HARMONY VISION Horny Busty Lesbians

HARMONY VISION Horny Busty Lesbians
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Skipper Licked Me, Daddy 3 I measured off a 10-foot log with my 10-foot pole, then began sawing. The chain saw made light work of the 30-inch log. I delimbed my way up the tree, surveyed the next length of log and decided I could get a straight 14 footer out of it, without losing much width. I changed to the longer pole and cut the last log of the day.

As the sound of the chainsaw died, I looked around the small clearing. It was churned up mud and struggling grass. The mud was from my tractor, which I used for skidding the logs into piles. That wouldn't matter soon, because there would soon be houses growing here. The topsoil would be hauled away and sand put in its place. Near my foot were a bunch of morel mushrooms. I bent and picked a dozen, sliding them into my pocket.

Morels were rare and valuable, about 40 dollars a pound. As I began loading equipment into my truck, I thought about how good morels would taste in the pasta premavera tonight. Morels were the best tasting mushrooms on earth. But Morels only grew near Mother's Day, not a happy occasion around our house.

How was my ex-bitch doing, anyway? She lived in Los Angeles now. The last I'd heard, she was dating a doctor. As I pulled out of the clearing, I took the morels out of my pocket and laid them on the seat beside me. "Mothers' day, what a fucking joke," I mumbled looking at the mushrooms. "Jill! Jill, this is Lilly, your wayward mother," a beautiful blonde woman said, while sitting her suitcases next to the door.

Skipper came bounding down the stairs and nearly bowled her over. She laughed and ruffled his hair, then noticed the sticky stuff in his fur. "You smell like dead fish," she complained. "Are you the only one home?" she asked, not expecting an answer. She checked the fridge and found little in the way of snacks. That was a change from the old days.

She broke a piece off the block of cheese, then frowned at the ten bottles of honey all lined up on the counter. Now what on earth would they be used for? She bent and took a shirt, panties, and jeans from one suitcase, as she chewed on the cheese, then picked up the small suitcase and headed for the stairs.

"I'm taking a shower, Skip Dog, you guard my luggage," she said, giving Skipper's hair one final ruffle as he pranced beside her to the bottom of the stairs.

She stopped and looked around the house. It was much the same as when she had left it two years before. Her old furniture was still there. Mark had upgraded his TV and computer.

They were both newer and bigger, she noticed with a spike of jealously. She began disrobing as she climbed the stairs.

She dropped her clothing just inside the bathroom door before locking it. A corner of her shirt kept the door from closing completely. I stopped by 7-11 for a dozen eggs and a bottle of olive oil. As I paid, I noticed Jill across the street by Wendy's, heading toward Wallmart with a friend.

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It was that little Phillip asshole. "Home in one hour," I yelled to be heard above the traffic. She turned and looked as I opened the door to my truck. "I know, daddy. We're just checking out the new CDs." "Ok," I waved, putting the groceries beside the mushrooms. I noticed Phillip talking urgently to Jill as I pulled away.

A smile curled my lips. I could almost tell what he was saying.

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("Your father hates me.") ("No, he doesn't. He just doesn't know you well.") "No, I don't hate you, you little prick," I mumbled as I turned a corner and they disappeared from my mirror. "I envy your skinny ass. You get all the teen age pussy you want. I haven't had any since. . " I stopped, thinking of my daughter.

"Yeah, ok," I said aloud with a sly smile. But to be truthful, Jill on her best day could not compare to Lilly, her mother, on her worst. The fucking bitch. Damn how I missed her, even after all the arguing and backstabbing. She was one hot woman. Some women had sex, and others, like Lilly, were sex.

There was a huge difference.

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Everything Lilly did was sexy, and every man on earth noticed. That was probably our greatest problem. I'm not a jealous guy, but I can only go so far before I start swinging something, and of course she stands up for the other guy. I guess that's what really pisses me off, a woman should stand by her man no matter how wrong he is. I got the shock of my life when I pulled into my driveway and found a red mustang convertible parked there.

I knew the car well. I had bought it three years before. "Now what the hell does she want?" I mumbled as I gathered up my groceries. Lilly finished her shower and wrapped a towel around her perfect, naked body. She wiped the mirror dry and threw a new towel over the shower door. She ran water in the sink until it grew warm, then shook out her long blonde hair.

It was time for a touch-up or her hair would become long and black. That wouldn't look right for her grand reunion. Did Mark hate her? What about Jill? She had left her when a daughter needed her mother the most. But her middle age crisis didn't include a family.


