Scarlett Storm SMOKES a cigar

Scarlett Storm SMOKES a cigar
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56 DAYS BEFORE THE CONCERT Naruto was at Ichiraku's chowing down on some ramen while the girls were at home redecorating. He'd wanted to help them but Hinata had only kissed him and told him she wanted it to be a surprise. He had just finished his third bowl of ramen and had gotten up to leave when he heard his voice shouted from behind him. He turned just in time to be tackled to the ground in a hug. "Tsunami, what are you doing here?" The way she was laying on top of him wasn't doing him any favors.

His erection was starting to poke at her thigh and he hoped she wouldn't notice. She got off him and kissed him on the cheek. "What was that for?", he asked blushing head to toe.

"Well, since the completion of the bridge our land has become a beautiful paradise. No more crime, pollution, or people begging for food or money in the streets. All the streets have been repaired and everybody has a house and a job. We have no one to thank but you for that." Naruto smiled at her and she kissed him again. "But…", she started putting on a stern expression. Naruto looked at her. "Why didn't you ever visit like you said? Inari's been asking when you're coming to stay again." "I am sooooo sorry Tsunami, I've been busy with my missions and my training.

It's hard to find the time." He felt terrible, he had almost forgotten about Inari. "Well, never mind you can tell him yourself. I brought him with me to see KoRn, he's 12 now. I told him that he could watch as long as he stayed in the Hokage's balcony, I don't want him mixing with the "wild crowd" just yet." Naruto nodded in admiration for her mothering skills and momentarily daydreamed about the two of them caring for a child together.

But he soon shook himself out of those thoughts. She was nearing her 30's and he was only 15, she would never give it a second thought. She folded her arms, closed her eyes and shook her head, smiling. "You know, he's even started calling you Naruto-Sensei and teaching himself the Ninja Arts. He blushed, sure Konohamaru still called him Boss but never in his life had anyone called him Sensei.

"Now then" she began, pulling a brochure from her pocket. "Will you take me to the Hot Spring Resort? I hear it's the best hot spring in the Five Great Nations." She then reached back into her pocket and brought out a wallet and began to hand it to Naruto, but he just pushed it back towards her. "Please Tsunami, we're friends. I refuse to take you unless you allow me to pay." She reluctantly put the wallet back in her pocket.

He had changed in the four years since they'd met. The loud and hyperactive ninja had become quite the ladies man. She could've been proof enough for that.

'I wonder if he would be willing to have sex with someone as old as I am. Oh, what am I thinking? I'm close to twice his age.' "Tsunami, HELLO, Tsunami. WE'RE HERE!!!!" She was shaken from her thoughts by Naruto, who had walked her to the resort. "Oh, I'm sorry I was just… lost in thought, yeah, that's it." Naruto shrugged as he held the door open for her. "Uhhhhh, whatever." She followed the signs to the ladies changing room. Naruto got out first and was relaxing in the spring soaking his muscles.

He closed his eyes but they shot back open again when he heard Tsunami's voice. "Mind if I join you?" She had let her hair down and was now wearing only a white towel that barely covered her breasts. He nodded and she stepped in removing the towel and letting her breasts come into view. They were perfect, at least C- cups but quite possibly D's. He lowered his eyes admiring her slim figure until he reached her special area, which was covered with blue hair. It was closely trimmed but not quite shaven.

She sank down into the water, sighing at the warm temperature. His erection had once again returned and this time Tsunami noticed. She accidentally brushed her hand against it before pulling it back, blushing a bright red. "Tsunami, I'm sorry, I just don't know what's wrong with me I'll go now if you…" Tsunami had put her hand back on his cock and began to rub it back and forth.

He looked at her in a pleasured yet questioning look. "It's okay Naruto, your only male. It's natural. And it's natural that I, as a female, want to help you out." She leaned in closer to him and nuzzled into his shoulder, licking his collar bone.

He lifted her chin and kissed her on her delicate pink lips. He trailed along her lips with his tongue before sliding it past them to meet hers. She moaned in ecstasy and forced their lips even closer together. She held Naruto's face in place, not wanting this moment to end. But the need for air became to much and they broke away with a gasp, only a thin string of saliva connecting the two.


"Wow Tsunami, you're an excellent kisser." She licked her lips seductively. "You're not to bad yourself big boy." Her voice had been transformed into a sensual tone that radiated lust. He licked all along her cheek and down her neck before reaching her firm, round titties. He took her left nipple into his mouth to lightly suck on it while he pinched at the right one. He bit down faintly on her nipple and sucked once more. Then, he felt something warm flow out into his mouth.

