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Chapter 1 My name is Jasmine and this is my story&hellip. I always considered myself to be just a regular girl.

I have a brother, James, who is two years younger than me and the sweetest kid you could ever meet. When I was little I liked to ride my bike, play with dolls and with the other kids in the neighborhood just like everyone else. They say that girls mature sooner than boys but for me that just isn't true. Even now I am rather immature and quite childish and very girlie, but my body went a slightly different direction.

It started developing at an early age. At about 10 years old my breasts started growing and although this is not that unheard of, for me it was a reason for discomfort. My friends were a bit curious about them, and what 10 year old wouldn't be… They weren't that big yet, about the size of apples, perky and with nipples the size of quarters, but for a girl my age they definitely stood out (literally).

It was summer break and we had just finished 3rd grade. My friend Katie was having some of us over at her pool for the day. I was in my room trying on my bathing suit when my mom heard me throw some stuff on the ground and become quite frustrated. She came in to check on me and I was standing in front of my closet with my bathing suit half on, the bottom part was on covering my butt and up to my flat belly. She asked what was going on: "It doesn't fit anymore, it just doesn't." I said "OK, why don't I try to help you, you haven't grown much since we bought this for you, you are pretty much the same height, so there's no reason why this shouldn't fit just fine".

She started to pull it up and it went on fine, like she said, until it reached my breasts. She stopped there and an involuntary "Oh…" came out.

"Well sweetie, it seems that you have grown a bit… up here…" she said while looking at them. "Why are they so big?" I asked. "They are not big hon, it's just that they came in a bit… early, that's all. It's nothing to worry about, in fact it is perfectly normal.

Let's try to get your arms through the straps." She pulled the straps up and I slid my hands in them. It felt a bit snug around the chest and my breasts were being squeezed a bit but it finally fit. Mom said that it was time to go and so I put on a light blue summer dress and got my flip-flops on and headed out the door.

Katie lived just down the street and we got there quickly. Her mom let us in and started chatting with my mom. I ran to the back yard where the rest of my friends were. Katie and two other girls, Samantha and Ashley were there. They were already in the pool, so I threw my summer dress of and jumped in the water, which was a bit cold, but it was really hot outside and I got used to it easily.

We haven't all seen each other since school got out a month ago so we started chatting about what we have been up to this summer.


I noticed that the girls were looking at me kind of funny and at first thought that it was just because we haven't talked in a while, but then I noticed that they were staring at my breasts. I looked down and saw that my nipples had gotten hard because of the cold water and they were quite visible through the light pink material of my one piece bathing suit.

All of our bathing suits were similar in shape and design, and if you looked closer you could tell that their nipples were also hard, which is normal, but my suit was much tighter around the chest than theirs were and my nipples were showing much more due to their size and stiffness.

I suddenly became very self-aware and felt my cheeks get red. I had my back against the edge of the pool and they were around me.

"Wow Jasmine, you got your boobs already!" said one of them. "That's so cool" "Yeah, I wish mine would be at least half the size of yours" said the other one. My breasts were about an A cup, but to them they seemed big since they were all flat chested or almost flat. They weren't being mean or even teasing me, they were just curious and apparently thought that it was cool. In fact I felt like they were jealous of my development even though I didn't see the attraction to it, so I didn't think that way at all.

I was just embarrassed and wanted to go home. I said that I had to use the bathroom and got out of the pool. Katie came with me and as we got in the house her older brother was coming out. He just said "Hi" and stepped out, but I noticed that he was also staring at my chest and I got even more embarrassed.

He was 14 years old and I didn't understand why he was looking at me that way. Surely the girls in his grade were more developed than me… (or at least that's what I thought). After using the bathroom quickly I found my mom and asked her to go home. I told her that I wasn't feeling ok. I said goodbye to the girls and went home. I didn't tell my mom what the real reason for leaving was, I just ran to my room and locked the door.

I got in front of the closet door and wanted to take the bathing suit off and get into my T-shirt and shorts. As I grabbed one strap, I paused for a moment… I looked at myself in the full mirror and saw what everyone else could see: I was about the same height as the other girls, king of skinny, my butt was a bit more round than I remembered, flat stomach, but my boobs(as one of the girls called them) seemed big for my frame.

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The bathing suit didn't help eighter; it was squeezing them together and creating a cleavage, like what you would see on a woman, or an older girl at least. My nipples were standing out through the wet material and they ached a bit.

