REAL HIDDEN CAM Of Amateur Wife Coming Out Of Shower

REAL HIDDEN CAM Of Amateur Wife Coming Out Of Shower
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LOST SOUL Sorry I'm not a writer. I just like to write. So if there are mistakes ,errors ,etc. so be it. It all started when I lost my wife to a heart attack a little over 3 years ago. For the next several months was becoming more and more depressed. After 37 years of marriage I was all alone. She and I had a great sex life. Even after 37 years we still enjoyed regular sex. She always managed to find something new to try.

We were best friends and could talk about anything. If there was ever a problem between us we never hid it. We were always able to work out a happy medium that we both to live with. I'm nothing special I just loved my wife from the day we met. We just clicked I don't know how else to describe it. Although there were times I wondered what she saw in me.

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Because I know what I saw in her and that was everything I loved. So when she died huge part of me died too.

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Making it hard for me to care about anything ever again. Life had kind of lost its meaning. So I kind of let everything go to shit. The only place I ever went was to the cemetery.

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I didn't bathe I didn't shave I didn't clean house. One day my wife's sister showed up.

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Worried about me because she hasn't seen or heard from me. When she knocked I really didn't want to answer the door. Reluctantly I opened the door and let her in. Upon seeing me and the state of the house. She said " what the Hells wrong with you?" " You know sis would be pissed if she saw the house like this." "You look like you haven't shaved or bathed n months." "What the fuck is up with you she said.

" I don't see any point. I have no reason anymore." " Bullshit! You have family and friends who love and miss you. " "I want you to get yourself cleaned up and I'll be back tomorrow. We're going to turn this hell hole into a home again." With that said she left. It was hard for me but I showered and shaved. Found clean clothes and try to prepare myself for tomorrow. The next morning around 9 there's a knock on the door. My wife's sister Ruth was it back to start straightening up things.

"You look almost human again." She said. I managed a half-hearted smile. Then she said "Let's get busy. You Start the laundry. I'll work on the dishes." "Okay slave driver" I said. Upon coming back from the laundry room she tells me to start picking up all the trash. Hearing her voice come from the kitchen. She sounded an awful lot like my wife. I never noticed before how much they sound like. But Ruth has a lot dirtier mouth and my wife. Her vocabulary seemed to consist mostly of the word fuck.

A word that my wife almost never used. We small talk through the day as we worked. Her voice was soothing to me as she sounded so much like my wife. As the day went on I began to enjoy hearing her curse. I tried to imagine my wife doing it, but she only curse like that during sex. We took a break and we're sitting at the table drinking a cold drink. Just kind of chatting. I noticed several things about Ruth that I never noticed before.

There were times she resembled my wife. My wife had auburn hair where Ruth's is more red. They had the same color of eyes. The very biggest difference between them Ruth was about 2 inches taller and weighed in about 20 pounds heavier. But most of that 20 pounds were her tits. She was at least a DD Where my wife was only between A or B cup. And her ass was a little bigger than my wife's.

But Ruth had had 4 kids my wife only one. It was really hard to tell how big her ass is.


As she was wearing a sweat suit. Although it's hard to hide those big tits even in a sweat suit. After our break we started back to work. In a short time she's complaining how hot it is. I tell her the air conditioning broke about a month ago.

I have never called to have it fixed. "What the fuck find some fans or something." She says. I managed to find a couple small fans. " Those are about fucking worthless." She says. " I'm not surprised wearing that sweat suit." I tell her. " I'm going home to change clothes" she says. "I'll stop and pick up something for us to eat along the way." With that said she left. I decided to find some lighter clothes too. I put on some loose fitting cargo shorts and a tank top.

She showed up about a couple hours later. Wearing a light blue sundress, that stoped just about her knees. It was sleeveless and I could make out her blue bra underneath. When we were sitting and eating I accidentally dropped my fork.

When I bent down to pick it up I glanced her way. Her legs were spread apart enough I can see she's not wearing underwear. Not only that her pussy was shaved. When I set back up she looked at me funny.

"Is there something wrong." she says. "No! "I Blurt out. She just sort of giggles. I'm sure she knew I look up her dress. The rest of the time we were working I had a very hard time keeping my eyes off her.

I'm quite sure she knew that too. By the end of the day I had a hard on that I was having trouble covering up. I'm quite sure she noticed that too. Before she left I thanked her. She came over and gave me a hug. Making sure her big tits squeezed against my chest and her leg rub my cock.

" Feels like you're uncomfortable." She says. "Just a bit." I say " feels like a lot uncomfortable to me." she says" I'll be back tomorrow." "Ok, I croak out" she just laughs and gets in her car and leaves.