He pulled his head away from her nipple and looked at her in surprise. Tsunami bit her lip and lowered her head. "I'm sorry Naruto, I just AHHHH!!!" He had thrown himself back on her nipples and was now trying to get more of that delicious liquid she had just given him. He liked this. He couldn't remember ever being breast-fed, so this was an experience that warmed his heart. She tasted warm and sweet, like honey. He suckled for a few more minutes before pulling away and licking the trail of milk still flowing from her left nipple.

He licked the remaining milk from his lips and stood. He moved to the edge of the small pool and sat down on the side.

Tsunami moved towards him until she was face to face with Naruto's cock. She looked up at him as she wrapped her large melons around his length. He felt the warm flesh close around it and threw his head back in pleasure. "God Tsunami, how many different uses do your hooters have?" She giggled and pressed her tits together and began to move them up and down, slowly at first but then letting her urges take over and moving them faster.

Naruto was lost inside his own mind feeling the shocks of pleasure rush through his system and tried to hold on to keep feeling it, but in the end he lost the battle.

"Tsunami, I-I think I'm gonna…" He didn't finish his sentence, mostly because in his mind he thought she either got what he was trying to say or that if she didn't, she would soon enough. His sperm came erupting out of the tip of his cock, most coating her breasts but some finding its way onto her face and in her hair.

She released him and looked down at herself. She scooped some of the milky white substance from her tits and brought it towards her face to examine it. Though it was true she had been pregnant, she had never really got the chance to see a man's semen up close due to the fact that her late husband had completely skipped all matter of foreplay and went straight to the main event.

She held it close to her face and rubbed her fingers together before pulling them apart forming a strand between the two. 'It's so thick and slimy but it feels so good on my skin, almost like it was meant for me.' She had a sudden instinctual urge to taste it and flicked her tongue out and licked a bit of it and played with it in her mouth a little before swallowing it. 'I can't believe it, he tastes exactly like vanilla-peach ice cream!

I ate it the whole time I was pregnant. It was my favorite.' Meanwhile Naruto was looking around for the source of the voice he had just heard. He could have sworn he heard a voice say you're welcome kit and it certainly didn't belong to Tsunami. He had barely recovered before Tsunami damn near pounced on him taking his cock in her mouth.

Naruto bit down on his lip hard to keep himself from screaming out. The other girls were good at this too, but there was something about Tsunami that wasn't there with them. She looked up at his face and saw a look of pure pleasure on his face. 'I'm glad he's enjoying this. I've never done this to anyone in my life, but judging from his expression I'm doing a damn good job!' Because she had never given head before, her movements were sloppy and she was excessively coating him with saliva.

Her head bobbed faster and faster and every few seconds she would scrape her teeth over his shaft. It was not enough to be painful, in fact, Naruto loved it.

She pulled back and started to lick it from base to tip, pausing at the tip to flick her tongue a few times at the slit. She slipped it back in her mouth and began to suck his cock with the force of a vacuum.

He reached down and gripped her hair, feeling himself reaching the point of no return.


"Tsunami I can't hold back. I-It's gonna blow!" He forced upwards one last time and began to release his cream into her hungry little mouth. She swallowed it, not wanting to miss a drop of this liquid that tasted so much like the treat she used to eat throughout her pregnancy. His cock slipped from her mouth to deliver the last few shots to her face.

She closed her eyes and made a noise that sounded like a squeal of delight. 'Why do I get so horny when it touches my skin?

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I can feel my loins heating up just from the slightest contact with the stuff.' She swallowed what was left in her mouth and began to wipe the cum from her face and licked it off her fingers. After he caught his breath, he slid back into the water with her. She moved in and pressed her lips to his. This was not just a kiss of lust; there was love, genuine love. She straddled his lap and reached down gripping his dick and guided it towards her slit, and then she lowered herself down onto it.

"OH IT FEELS SO GOOD! IT'S BEEN SO LONG!" she shrieked as she once again felt a cock inside of her. Sure she masturbated to relieve some of her sexual frustration, but she hadn't had sex with anyone since the death of her husband. Naruto felt the warm walls of her pussy squeeze him and began to thrust into her.

