Good sex with young hairy teenager

Good sex with young hairy teenager
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Make sure to leave suggestions in the comments! Backstory I'd had a secret relationship with one of my sister's friends for a while behind her back, going all the way back to when I was in highschool with her. I'll give you one of our encounters as a little bonus to this story, enjoy <3. Samantha and I had met in Chemistry, we had known each other for years before that because she was my twin sister Carol's best friend but we'd never really hung out by ourselves without my sister being involved so we weren't really friends and I'd never had the urge to try and become friends with her.

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She was also a little younger than me, a year and two weeks to be exact, but she was really mature for her age. She always dressed professional, Carol said Sam wanted to be a lawyer when got out into the world, and I have to tell you, she made those boring clothes lawyers wear look absolutely gorgeous. She stood taller than a lot of girls in our class, I'd never asked her or my sister but I was guessing 5'5 or 5'6.

She played tennis and everytime I'd drive out of the school parking lot on Tuesday I would see her bouncing around the court with her long blonde hair, her short white tennis skirt, and a white tank top that could barely hold her breast, which actually were smaller compared to my sister's but they were perfect for her and they looked amazing.

Apparently I was the only person she knew in the class, or at least that's what she told me when she took the seat next to me in the back of the class. She was wearing a knee length gray skirt and a midnight blue sweater that complimented her blonde hair so well. She didn't say anything else to me until about halfway through the class when she said "I'm going to the bathroom, watch my stuff." and of course I said I would.

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She raised her hand and told our teacher she had to go, and usually this teacher was very reluctant when letting students go to the bathroom but she knew Sam well and let her go. The class went on for another twenty or so minutes when the teacher realized Sam was still gone, she asked me to go find out where she was and so I did.

I walked to the bathrooms which weren't far at all from our classroom and projected my voice through the opening to the girl's room asking "Sam, what's taking so long?", no answer. Not even thirty seconds later, I got a text from Sam telling me to meet her in E Office.

I started walking down the hall but was pulled into the band room by, you guessed it, Sam. No one was in here since band didn't use the room till after school and the instructor was at lunch. "Where the hell have you been??" I asked her trying to act serious as she had this stupid big smile on her face.

"I got frustrated." She said in a sweet voice, twirling her blonde curly hair around her finger. I tried to speak but was cut off by her gorgeous lips attacking mine, for some reason mine responded matching her passion. At this point my brain had lost control over my actions and my dick resumed command. I quickly hooked my arms under her thick thighs that were toned from tennis and lifted her up against the wall, we had moved to a part of the room where no one looked into the windows could see us and the room was soundproofed, so.

I begin attacking her neck with kisses and gentle bites as she ran her fingers through my hair. "You have no idea how long I've wanted this, Cory" She said in a really breathy voice. "You could of had it anytime you wanted and you know it, any guy would let you do anything to them with a body like this" I said between kisses, as they got lower on her neck, eventually kissing the cleavage poking at the top of her sweater.

"Mmmm, your lips feel so good daddy" She said, as she slowly leaned her head back against the wall and closed her eyes. No girl had ever called me daddy before and it really turned me on. I wrapped my arms around her waist, as she tightened her legs around my waist, I carried her over to the instructors desk and laid her flat on her back, forcing her skirt down and off as I kissed her ankle, slowly kissing up her smooth legs until I reached her thighs.

"Please daddy, please let me feel your warm lips" Sam said as she groped at her breast, which was now out of her sweater. I obeyed and pushed her white and pink panties aside, my tongue flicking across her folds as my nose pressed against her swollen- That's enough of that, let's get into the real story before old feelings get stirred up. Sister's Sleepover Part One (By Cory's Life) "Sam, Haley, and Bridget are coming over tonight to watch some movies and sleep over." Carol said as she leaned over the kitchen table while I ate my lunch.

"Cool" I said as casually as possible, knowing Sam was going to try and sneak off to my room tonight like she always did. "Stay away from Sam, she always flirts with you and it's weird." Carol nagged me as I rolled my eyes. "No problem there." I said, getting up and putting my dishes in the sink.

The rest of the day went by without any word from Carol about when they were coming so I just sat around all day listening to music and watching movies, occasionally picking up my phone and replying to some text. Seven o' clock came and a knock came at the door, our parents were at my grandparent's helping out and Carol was in the shower, so I had to answer the door. I opened it and I guess they were expecting me to be surprised seeing them because Bridget said "Wow you look so surprised" in probably the most sarcastic way possible.