Not then, at least. Now she ached for what she had left behind. Lilly applied Vaseline to her hairline, then put on the rubber gloves. She began touching up the roots of her hair. In a moment she touched up her patch of pubic hair with gentle, careful fingers. It did no good to fix the attic, if the basement needed work, she thought with a smug smile. After drying her hair she dunked her head in the warm water and filled her hand with shampoo.

She lathered her hair as she hummed a happy tune. Skipper liked the familiar smell of Lilly in the house. His childlike mind knew this was proper. Her smell should be there. It had been there since the day he was born. He wanted to get a better whiff. He found a hint of moisture and perfume in the air. That meant the shower in the bathroom. Skipper climbed the stairs silently, on the thick carpet. He stood at the door wagging his tail at Lilly, who was washing her hair in the sink. Since she said nothing, he assumed it was ok to come in.

He pushed the door aside and stood behind her, wagging his tail strong enough to sweep a piece of toilet paper across the floor. He stepped forward and sniffed the paper, then looked up beneath the towel surrounding Lilly's body. He found long sexy legs, the golden orbs of her ass cheeks, and that delicious hairless pussy which resembled Jill's so closely.

Lilly was bent over the sink with shampoo in her hair and eyes. She massaged the shampoo vigorously, completely unaware of Skipper standing behind her. Skipper had never learned that people had to look at you, to know you were there. People could not smell or hear as well as a dog. Skipper put his nose close to Lilly's ass and took a good sniff. That was better. He found her healthy, slightly older, and not yet in heat. He sniffed in other areas and soon concentrated on her sweet pussy.

He sniffed several times, then reached out with his long tongue and bathed it liberally. He liked the taste immensely, and before she could blink an eye his tongue had snaked into her swollen pussy lips 11 times. With each lick her pussy tasted better and more fragrant. He ignored the squeal of surprise, and his shouted name. He had heard Jill shouting his name many times.

It usually meant that she wanted him to lick harder. He licked harder, parting her nethery lips with strong strokes that moved her forward, banging her head into the mirror. She slapped at him ineffectively. He knew she was just playing. Lilly would never try to hurt him. "Skipper, no! Oh no," she moaned, holding the edges of the sink to steady herself.

She endured several seconds of furious licking before she tried to slap him away. She missed. A tremendous fire spread from her legs to her ass, and eventually her chest. Gasping for breath she endured his loving caresses. His tongue snaked well up inside her in an impossible feat, licking her loins and touching places which had never been touched before. Once inside her his tongue curled and touched the walls of her vulva.

She shuddered, unable to stand the electrical impulses shooting through her loins. His tongue was rough and harsh, but it was so harsh that it numbed her pussy slightly, like the brutal spray of the shower massage which so many women knew so well. "Oh Skipper," she gasped. "What are you doing to me?" Skipper ignored her words.

He didn't understand them anyway. He knew he was doing a good job. The fluids were now flowing freely from her pussy. He drank her abundant juices happily. This was his reward. Even though he wanted to fuck her badly, this reward was good enough to keep him satisfied, for now. The gentle sound of a tongue rasping through pussy lips was soft and erotic in the quiet room. It echoed off the walls, along with Lilly's rasping breath.

Lilly could smell the wonderful aroma of her own sex. Skipper's senses were so inundated with her scent that he could smell noting else. He loved the smell of Lilly. He loved her taste. Lilly had always been fresh and healthy to his keen senses. Lilly's pussy was on fire now.

She tried to wipe her eyes, because the shampoo was burning her. She spread her feet so she could bathe her face under the running water. Too late, she realized that opening her legs wider was an open invitation. His nose slid up inside her and he licked her from the inside out, pushing brutally until her pussy stretched to the breaking point.

She could feel his long tongue touching her cervix. The fire in her pussy intensified to an unbearable level. "Oh, Skipper," she whispered in horror.

She gritted her teeth and endured his oral attack on her sweet pussy. Only the harshness of his raspy tongue kept her from having an orgasm long before. Her boyfriend in California had become bi-curious several months before. She realized as the months passed with no sex, that it was more than a mere curiosity. He had turned gay.

She had gone without sex all that time, something new in her life. If it had not been for that she might have convince Skipper to stop. But she was too horny to even try. "Skipper," she moaned. The bathroom was echoing the sloop, sloop, sloop of his tongue in her moist pussy. She shuddered and made little kitten cries as she leaned her wet hair against the mirror and let Skipper have his way.

