Depois de gozar dentro continuei metendo a rola

Depois de gozar dentro continuei metendo a rola
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The lighting was dim as the Mistress Laris walked through the long tiled hallway the light came from skylights the lined the ceiling hall. The hallway itself was several hundred feet long and it connected Mistress Laris's three story family house to the entrance to the bathhouse. There were seven main structures on the estate, the three story Laris family home, the bathhouse itself which was the largest building on the property, the Laris solder's garrison and four large one story slave quarters that held up to one hundred slaves each.

Around the estate stood a thirty foot stone wall manned by the families small but extremely well trained and loyal privet army.

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The Mistress walked out of the hallway and into the her family's home as she walked house slaves knelt and deliberately looked at the floor not wanting to make eye contact with the beautiful Mistress of the house. Her guest had already arrived and was waiting in the parlor and as she stepped into the room she smelt him even before she saw the obese man. He smelled strongly of body odor and so did the soldiers that accompanied the fat man. The man and his entourage had traveled for more than a day from the Capital city and they would be staying for a week.

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As she entered she gave the large sweaty man a smile and said greetings Senator Goodwin I hope the road was not long. Senator Goodwin beheld the small dark haired olive skinned woman before him and answered with a ruff voice the road is always long but my stay with you is always to short.

Well we aim to please and with that she turned and said this way Senator. As the walked Mistress Laris informed her very rich and influential guest that his usual sweet in the bathhouse was ready for him and that she had obtained a dozen new girls in the last two days and that he could if he so desired help in their training.

The Laris family enterprise had been prostitution for the last one hundred and fifty year and Mistress Laris was a forth generation madam. The bathhouse was one of the best if not the best brothel in all the Empire. What made the Laris bathhouse so successful over the last century was it's commitment to their costumers comfort.

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The luxuries that the brothel offered from the spas to the food was far superior to most any fine Inn. The other thing that made the family so successful was their unique selection of whores which they provided.

Mistress Laris never purchased or trained a child to be a bathhouse whore that was over the age of eight years old. And there was not one child kept in the bathhouse that was over the age of twelve. When they turned thirteen the children were normally sold to be sex slaves in privet homes or sold to other brothels for a very high price.

The brothels would always pay more coin for bathhouse girls because they had already been trained by the best and they would take abuse without complaint. The training was instance a combination of drug and mind altering pervasion.

This training had been invented by her Great grandfather's father and perfected by the Laris family over the long years. The fist step is to administer a rather potent narcotic to the children called Loza.

The drug Loza was highly addictive and had a powerful speed affect, just one small dose of the drug could keep a child up for four day without sleep. The other effects of the narcotic was a false sense of well being and extreme arousal. A ointment was also made with the Loza drug and this would be applied to the children's tinder assholes which made them itch intensely.

After this the children where forbid to touch themselves, it was always fun for Mistress to watch the little girls squirm and even try to rub their asses on the wall behind them.

When the drug had been give ample time to take full effect then the head trainer would come in with all twenty of his hand picked assistants and address the tiny trainees. The head trainers was a very large well built black man named Markus. Markus had been head trainer for teen years and he still loved the fear in the new girls eyes when he would first walk in the room.

His assistants herded the naked girls in groups of two and then their slave collar would be placed on their necks.


All the girls were all extremely beautiful some were white skinned, platinum blond haired girls and some were black skinned children form the western continent. But there was only one eastern child smaller than the rest with the golden brown skin and the uniquely shaped dark eyes that some men and women found irresistible.

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Then with a loud stern voice that visibly startled the children Markus told them you are now the property of the Laris family and you will be trained as a bathhouse whore for the next three months. Your role in life now is only to please your Mistress and to make money for the Laris family. You will not be allowed to speak unless you are given permission and whatever you are given a command you will address me as Sr. You will not make eye contact with me or anyone else in this household unless you are ordered to do so.

You will not be allowed to touch your own or your partners rectum without permission from your trainer. Your vagina will never be touched at any time by the trainers the first year you are here at the bathhouse and we will not tolerate you rubbing that worthless greasy slit between your legs. And you ignorant sluts will only eat what your trainers feed you and nothing else. The little girls were not initially informed of this but all eight year old trainees where placed on strict sperm diets and for the first three days the children would eat nothing but sperm.

If the child was given a small portion of food to eat after the three days then it would be covered in a ample amount on thick dick milk. Ever girl at the bath house was required to ingest large amounts of sperm on a daily basis.

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This diet was designed to keep the girls skinny wile conditioning them for a life of sperm eating on a daily basis. Normally after the end of the second day if one of the children would even witness a milky load being squirted into another girls pretty mouth then she would gage and dry heave.

As the little girls stood in pairs of twos trembling holding one another for some senses of comfort all the trainers pulled their large hard dicks out and began to stroke them in front of the frightened girls. All three hundred of Mistress Laris's male slaves were chosen to be part the family stables because of the size of their cocks. There was not one slave that did not posses a meat stick that was not nine inches long.

And before the men were purchased they were made to come on comand into a stone bowl and the sperm was then avaluwaited for thikness and volume. Out of the four large one story slave quarters that held up to one hundred slaves each only one of them housed whores the other three where the Laris family's almost endless supply of hard dicks and sperm.

As Misstress Laris accompanied by the fat smelly Seniter Goodwin rounded the last corner that would take them to the training room they heared the first shrill screams and cries of the children bounce off the tile walls around them. This was one of Mistress Laris's favorite sounds even as a youth, she loved to hear the cries of a child first anal violation.

As she came to the and peered in her first sight was Markus's big black ten inch dick being plunged into the butt of one of the tiny eight year olds.


The girl's actual weight could not have been more then forty pounds and her asshole was way to small to acomidate such a gigantic dick. But Mistress knew that Markus would get stuck half way in and then he would have to damage the girl's rectum to properly fuck her balls deep.

The child's rectum would have to be damaged and allowed to heal and then possibly torn again. This process would be repeated over the course of their three month training period to insure that the girls assholes could accommodate the largest dicks.

The sight of the this brutal perverse act made Mistresses' clitoris twitch and throb. And her hairy slit produced enough virginal secrition to cause it to run down the inside of her slim smooth muscular thights. Seeing this always brought back mememreies of her chilhood and the her earlier life she had lived here at the Laris Family compound. She had a memory of herself as a ten year old girl standing by her mothers side as the eight year olds trainees had their small butts pulled apart and abused.

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That's when she noticed the small black haired eastern child not ten feet from her laying on her belly with one of the trainers pumping his big dick in and out of her torn rectum. Her little face was tear streaked and red with staining. Mistress knew she desired the girl as soon as she laid eyes on her. To be continued

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