Lovely brunette masturbates her pink pussy

Lovely brunette masturbates her pink pussy
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Nineteen year old Samantha pulled against the restraints tied to her hands as her room mate and Mistress; Paige abused her vagina with her strap on toy. In her passion, Paige was barking rude and abusive comments toward Sam, knowing that it was turning her on.

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Bright red hand prints were glowing on Sam's slender backside, remnants of Paige's passion and control she had over Sam. In a very heated climax, both young ladies collapsed in orgasmic bliss. Paige slowly untied the restraints around the wrists of her sex toy, Sam, and moved up her body.

Pressing the tip of the toy onto Sam's lips, and Sam obediently opened her lips, cleaning the hard, rubber toy with her lips and tongue. 25 years later Sam walked barefoot out the door as Boris her dog tagged close behind. She walked down the walk way to the mailbox.

She opened the mail box and pulled out the stack of envelopes in side. As she walked back to the house, she tripped over her 16 year old son's skateboard, and almost fell. She cussed under her breath as she regained her balance.

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At the age of 44, Sam was still very attractive. Her long auburn hair flowed down to the middle of her back. Her small, ample breasts were still as firm and pert as they were in college, even after two sons. Her long, toned legs were topped with a slightly bubbled butt. Unfortunately, Sam was married to a man that had long ago forgotten how to show her how beautiful she was, so her self image had greatly been altered.

Once she was in the house, Sam sorted the mail. She was pleasantly surprised when she seen and envelope addressed to her. She opened it quickly. It was an invitation to her college sorority reunion.

Her mind drifted back to all the fun times she had. Then the memories of Paige and the fun they had. She wondered if Paige would be there. She laid the invitation on the mantle and continued her daily chores. As she mopped the kitchen floor, she looked at the clock. She still had an hour or so before her husband was home. She dashed to the bedroom when he kept the computer. She quickly booted it up. She went to her email, and quickly, typed and email to the address she had last heard from Paige.

She hit send. Then cleared the history, shut the computer off and returned to her house work. Later that night as her husband snored beside her. Her mind drifted. As she thought back to some of the nights that she and Paige had spent together. Her hand slowly moved down her body and under her night gown.


Her fingers rubbed her smooth lips, as her middle finger teased her aching clit. She stopped as her husband rolled over. She thought about trying to wake him up, but she knew that it was no use. He had not shown sexual interest to her in months, and she didn't want the disappointment. So she continued to rub her wet pussy with her fingers. In her mind, she imagined her fingers were Paige's. She inserted two fingers into her moist pussy, and continued to finger herself while in her mind; she could hear Paige calling her a horny bitch.

She gasped as her orgasm approached. She tried hard not to scream, as her body trembled under her touch. She withdrew her fingers and for the first time since college, brought them to her lips, and cleaned her juices from them.

She remembered how Paige used to instruct her to clean herself after their play. She had missed the sweet, musky taste of her juices, and drifted off to sleep with her fingers in her mouth. The next morning she got up and fixed breakfast just like every day. She placed her husbands morning news beside his coffee cup, then sat her sons' plates in their place and sipped on coffee while waiting for them to emerge from their bedrooms.

The three came out almost at the same time. All three sat down and ate while they talked about practice, grades and other stuff. The boys were the first finished. Each kissed Sam on the cheek as they went out to meet the bus. When the boys left, he husband stood a retrieved his brief case and barked to her what he needed her to do for him, and was out the door. A tear come to Sam's eyes as she cleared the breakfast table, and placed the dishes into the dish washer.

She let the dog out into the back yard as she went and began her daily housekeeping. It was about noon by the time she had cleaned the bathrooms, made the beds and put away the dishes. She sat at the desk and booted the computer.

She went to her email and found there was a reply from Paige. She eagerly opened it and a smile came across her face when she read that Paige was going to be at the reunion and she wanted them to spend time together. Sam didn't reply. She now had to convince her husband to allow her to go to the reunion. She ran her fingers through her auburn hair as she thought. Sam stepped out of the shower 20 minutes before her husband was to be home.

