Busty Candace sucking small white cock

Busty Candace sucking small white cock
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I'm over-50 CEO of International Conglomerate and a Billionaire. I keep myself in good shape and look younger than I am. I date much younger women whenever I can - they are sexy, fresh, and open to my particular tastes in sex and interaction. I love to seduce them then teach them to enjoy rough sex, and I have enjoyed having rough sex and being a sexual mentor with a number of young ladies half my age.

I was in Miami on business when I seen Marci reporting a story for the local ABC TV station, I decided I must meet her, seduce her, hire hire to work for me and have her as my mistress.

Marci is tall with shoulder length black hair, and very attractive, the 30 year old single latino is nieve in many ways. I set up a meeting to offer her a job in New York with my ABC station.

I had my limo pick her up bringing her to the hotel. I returned with our wine, offering her a glass, she turned away from me toward the view. She had shed her blazer and now stood with her back to me, her filmy silk blouse revealing a black bra that barely constrained her breasts. Single solitary diamond earrings seen under her hair. I walk up behind her, " Ever been with an older guy?" I asked in the midst of the silence. " How old are you again?" " N-no," Marci said softly.

" I'm thirty." " So, you're about to fuck someone twenty years older than you." Marci didn't know how to reply to my statement. We stood in silence except for her pounding pulse, but thank goodness I couldn't hear it. "Last chance to back out, Marci," I whispered carefully before I leaned in kissing her gently on the neck.

Marci complied turning around and returning my kiss with hesitation. " Oh,please." she gasps kissing me lightly as my hands squeeze both of her breasts rhythmically, timing my upward, milking grasps to coincide with my slow hip movements.

" Please, go slow.You're my first.since my last boyfriend four months ago." I took her plea giving me license to fill the void in her life, I thought to myself, as she slowly fills my mouth with her tongue while grunting like a feral animal in her throat. Her hands begin to claw at me from buttocks to shoulders.

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I feel her hardening nipples through the blouse and the lace cup of the bra and I squeeze them harder and harder between my finger and thumb until she opens her mouth wide in response to cry out but before she has a chance I place my hand over her mouth. Her legs are now trembling.she is breathing in gasps and her chest is rising and falling in fear. I put my mouth to her ear and whisper: " I bet your last boyfriend loved your fucking breasts?" She is terrified but I squeeze her breasts till she nods her head.

" Right… Let's have a good look at those breasts…" I unbutton her blouse, pulling the blouse out of her skirt before I pull it wide so that her bare midriff and her white lace 34B La Perla deep-plunge bra and her cleavage is completely exposed to me.

She looks down briefly then shuts her eyes at the realization that the delicate white lace cups are see through and did absolutely nothing to hide her dark brown nipples… I look, groping her breasts.

" I love small to medium size breasts just enough for a mouth full. Your breasts are just the right size to enjoy." I said. Her shoulders pressed back to the wall her bra cups are squeezed and then slapped gently forcing her bust to bounce. I suck her nipples and grabbing and squeezing and pulling them … I unclipped the bra… I struggled at first as it has triple clasps but as soon as I pop the last one off, her bust is released from the support of the bra My fingers dig into the tender flesh roughly then I start to pinch her nipple trying to feel it throb between my fingers… She did not speak a word … As I mauled her breasts and nipples like no one has ever touched or felt her before.

She is breathing in gasps… Her body is rising and lowering slightly as she gasps huge breathes of air… She is apparently in complete shock! I smile menacingly into her eyes and drop my head to her right nipple… She feels my warm wet mouth close over her nipple sucking then my mouth opens wider and I begin to suck as much of her nipple and areola into my mouth as I can as my hands cup her and hold her up to me… " Oh my GOD!