Sam rolled her eyes and walked past me, which kind of threw me off but I knew that no one else knew about us so I played it cool. They all sat down in the living room and Haley asked where Carol was, and I said she was in the shower. Haley was mixed, her dad Ecuadorian and her mom white. Know that thing about latina's where they have really nice butts? She was no exception, and her wearing black tights wasn't helping the case. Bridget on the other hand was rather short with long brunette hair that she had straightened, and her chest was on the flatter side and her ass was smaller than all her friends but firm.

My sister came down stairs, finally, in her panties and a t-shirt that was her boyfriend's. "Let's go, and stop looking at me Cory, perv" Carol teased me.

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Haley was the last to go up the stairs and I thanked god for that, her ass jiggled with each step and she looked back at me and smiled when she saw me staring.

The night went back to be quiet as I turned my movie back on and the girls did whatever they were doing in Carol's room. I didn't hear anything out of them until my movie finished and I went upstairs to go to my room.

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As I passed by Carol's door I heard a moan, I opened her door to make sure everything was okay and I froze. Haley was on the best while the other three sat on the floor on their knees looking between her legs, a purple dildo sticking our of her clean shaven pussy.

I was instantly hard as Carol screamed at me to get out.


I rushed out and went to my room, my head swimming and the tent in my pants growing as I sat on my bed. I laid down and tried to go to sleep only to be interrupted ten minutes later by all four of the girls walking into my room. Sam sat on my bed, and the rest stood next to my bed. "I told them about us" She said as she bit her lip. "What the fuck Sam?!" I said, angry at her because we'd both sworn never to tell anyone.


"Cory, I'm not mad." Carol said, still in her panties but I noticed a wet spot in the center of them. "Infact, it inspired us to do this." Bridget said with an evil grin on her fact.

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Haley and Carol held down each of my arms while Bridget went to work on taking off my shorts. Sam stripped off her short-shorts and panties and climbed onto my bed, straddling my face and lowering herself down onto it. I soon felt Bridget's lips wrapping around the head of my cock, which was throbbing as my heart raced. I figured there wasn't much I could do now, so I went to work with my tongue, slowly sliding it up and down Sam's folds as I felt a hand on my cock, I didn't know who's because Carol and Haley had stopped holding me down.

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Soon two tongues were assaulting my cock as my tongue slid as deep as it could into Sam's tight pussy, my now free arms hooking around her thighs and holding her to my face as I thrashed her walls with my tongue.

Someone had engulfed my cock in their mouth and had started trying to get me into their throat but couldn't it had to be their first time trying to do so. Sam climbed off of me and I saw that is was Bridget who had her mouth wrapped around me. She pulled off of me and I sat up.

"So what's next in your evil little plan?" I asked, scanning each of the girl's faces. "We want to watch your fuck Carol." Sam said, a sexy grin dancing on her lips as she looked at Carol who's cheeks had grown cherry red. I got up and walked to Carol, taking her hands in mine as I kissed her softly, "Do you want to do this?" I asked her soothingly, seeing she was nervous.

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"Yes.I have for a long time." She said, her response shocking me. I lead her to my bed, bending her over as my hand ran up her back until I gripped her shoulder. I gently ran the head of my cock up and down her folds before slowly pushing into her, she was so tight. "She likes it rough" Haley said as she giggled.

"Haley!" Carol said as I looked back at her. I didn't need any more encouragement, instead of taking the gentle approach I gripped my hips and slammed into my twin sister's pussy as hard as I could, resulting in a loud grown escaping her lips.

"Fuck yes" She moaned, as I continued to pull almost entirely out of her only to slam back into her. Haley crawled onto the bed and took position at Carol's face, spreading her legs and forcing Carol to eat her. "She's such a good little slut, isn't she daddy?" Sam whispering in my ear as she wrapped her arms around me, my cock still pumping my sister mercilessly.

"Why does Carol get to have all the fun?" Bridget asked as she walked up to me, grabbing me by my hand and pulling me downstairs. She lead us to the living room and pushed me down onto the couch. Mounting my lap as she lowered herself onto my cock.

"You like to ride big cocks don't you Bridg?" Haley asked as she leaned down and kiss me. "She's such a slut" Carol said as she giggled, pulling Sam over to the two seater and laying her down gently, she had brought the purple dildo with her. "Fuck your dick is so big, I'm going to cum" Bridget groaned as she began bouncing herself on my cock fast, wrapping her arms around my neck as I watched my sister slide the dildo into Sam's pussy, the one carrying my child.