Dinner was in the oven, the boys were at practice, and for the next hour, it would be just the two of them. She slipped into a yellow sundress, with spaghetti straps across her shoulders. She had not bothered to put on a bra or panties. She went down and sat the table. She had prepared his favorite meal. When he walked in, he placed his coat and briefcase on the floor, and picked up the mail and walked into the kitchen. He stopped in his tracks when he seen her sitting at the table.

Her smooth, long legs propped in an empty seat. He tossed the mail on the table. "What do you want?" He rudely said as he sat down and began to fix his plate. "You are such an asshole, you know that?" She stood up and walked to the sink. He ate his dinner and retired into the living room to watch TV. She went upstairs and put on some panties and a bra and left to pick up the boys. On her way back she decided that she was going to the reunion with or without his permission. When she got home he was asleep in front of the TV.

She walked up the stairs and turned on the computer and emailed Paige and confirmed that she would be at the reunion and was eager to spend time with her. The next two week went by very slowly. The time had finally come. The car was packed. She had made arrangements for the boys for the next three nights, and wrote a note to remind her husband that his meals were in the refrigerator.

He was not happy about her going, but she was to the point where she didn't care anymore. She closed the door to the car and pulled out of their drive way. She reached over and turned the radio up as she past the city limits sign. Two hours after leaving home, Sam pulled into the parking lot of the hotel she was staying.

She unloaded her luggage after she had checked in. As she was unpacking, there was a knock on the door.

When she opened it there stood a young lady, wearing a pink Seamless Asymmetrical One Shoulder Dress with Diagonal Fishnet across her firm breast. The young lady just smiled and handed Sam a box, and then turned and sashayed back down the hallway.

When she got to the elevator, she turned and seen Sam still looking at her. The young lady winked at Sam as she stepped into the elevator.

Sam returned to her room and opened the card that was attached to the box. "My dear Samantha," the note read "In this box you will find items that you will need when you come visit me tonight. I look forward to seeing you again.

P." Sam smiled as she opened the box. The first thing she pulled out was Black Fishnet Crotchless Pantyhose. Sam blushed to herself as she would never be caught dead wearing something like that for anyone, but Paige.

She laid the pantyhose on the bed and pulled a Silver studded leather punk top with matching skirt, to finish off her outfit was a pair of Dreamer Platform Stilettos. Sam laid the outfit out on her bed. She could not hide her excitement. She quickly removed her t-shirt and shorts she has worn on the trip, then her cotton panties and bra. She rushed to the bathroom and started the water for a shower.

She stepped into the shower and the hot water cascaded down her firm body. She washed her hair, and her body.

Then she reached out and took her razor from her attaché, then lathered some of the fruity body wash in her hands. She applied the soap on her pubic area, and then slowly began to shave the little stubbles from around her sex. Feeling refreshed, Sam slowly pulled the pantyhose up her long, toned legs. She looked at herself in the mirror. She felt the moisture building between her legs. Next came the leather punk top and skirt. She squeezed her ample breast into the leather top.

She grinned as she seen she had cleavage. She sat on the bed and strapped the stilettos on her feet. It has been so long since she had worn something so sexy. She stood, and almost lost her balance as she tried to walk. After some practice walking, she was ready. She walked out of her room and down the hall to the elevator. While waiting for the elevator, a young couple walked by. She over heard the woman comment on her slutty outfit, but the man just looked and stared.

Sam smirked as the door opened and she stepped into the elevator. Sam pulled into the parking lot of her old sorority house. The reunion was not until the next evening, but Paige had instructed her to come and help with the decorations.

When she stepped out of her car, she again felt wobbly on the stilettos. Using the hood of her car she regained her footing and walked toward the front door. She opened the door and walked into the dark corridor. She looked around and saw a faint light coming from down the hall. She walked slowly toward it.

