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Daniel Johnson amp_ Jack James
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Fbailey story number 351 The Accidental Fuck As I entered the kitchen there was my wife bent over getting something from a lower shelf in the refrigerator. As I have done many times before, I ran my hands over her ass and she didn't move to get away so I reached up under her miniskirt and pulled down her pretty pink panties.

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Without further ado I poked a finger into her pussy to check and see if she was wet and ready to accept me, and she was. So I fished out my cock and slipped it into her. I saw her grab a hold of the refrigerator door and a shelf to steady herself.

I was really going at when I heard a familiar voice say, "Robin, would you look for the dill pickles while you're in the fridge?" I immediately pulled my cock out of Robin and started to apologize when she whispered, "Please put it back in, I was almost there." What a dilemma.

Now that I knew Robin wasn't my wife it would be cheating, on the other hand I was almost there too. Fuck it, I stuck my cock back in her and pumped it just a few times.

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She moaned softly and I cum in her. Robin stood up, adjusted her panties, and thanked me for the quickie.

I put my cock away and went outdoors for a while. Soon my wife was calling me in for lunch. That was when I realized just how much they looked alike. They were both about five feet seven inches tall, both about one hundred and thirty pounds, and even their hair was the same color and length.

From behind like that, there was no way that I would have known the difference. Robin was my wife's older sister. She was thirty-five and my wife was thirty-four. We had been married for almost ten years and were considering starting a family.

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In fact my wife had stopped taking her birth control pills. As we sat and ate our lunch Robin immediately turned the conversation to sex. She told my wife that her husband never did anything spontaneous.

Of course my wife then told her older sister that I was very spontaneous and that I was always catching her off guard. She talked about me feeling her up in the grocery store the other day, fingering her to orgasm on the way to her mother's house, and trying to get a quickie in her old bedroom while we were there. Robin only wanted to know if she gave me one, to which my wife smiled and said yes. Then Robin said, "I would give anything for my husband to bend me over the kitchen table, drop my panties, and slip it to me.

Hell, he wouldn't even have to be my husband either." My wife said, "We should trade places sometime. You would love my husband." Robin said, "Okay, but you wouldn't like my husband in exchange. How about a threesome instead." My wife looked at me and I smiled at her sister, then she said, "Okay I'll call your bluff." Robin touched my hand and asked, "Are you up for desert?" I smiled and took both of their hands.

Instead of taking them up to my bedroom I took them into the living room. I noticed that all of the windows were open allowing a nice breeze to come in, the curtains and drapes were open too, and if anyone wanted to look in at us they could. Robin looked a little nervous about it but my wife and I had done it before many times.

I stripped down first and then I undressed my wife right down to her dark miniskirt and her pink panties. No wonder I hadn't noticed the difference. Then I stripped down my sister-in-law Robin right to her dark miniskirt and her pink panties too. I suppose that I should have noticed the difference in their blouses, one was orange and the other was blue, but then again I hadn't even known that Robin was here.

With us fully naked, I turned on some music and started dancing with the girls. At first there was some fast dancing but then the music softened and I held Robin tight against my chest.

We were nipple to nipple, crotch to crotch, and my hands were on the lower half of her ass cupping her cheeks.

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Then I kissed her just as passionately as I had kissed my wife. Robin melted in my arms so I lowered her to the plush carpet.

My wife joined me on the floor next to her sister. Together we enjoyed her body. We shared her mouth, her neck, and her breasts. When my wife went toward her sister's pussy with her face I got scared. Would she know that I had already fucked Robin? Robin said, "You might not want to do that. I'm not very clean down there." My wife said, "When have you ever been clean down there?" Robin replied, "After our baths together." Then my wife swung her leg over Robin, squatted on her face, and buried her tongue in her sister's pussy.

The very pussy that I had just fucked about an hour ago. My wife said, "God Robin, you're really wet. Have you been fucked recently?" Robin replied, "You are really wet too. Do you think it's because we are finally sharing your husband?" I just had to ask, "Have you girls talked about this before?" Robin replied, "All the time, but she is really possessive when it comes to your cock." My wife replied, "It's not so much your cock but what you can do with it and where you are willing to it." Robin said, "Yeah, my old man just fucks me in the missionary position, on Saturday nights, and in our bed.

Oh, the lights have to be off too." I said, "So, naked on our living room floor, in broad daylight, and with the windows open is quite different." Robin said, "Oh yeah." My wife then got off her sister and said, "She's ready for you.

Just plow her, deep and hard. Make her cry out so the neighbors can hear her." I dropped on Robin like a ton of bricks. My cock stabbed into her, my pelvis damn near broke hers, and I took her breath away. I fucked into her like a jackhammer. When she finally took in a full breath she shouted out, "Oh God, that feels so good." My wife knelt with her knees touching her sister's shoulders and her head near my wife's pussy.

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As I crudely fucked Robin my wife molested her breasts. The rougher I got the rougher she got. Just as Robin started into her first orgasm my wife grabbed both of her nipples and twisted them violently in one direction. After Robin started to cry out my wife twisted her nipples in the other direction and she cried out again, only louder that time. By then Robin was so super sensitive that every thrust into her and every tittie twister made her cry out and her love juices to flow.

She was begging us to stop but my wife wouldn't let me until I had filled her sister's pussy with my seamen. Even after I had cum my wife kept up her work until Robin passed out. I had only dreamt of giving a girl so much pleasure that she would pass out and with my wife's help I had finally done it. My wife then whispered, "Did you fuck her in the kitchen?" I replied, "Honest honey, I thought that it was you bent over in the fridge." My wife said, "It's okay.

I understand. It was just a matter of time anyway. She has wanted you since the first time I told her how good you were in bed." I asked, "When was that?" She smiled and said, "On our first date, you stud, you." Robin rejoined the living.

Her eyes opened but she just lay there as still as she had been. She looked at me and said, "Thank you, I needed that." She then looked at my wife and said, "He is everything that you said he was." She rubbed her sore nipples and said, "I owe you big time." Then she closed her eyes and drifted off again. My wife leaned over and kissed me.

Then she whispered, "You owe me big time too. I saw you fucking her in the kitchen." I said, "But honestly, I thought it was you. You girls look so much alike." She smiled and said, "It's okay, but it might cost you a vacation in Hawaii." The End The Accidental Fuck 351