Raunchy cock engulfing experience with hawt chicks

Raunchy cock engulfing experience with hawt chicks
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I remember that day like it was yesterday. My family had gone on vacation and left me home. I was grounded because of my crappy report card but i was fine cause i had the house to myself for 2 weeks. I was a virgin but i pleasured myself quite often. I was the most desired girl at my school every boy wanted me and every girl wanted to be.

I had olive tanned skin and an athletic body i did track and was on the swim team. I had perfect 38c brests and long dark brown hair that matched my eyes.

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Being home alone actually gave me more freedom then my parents would of thought since i had so much time to myself i usually stayed out late not getting home unill midnight and sometimes three in the morning i i slept all day and parties all night and since it was sunner the days i would stay awake all the back doors would be open.

One day i was craving some of my favorite coffee so being the tease i am (i felt i always needed to turn heads) i put on my shortest shorts they might as well have been panties with a red lace thong and and black v neck tank top that i even felt was actually a little to low but i decided whatever.

Ofcourse from the second i left the house i had all eyes on me.


some guys even tried to talk to me but i turned them down. Then i got my coffee and went home. When i got home the lawn people were there i said hello and went inside and as always they just staired at me. I thought about leaving thhe doors closed at least untill after they left but it was just too hot so i opened the doors and then went to my room.

I was of couse exaused so i layed on my bed hoping to take a nap but the lawn mowers were to loud so i just layed there and tried to mentally pick out an outfit for that nights party.

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then the mowers finally stopped and it was finally quiet and within five minuites i was asleep. The next thing i know someone is covering my mouth while someone else is ripping open my shirt i tried to scream but my attempts were muffeled then i tried to fight but one of the men punched me in the ribs. Then i saw two other men walk into my room and i realized all the men were the men that worked on my lawn they were all just smileing i wanted to cry.

They were all talking in spanish and i had no clue what they were saying. then the guy that had ripped off my shirt started sicking and biting my nipples i tried to squirm but he punche my side again and it hurt so much and that was when i realized i was going to have to lay there and just take it.

He bit my nipple and stroked the other and the other men that were just standing there took off their pants and were jerking off while watching. While still eating my nipple i felt his hand slide down my stomach and he started rubbing my pussy through the shorts and i just prayed he wouldnt do what ithought was going to happen next.

Then he stopped biting my nipple and moved down to my pussy he just smelled it through my shorts and smiled. then he unbuttoned them and pulled them off leaving me exposed with just a thong on. He then kissed and licked my pussy through my thin underware. Then he pulled down my thong and started sucking my pussy and i started screaming. i did not want my first time to be like this at all.

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I could feel his tounge going in and out of me and it actually started to feel good and i could feel myself getting wet but i couldnt help it. And i was sure he gould taste my pussy getting more and more juicy. then he smiled and stood up. Ihoped that he was done and got all he wanted but no. I then watched him say something to his friend who walked up to me i was then forced on my feet and told to bend down with my ass exposed then i thought he was going to fuck me in the ass and i started to cry.

But then he bent his face into my ass and started licking my ass hole i had never imagined such a pleasure before and he stick his tounge in and out of the hole and i started to moan i couldnt help it i just did. then he stuck his tounge in and just licked upthe whole inside of my hole and it gelt so fucking good then he stopped stood up straight and forced me on the bed still bending over with my ass to him that was when i realized he was going to fuck me in the ass.

and i started ti cry again.

He spread my cheeks and instead of easing in and doing a steady fuck he just rammed his huge dick in there i screamed at the top of my lungs it hurt so much. He just kept ramming my ass with his huge dick and the pain never subsided i could feel it all every peice of skin i had in my ass felt like the nerve sensors went off on overload.


then finally the pain stopped i was so relieved and for a second i thought maybe they were done but there were four men and i was only fucked once.

That was when he got on my bed and layed down the man that had been holding my mouth before was now moving me on tope of the man that had just invaded me. he spread my cheeks and made me ride him with his huge dick in my still tight ass.


then the othe men started to complain i didnt know what they were saying but i could tell from their voices they were probably complaining they didnt get a turn with me yet. the man that was inside of me then said something quickly then the other men smiled and stripped the next thing i know one is climbing on top of me and just starts fucking my pussy and it actually felt good i tried to resist at first but i decided this is happeneing any way so i might as well enjoy it then another is climbing on my face forcing my mouth open and is throat fucking me and the fourth is just playing with my brests.

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at this point all i felt was all around pleasure i was hapily moaning and they were all grunting then i felt it coming i was going to orgasm. my breathing got short and quick and my body was tightening then i let out a muffled scream that couldnt be herd because i was still sucking off a dick.

then as soon as i finnished simultaneously the three that were inside me came now that they got what they wanted they got off of me and i just layed there. the three got dressed and walked out but the fourth just stood there and looked at me longingly because he never had the chance to be inside me. So i told him when they come back next week he could have me all to himself and he smiled then walked out. if you liked this story please comment and with enough positive reactions i will write a sequal

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