As she got closer she could here voices. When she turned at the door, she stopped suddenly. In the room was Paige. Paige heard a noise and turned. Sam gasped when she seen her old mistress. Although heavier than she had been in colleges, Paige still made Sam weak at the knees.

Paige had long black hair that fell just above her heart shaped ass. Her breast looked as if they were about to bust out of the tight, white tank top she had on. On the other side of the room, Sam spotted the young girl that had delivered her package. The young girl was wearing a pair of very short cut off jeans, and a tank top that matched Paige's. Sam could tell that the girl was not wearing a bra, because she could see her tanned breast and dark brown areolas through the thin white material.

"Sam, you are here," Paige said excitingly, dropping the roll of paper she had in her hand and rushing to the door. The two old friends embraced in a long hug. Then Paige took her by the hand and led her to the middle of the room. "Alexis darling, come meet Sam." Sam noticed the young girl walking towards her. The girl extended her hand and Sam followed suit and extended hers.

"Sam, this is my oldest daughter, Alexis. She will be going to college here in the fall, and is a shoe in to be the next member of our little family," Paige said with a smile. "Oh, hi Alexis, nice to meet you," Sam said sweetly, "I hope you have as much fun here as we did." "Well that is kind of what I asked you here for tonight, Sam, darling." Paige interrupted.

"Alexis is going to attempt something that has never been done before. As a freshman, she is pledging to be head mistress of the group, and although we have been practicing on some of her friends, she needs to polish some of her skills.

I knew that you would be perfect to help my little girl be head mistress." Sam felt the blood rush to her face as she blushed. Alexis was walking in her direction. Sam's gaze was frozen on the 19 year old beauty. Alexis's eyes were crystal blue, just like her mothers, her firm breast bounced ever so slight as she walked toward Sam. In a matter of seconds, Alexis was standing face to face with Sam.

Sam could feel her warm breath on her face. Alexis moved her hand to the hem of Sam's skirt and lifted it enough to slip her hand between Sam's legs. "Oh Mom, she is ready," Alexis said with a smile. She pulled her hand out from between Sam's legs and sucked her fingers into her mouth as she walked past Sam.

"Come Sam, it's been so long since we have been to the basement.


Come let's go," Paige instructed, while she gently grabbed Sam's hand. Sam followed the mother and daughter down the dark hallway. So many memories fill her mind. She heard the squeak of the basement door open, and smiled, and thought how after so many years, the door still squeaked. As she approached the basement door, her nipples stiffened even more from the cool draft coming up the steps.

Slowly, the three ladies walked down the creaking stair. As they stepped off the last step, Sam had to strain her eyes to adjust to the darkness. She could hear commotion around her and soon, one by one, Alexis and Paige lit candles illuminating the basement.


As her eyes adjusted, Sam could see the new equipment placed around the room. She smiled as she remembered the only thing they had was a wooden table, a bed and their imagination. Now the basement was equipped with so many fun looking contraptions and she could feel moisture building between her legs from the anticipation.

With all the candles lit, Paige, moved to the center of the basement to a leather sofa. She nodded her head at Alexis, signaling time to start. Alexis smiled and motioned for Sam to come to her. Sam, remembering her training, kneeled onto her knees, and placed her hands on the cold concrete floor, and crawled to Alexis.

Once at her feet, Sam lowered and kissed Alexis's pedicure toes, then sat back on her knees looking up at her new mistress. Alexis smiled as she placed a pink New Sensations Sinful Collar around her neck.

Alexis took the leash that was attached, and walked toward the corner of the room. Sam obediently followed. Alexis stopped and turned, with a smile, pointed her finger toward the corner of the room. Sam raised her head and looked in the direction of Alexis's finger, and her eyes widened.

Hanging in the corner was white bondage swing. Alexis tugged on the leash for Sam to stand. Once on her feet, Alexis slowly unbuttoned Sam's leather punk top. Once the buttons were unfastened, she pushed the top off of Sam's shoulders. Alexis hand slowly moved over Sam's firm breast, her fingers come together and pinched Sam's pebble sized nipple.