I took the bathing suit off and noticed some light marks from where it had squeezed me. For the rest of that summer I only wore loose shirts and baggy clothes. As time passed by my body continued to develop, at the age of 12 I had hit puberty and had my first period.

My body was getting more shapely and more like a teenager. At 14 I finished 8th grade and had a small formal dance at school. My mom and I were planning to go shopping for a dress that afternoon and I was all excited. We went to the mall and into the dress store. I picked up a few and went into the dressing room while mom was still looking around at some stuff.

I got in and closed the door. I pulled my T shirt off and then stepped out of my jeans. There were 3 mirrors all around me so I can see all angles. I looked at myself briefly. I was wearing a pair of cotton panties and a simple white bra. The 32C cups seemed to be a bit tight on my breasts, pushing them together and up, the effect was almost as a push-up bra (not that I needed one) and the straps were leaving some light marks on my shoulders.

I tried on the 2 dresses that I had picked and they both fitted right on. They were not revealing or anything like that and quite appropriate for a girl my age going to an 8th grade formal.

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But I was showing a lot more cleavage in both of them than they were designed to. Both had a high cut but it did not help much with that bra pushing my full breasts up into view… My mom finally knocked at the door and I let her in to see how it fits. I was wearing the red one that she liked best when we picked them out.

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I liked that one better also. She looked at me up and down and said that I looked great. As she looked at my chest she paused for a bit and I blushed. She pulled on the straps a bit and that just made my breasts bounce up and down. It was as much as any dress was going to conceal, so we just went with that one.

We picked up a pair of matching 2" heels, any higher and I would not be comfortable wearing them. The day of the dance I was getting ready in my room. I put some light lip-gloss on and did my naturally blond hair a bit.


I never liked wearing makeup like some of the other girls, I guess I just didn't want any attention, in fact I was trying to avoid that kind of stuff. I slipped the dress on and then the shoes. As I looked in the mirror again my eyes immediately went to my chest, which was squeezed up by my bra and pushed out by the dress. At the school dance there were some girls that were wearing a bit more reviling dresses (probably on purpose) but all I could think of was how to cover myself.

The boys were looking at my chest when they were talking to me and kept insisting that I dance. During a slow dance they would try to get as close as they could and kept looking down my cleavage every two seconds. It was pretty obvious, but I guess at that age they didn't quite know how to conceal it. No one was disrespectful or anything like that, but I was the most asked girl to dance and I was getting a bit tired and a bit embarrassed, especially when I noticed that some of the male teachers were looking rather insistently at me and some of the girls threw me some jealous looks.

I wasn't trying to get any of this attention, and the truth is I actually hated it. A couple of hours later I was just about ready to go home and I called my dad to come pick me up. That was the last time I wore that dress or anything like it. As time passed by my body continued to develop against my wishes, not in a bad way as far as guys were concerned or even my girlfriends from school which were always a bit envious.

I was 16 years old now and at home taking a shower. I was invited to Katie's birthday that day and just about to get ready. I stepped into the shower and turned the water on. It was cold at first but got warmer quickly. I started washing myself with a white luffa and a very foamy body wash. I really liked the way it felt against my skin, except for my chest. The luffa was smooth enough but my nipples had always been a bit more sensitive than normal.


But as time went on it seemed that they had become very sensitive, so when I washed them I was feeling a small shiver every time something would rub against them. It didn't hurt or anything like that, just gave me goose bumps and some slight sensations through my body.

After I was done washing everything, I stepped out of the shower and dried off with a soft towel. As I was standing in front of the mirror I turned around and looked at myself. I was 5'6" with nice toned long legs, shapely calves and thighs, my hips weren't large but very round and stood out especially in contrast to my slim waist. My stomach was flat, mostly because I played volleyball at school and they made us do a bunch of abs during conditioning.

My breasts were now a size 34DD and my small frame made them look even larger, with pink silver dollar size nipples that were slightly inverted and always very sensitive. I weighed only 125 lbs. due to jogging and In spite of their large size my breasts were very firm. They barely had any sag and were heavy and always felt very full to the touch. I was not embarrassed of my appetence but definitely self-conscious. As I looked in the mirror I realized I was what some would refer to as luscious.

My butt was firm bur perfectly round and a bit on the larger side but without being wide at all, just outwardly prominent.

