Babe punished Two youthful sluts Sydney Cole and Olivia Lua our

Babe punished Two youthful sluts  Sydney Cole and Olivia Lua  our
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Tracy was caught speeding through a small town. She is a news anchor for a local tv station in the metroplex.

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After about 10 minutes we got to the police station. The officer led her into the building and sat her at a chair next to a desk. They did the whole finger printing and pictures and all that. The officer uncuffed her, handed her some scrubs and told her to go change in to them and bring out her clothes. So she did. Then the officer led her to a jail cell and set down next to her on a cot.

" Resisting arrest. And that's Trooper, Tracy." The judge is on his way and will be here soon. The officer brought a small table into the cell sitting it in the center.

I walked into the cell and closed the door. Tracy stood up staring at me stunned as I walked over to her. I grabbed her taking her over to the table.


I stepped behind her, I hissed in her ear as I bent over her back, pressing her into the unyielding table. My hips pressed hard against her ass, the length of my hard thick cock situated between the cotton covered cheeks of her ass, throbbing for release.

I thrust rough and hard against her, wedging my cock deeper between the crack of her ass, letting her know I had more than just a loaded gun that I could use on her. " You lost your rights the second you decided to speed through my town." I pulled her back up with a hand curved around the back of her neck. " Now hold still, you rich bitch, and spread those fucking legs." Tracy gasped at the feel of my hard throbbing cock pressed against her ass.

I had a monster erection! I was enjoying myself. Her anger mounted, her chest rising and falling with each labored breath she drew. She decided a little cooperation wouldn't hurt, and then maybe I would lessen my hold on her. She widened her stance.

"Just get the damn frisking over with," she said with a huff, tossing back her head. I hissed under my breath and kicked her legs wider; putting her back in the spread eagle position I had her in before. I feel my cock throbbing in my trousers at the sight of her lush ass before me, those heels of hers thrusting her ass high in the air.

I placed my hands on her bare waist, I slid my hands higher up her sides, my fingertips catching under the hem of her top, taking it along with them as I groped her sides, not knowing exactly what I would find against smooth bare skin.

I shoved her top up, ignoring her protest as my hands came closer to her breasts. I pushed her bra up, the under-wires of the cups dragging hard over her nipples as they hardened into tight buds of flesh even more in the warm humid summer air as my long fingers bunched the bra and top up under her restrained arms.

Her breasts bounced on her chest from the motion, swaying against her ribs. I grabbed hold of her firm breasts, squeezing them as I rolled her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers.

She had nice tits. Real, not those silicone ones the rich usually had. " What are these? Bs?" I asked as my hands mauled her breasts, squeezing and tugging on them even more, pushing her breasts up from her ribs and I handled them. I rolled her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers until they were extremely hard.


" Get your hands off me!" Tracy yelled in protest, biting back the moan that started to rumble up from her chest. She was more aroused than she was angry. My hands were large, completely encompassing her breasts as I roughly kneaded them to my own satisfaction, pinching and pulling hard on her nipples. She feels her body start to betray her, feels a wetness seep into the crotch of her shorts. She couldn't believe that my rough treatment was starting to make her wet and she couldn't squeeze her thighs together to lessen the ache.

She had to stand there and take my abuse and try not to let me know she was enjoying it. I gave her breasts one last squeeze, pulling hard on her nipples till they stood out from her breasts a good inch like hard gumdrops, her silver dollar sized areolas puckered and tight. I dropped my hands to her hips, my fingers sliding under the strings digging into her hips, and lower still as I inched my fingers into the waistband of her shorts, my fingers dipping into the scarcely covered crack of her ass.

I slid my hands lower, squeezing the cheeks of her ass, my thumbs pressing into the cotton stretched over her pelvis.

I slid my hands around to her flat stomach, feeling the taut muscles of her abdomen clench, as my hand slids lower, down between her wide spread legs, cupping her pussy. I feel the dampness seeping into the denim. I pulled her back against my throbbing cock, grinding it against her ass. She was just as aroused as I was. This was going to be a worthwhile arrest. " You're wet. Let's see just how wet you are." " NO!" Tracy screamed, as she struggled against my hold, pulling on the metal cuffs that bound her wrist, feeling the sharp edges dig into her skin.

A feeble cry escaped her parted lips " no.please " as my hand squeezed her pussy hard, my fingers digging into the tender flesh through her shorts, putting a halt to her struggling and causing her to stand on tiptoe to lessen the pressure.