He felt her warm back against his chest as she bounced up and down on him. He couldn't believe how tight she was, it was almost like she had never given birth. Tsunami's mind was boggling as she felt him reach around her to rub at her pussy as the other hand began to pinch one of her nipples. She turned her face to his and he closed the gap between them and kissed her roughly on the mouth, his tongue sipping inside to wrestle with hers.

She pulled her mouth away and began too add to the intensity of his impending orgasm. "Oh Naruto I love your big hard cock. It feels soooo good up inside my slutty little MILF pussy." Naruto was loosing his control faster and faster.

'DAMN!!! She's the best dirty talker I've ever fucked!' She could tell he liked her dirty talk and continued. "Naruto, please give me more of your cum. Give me another baby.

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IMPREGNATE ME!!!" She then realized what she had just said to him and began to regret it. That was nothing to say to a man to get him to fuck you harder. Any second he would pull out and run like hell. But much to her surprise, he turned her and put them into a doggy style position, leaning her against the edge of the spring and began to thrust in harder than anything she had ever felt before. It was true that most men would have stopped the fucking and took off leaving a trail of dust and fire behind him, but not Naruto.

He had wanted all his life to have a family and that drove him to do her harder. She screamed out his name as she began to coat his shaft in her cum as she orgasmed.

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Her pussy clenching tightly around him finished him off and he shouted out as he blew his load inside of her and slumped over her back. Still panting he pulled out and sat back down in the water. She soon followed and snuggled up to him nuzzling into his neck and licking it softly.

Naruto then took one of her nipples into his mouth and began to nurse again. She smiled and ran her hand through his bright yellow hair.

"You know," she started "I've never really thought about it before but Inari Uzumaki sounds like a very good name doesn't it?" Naruto pulled his mouth away from her tit and swallowed the milk he still had in his mouth. "It sure does Tsunami, it sure does." 55 Days Before The Concert Naruto was eating with Inari at the Amaguriama Dango Shop.

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Naruto was worried that Inari would be angry at him for dating his mom, but when they told him the news he had run up to him and hugged him asking if he was going to be his new dad. Tsunami had looked at Naruto with a raised eyebrow and a smile when he said that there was an 80% possibility that he would. Naruto had been contemplating his marriage to the girls. When he had announced to them that he was going to marry all of them, they had all jumped him and given him an early wedding present, his very first seven-way.

Inari finished the stick of dango he had been eating and turned to Naruto with a big smile on his face. "Thanks for training me in the Shinobi Arts… Dad." Naruto looked at him and smiled, tears forming in his eyes as he rubbed his new son's head. "Hey it's alright son you catch on quick. We're not even related by blood and you still have some of my traits.

Who knows, with the way you mastered the shadow clone jutsu and chakra concentration, I might even teach you the Rasengan." Inari smiled back and nodded. Suddenly a voice came from behind them. "So, Jiraiya teaches you the Rasengan and now you think you have what it takes to train others." They turned to look up into the face of a tall woman wearing a trenchcoat.

Her purple hair had been let down and tied into a ponytail. She was looking down at Naruto with a smirk before taking a bite of dango and sipping from her cup of red bean paste. "Hello Anko, taking an after torture snack break?" She snickered at him and bit another piece of dango. "Haha, very funny Naruto. What makes you think all I do is torture people?" Naruto smirked back at her.

"Probably because you slit my cheek with a kunai and licked up my blood." Inari was becoming nervous around this new woman and had excused himself to go home. Anko sat down where Inari had been sitting and faced Naruto. "So howya been? That harem of yours workin' for ya?" Naruto took a bite of dango and replied.

"Best thing in the world. The love we feel for eachother is amazing." Anko gave him a sad kind of smile and he could see a tear forming in her eye. "Anko, what's wrong? Did I say something to offend you?" She dried the tear from her eye.

"O-Of course not! I'm the Crazy Ninja of the Leaf, not the Crybaby Ninja of the Leaf! If you insinuate I was crying ever again I WILL CHOP YOUR DICK OFF HAREM-BOY!!!" Naruto scooched away a bit and tried to calm her down. "Alright alright you weren't crying." They continued to eat their meal in silence until she spoke again.

"You have some sugar in the corner of your mouth Naruto." He raised a napkin to his face to wipe it off but Naruto was way ahead of him and extended her tongue to three times its normal size and licked the sugar from his lips. He couldn't help but feel pleasure as her tongue caressed his lips. When she withdrew her tongue she licked her own lips and made him a surprising offer.