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I had always been rather hairless on my body, I waxed my legs and underarms occasionally but only because I didn't like having even the slightest fuzz there. My pussy lips were a bit puffy and had a light blonde fuzz but it never bothered me and I never thought about removing that.

I got dressed in a blue plaid skirt that came just above the knee, a white shirt which fit just fine around my waist but very tight around my chest. I had no choice in shirts since a larger size would be more comfortable for my large bust but too lose around my tight waist and that would just look silly and like I'm wearing two or three sizes too large. I put on a pair of knee high white socks and a pair of sneakers.

Underneath I wore a pair of white thong panties made of a rather thin material but very comfortable and a white bra made form a simple but thinner material as well. I worked on my hair a bit and put on some lip gloss and curled my eye lashes a bit. They were naturally long so I didn't have to work on them much either. I was pleased with the way I looked and I grabbed Katy's present and headed out the door.

She only lived about 10 minutes away so I just walked there. She had about a dozen girls at the party, most of them I knew from childhood or from school.

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The other two girls that we were close with, Samantha and Ashley were there already. We made some small talk and complemented each other's outfits which seemed a bit more dressy looking than mine.

Samantha was wearing a dress which came up to her mid-thigh with some cleavage and high heels. Ashley was wearing a skirt shorter than mine with a thin blouse and you could see a bit of her black bra and higher heels than Sam.

It seemed that they wanted to attract a bit more attention or maybe just show their bodies off a bit. Not in a slutty way, we were all girls at the party, but more in a teenage way if you will.

The party was pretty mellow, we just hung out and had pizza and sodas, talked about what seemed like everyone at our school and joked around. Towards the evening some of the girls started leaving and all that was left were Katy, Ashley and myself. We went up to Katy's room and Ashley took off her heels. "I just bought these yesterday and they are killing me" she said. "They look great on you but the heels seem too high, especially for me" I said. "Try them on" said the girls.

I was a bit hesitant at first since I had never worn anything over 2" heels and these were a full 4". But I was curious and so I tried them on. They were really nice, patent black leather with a thin strap around the ankle and an open toe design in the front.

I could barely stand up straight on them but I must admit they looked quite elegant on my little feet. The girls both agreed that they looked great and said that it made my calves look sexy. I laughed and then Katy said that my thighs and butt were also "hot" as she put it.

We all giggled and I tried walking around the room for a bit. It was wobbly at first but I kind of got the hang of it after a bit. It was getting late and I said I should go home. We hugged and on my way out of her room before stepping down the stairs I realized that I still had the heels on.

I turned around to take them off but Ashley insisted that I wore them home to get used to the hight better and just bring them to her on Monday. I finally agreed and left my sneakers behind for her to ware home that night since we were the same shoe size. I balanced precariously on the heels down the stairs and then left the house and started walking down the street. It wasn't very late, just a bit after 9PM but it was getting dark pretty fast in October.

As I was balancing precariously on the heels, a van pulled over next to me and one guy stepped out of the passenger side and asked me for directions. He said that they were lost in our residential neighborhood and needed to get back on the highway. I tried to explain the best route from where we were, when the side door opened next to me and another man grabbed my arm and started pulling me in. The one I was talking to put one hand over my mouth and shoved me in with the other one.

I was thrown into the van and they both held me down while it drove away. I was frozen with fear and stupor at what was happening and how fast it happened. I couldn't tell you how far they drove, but they stopped behind an old warehouse by the train yard. This was a cargo van with no windows, so they made me kneel on the floor while the driver stepped back with us.

Two of them seemed to be around 35 years old and one seemed around 20, that's the one who was asking for directions. The driver had a short rope in his hand and the other two forced my hands behind my back and started tying them up.

The driver remained behind me while the other two were just staring at me up and down. Without saying a word, the one on my right reached out and touched my chin, then started tracing his fingers down my neck and towards the first button of my shirt. I remained motionless, still in shock, until he pulled on the first button. As the first shirt button was opened, I started to scream.

He then slapped me across the face and I just looked up at him shocked. I had never been hit before in any way, so this was a first for me.

The first of many firsts that this night had in for me as I was soon to realize. Noticing that I'm now quiet, he proceeded to the next button, and then the third one which exposed part of my large cleavage and tight bra. The younger one just looked at my bust while the other one reached for another button. I started to beg them to stop, but the driver, who was still behind me grabbed my throat and informed me that I would be killed if I didn't at least try to cooperate.

He then pulled out a knife and moved the blade in front of my eyes. I just froze when I saw this and didn't even realize when the other one had finished opening the last shirt button.