" I wasn't asking your permission, Tracy," I hissed as my free hand reached for the knife on my belt, flipping open the four inch long blade with a flick of my thumb. I pressed the cold steel blade against her back, stroking her smooth skin with the razor sharp edge, intimidating her.

I heard her sharp intake of breath as I drew the tip of the blade across her skin. " When you dress like a whore you should expect a man to notice and do something about it. Now keep those legs spread." Tracy froze at the feel of the blade caressing her skin.

Tears started to well up in her eyes as the razor-sharp blade stroked up her spine and back down, shaving the downy hairs off her tanned skin. I was insane or extremely horny. She'd do anything just to get me to leave her alone, even if that meant letting me stick my fingers up her pussy.

"I'll do whatever you want. Just please don't hurt me." " That's better. A little cooperation and we're both going to be happy," I said, my voice low as I stroked her back with the knife blade, the fingers of my other hand pressing firmly into her pussy, stroking her hard through the damp denim.

She could deny me all she wanted to verbally, but her body was screaming to be fucked, I could feel just how wet the denim was, her cunt was going to be even wetter. How could she be happy? She was pressed to a table in a jail cell with a knife-wielding horny cop behind her calling all the shots.

She was completely mortified with her breasts on display, worse her nipples were harder than they had ever been and her breasts were heavy and swollen from my rough mauling. She'd never had sex with any man outside of her marriage and here she was about to get raped, by a small town judge, in a small jail cell. She sucked in her breath when she feels the cold steel blade of the knife against her thigh, holding her breath so she wouldn't as much as tremble.

I slid the edge of the knife under the hem of her short leg and with a quick smooth jerk of my hand, sliced the denim clean open. One more quick jerk up the other leg and the shorts fall away from her bare ass, never leaving a single scratch on her tanned skin.

I sliced through the gusset and the shorts fell to the floor at her feet. I slipped the blade under the flowery triangle of her g-string and popped the strap that ran between the cheeks of that taut tanned ass, pulling the skimpy panties from her body. I folded the blade against my hip and pocked the knife, my hand once again finding its way between her legs.

I cupped her smooth, waxed pussy, my fingers sliding over the slick folds of her vulva. Her juices had seeped out of her and were tricking down her thighs. " Ummm, nice and wet," I said, my fingers parting her labia, slipping between them as I slicked them up with her lingering juices. I feel her hips jerk." But I think you could be a little wetter." Tracy's scream turned to a moan " OOOH.OOOH.OH GOD " as my thick fingers glided along her labia, coming short of her clitoris, the one place she needed to be touched.

She groaned "AAAAH.AAAAH.AAAAH," mad at her own self for letting this happen, mad that it feels so good. Even if it was at the hands of a judge who was physically violating her in a jail cell, she needed to be fucked. She moved her hips, desperately trying to get my fingers to hit the nub of flesh that protruded out from its hood. I pressed my cock hard into her bare ass, forcing her thighs into the table, immobilizing her.

I slid my left hand up her body to grab hold of her breast, squeezing the firm flesh as I pulled and rolled her nipple between my thumb and finger. My other hand was busy between her legs, parting the blood-swollen lips of her labia with my forefinger and pinky as I roughly stroked her wet flesh with my other two fingers, never coming close to her clitoris.

Up and down. I feel more of her juices seep out of her cunt, making her even wetter, her body responding even though her psyche did not. " You like that?" Tracy violently shook her head. " No. Please stop," she lied. She couldn't fight her body's own will to respond to my touch.

Her husband fingered her pussy, getting her wet enough for his cock but this stranger, this man abusing his power as a judge was physically forcing her body to react to his brutal handling. Her juices were starting to seep out of her pulsating pussy and coat my fingers. She did everything she could to keep her hips still.

" What was that," I asked, my hand squeezing her breast as I simultaneously squeezed her cunt, my fingers digging into firm, wet flesh. " No," Tracy said, violently shaking her head as she desperately tried to keep her hips still, tried to keep from pressing them into my hand to increase the pressure between her legs.

My thick fingers were keeping her on the edge, teasing and tormenting her. If I would just touch her clitoris she would explode in a powerful orgasm.