"Naruto, would you like me to teach you a few things at my house tonight? If you want to teach your son the Ninja Arts you're going to need a few pointers." Naruto thought on it a minute before turning back to her with a smile.

"Sure why not? I want to be the best sensei my son could ever hope to have!" She patted him on the head. "Good, but you have to do me one favor." He hung his head. He knew there had to be a catch. "Fine, what is it?" She smiled at him. "Pay for my dango." Naruto let out the breath he had been holding.

"Is that all? I thought you would ask me to catch you a pet rattlesnake or something like that." She laughed a rarely heard laugh, one that came only from something comical and not from torturing prisoners.

After Naruto paid the bill they headed off in the direction of the Forest of Death. "You know that tower where the Chunin Exam Preliminaries were held, Naruto? That's where I live.

I prefer the seclusion that's provided by the forest. There's a lot you didn't see when you were there. It's bigger than it looks, it has a underground extension." That gave him something else to think about. He would need more room for his new family than his apartment could offer. They stepped inside the tower that she called home and led him down the stairs into a level of the tower he'd never been before.

They stopped at a door marked with a carving of a snake. She pulled out a key and unlocked the door. An extremely feminine smell of perfume met his nostrils. It was rather intoxicating to him, it smelled like fresh cut summer grass but there was a hint of a lemon fragrance in the air. She switched on the lights and led him in by the wrist. He looked around the room and noticed a large bed complete with candles on the headboard. All the lightbulbs, he now noticed, were tinted red casting the room in crimson light.

Wait a minute, everything here was used for seduction. Is that what this whole thing was about? Though he did not find the thought impossible, he didn't appreciate the fact that she was just using him as a cheap fuck.

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"Whoa whoa hold up! I see what this is about. I'm not as stupid as people think. I came here for training not to be fucked Anko!" She just chuckled at him. "Is that what you think this is Naruto, a sex session?

It's nothing like that. I just use my bedroom for sex with my many love interests. I would never consider doing you." It was hard for her to say that. He was one person if any she would love to ravage. "Anyway, I'm kinda tired. You wanna take a nap? I don't have a guest bed so you'll have to share with me. AND DO NOT TAKE THAT THE WRONG WAY!" Naruto shrugged and helped her turn down the bedsheets before taking off his excess clothes until he was in his muscle shirt and shorts.

He then slid into the bed. This felt nice. The sheets of her bed were cool and made of red silk. He watched Anko take off her trenchcoat and crawl into bed next to him. "Well sleep tight! We'll start your training after we wake up." She turned over on her side facing away from him and Naruto copied her and almost instantly nodded of into sleep. He was awoken about an hour later by the sobbing and crying he heard next to him. He rolled over and looked at her. Her eyes were shut tight, still asleep, but tears falling from her eyes.

He moved closer to her and wrapped his arms around her and planted a kiss on her forehead. "It's alright Anko, I'm here." She subconsciously snuggled closer to him and her tears began to fade to nothing.

He fell back to sleep holding her in his arms. Anko awoke an hour later, his arms holding tight to her. "Naruto, what's going on?" Naruto opened his eyes having been awake for some time but not wanting to leave her.

"You were crying in your sleep. I couldn't stand to see someone I care about cry like that…please don't chop my dick off." She sat up and turned away from him biting her lip. "I'm sorry Anko I didn't know what else to do." She looked down at the floor and tears began to form again. "Thank you…Naruto." He looked back up at her. "I've never had anyone who cared for me before." "But what about all those guys you dated? They all had to feel something for you, didn't they?" Anko began to cry again.

"I lied about ever dating anybody. I'm a virgin! Everybody rejects me because they think I'm the exact clone of Orochimaru. I am cursed to die alone a virgin, never to feel love!" Naruto looked down and tears began to flow down his cheeks. 'She's so much like me. It's amazing. I felt the exact same way until Hinata and Hanabi said they loved me.' He moved closer to her and hugged her from behind, holding her close to him causing her tears to die.

"Anko, I know how you feel. I am the vessel of the Kyubi. I know what you've been through. I'll always be here for you. I love you." She turned to him and pushed him over onto his back and straddled his hips. "Naruto no one's ever loved me before. I want you to be my first. I want you to take my virginity!" Naruto began to flip her over to get on top but Anko stopped him. "Naruto, could I be on top for my first time? I've always had a fantasy about dominating men." Naruto responded by nodding and removing his clothes.