The driver pulled the shirt back over my shoulders and down towards my tied hands behind me. My bra was now exposed and they just smiled… The one who had opened my shirt started pulling one of the straps down now and then the other. The bra stayed unmoved, so he took the knife from the driver and cut right between the now overflowing cups. I gasped when I felt the cold steel blade touch my skin. The two cups swung loose and my breasts were totally exposed for the first time in my life to a stranger.

In fact I never led anyone see me naked, other than my mother when I was little or my father. I have had a boyfriend the previous year but we never got past kissing. I wasn't a prude, but just not interested in sex. I was very childish and more into hanging out with my friends and stuff like that.

Now that my breasts were exposed, the younger one just stared at them and said: "Those aren't real, are they?" The other one shook his head and answered: "probably not… their too big and don't sag almost at all.

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Plus look how perfectly round they are" and as he was saying this, he reached out with one hand and grabbed my right breast. At first slowly, and then started squeezing it more and weighing it by grabbing underneath and bouncing it in his hand. I had never been touched like this before and started to cri and begging them to stop. He looked at the other two and said: "Wow, they sure ARE real".

The younger one grabbed the left one and now they were both touching them and it just made me cringe. As their palms brushed over my nipples, they immediately started getting hard, and because they were always so sensitive I just gasped when they started pinching them… "Ah, please, please don't do that." I said as the one on the right started to roll my nipple between his thumb and index finger and the one on my left was pulling the other one toward him and smiling like there were the first breasts that he has ever touched.

They just continued and I was just gasping and shaking at their every touch. My nipples were very hard by now and extremely sensitive. I was whimpering like a little girl, so the one behind me asked how old I was. I hesitated for a second and then I shyly said: "I.

I'm 16…". "No way!" said the other one on my right. He then smiled and got closer to my face, his hand still holding my nipple and occasionally twisting it. He leaned in and started kissing me on the mouth. I tried to pull away by the held me and pulled me back by my tit, which hurt and made me gasp again. That's when he stuck his tongues in my mouth and with the other hand squeezed my mouth to keep it open. I was totally disgusted and trying to scream but his mouth was covering mine and his tongue kept exploring inside my mouth and licking my lips.

The younger one leaned in forward and started licking my left nipple. I couldn't even react since my mouth was being invaded and I was being held there kneeling and unable to move. He then started sucking on it and I felt it get even harder in his mouth and sending sensations through my young teenage body.

The one behind me reached to my flat stomach and made his way down to my skirt, reached underneath it and touched my panties lightly at first and then started rubbing my pussy through the thin material of my white panties. I tried to struggle but the three of them were obviously overpowering me and so I stood there kneeling, one strangers hand on my pussy, which had never been touched by anyone before, one hand on my breast, one mouth on the other one and one mouth covering mine in the most disgusting way possible, trying to make out with me and licking my whole face in the process.

The hand between my legs started pulling my panties to one side and exposing my cunny to the fresh air. His fingers started tracing my puffy lips and started rubbing them. I was going crazy trying to pull away from all of these hands and mouths that were giving me sensations that I was not equipped to deal with. As he was rubbing my pussy, he started making comments on how wet I was and how I was liking it.

I just shook my head and tried to scream "NOOO" but was unable to. As his fingers slipped between my pussy lips, they found my clit and he started rubbing it. Between my tender boobs being stimulated and my clit being touched for the first time, I just felt a wave come over me, my body started shaking and I just held my breath as the first orgasm of my life hit me.

They all pulled away and just stared at me with big grins on their faces. I didn't even realize what just happened, let alone like it one bit, but as I was regaining my breath, the one behind me just exclaimed: "I can't believe she came just from that.

I barely touched her clit for 5 seconds." He then turned his face toward me and asked: "You're not a virgin… Are you ?" I just started crying and nodded yes. "Bullshit !" said the other one. "Well, I guess we will find out soon" said the one behind me.

They stood up and untied my hands and made me sit on all fours. My shirt and bra were thrown off on the floor and my skirt was hiked up over my round hips and my panties pulled down to my knees. My legs were close together and my pussy lips were now squeezed out towards the guy behind me.

My large boobs were hanging below me and since they were so firm, they would bounce with every move that I made or every touch from one of their grabs. The one behind me started pushing one finger between my pussy lips and I Immediately gasped but the one in front of me stuck his thumb in my mouth, preventing me from crying out. He told me to just close my pouty lips around his finger and suck on it. When I didn't do that, he pulled the knife out again and I instantly started sucking out of fear.