This isn't the gentle foreplay her last boyfriend…" My mouth is straining hard and she feels herself being drawn forcibly inside! My hands are squeezing and groping as my mouth sucks harder and harder and apparently she has not felt anything like it before! She starts to gasp and whimper " ooooohhhhh! aaaaaahhhh!" as I suckled and sucked then in an instant I release her nipple. I lean aganist her putting my mouth to her ear and whisper coldly: "It's fucking time!" I roughly lift the front of her black pleated skirt to her waist so that I can rub her pussy through her pantyhose and panties, suddenly her mouth opens and she stops breathing for a minute.

My fingers slide down the side of her thin pantyhose and panties, pulling and stretching the material, then it gives way, tearing as the remains are pulled away, what only seconds before had been something pretty, something to excite a man reduced to just a rag, as she feels her legs being pushed apart.

Marci tries to push them back together, my knees were inside of hers, pushing out.

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I took her into the bedroom pushing her onto the bed, she sat there in awe at my physique, though she had seen it up close. My powerful arms and shoulders, my equally powerful and toned thighs, and my monster masculine apparatus. My horse-like manhood is already fully erect with a pair of plum sized testicles dangling below them. I climb onto the bed and crawl towards her, the hapless female about to be mounted by an aggressive man. Marci put up token resistances to me as I yank my bathrobe open, ineffectually beating her fists against my shoulders and chest as I force her legs apart positioning myself between them.

Her feeble attempts to resist me are useless and we both know it. While holding her in place with one hand planted firmly on her chest, I take hold of my hard cock in the other hand rubbing the glistening purple head against the soaking slit to her womanhood, causing waves of pleasure to shudder through her. Then, for the fourth time in less than 24 hours, I enter her. She gasps in awe at the sensation of being filled by my throbbing manhood. This is only the fourth time she had been fucked, and the tightness of her pussy made the feeling of my huge cock inside her painful, particularly when I start to thrust inside her.

As before, my strokes are long and powerful, taking care to make her yelp as her body tries to accommodate the rock-hard shaft within her depths. Something is different this time. As I thrusted into her, I bent down kissing her. My tongue invades her surprised open mouth, mirroring the intrusion between her legs.

I grasp her head kissing her passionately. Not knowing how else to respond, she kisses me back, accepting me as her lover. Her heart begins to beat faster with excitement at the feeling of being made love to and not just fucked. Marci musters up the courage to break off the kiss in order to ask me something she needed to know. " Why are you doing this?" She asks.

" Rule number 5?" I growl, thrusting more roughly to impress the point. " Why are you doing this, John?" She repeated. " Because I need and want to." was the answer, delivered with an undertone of primal desire.


" You need to seduce young women forcing rough sex on them?" " That is the means," I replied, shortening my strokes but keeping the slow pace, " the end goal is to realise my control as a man over you as a woman.

Women are sexually subordinate to men, and the power we have over you can only be truly realised through this act." " We're not inferior to men," Marci objected, stung by my words, " and forced sex is a tool of fear used by men to keep women in their place." " So deliciously naïve," I replied with a chuckle, quickening my strokes, " forced sex, and sex is what makes women subordinate, not inferior, to men." " But.that doesn't mean we should be subordinate to you," She argues back indignantly, " just because you're bigger and stronger than us." Had I been a neutral observer, I would have laughed at the absurdity of this situation.

She is arguing in favour of feminism, while having forced sex. " The question isn't a normative one," I answered, my erudite elocution belying the increasing forcefulness of my thrusts, " you, as a gender, are designed to be entered, and we are designed to enter you. Our capacity to invade you sexually is a physiological fact; and once we're inside, you cannot dislodge us until we're satisfied.

Why else do you think you get so wet when I fill you?" Marci can't believe what she is hearing.

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If he had been a simple man or an unshaven pervert in a trench coat who raped women because he could, then it would have been easy to understand. To have forced sex with a man and at the same time listen to him eloquently explain his rationale for violating me in this way is blowing her mind. " Furthermore, when a woman becomes pregnant she has to carry the man's DNA within her body for nine months as it grows inside her. Then, after a gruelling process of delivering the end result into the world, she has to raise the fruit of that mating, which may have occurred with or without her consent, for years afterwards; and all I, as a male, have to do to force you to undergo such a profound and long term experience is to enter and inseminate you." I lean in close to her, putting my mouth to her ear, whispering slowly, " That is a LOT of power and money." Those words made her shudder with a terrifying combination of horror, excitement, and pure lust.

