held her to me, tightly. I was in heaven; I was immersed in pure pleasure. Oh, god, she was so tight! Another contraction hit and I could feel the pressure as Athena bit at the gag, in agony. "Push!" Paige said. And then, to me: "Fuck her face, hard!" I pulled back only long enough to allow her one breath and then thrust forward with all my might, ramming deep to the back of her throat for a slit second before pulling out and thrusting back in wild and ruthless abandon.

Back and forth I skull-fucked her, punishing her with bone crushing thrusts designed for maximum damage. My balls slapped against her face with audible smacking sounds.

"Push! Push, Athena! Push!" Paige was saying, along with: "Fuck her harder! Take her! Break her! Fuck her fucking face!" I fucked Athena's throat through several orgasms, filling her mouth with hot, endless come each time. Twenty minutes later, I looked down at the punished girl. Come and spit covered her bruised face.

Blood seeped from her broken nose and mashed lips. She was gasping, struggling for breath. Struggling for life. Her epic endurance had reached its limit.

She was on the edge of a precipice with no way of stepping back. She was bound and controlled: a toy made for men to love, to punish. and to destroy. I pulled at her head and hair, this way and that, grinding her harder onto my cock. She grunted and whimpered upon me as I held her close and deep. "I can see the baby!" Paige cried. She looked at me from across the bound, birthing goddess. "She's almost out! You must -- you have to do it, now, Evan! Snuff her out! Murder her, now! Or we'll lose it!" I pressed forward and leaned my full weight upon Athena's head and frail neck, crushing her, my cock down her throat, choking off all breath to her once glorious body.

I held her, hands tight in her hair as she convulsed one last time with a contraction that shook her entire body and mine. Pulling back, I thrust forward with all my might and felt the snap of several vertebrae in her spine. There was a whimper from deep within her, soft and pitiful, muffled by the cock in her throat. Fucking harder, I felt more bones break: several more vertebrae, her collarbone and her jaw.

The tightness suddenly gave way to slackness. Almost immediately I heard the crying of a child. She had done it!


I furiously fucked her limp head and slack throat and exploded down her gullet, wildly. Finally, I removed my cock from her bloody face. I turned to Paige and saw her holding the child in her arms. She smiled wickedly at me and, turning, took the child away.