I let out a low growl " ggggrrrr.ggggrrrr " and parted her labia wide with three fingers, sliding the middle one as deep as I could into her hot, juicy cunt, moving it around until I found her swollen g-spot. I rubbed it hard and feeling her hips jerk as soft mewing sounds escaped her parted lips and creamy cunt juice started to run down my hand. I rubbed the spot even harder, feeling her cunt grab at my finger as her orgasm started to build inside her.

" I'll ask you again and you better not lie to me, Tracy. You like that?" I squeezed her breast hard, pinching her nipple between my thumb and index finger as I dug my fingertip cruelly into the front wall of her vagina, the pressure on her g-spot forcing her to come hard and fast and I feel her cunt tighten around my long digit, her juices gushing out of her to coat the palm of my hand. " YES!" she screamed, pressing her hips down onto my hand as hard as she could as her orgasm ripped through her body, her hips bucking wildly, fucking herself against my penetrating finger.

" YES! OH FUCK YES!" " Yes, what?" I demanded, knowing I was inflicting an unbearable amount of pleasurable pain on her but I was in charge and she was going to obey my every command.

" YES, JUDGE!" " How about this?" I hissed as I shoved three fingers into her narrow cunt, stretching her, pulling them back out before shoving them deeper.

Her moan turned to a scream " OMG.OOOH.OOOH " as I repeated the motion of my fingers, shoving them as deep as I could. I felt her cunt tightening around my thrusting fingers as I finger-fucked her hard, more and more of her juices seeping out of her cunt and running down my fingers, my palm and across my wrist.

Fuck, she was one hot bitch in heat. " You want me to fuck you, you dirty little bitch? Fuck you against the table till your cunt can't take anymore?" " YES!" Tracy screamed, her hips thrusting against my hand as my long, thick fingers rapidly plunged in and out of her pussy.

She couldn't believe she was enjoying this rough, forcible treatment from a complete stranger. She had nothing to hang onto, her bound hands clenching and unclenching behind her back. Her legs were trembling as she tried to stay upright in her high heels, every sharp thrust of my fingers pushing her further up onto her toes.

She squeezed her eyes shut, trying to block out the mind-numbing pleasure that was coursing through her body. She opened her eyes again, staring out into the light. " Mmmm. Make me cum again, Judge. Oh, god. Ahhhh.

Please make me cum. Mmmm. I need it," she cried. I pushed her forward, flattening her to the table as my fingers plunged harshly in and out of her sopping wet cunt. I panted hard, looking down at her pink flesh all swollen and shiny and wet as it glistened in the light.

She was more than wet enough but not quite stretched enough to take my cock. My thumb rubbed her clitoris, my fingers digging deeper into her cunt, harder and harder until I feel her body start to tighten around my fingers, heard her breathing start escalating.

Her hips jerking against my hand, thrusting back against my plunging fingers as her body tries to suck them deeper. " Mmm. Ahhhh. Righhhht. Ooooh. Theeereee," she moaned, thrusting her hips back against my hand, riding my fingers as hard as she could.

" Uuuggg. I'mmmm--" Just when she was about to come, I jerked my pussy juice coated fingers from her vagina and slapped her hard on the ass, sending a shockwave of pleasure to shoot through her pussy. Tracy yelped. Her pussy was stretched and raw from my fingernails scratching her delicate tissues. She needed to come now more than ever and just when she was about to, I jerk my hand away. Her manacled hands kept her from finishing herself off and she groaned in frustration. She looked at him over her shoulder.

" You bastard. Put your fucking fingers back in me!" " I got something better than my fingers," I hissed as I quickly unbuckled my belt and jerking on the fastenings of my tight trousers. I grunted as I pulled the zipper down over my throbbing and straining erection, pushing my pants from my hips and carefully pulled my briefs down my hips, slowly exposing my big engorged cock.

My massive rock hard cock sprang from its cotton prison and slapped up against the button front of my shirt, my cum filled engorged hairy testicles bulging out against the tightly stretched skin of my scrotum.

Tracy gasped at the sheer size of me illuminated in the light, my cock looked red and angry. I was huge! The shaft of my cock was nine inches long and four inchs thick standing straight out from a thick nest of dark pubic hair, the thick, smooth mushroom head added another two and a half inches and was a big as a ripe plum.throbbing with every heartbeat as the blood pumped hotly through the angry blue veins that stuck out and crisscrossed my monstrous length.

A clear drop of pre-cum emerged out of the slit on the tip of my cock, glistening in the lights.

