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Introduction I'm a average 16 year old, weigh bout 150. All muscle.

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I have a little girlfriend named Ashley. She's 15 years old and bout 5 feet 5 inch's tall with hot body. She has a tight waist and a nice round ass. She has bout 34 C breast. She has long blond hair. Every time I'm with her I cant help but get horny.

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She has that cute little personality that will make any guy go crazy for her. Storyline One night Ashley wanted me to come over her house after her parents go to sleep so we can spend some time together.

Nothing unusual since I can't be their while her parents are awake or home. Parents never like me. They say they don't want their daughter hanging around a hoodlum like me. But I have a hard time getting mad at her mother because she is so hot jus like her daughter. Anyways I came to her house at about 2 two o clock in the morning.

I had to call her because I couldn't knock so her parents don't wake up. When she finally answers and opened up the door I couldn't believe what I saw. She answered looking like a cute little schoolgirl slut wearing a pink bathing suit top with the shortest plaid black skirt and pink stockings that go up just to hem line of her skirt. I came inside the house and we walked to the living room. I sat down on the couch and she stood in front of me and asked if I liked what she was wearing while she modeled for me turning around.

She bent over in front me with her skirt riding up as she did this. I answer hell yeah as I spank her nice round ass.


She was wearing a pink thong that allowed her ass to be displayed perfectly. As my hand made contact with her hot ass she started purring 'oh yes spank me' in the cutest little voice that is sure to make any guy hard. I sure was listening to her. As she's bent over I could see a wet mark on her panties at her pussy and could tell she was really horny. I say to her 'Why don't you get rid of those panties and I'll fuck that tight little pussy of yours in the way it deserves'.

She Replies by saying 'not yet, I have other things to take care of' as she looks at me and smiles innocently. Then she turns around and gets right on her knees, taking my pant and boxers off so fast like her life depended on it.

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She grabs my big cock that's bout 8 in and really think and just shoves it her mouth. It felt so good. She was a natural cocksucker. I felt my cock go down her throat as she took all 8 in of it. I look down and I see her hand under her skirt rubbing her wet pussy. She started moaning as my dick is in her throat and I can feel the vibrations.

I felt like cumming right their but I held it. She took my dick out of her month smiled and said 'I love your big cock in my month'. She took her tongue and started at the base of my balls and licked all the way to the tip then stuck all of it back in her month. When I noticed she had stopped rubbing her pussy and was now fingering herself with 2 fingers in it fucking her pussy hard.

I couldn't take it any more. I took my dick out of her mouth, stood up and got behind her. She stood up looked behind her at me and said 'fuck me like the slut I am, I wanna feel your cock being shoved deep inside me, filling up my pussy'. After hearing that I grabbed her thong and just ripped it off. I bent her over the couch with a amazing view of her nice ass and hairless tight young pussy that's just waiting to be fucked.

I aimed my cock at her pussy lips then just pushed it in fast and hard. Her pussy was so tight with my big cock all the way deep inside it. I started moving in and out nice and hard. She's moaning and started talking dirty 'OO Yes I love my pussy being filled with your cock'. As I picked up the pace hearing her moan and talk dirty to me. Her moans started turning into screams as I fucked her hard and fast and loving the feeling of her wet and young pussy on my cock.

She was getting to loud and I was afraid she was going to wake her parents up that were sleeping upstairs. I warn her as I gently shove her head into the couch cushion.

A few minutes later I pulled my dick out and sat down on the couch. She finally takes off that bathing suit top and she got rid off her skirt and kicked it to the side.

She gets on top me with her legs spread and my cock just bout going into her pussy but I don't put it in yet. I start teasing her with it and making her beg for it. 'how bad do you want my dick in your pussy you little slut' I say. She looks at me with this cock deprived little slut face 'I need your big cock in me please, I want it so bad, please shove it back in me and fuck me like a dirty little slut' she begged.

I finally give her my cock 'you like being fucked nice and hard you fucking slut don't you' as I grab her ass and lower my dick into her cock hungry young wet pussy. Her pussy feels so good I don't know how much longer I can last. She bounces up and down on my cock with her nice tits also bouncing in my face. I start sucking on them which encourages her to ride my cock faster. 'OOO fuck it feels so good' 'Hmmm yes I loved being fucked like a naughty little slut' she manages to say over her moaning.

By the look on her face I could tell she was right bout to have an orgasm.

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'I'm gonna cum uhhhhhhhhh yes fuck me harder' I picked up the pace and started ramming her pussy and as she try's to be quite while having her orgasm. I can fell her pussy contracting on my cock and her cum pouring out. Feeling her pussy having a hard orgasm while on my cock was too much 'ima gonna cum'. As I go to pull out she slams down hard on my dick.

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She moans out 'I wanna feel you're hot cum in my pussy, ohh shittt yes fill up my pussy'. It felt amazing cumming inside her tight pussy while she's having an orgasm of her own.


We are both done now but she just sits there on top of me and my soft dick slips out of her pussy. We both became silent.


We were too tired to do anything after that fuck session. Only seconds later we hear a soft quite moan coming from in the directing towards the stairs.

We both quickly turned our hands to look and I almost had a heart attack. There was her mother sitting on the last step of the stairs wearing nothing but bra and panties. She has her hand in her panties rubbing her pussy. Ashley looks at me with a smile and turns back towards her mother and say's 'wow mom why don't you come join us'.

Without saying a word she walks over to us and Ashley gets off me. She sits on the couch, leans over and puts my now semi hard cock in her mouth with her hand still rubbing away at her pussy.

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I hear my cell phone ring from my pants pocket that's laying on the floor. Ashley digs into the pocket and answers it.

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It was one of my friends from across the street. She puts him on speakerphone. 'We are enjoying the show' he says as we look over and notice the curtains are open and my friend with a two other people sitting on the porch across the street. I'm just in total disbelief that this is all happening right now.

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But I knew I couldn't be dreaming cause theirs no way a dream can feel this good as her mother is still sucking away at my cock that's getting hard again. Ashley's mother lifts her head off my cock and through her light purring she says 'Tell them they are welcome to join if they want to Ashley's'. Part two coming soon