My vaginal opening was extremely moist due to the recent touches it endured and the unwanted orgasm, so the assailant behind me started inserting two fingers now and I just cried out in pain. "Wow, she is soo tight…" he said as he started to move his fingers in and out of my virgin pussy. The younger one grabbed both my tits and started roughly squishing them and pulling down at my nipples. The one in front of me unzipped his pants and pulled out his penis.

This was the first one I had ever seen in real live, other than the plastic ones they showed us in sex ed' at school and a couple I saw on the web when the girls and me were just messing around on Katie's computer. It got closer to my face, I could smell it, see the veins and the large amount of precum that had accumulated around the tip and the head. He just told me to open my mouth, but when I didn't, the one behind me told him to wait just one minute. He then pulled out his fingers from my vagina and I felt something else touch my sensitive cunny.

I realized it was his cock and tried to pull away, but it was too late. He grabbed my round hips and started pushing in slowly. I opened my mouth to scream and that's when the other one shoved his cock into mi mouth. I kept trying to scream but it was too big and he kept forcing it in further. The one in my vagina was now making its way slowly toward my hymen and when that broke I started shaking in pain and trying toi push myself up with my hands, but the one holding my now tormented boobs was holding me down by both nipples.

I was trapped. I had no choice but to stay on all fours with by round butt in the air, fat cock in my mouth and another one in my deflowered pussy. They both started pumping in and out of me rhythmically and all I could feel is pain and disgust.

Although I was extremely tight, I was also very wet from the finger fucking so he managed to slide in all the way and was now hitting my cunny with his balls while penetrating me a bit faster and slapping my but cheeks. "I've never had anything so tight in my life. It almost hurts when I push in and out of her" said the one behind me. "She's by far the hottest I have ever touched let alone put my prick in" I was moaning in pain when I realized that tingling sensation from earlier.

"This can't be happening again" I thought.

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The younger one was now flicking both of my tender tits and the one behind me started to go faster into my tight little cunny, and that's when it hit me without warning&hellip.

I started shaking and moaning onto the cock in my mouth. I was feeling absolutely no pleasure but mi body just reacted the way it was designed to. As I was having my orgasm, the one in my mouth was feeling all the vibrations in my throat and kept looking down at my blue eyes. He made a cringed face, still looking at me and started ejaculating in my mouth. I did not realize until then, but he was just trying to hold back as much as he could ever since he first entered my mouth.

Since the first time his cock passed between my pouty lips, or maybe since he first touched my firm young boobs, or even since he felt his erection as he saw me walk down the street in my black patent high heels, white knee high socks, plaid skirt and tight busted shirt. Nevertheless, he was now cumming in my mouth and I was more than surprised at the gross taste, the large amount and just at the fact that someone was squirting jet after jet of semen and it was leaking between my lips and down my chin.

He grunted and pushed it in even more, forcing me to swallow in order not to choke on the disgusting fluid. He pumped a few times more and then he pulled out. Tears were running down my face and cum was running down my chin and coating my lips that they all seemed to like so much. I started chocking and coughing while the driver kept penetrating my vagina. He pulled his dick out briefly and started finger fucking me again, only this time really fast, making squishy sounds, he then pulled his fingers out again, replaced them with his now very slick cock and elicited another scream from me.

He then started to rub between my round ass checks with his recently moistened fingers and pushing against my anus. "Arhh, please, what are you doing?" I asked, but he just started moving his hips faster and making me gasp short breaths. His index finger was now at my anal opening and pushing in.

"Ohh&hellip., ddo.n't ddo that, ahh no, not there" I managed to say between breaths as he was fucking me hard now and pushing his wet finger further into my butt hole. It hurt so much and I was so humiliated that they were doing all these things to me. He then inserted the second finger and I started crying again, I was sobbing when the younger guy brought his head down and started making out with me, even though I wasn't responding.

The one behind me had now stopped his hips from moving and was just fingering my virgin anus with both fingers and occasionally pulling them out, spitting in my hole and on my butt and then pushing his fingers back in me, past my sphincter and making me cry even more. He finally pulled his penis out of my tight pussy, and as I thought he had enough, he started pressing it against my even tighter anus.