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My scrotum was the size of a orange and hung between my legs, swaying slightly under its own weight, my swollen testes almost too big to fit in their protective sac. Her husband only had a seven inch cock and he wasn't as near as thick. She was going to be ripped from here to the California border with that cock. There was no way it would fit in her cunt; I was too thick, no matter how wide my fingers had stretched her and she started to panic. " You're gonna get this fucking cock up your tight cunt and ass." I wrapped my hand around my harder than granite cock, grunting as I jerked it hard, pushing several more thick globs of pre-cum out of the slit, rubbing it all around the huge mushroomed head.

She was wet enough to accept me, cunt juice was running down her thighs but experience had taught me that a woman couldn't handle the sheer size of my cock without enough lubrication. I flattened my hand to her back between her shoulder blades and forced her back down to the table.

I kicked her legs further apart, opening her to me, the four inch heels of her fuck-me shoes putting her dripping opening just at the right level. I rubbed the head of my cock against her slick labia, coating it with her juices, getting it as wet as I could. I pressed the thick tapered engorged head to the tight ring of her vagina and pushed, grunted as I pushed harder, trying to stretch what my fingers had loosened.

" Fuck, you're one tight bitch." I pushed even harder, forcing more of the swollen glans into her cunt, feeling a slight tear as her cunt opened to accept the first inch of my massive cock-head. It was a struggle to even get my glans inside her and a fine sheen of sweat had started to bead on my brow. " YOU'RE HURTING ME. STOP, YOU'RE TOO FUCKIN BIG!" Tracy screamed, tears burning her eyes as she struggled against me, reeling in pain, pain from having her pussy forced open, pain from her swollen breasts and hard nipples dragging across the table.

Tears burned her eyes, blurring her vision, her hands clenching and unclenching behind her back. She wasn't in a position to fight me, handcuffed and bent over the table in a isolated jail where no one could hear her scream.

" PLEASE STOP!" she screamed, sobbing, wincing in pain. Even though the head of my cock was tapered to ease penetration, it was so fucking huge that it wouldn't go in her tight passage, her body unaccustomed to a cock of my magnitude.

She tried to fight me off one last time with a sharp twist of her hips, dislodging the head of my cock, and she raised her leg to dig the spiked heel of her shoe into my shin.

I slammed my knee into the back of her fleshy thigh, pinning it to the unyielding table leg as I brought my open palm down hard on her ass again, pushing her chest down even tighter against the table with my other hand, holding her immobile.

" Don't fight me, bitch, or this is really going to hurt.

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Now hold the fuck still so I can get that fucking cunt open." Tracy screamed, tears running down her face as she feels the hot, hard and swollen head of my cock being pushed into her tight, sopping wet cunt. She squeezed her eyes shut trying to block out the pain as I forced the tapered head of my massive cock past the sphincter that closed off her vagina, screaming when I finally broke through. The pain was intense, the swollen head of my cock so huge that I stretched her beyond the natural dilation limits of her vagina.

" AHH, SHIT, YOU'RE KILLLLLINNNN' MEEEE," she cried, her voice rising an octave with each word, the last one a high-pitched scream as I drive my hips hard into her ass, ripping her cunt the rest of the way open as I rammed nine inches of my skewering cock into her soaking cunt, the head painfully pushing into her cervix. " YEOWWWWWW!" she screamed, tears running freely down her cheeks, her knees buckling under the force of my impaling blow, the table and my deeply rooted cock the only two things holding her up.

She'd never had a man in her that deep before and she tried to inch her hips forward to ease some of my length out of her but her hips were pressed up against the table. " YOU'RE TOO FUCKING DEEP! OH, GOD IT FUCKING HURTS! TAKE IT OUT, PLEASE TAKE IT OUT! I'LL NEVER SPEED AGAIN! JUST TAKE YOUR FUCKING COCK OUT OF ME!" I slapped her ass again, the stinging blow hitting the same spot as the first two, leaving a raised visible burning red hand print on her fleshy cheek.

" Shut up, Tracy, and take my cock like the fucking slut that you are," I hissed. I pulled my hips back, my thick cock dragging on her swollen tissues till I had the circumcision ring caught on her torn sphincter, only to ram it back into her, my swollen testicles slapping against her slick vulva.