The realisation my words were sparking in her mind terrified and awed her. Women were surpassing men in all kinds of areas, and yet a man could be an illiterate beast and all he needed to force a woman into complete submission was the apparatus between his legs.

This fact also set off another flow of juices in her pussy, and I quickened the rhythm of my strokes again in response, creating audible squelching sounds as I reamed her. " I don't have any hatred or disdain for women," I continue, thrusting harder and harder now " your capacity to create life within your bodies and bring it into the world is a miraculous one, but that miracle requires a man to bring about.

I'm not just asserting my physical and sexual dominance over you; I'm helping you fulfil your purpose as a woman by causing you to bear a child, my child." It is true, it feels true. Marci had been so terrified of being raped and impregnated while enjoying her fantasies about those things in private.

It feels so natural to actually experience those sensations in the flesh, as it were. It feels wonderful to have me between her legs satisfying my primal urges deep inside her, and forcing her to bear the consequences of those urges long after I'm gone. Marci wraps her arms around my muscular torso, gripping my shoulders with her hands while she raised her ankles into the air locking them together behind the small of my back. Marci wanted me to take her and to do it harder.

My thrusting became faster, more aggressive, as her feminine passageway grew slicker and slicker with the liquid proof of her acquiescence. I lifted myself into a push-up position and renewed my rutting with a bestial intensity, pinning her wrists to the bed as I dominated her. She is shifting her hips as I fucked her rough, harder, and deeper, thrusting her hips back at me as the intensity of our mating continues to build. Her heart is throbbing in her pussy now, and she looks down to her crouch where my groin is slamming into her with growing fury, the slapping sound results echoing through the room.

My rock-solid manhood is a blur, constantly disappearing into her and filling her so completely that she is breathless with pleasure. She feels my balls too, slapping into her ass as our mating progresses, filled to the brim with my potent, life-giving seed. As before, her orgasm hit her first, sweeping through her like flood-waters from a burst dam.


Marci heaves and bucks, crying out in pure lust and ecstasy, and yanking her hands free of me in order to claw at my back pulling me closer in. Shortly thereafter, my own orgasm arrives and with a deliciously, masculine roar, I force myself as far inside her as possible, the tip of my cock pressing against her cervix.

At the same time I wrap my hands behind her shoulders and lift her off the bed, holding her close to my body. Marci held me closer still and flung her head back, still in the throes of her own ecstasy. I had already inseminated her twice in the past two or three hours, and yet I ejaculated like never before, shooting jets of hot cum deep into her pussy, with some of it entering her womb.

She is still orgasming when I finally came, and the extraordinary sensation of being filled with my seed piled into her still ongoing climax, causing her to pass out from the pleasure. When Marci awoke the room is pitch black and she is lying upside down.

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As her mind oriented itself, she realised that she wasn't upside down; she is lying on her stomach instead of on her back. She is sprawled on top of a broad, masculine torso with a pair of powerful arms wrapped across her back. The position is actually very cosy; the only discomfort is the odd trickling sensation coming from her pussy dribbling cum onto belly.

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Marci wrapped her arm across my massive chest, laying her head down next to my own. In response, I reach a hand up and begin to stroke her hair. She smiles contentedly at that, and curls up around me even more.

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I had intruded into her life and into her in the most intimate way possible; but in spite of the violation I had inflicted on her it feels good to snuggle with me, it feels better that I'm cuddling her back. Marci feels safe in my arms, and the irony wasn't lost on her. " Boy or girl?" She whispers into my ear. " I didn't catch that, Marci." was the stern response. " Are you hoping for a boy or a girl?" She repeated. " In the bathroom is the 'morning after pills', If you don't want the pregnancy." I replied sternly.