I panicked and started screaming " Nooo, please don't do that, there's no way that can go in, please just stop…" I honestly believed that, I saw no way that the fat penis which had just violated my virgin pussy would have any chance of entering my anal tract.

They just laughed at me and the driver said: "just wait and see&hellip." And with that, he started pushing further in. The pain was excruciating and I couldn't stop sobbing as he pushed all the way in. He then slowly started pumping in and out and I could feel his every move, even his pulse.

The younger one got in front of me and pushed his cock in my now panting mouth. I couldn't fight any more and just stood there and took what they were giving me.

The one behind me started breathing heavily… "Oh fuck, she's just too tight, I can't hold back any more". And with that he started cumming in my ass while pushing his prick deep inside me and digging his fingers into my round firm ass and hips. I felt every pulse of ejaculation that flooded my rectum and after he was done, he just let it plop put of my aching butt hole. He was still hard, so he came around and made me rub him with my hand while I still had the other ones cock in my mouth.

He was hard and after I stroked him for a few minutes, he returned behind me and pushed his cock back into my swollen rectum. I started moaning in pain but the cock in my mouth muffled most of it. He now pumped twice as fast in my butt and he was going so deep that his balls were hitting my wet pussy and slapping sounds were so loud… I thought he was going to rip something in me, pushing so hard that I was chocking as the one in front of me was pumping vigorously in my inexperienced mouth.

Just when I thought I couldn't take anymore anal pounding I felt another hard push from behind, then he just buried himself balls deep and came hard and long. He pushed me so hard that I inadvertently deep-throated the one in my mouth. He then slowly pulled out of my now very sore butt hole and fell back. The younger one pulled out of my mouth and gave me a much needed moment to breathe and pant. He then told me to get on my knees, and I did.

He told me to open my pretty mouth and stick my sweet tongue out. I had no power to fight and just wanted to end this ordeal, so I complied. He rubbed his cock on my tongue and then slipped it in slowly, trying to savor every moment of this once in a lifetime opportunity to do this to someone he would never have a chance with. He was moving his hips in and out and stroking my hair and cheek while he made me look up at him with my big blue eyes. He reached down with both hands and cupped my large breasts and just started knitting them as he was sliding in and out of my innocent mouth, making me drool and chocking a bit now and then.

The other two were just watching the spectacle and commenting rudely. "Wow, she really likes the taste of cock, look at all that drool on her chin and tits…" he then started smearing my own saliva on my defenseless breasts and the other one pulled my hands behind my back, making my boobs thrust forward even more than they naturally did anyway. The one holding my hands, reached between my thighs and pushed his two middle fingers in my abused pussy and started finger fucking me again, but also rubbing my red clit with his thumb.

The sensation was very strong for any girl to take, but for my young inexperienced body: being fingered, clit toyed with, nipples rubbed with saliva, tender boobs mercilessly mauled and mouth fucked at the same time by three strangers was way too much and so, my body betrayed me again&hellip.

But this time they saw it coming, even if I didn't, and the one fingering me let go of my hands just as I was about to cum and pushed two fingers from his other hand in my ass hole, which slipped in really fast due to all that sperm that was leaking out of me.

I came hard with both his hands in my orifices and the other ones cock in my mouth. As I was shaking from the forced orgasm, my mouth rapist looked at my heaving boobs and couldn't hold back any longer and started spurting hot loads of cum in my mouth. I tried to instinctively pull back but he held my head and kept filling my mouth with his disgusting seed.

After he was done, he pulled out but not before telling me not to spit if I didn't want to get hit again. I just held it in my mouth as he pulled out and closed my wet lips. My cheeks were full, like trying to keep a large drink of water in your mouth before swallowing.

They all stepped back and leered at me. I was breathing through my nose and looked at them. It must have been quite a site: Young freshly deflowered girl, large milky bust, hard slightly inverted nipples, kneeling and lowering her round firm butt on her sexy high heels with her hands at her sides&hellip.

"Make her swallow" said one. "No, I want to see it" said the owner of the semen. "Open your mouth but don't spill a drop" he ordered me. I was too afraid not to comply. I slowly opened my lips and kept my tongue in so I could hold all the sperm. I just looked at him with pleading eyes, hoping I could just spit it out. "Swallow." He said. I closed my eyes in shame and forced myself to swallow the large retched load.

They were so quiet that we could all hear it go down my throat. It took me several times to swallow all of it and then I opened my mouth breathing heavily. The one that orgasmed first moved towards me and told me to touch his penis. I hesitantly reached out and lightly grabbed the semi hard phallus. This was another first for me but who was keeping count&hellip.