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She was a whole helluva lot tighter then most women, even tighter than that eighteen year old girl that worked at the sandwich shop I frequented. I was going to love fucking this bitch. Tracy stared out into the cell at the wall, whimpering as I rammed my cock in and out of her, painfully stretching, her wide to accommodate the sheer size of my massive cock as I repeatedly impaled her slippery cunt. She could hear my grunts " UUUH.UUUH.UUUH," my animalist groans, feeling my large hands dig into her hips as I held her steady while I slammed my hips aganist her ass, shoving my cock as deep as I could.

It was best not to fight me, the pain nowhere near easing. I rammed at her harder and harder, my pendulous scrotum noisily slapping against the wet, swollen lips of her vulva, as I violently impaled her tender cunt. She groaned. " UHH.OHHH.FUCK.FUCK.YOUR.COCK'S.SO.OHHH.FUCKIN'.HUGE!" She could feel the thick veins of my unsheathed cock rubbing the swollen, tender walls of her vagina adding even more friction to the plump head of my cock as it tugged hard on her tight narrow tunnel as I pulled nine inches of my cock out, forcing it back in even harder, the pointed tip pushing into the spongy opening of her cervix.

Then the impossible happened, she feels herself getting turned on, her swollen walls filling with even more blood as she became even more aroused, more sensitive as I ravashed her tight cunt with that monster cock. Her juices started to flow and I must have sensed it, too, because my savage thrusts were harder, driving her hips and thighs into the table. " UHH.OHH GOD.FUCK ME.UHH.FUCK ME!!!" Her breasts painfully dragged back and forth on the table, her hard nipples burning from the friction and as my thick cock sliced into her, each blow forcing her hips into the unyielding table.

Her manicured nails bit into the palms of her bound hands as she desperately tried to hang onto something as she twisted beneath me, pushing back against his hips as I powered forward, slamming her even harder into the table as I got the last two and a half inches inside her, forcing open her cervix.

She cried out as the unyielding wood bruised her hips, as my monster cock painfully rearranged her reproductive organs. " FUCK, OH, FUCK I'M CUMMMMINNNG!" she screamed, standing on tiptoe as her legs quivered and shook, her tightly stretched cunt clamping down hard around my cock as her cunt spurted juices all around my pistonning cock as I forced it deeper into her drenched cunt as her orgasm tore through her, her creamy juices dripping down onto my swaying scrotum.

" FUCK, YOU'RE ONE HOT FUCKIN BITCH!" I hissed through gritted teeth as her cunt tightened lik a vise around my swollen cock. I grabbed hold of her heaving hips as I anchored her to the table and pounded into her quivering cunt made even slicker with her creamy juices as I fucked her through her orgasm with all the force of a Mack truck that went barreling into her.

I looked down at my swollen cock coated with a thick layer of her creamy cunt juice tinged pink from the blood of her torn sphincter as I pounded it in and out of her wide stretched hole, in and out as hard as I could, grunting as my pussy juice coated testicles slapped against her vulva with every deep lunge as I rammed all nine inches deep into her, forcing her open even more as my cock swelled. I could hear her steady moans as I hammered away at her, the slick swollen head of my cock tugging on her delicate tissues, pushing hard on her cervix as I bottomed out with each thrust.

" You like that huge cock stretching your tight little cunt." I grunted like an elk in full rut; sweat beading on my forehead and neck, tricking down my back and soaking into my undershirt, as I continued fucking her like an animal, harder and harder, my hammering hips forcing hers to bang hard into the table.

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She was one tight bitch and I had yet to loosen her up. I could feel my testicles draw up as they started to release a load of spunk and it was too soon. Too soon to come in this hot little bitch sprawled out on the table. Tracy feels my cock growing bigger, she screams " OMG. DON'T CUM IN ME.YOU BASTARD.STOP." I exploded shooting streams of cum deep inside her. I holdtight aganist her as my wildly jerking cock deep inside her sprays hout cum coating the walls of her vagina.

I pushed my cock between her cheeks, the cum allowing easier entrance. The first time I missed my target, banging painfully against solid skin.

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I jostled my body around until I could feel the head of my cock on her anus. I poised there, hearing Tracy suck in her breath, waiting for the initial, painful fuck into her virgin asshole. She did not have to wait long. My head moved near her, wanting to see the pained look on her face as I penetrated her. I jerked my hips forward, the slippery head of my cock forcefully entering her rectum in one jolt. I felt the pop as the crown of my cock was sucked into the hot depths of her, her sphincter clasping and unclasping onto the rigid member.