Anko cut through her fishnet clothing with a kunai and went to her drawers to get something. She held up what she had to let Naruto see.

It was four sets of handcuffs. She moved to him and cuffed his wrists to the bedposts before repeating the same action with his ankles.

She mounted his chest and moved forward until her bare breasts were in front of his face. "Naruto, don't be gentle. Please bite my nipples. Bite them hard!" He caught a nipple in his mouth and teased it between his teeth before biting down on it making her shriek in pained pleasure.

Naruto could sense this pleasure and started to bite down harder. Anko was going crazy. Never in her life had she been so turned on by something so painful… where she wasn't causing the pain. "Harder, bite it harder Naruto!" Now he could see what she wanted. He chomped down hard on her nipple with his canine tooth, causing it to bleed a little.

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Time to se how she liked having her blood drank. He pulled his head away and lapped at the blood trickling from her right bud. Her eyes shot wide open when she felt him bite down that hard. As much as she hated to do it she pulled away. She lifted her breast to her face and began to taste her own blood.

She felt something poke her thigh and looked down to see Naruto's not-so-little soldier standing to salute her.

She tossed him an evil looking grin. "So Naruto, you get a boner from hurting me do you?" She saw him look at her with a fearful expression on his face when she said that. "Don't worry Naruto. I'm not gonna do the same thing to your Rod of Glory that you did to my nipple. I just wanna give it a taste." She moved into a 69 position and forced her soaking wet pussy to his face. "Why don't you give my honeypot a taste Naruto? I think you'll like it." Naruto looked at her pussy dripping juices into his mouth.

She was shaved closely but kept a small purple bush just above her cunt. She forced it down onto his face and he went to licking at her gorgeous pink twat. As she moaned he thrust upwards making his shaft enter her mouth. She kept it there and began to swirl her tongue around his head. Naruto increased the rate at which he was feasting on her. She got a sudden idea that would make his head roll. She lengthened her tongue and wrapped it around his cock from base to tip and moved it up and down.

Naruto shouted her name into her pussy and clenched his fists. Anko moaned from around his tool feeling the vibrations of his shout run through her cunt. Naruto began to nibble at the nub he had just found inside of her. Anko began sucking his cock in violent bobs of her head, still gripping his dick tightly with her tongue.

She used her training with hiding kunais in her throat to take it in deeper until it hit the back of her throat. Naruto was now thrusting up into her mouth as he continued to nibble on her clit. This was truly the Promised Land for Naruto. He was in a whirlwind of pleasure feeling that soft warm mouth and tongue driving him into orgasmic bliss. He forced upwards one last time and released his load into her mouth. She felt something warm and sticky flow into her mouth and the sensation of his semen rushing over her tongue and into her hungry throat was enough to send her over the edge.

Just as Naruto felt her swallowing motions around his penis he was squirted in the face with a flood of Anko's essence. The taste to him was no surprise, it tasted exactly like dango and sweet red bean soup. Naruto drank all she had to offer and his head fell onto the pillow gasping for breath as Anko finished her new favorite snack, his cum. She maneuvered herself around and kissed Naruto. She pulled herself back and positioned her dripping crotch over his raging hard on.

'OK Anko here it goes just lower yourself down and rid yourself of that pesky hymen.' With that she forced herself down hard and felt the sweet pain of her virginity being taken.

She screamed more out of pleasure than pain and Naruto felt her tight twat clench around him as she began to bounce on his tool. "Oh Naruto, you like me to ride your huge dick don't you. You love to fuck your psycho snake bitch. I love your cock, its filling me up. I can feel it stretching my slutty little virgin pussy and throbbing inside me." Naruto loved being talked dirty to and though he didn't know if it was possible to be a virgin slut, he wasn't complaining.

"That's it Anko, bounce on my cock like the horny little bitch you are. Do you want me to pump you full of my seed? Do you want to feel it fill your womb you little snake slut?" "Yes Naruto! Please give me your sperm! Spray it inside me! Pour your sweet sticky semen in my hot little cunny!" Naruto needed no more encouragement and pushed up on more time and began unloading his cream up inside of her as her pussy clenched around his dick and sent her into orgasm as well.

Anko rolled off of him and unlocked the cuffs before lying next to him and locking him in a tight embrace. "I love you Naruto." "I love you too Anko." They stayed there staring up at the ceiling for a while before snickering.

"You know Naruto? I'm gonna have to train you more often!" They shared a laugh before Naruto kissed her and they both fell into sleep once again.