Que rico coje mi mujer con su amante

Que rico coje mi mujer con su amante
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She worked at a local convienient store.I would stop in every night after work and buy a soda.Each time i would offer her a ride home. Sometimes she accepted,sometimes she didnt,but every time I went home after seeing her, I would pound off a load 3-4 times before going to bed.After a few months I needed more,speaking with her wasnt enough.I had to see her tits her ass and her pussy.I needed to see taste and touch every part of her in every way possible.

I formulated 2 plans, one for if she was agreeable to my thoughts and desires, and a second if she wasnt.After doing some research I found out she wasnt seeing anyone,I also found out she likes white guys.(she was african american). The next time she rode home with me,I started working the plans.When she climbed into my vehicle, I asked if she wanted to go for a ride before I dropped her off at home.

She said yes.I took her through the city streets, as-well-as, every country road I could find. During that time we talked, I expressed myself completely and thoroughly. While doing so, I realized I felt more than lust I think Ihad fallen in love with her.I bared my heart and soul for her inspection and acceptance.She sat quietly for a moment or two then tried to let me down easily with the same old excuses women use when trying to deflect a man's attention saying,- she wasnt ready for a relationship,- it wasnt a good time.I drove her home and decided it was time to start on plan "B".

For the next week, I continued going to the store and offering her rides home. She accepted a few and declined a few.I tried to not let on that her rejection bother me,but in reality it was eating me up inside.

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The more I thought about it the angrier I got. On the nights she refused I would hide in the shadows to watch and see where she was going, and with whom.What I found was she would walk from the store to a close by home.The was inhabited by an old gray haired woman that would greet her with a hug.

I explored the area,what I discoverd was an alley that was lined by dumpsters and windowless brick walls.It was perfect for what I had planned.I waited a few more days,once, I had everything I needed I waited for her next decline on the ride.It was about ten days after I discovered the alley, that she finally said no to a ride home.I made it a point to tell her I had to go home anyways.

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hoping that would make her think I was gone and not hanging around.I left, but instead of going home I hid my vehicle a couple of blocks away.

And raced on foot to the alley that she would be passing, on her way to the old lady's house I hid in the shadows as I waited for her.It seemed like forever before she finally passed.At the moment of her passing, I stepped out behind her as quietly as I could.I placed one hand over her mouth and nose.

I wispered in her ear. I told her not to look at me, and do not scream.If she did either there would be deadly consequences.She struggled as I dragged her to the deepest darkest part of the alley, but I had more strength.I was beginning to feel remorse for what I was doing to her, but the need for have her and the anger over her rejection was much stronger.when we arrived to the back of the alley i found the roll of duct tape i had hidden.after ripping off a couple of pieces i placed them over her eyes rendering her temporarily blind.i then used the tape to tie her hands behind her back.making her somewhat immobile.Again she struggled through all of it but I over powered her with ease.

I turned her to face me,as she began wimpering saying no.I paid no mind to her pleas.Instead ,I ripped her shirt off,revealing a white lacy bra.It was dark out but in the dim light I could see 2 quarter sized nipples peaking through the sheer cloth.Off came the bra.I pinch and twisted one nipple as I sucked the other in with my lips.then I changed nipples, torturing the second while I sucked and slurpped the first.I wasn't gentle I wanted her to feel some pain.

and that she did.i knew she felt pain because she was trying to back away from me.i pulled her back by the waist line of her pants telling her that she was not to do that anymore or she was going to be hurt.

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She was crying asking why I was doing this to her. I didnt answer.I wasnt concerned about the reason, I was only concerned with getting from her what I needed. I forced her to her knees in front of me, as I pulled my dick out of my pants.It was hard ,harder than any time before this moment.Plugging her nose forced her to open her mouth, as she did,i grabbed her ears for leverage and rammed my cock down her throat.She gagged hard, but I kept it there I wasn't going to pull out of her mouth until I was ready.She continued gagging I started pounding her mouth like it was her pussy my nuts slapped against her chin unmercifully.It wasnt long before I had to cum.At the moment of explosion, I forced as much of my cock down her throat as I could, unleashing a torrent of cum into her gullet.Amazingly I was still hard.I slid out of her mouth, stood her back on her feet.I grabbed her waist line again, but this time it was to undo her pants and get the cloth out of the way of my next target.her pussy.

I took hold of the tape wrapped around her wrists and bent her over.

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My cock was still wet and glistening from her spit, so it was easy to drive into her her with one thrust, But it wasnt easy to fuck her.She was tight very tight, the tightest I had ever had.Her cunt muscles clamped down around my dick like a vise,the sentation was on the border between pain and pleasure.A few strokes later, I was feeling my nuts fill again.That sensation caused me to pound even harder into her. I was using the tape around her wrists to pull her back to me with each thrust because of the strength of the pounding she was recieving.as i said ,it wasnt long before the old familiar ache for release was making itself know in my nuts.Again when I erupted I didnt hold back at all I thrusted forward with all my might She howled from pain, as I pumped every drop deep with in her womb.I finally felt satisfied.

I let go of her wrists, and she tumbled to the ground.

I went to her, pulled my semi-flacid dick back out .I lifted her ass off the ground, leaving her face on the pavement.

I thrusted back into her vise like pussy, until I was hard again.My juices mixed with hers, lubed me up nicely.I pulled out found her shitter hole and shoved it it as hard as I could.


I was in all the way to the hilt, before she was able to react. She clamped down on me hard I thought she was going to use her turd cutter to cut of my johnson off.I didnt go slow at first this time I started out hard and rough I wanted her to learn that I wasnt one to fuck with.

I hammerd on her spinkter like there was no tomorrow. When my nuts began to ache again i spoke to her i said "Your not going to tell anyone about this .Are you?" Iemphasized each word with a forward thrust.

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she shook her head no.I continued pounding as hard as ever and asked ,"do you know whats going to happen if you do?' Again while sobbing she shook her head no.

I said "i'll do this all again" and with that i dumped what was left in my nuts deep into her bowels.I pulled out spun her around and pushed my dick in her mouth instructing her to clean me off, because I didnt want her stinking shit in my underwear.

i went back to the store ,but it was 2 eeks later before i saw her .Iasked her if she wanted a ride .she readily accepted.after she got in the vehicle with me she said she needed advice.i asked her what about .she said she was pregnant.i congratulated her.then asked who the lucky guy was with a tear in her eye she ssaid she didnt know.i tried to act confused so she said please dont tell any one, but i was raped .i warned her