Sam moaned from the pleasure her mistress had given her. Alexis walked toward the swing, tugging Sam behind her. Sam turned and faced Alexis. Alexis reached behind her and unzipped Sam's skirt, and pushed it down her shapely hips. Now with only the fishnet, crotch less panty hose on. Sam sat in the swing and Alexis placed cuffs on her wrists and ankles, then she attached the cuffs to the D rings on the swing. Then Alexis stepped back. She lowered her hands to her cut-off shorts, unbuttoned and unzipped them, never taking her eyes off of Sam, and pushed them past her youthful hips and toned legs.

Then she stood straight and hooked her slender fingers into the tail of her tank top, and pulled it up over her firm 34B breast.

With only her pink ruffled booty shorts on, Alexis walked over to the cabinet attached to the wall. She opened the cabinet and revealed an assortment of vibrators, dildos, and strap-ons. Alexis stood up on her tip toes, and reached up to the top shelf of the cabinet and pulled down a box. Sam strained her eyes to read the box. She could see the red, white and blue markings on the box and when Alexis turned the box to open it, Sam read "All American Whoppers".

Alexis pulled the toy out of the box, and placed the empty box back into the cabinet. With her back still turned to Sam, she pushed the booty shorts down her smooth, heart shaped ass and off her legs, and attached the straps around her waist. When Alexis turned to Sam, she smiled while she stroked her six and a half inch cock. Alexis walked to Sam's head. Alexis pulled her back in the swing, so her feet were above her head. She pressed her cock against Sam's red lips. Sam opened her mouth slightly and allowed the cock to slip between her lips.

Alexis entwined her fingers into Sam's auburn hair and began to thrust the cock into her mouth.

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Sam gagged instantly as the cock entered her throat, but Alexis showed no mercy, thrusting her slender hips as she pushed the cock into Sam. Once the cock was well lubed with Sam's saliva, Alexis moved between Sam's legs. She readjusted the swing, and slipped the cock inside Sam's juicy pussy.

Sam moaned loudly when she felt the cock penetrate her. Alexis immediately began to thrust the cock in and out of Sam, with no mercy. Alexis held on to Sam's legs to keep her from swinging away, soon the sound of fucking echoed in the basement.

Sam, on the brink of explosion, looked over Alexis's shoulder. Paige had taken off all her clothes and was lying back on the sofa. Her legs were opened wide and she was working a double penetrating dong in her ass and pussy. This was almost more than Sam could handle.

She pulled against her restraints, her nipples ached so badly. She felt her orgasm quickly approaching, she knew she had to hold back, so she closed her eyes tight, but the image of Paige would not be erased. "Mistress, permission to cum," Sam begged. Alexis ignored the request and continued to pound her new slut. She placed her hand on Sam's hips and used the swing as leverage, and shoved the cock as deep as she could over and over.

She knew Sam was close, but she wanted to torture her with pleasure. She reached and unhooked the D-rings that held Sam's hands in place. Sam's hands immediately went to her breast. She pulled on her pebble sized nipples. Alexis moved Sam's hand from her breast, and lowered her mouth on them.

Sam could feel lightning shoot through out her body as Alexis sucked on her small breast. Sam's hands pressed against Alexis's head pushing her onto her breast.

Alexis felt her slut's body begin to tremble. As quick as she had begun, she stopped. She rose up and pulled the strap on out of Sam's gaping pussy. Sam protested loudly. Sam's freed hands moved between her legs but before her fingers could land on her pussy, Alexis caught her hands.

She placed the cuffs on Sam's wrists back into the D-rings. Sam pulled against the restraints attached to the swing. Alexis turned and unfastened the straps of her cock.

She then walked back to Sam's head. She took Sam's head and pulled it to her chest. She used Sam's hair to tickle her hard nipples. Then with a quick pull, she turned Sam upside down, in the swing. Alexis, raised her leg, and placed it between Sam and the strap on the swing, and then she repeated with the other leg. Her wet pussy just inches from Sam's face. Sam, took initiative and instantly began to run her tongue up and down Alexis's pussy.