"Rub it and make me hard" he instructed, "and rub yourself with your other hand". I just looked at him not knowing what to do. "Do it!". I reticently reached down between my legs and started to lightly rub up and down my slit. "You have to make yourself cum before I cum" he said with a stern look.

I knew I wouldn't be able to give myself an orgasm, partly since I had never done so before, and also because they were all staring at me and especially at mi hands. But I didn't say anything and just continued rubbing both of us. "Oh yeah, I like what I see… Go fasted" he said. I started moving my hand faster on him and he got harder.

"On your pussy too, remember you have to cum first" he grinned. "I… I can't, I've never done this before…" I tried explaining, but the one that had sodomized me earlier reached down and pressed my hand harder on myself and my middle finger rubbed on my clit and started giving me strong sensations that I didn't want. He removed his hand and I knew that I had to continue as he showed me if I wanted to get out of this alive. They were all watching me masturbate myself and their buddy and noticed my breath quickening and my strokes becoming more erratic on the now fully erect cock.

He was taking longer to cum now due to the fact that he already came earlier in my mouth so I realized that I had to work harder.

I was feeling pain from earlier mixed with shame, a tingling in my lower abdomen and extreme embarrassment as they all watched me bring myself to an unwilling orgasm. I felt it too and couldn't control my breathing even though I tried hard. I didn't want to give them the satisfaction, but they would not let me stop either, so I kept going on both of us.

I started panting involuntarily as my orgasm hit me… They all just watched licking their lips and making remarks to each other: "She's such a little slut!" "Look at her hand go to town on that tight cunt". I just looked down as my orgasm subsided and continued to jerk the other one, hoping he would cum soon and maybe then they would let me go. As I started to move my hand on him as fast as I could, he looked down at my bouncing boobs, my wet pussy, my parted lips and said with lust: "You wanna' make me cum faster?" I nodded… "Remain on your knees like a good little slut but cross your ankles behind you, I wanna' see those sexy heels rub against each other." I did as I was told.

"Now suck your middle finger in your mouth, keep looking at me". I did. "Reach behind you and stick that finger in your ass". Hesitantly I obeyed. "Now lick your lips baby" I licked mi lips once and looked at him. "Not like that, do it seductively and don't stop. You want me to cum don't you ?" I started licking mi lips slower and longer as I looked up at him. I could feel him getting even harder and this seemed to give me hope.

He just kept moving his eyes all over my body; at mi finger stuck in my tight butt, at my legs crossed with the white innocent socks and the contrast with the black sexy heels, and then at my bouncing boobs with hard nipples… I felt him stiffen up and he pointed his dick at my face, closer to my mouth.

"Open up and stick out your tongue." I did as he said and when he saw this, he just rolled his eyes back and started cumming hard. Most of the jets landed in my mouth or on my tongue, but some landed on my face and breasts. I slowed down my hand and coughed a couple of times. They all looked at me like they wanted more, but they were spent. "take your finger out of your ass bitch" said one. I realized that my finger was still in my butt so I pulled out.

"get up" he said then. My knees were week and I barely balanced myself to my feet. Their hands came toward me and started grabbing at my tits, ass, legs, pussy. They were pinching, squeezing, slapping, groping, and pulling at all my parts. The younger one grabbed both my boobs and just squeezed while looking in my big blue eyes. "What's your name?" "Jasmine" -"Turn around" he said. I did and they all whistled as my butt came into full view now standing, my cheeks looked even firmer and the heels were just accentuating my legs as well.

They told me to put my hands against the wall and I did. "Now stick that juicy ass out Jasmine. More…" I bent at the knees a bit which made my ass stick out even more. They started slapping it and making it bounce. It hurt but I didn't dare move. Than the driver got his belt out and started using that on my defenseless cheeks. I started yelling but they continued until it was all bright red. They really didn't want to let me go, but after fucking me so hard and cumming in all my holes, they were satisfied that they had their fill.

They had grabbed, slapped and penetrated everything, so they made me pick up my skirt and shirt of the floor and as I reached for my panties, the driver just grabbed them and after smelling them he put them in his pocket with a smile. My bra was all cut, so I couldn't wear that anyway. As I was buttoning my shirt over my naked breasts, they opened the van door and just pushed me out of the van into the dark cold night…&hellip.