My cock jerked in pleasure as I tore a scream from her lips. " NNNNOOO, dddddammmmnn, it hurts, taaaakkkee it out," her body jerking trying to throw a rider off her back.

She feels my clammy hands on her hips, holding her tightly in place, my cock jerking in the confines of her asshole. " Take it out, it hurts," she cried again, her tiny asshole burning.

My cock was coated with her juices and cum, it still feels like a dry, metal pole was being shoved up her back passage. " No, no more, don't push it in any more," she begged as she feels me apply more pressure onto her back, driving my hips forward, my slick cock pushing relentlessly into her rectum. It felt like she was squeezing all the juices from my cock as I pushed farther in, jerking my hips back and forth in small thrusts, each time gaining new ground, each time my cock entering her virgin asshole deeper.

I hear her groans of pain, the tightening of her sphincter in reaction to the painful thrusts, my cock jerking in pleasure.

Her pain further spurned my efforts, her sobbing and begging only exciting the lust for her virgin back passage. I loved taking virgins, their bucking around only pleasuring my cock even more, their pleas, music to my ears. " So tight, Tracy, such a tight asshole. So much more cock for you," pushing my cock deeper into the hot confines, entering her colon, her passage continuing to spasm on my hot member.


I jerked her hips up, my cock shooting deep inside her. " AAAAGGHH, no more, takeeee it ouuuutt," she yells, tears running down her face, my hair sticking to the side of her face as she sobbed in pain. She could only lie there, bound tightly, my cock sliding in and out of her asshole noisily.

My cock wedged deep inside her, her stomach cramping from the large cock twitching inside her. I held her tightly against me, my hips jerking in and out, forcing her to take the big cock. " Pleeeasse, AAHH, huuurtts," she sobbed, a particularly painful thrust in her asshole tearing a scream from her lips.

" OMG.TAKE IT OUT." My hand reached around and wedged itself tightly between her pussy lips, forcing its way between them, fingers moving up and down her crease until I found her erect clit. I pinched hard, her hips jerking back onto my cock, the member now buried completely in her once virgin asshole, twitching in lust.

" Such a great fuck your asshole is so hot Tracy. Tighten on my cock," I ordered her, pinching her clit hard. " More," twisting her hard clit, her ass jutting back onto my cock, burying it in deeper. " Splat, Splat," the noise rang out in the room as my stomach slapped sharply against her ass cheeks.

" AAAH, Ahhhh," she moaned back, her asshole taking a beating from the cock burying itself deeply in each thrust. " AAAGG," my fingers pinching her hard clit, her ass jerking back and fourth on this rampaging cock. She could feel it starting to stir, my fingers abusing her clit, her asshole taking a powerful fucking as she lay aganist the table.

I was going to make her cum. Her asshole milking the large cock buried deep inside her. Now my fingers were going to make her cum.

" Yes, I knew I could make you, Tracy," fucking her harder, my fingers moving up and down her slit, rubbing harshly over her swollen clit. " Cum on my fingers as I drop a load of cum up your hot, tight asshole." I fucked her faster, my cock sliding up and down her back passage, her clenching sphincter grabbing the head as it pulled out, only to open and accept the large crown as it pushed back in again.

" AAAAAGGGHH, god damn, I'mmm cummming," her pussy soaking the fingers sliding up and down her slit. Her asshole hurt painfully as my cock swelled to even larger proportions as it begins to spurt its hot cream deep inside her colon.

Another orgasm overcame her as her once virgin asshole was filled with cum for the first time. I feel my cock milked of my cum as I dumped inside her asshole, stuffing my cock in as deep as I could. I feel her body shuddering, her asshole tightening on my cock as I shot another load of cum in her body before slumping down on top of her sweaty body. I leaned over her face, " such a tight fuck, Tracy, cumming with a cock up your asshole, such a slut." Tracy could hardly breathe, I was almost suffocating her with my weight, my softening cock still inside her asshole.

She tightened her sphincter, pushing the limp cock from her asshole, feeling the wet, slimy cock resting on her naked ass cheeks. She could feel some of my cum running down the insides of her thighs, falling wetly to the floor. She was relieved as I got off her body, her lungs sucking in some fresh air. " Owww," she yelled, my hand slapping her ass cheeks hard. " Tracy, the best fuck in town.

Will see you at the charity events. You won't tell anybody about this incident. Maybe your beautiful daughter Nicole will be caught speeding. Come by anytime for a visit." I said.