Alexis moved her hands between her legs and used her fingers to open her lips. Her engorged clit protruded from its hood, and without hesitation, Sam sucked it into her mouth. Alexis ground her sex against her obedient slut's face, while holding onto her legs. Although it had been 25 years, Sam had not lost her love of the excretions of a woman's sex.

She sucked hard on the young girl's clit, while pulling against the hand restraints. Alexis moved in rhythm with Sam, and in a matter of minutes felt her body begin to tremble. Alexis pushed her toes against the concrete floor of the basement and made the swing tilt. The change in position allowed Alexis better access to Sam's flowing pussy. She lowered her face between the older woman's legs, and began to lap the juices that escaped her.

Alexis pressed her tongue into Sam's pussy and her tongue was enveloped by the warm, wet velvety walls of her love tunnel. She moved her tongue in circles in Sam's pussy. The pleasurable sensation that washed over Sam made her suck and lick Alexis harder. The two beauties continued to pleasing each other.

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Alexis was the first to cum. She sucked Sam's clit hard into her mouth as she felt her orgasm send electricity through out her body. She began to shake and moan uncontrollably. Sam continued to suck and felt the gush of Alexis's orgasm wash across her lips, tongue and face. Sam was at the point of no return, but before her orgasm hit, Alexis stood and stepped out of harness straps. Sam was in tears. Twice she had been to the brink of orgasmic bliss, and twice her mistress had stopped and robbed her of it.

As Alexis walked away, she took Sam by the foot and sat her upright in the swing. She walked over to the leather sofa, where her mother was sitting, with the double penetrating dong was still inside her.

Alexis collapsed on the sofa, out of breath and weak. Paige smiled at her daughter, and pulled the dongs from her own ass and pussy. She slowly walked to the swing and Sam. Paige could tell that her old lover was sexually frustrated by the pleasure she had been neglected.

Paige brought the dong up to Sam's lips. Sam immediately opened her mouth. Paige inserted the dong that had been in her pussy first. Sam's taste buds tingled as her tongue cupped the dong, tasting the musky remnants of Paige's cum.

Paige unhooked her old friend from the swing and took her hand. Sam could barely stand on her rubbery legs. Paige placed her hand on Sam's shoulder and pressed her down to her knees. She attached the leash back onto Sam's collar and tugged as she turned.

Sam obediently followed. Paige walked her to the center of the basement and pulled her up onto a Liberator Black Label Wedge Ramp Combo. She attached the cuffs onto Sam's ankles and wrists. With her ass perched upward, Sam felt Paige press the head of the dong against her rosebud.

Paige slowly pressed against the dong until the head penetrated Sam's tight puckering ring. Sam gasped with pleasure. Then she felt the other dong enter her pussy.

Paige began to work the dongs in and out of both her holes. Sam could not control herself as she began to thrust her hips in the same motion as Paige.

Sam began to weep in agony, she knew that she could not hold on any longer, but she also knew if she cummed with out permission, then she would reap the consequences. Fortunately, Paige knew her well and ordered her to cum, in the brink of time. Sam screamed in pleasure at the point of release. Paige pulled the dongs out simultaneously, and Sam's pussy exploded.

A stream of her womanly secretion shot a few feet from the wedge, then another. Three strong gushes followed, before Sam passed out from the pleasure. Sam woke up the next morning in the bed of her hotel room. She slowly raised her naked body up from the bed. Her legs were still weak, but with assistance from the wall, she walked into the bathroom. As she sat on the toilet, she rubbed her red wrists. Once done, she stood and slowly walked back into the bedroom.

That is when she noticed the garment bag hanging on the back of the closet door. There was a note attached to the zipper. She opened the note: "Inside you will find your attire for the reunion tonight.

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Thank you for being a willing participant last night. Yours Always, P."