The rest of the night I spent thinking about her shaved pussy and wondering what her tits look like. The same time I felt ashamed, because this was on a wife's sister. Funny thing is when my wife was alive. Ruth and my wife stop talking to each other about two years before she got her divorce.

I never asked why and my wife never told me. I just figured it was a sister thing. I have a brother I won't talk to. Because he treated my wife like shit. So I just figured it was none of my business. I just find it odd that after 6 months of my wife being gone. Out of the blue she shows up on my doorstep. This was one of the best days I've had for 3 years. Still I wondered why she was here. All night all I could think of was wanting to see more of her. Those huge tits and shaved pussy.

Thinking of her made me rock hard. I was ashamed and turned on same time. I had a hardon from hell. I decided to take a shower as it might help. In the shower she kept going through my mind. Finaly to get some relief like a teenager I jerked off in the shower. It did not take long and I was spurting out a huge load.

Wishing it was in her cuntmouth or on her tits. As I got ready for bed I needed to relief my self again. I had not jerked off in years but it was the only relief I could get. I think I had a dream of her because I woke and my Pj's were soaked with cum.

I got up, cleaned up and got dressed. I waited for her to show up. I heard a car door and then a knock on the door. "It's open" I called out. When she entered I was still in the kitchen, making coffee. She entered and said " Good morning" I turned to see her dressed in a light pink 1/2 top and calf length light grey skirt. "Good Mo r i n g" my words drifted off seeing her in that outfit.

"Are we ready to go?" I gathered my thoughts and answered " Yes I guess so." "Good then lets finish the rest of the dishes"there were only pots and pans still to be done. "I'll wash you dry." she said. "OK" As she worked the spray from the pans got her top soaked. The thin material was sticking to her bra and getting it soaked too. As I dried and put things awayI had a hard time focusing on anything but her soaked tits.

I noticed I could see her nipples through the wet material. This became my focus and she noticed. 'See something you like?" "Aaaahh", was all I cold get out. "Maybe I should get you a dry shirt?" I said "If you want." she replyed. I went to my room and found a t-shirt I knew was to big for me. Returned and gave it to her. She went to the bathroom to change. When she came out saying "It's a little tight I think." I looked to see and her huge tits were bulging out and nipples were very obvious as she was not wearing a bra anymore.

"It's still better than wet clothes." I tried to cover my delight at the sight of her. "Well better start cleaning up in here. You sweep the floor and do the rugs." "Ok." I got the sweeper and started cleaning.

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After I was done she said. " No wonder sis liked you, your a great house wife." then laughed a little. "Funny" I said. "Now what?" we had cleaned most of the problem areas. "What do the bedrooms looks like?" "I have never slept in the one that was ours so it's just as it was the day she." I stopped there.

"No problem.' she said. "What about the room you'er using now?" "You don't really want to see it, it's real mess." I had not cleaned it in monthsit was a total shit hole. "You don't have to help clean it I'll do it." "No way I started, I'm going to finish." she started toward my room.

"Lets go!" she demanded. I followed her to my room.


Upon entering she exclaimed "Holy Fuck what a mess." "I tried to tell you" "Pickup all the food and beer bottles!" she commanded. I went and got the garbage can. I began to throw bottles into the can and left over food. "Fuck I cannot believe you have lived like this." As she cleaned up the other side of the room. "How the fuck can you live like this?" "I had no reason to give a shit." "You need a keeper for a while just to help get your shit together." "I'll get by ok." "The fuck you will!

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Tomorrow I'm moving in till you get your shit together." I started to protest but she shut me down with "Shut the fuck up and do as I say!" Holy shit I thought what has gotten into her.

We finished cleaning and she changed the bed clothes. Then we returned to the front room. "I still can't believe you have lived in this shit hole like this." "You really don't have to come stay, I promise to keep up the house." "No!' she said firmly you need someone to keep you on track.

So I'll be here 1st thing tomorrow, that's final!" We had a cup of coffee and talked about small things for a bit. Just before she left she came and hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. I could feel her nearly bare nipples and huge tits against my chest. Her kiss seemed longer for some reason. Then she walked to her car and took off. I spent the next hour thinking about how much I enjoyed the feeling of her breasts pressed against me. This made me rock hard, so I had to go jerk off again.

While I was doing it, all I could think was. I wish she were doing it for me. I quickly shot my wad into the toilet. Then I noticed she had left her top and bra in the bathroom. I picked them up, like a schoolboy I smelled them.

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I could smell a faint odor of sweat but also something else. Her bra had a faint odor of perfume.


I inhaled the fragrance and feeling the bras silk and lace on my face. This made me hard again. I jerked off smelling and rubbing the bra on my face. Wishing her tits were still in it. In a short time I cum again. Part 2 to follow.