Her pussy was really burning up now. Every touch of his harsh tongue brought even more fire to her loins. It would just be a moment now.

A few more strokes. "Oh Skipperrrrr," she squealed, humping her pussy back against his nose. He pulled his nose out of her and licked furiously. His tongue seemed to be everywhere.


He licked the moisture on her legs, ass, and pussy. She squealed as his tongue returned to her sensitive pussy. She fell back against the tub and sat, while she wiped the shampoo out of her eyes with the towel.

And that's when she saw me, sitting on the stairs and smiling like hell. "Hi Mark," she said, shaking out her hair to dry. "Hi, hon. Playing with Skipper?" "I seem to have become his new chew toy. You've taught him some new tricks." "Not me," I said, raising both hands. "Who else?" "Mrs.

Jefferson." "That old. . " "She's not that old, and she's a very good fuck." "You're kidding!" she gasped. "You and her?" "Afraid so. But I fucked her without her glasses." "I can see why." "Why are you here?" "I needed a good fuck too," she said truthfully. "And I started thinking about Mother's Day, which is tomorrow, and I felt melancholy.

I haven't been much of a mother," she finished her hair and tossed the towel over the divider. "Neither have I," I said in shame. "The morels are early this year. I found a few today." "I've missed them," she admitted, moving closer.

"And other things." "Just to be clear about this, is this a weekend thing, or something more permanent?" "That's up to you two. I'm prepared to stay if nobody objects, or stay in the area if that would be preferable. I saw some good spots in Freeland, on the way up." "Well I'll give my vote after I see how you preform," I said airily. "I can't rush into these things. For all I know, something could have fallen off while you were in California." "Has it?" she asked, dropping her towel.

"No. Nope, it looks like everything is there," I said, grabbing her hand and backing toward the bedroom. "Does it all work?" "Not lately," she said as we approached the bed. I fell across it, pulling her down beside me. I lay simply looking at her perfect face and body.


My heart beat like a jackhammer. Lying next to me was the girl of my dreams, the girl I have loved above all others. She had a golden tan everywhere.

Not a tan line in sight. My eyes went over every inch of her body in appreciation. She began disrobing me with hurried, nervous hands. I lay back and watched. "You are the sexiest, most beautiful woman I have ever seen in real life," I said truthfully. "That's possible, you don't get around much, but my daddy said to never date a sailor." "Thankfully, you never listened to your daddy.

Besides, I haven't been a sailor in 11 years." "I haven't fucked one in 11 years. Will you fuck me, sailor?" "Ok, I guess," I said with a huge smile. It was good to fall back into our old banter again. She rolled into my arms and we kissed passionately. I ran my hands over her smooth body, finally resting on her gently rounded ass cheeks.

They were firm and warm in my hands, just like I remembered them. I squeezed them briefly, while we fenced with our tongues. Her lips were hot on mine. The perfume of her hair filled my nostrils. My cock was throbbing against her abdomen. I wanted to go down on her like I used too, but I wouldn't accept sloppy seconds behind my dog.

We were both horny enough to fuck now. I rolled over on my back and pulled her with me. She lay atop me, then quickly repositioned her legs and slid back to impale herself on my cock. It was a sudden intense heat that nearly made me scream. I felt so good deep inside her.

She was so hot and moist. I could feel her pussy clamping around my cock. It was one of the little tricks she had learned. "Oh yes," she gasped, slowly rising and falling on my cock. I moaned my appreciation, grabbing her hips to support and direct her movements.

She looked so beautiful. This all felt so right. I looked at her magnificent breasts and reached out to touch them. I mashed them in my hands, then remembered what she had taught me. I adjusted my grip on her breasts, supporting them as my finger and thumb twisted the nipple gently. I rolled my index finger on her lengthening nipple, making her hiss.

As she leaned forward, I positioned the base of each hand at the wrist against her nipples and rotated the soft skin against her throbbing nipples. She gasped and cried as the soft skin generated erotic thrills in her burning chest.

Lilly was riding hard and fast now. Her shapely thighs bent as she bounced on my crotch. Years of workouts showed in the slender body and magnificent legs draped around me. I ran my hand over her ribs and ass. She had her eyes closed, fully enjoying the thrills spreading throughout her body from her fiery loins. Lilly straightened her legs and leaned down over my body until she was resting on me. We kissed passionately, while we each kept up the brutal thrusts into her womanhood.

Lilly was as supple as a snake in my arms.

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As her hair cascaded around my face, I held the back of her head and enjoyed the long, passionate kiss. "Oh Mark, I have missed this so much," she whispered, her face distorted by passion.

"Me too. I never thought we would. . I've missed you." "I'm about to cum," she whispered urgently. "Cum," I encouraged her. "I want to fill your hot body with my sperm." "Do it," she hissed, riding faster. I managed to hold off my orgasm for a moment longer, until I heard her begin to grunt and whine. I knew she was there so I relaxed and let my orgasm wash over my body. My ass and balls clenched and for the first time in years, I did not have to stem the flow of sperm which shot up into a woman's belly.

I groaned and ran my hands over her soft back. Spurt after spurt of cum shot up between her sweet legs. Her pussy grasped and mashed my cock like only Lilly's could. Her pussy milked me until she felt I had finished and fell back to the bed in exhaustion.

She relaxed against me with her hair in my face. I sniffed and petted it out of the way. She looked like a golden angel laying on top of me with the afternoon sunlight cascading over her body.

I suddenly remembered that Jill and Phillip should arrive at any moment. I had to clear my conscience. "Lilly," I said gently. "Huh?" she said, nearly asleep. "I have a confession to make." "Can it wait?

I drove all night and need a nap," she said with a gentle smile. I rolled her over on the bed. The light from the window hit her directly in the eyes. She pulled a pillow over her face. I gently pulled a light sheet over her sleeping body. It was good to have her home again. I ran a hand over her sheet-covered leg in admiration, then turned and hurried from the room.

I showered and dressed, then hauled Lilly's suitcases up into the bedroom. As I started the pasta, my precious mushrooms, and the vegetables cooking, I looked outside and saw the Mustang squeezed between my truck and the hedge.

I pulled it into its usual place in the garage, where it was safe from thieves. As I returned to the kitchen, I found everything ready. I combined the vegetables and spaghetti in a large bowl, then added Parmesan and olive oil. I tossed it briskly and looked out the window. Jill was late, of course. I found her and Phillip leaning against my truck, talking and kissing. "You," I said from the front door, pointing at Phillip.

"Go home. And you," I pointed at Jill, "get your butt in here and get ready for supper. We have a guest, a very special guest." "Dad, we were going to listen to our new CDs," she said with a twisted face. "And you will, on any other night. I told you, we have a very special guest. This is family night." "You, go home, and you, into the house," I said firmly. Jill stomped into the house and up the stairs. I couldn't wait to unveil my surprise. I watched her storm away with a smile on my face.

I filled three plates with pasta, cut lemons, and set the Parmesan in the center of the table. I hurried up the stairs and found Skipper wagging in front of my bedroom door.

"Hi daddy," Jill said brightly from my bed as I looked into the bedroom. Lilly's sexy legs were naked and open.

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Her face was still covered by a pillow. That sweet, lovely face was snoring like a truck driver. "Here is my surprise, the thing I wanted to tell you about yesterday," she said, leaning down and licking Lilly's pussy. Lilly stopped snoring and moaned as the tongue flashed between her legs. She reached down and held Jill's head between her legs as she threw them open wider.

Lilly moaned and humped her pussy against Jill's working mouth and flashing tongue. "Oh yes," Lilly whispered.

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Even though it had started out as a joke, Jill was really getting into eating her father's girlfriend. She sucked and licked her way from the bottom to the top of the sweet pussy. She let her tongue tickle the folds of moist flesh, inside and out, from the top to the bottom.

Lilly was very animated now. She held Jill's head between her open thighs with both hands, while she moaned and twisted on the bed.

In what seemed mere moments, Lilly began grunting and hunching her pussy against Jill's mouth until she squealed in delight.

Skipper barked, wanting to join the action. I held him back. My surprise should be uncluttered with a wild dog licking pussies. As Lilly finished her orgasm, Jill suddenly stopped and sat up with a smile, wiping her mouth on the back of her hand. "I'm a lesbian," she said, in an attempt at hurting my feelings.

"No, you are bisexual like your mother. I already knew that, I saw you and Tina in the living room yesterday. And here is my surprise," I pulled the pillow off Lilly's face. "Your mother is here." "Shit!" Jill yelled.

"Jill?" Lilly gasped, looking down at Jill's hands resting on her open legs. "Now kiss your mother somewhere other than her pussy and let's go down to dinner," I said with a twisted smile.