Gay porn teacher vs boy gallery and sex bears men first time I would

Gay porn teacher vs boy gallery and sex bears men first time I would
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I had been following her for 3 months, ever since she caught my eye in the mall. Her eyes were what drew my attention while I was sitting and eating my pizza slice. She didn't even notice me as she walked by heading for the parking lot, her green eyes sweeping the crowd while talking on her phone. I let her get 10 feet behind me before I stood up and started toward the door. I dumped the pizza into the trash on the way out, barely noticing anything besides her ass swaying back and forth.

I almost laughed to myself as I followed her out the door and to her car. I kept walking past her and hooked over, pretending to work my keys in a truck. As she drove away I wrote down the tags. I walked to my car and laughed to myself. The fact that a 6'6 guy could follow a sexy thing like her and not only not be noticed by the public, but also not even have her notice me made me start thinking.

Much like other guys, as soon as I saw her I wanted her. My cock stirred a bit as I started thinking about things. A rough plan started to formulate in my mind.

The next day at work I waited and near the end of the shift I called in a traffic stop. I stayed right where I was, never moving. The best part of my job is when someone sees a Deputy cruiser sitting on the side of the road no one bothers you. Nice and peaceful. Anyway, I called in the tag number and got her name, address, and the fact she was +5 on her license.

I waited a few minutes and radio'd dispatch, letting them know I let her off with a warning. Now I have the information I needed. Elizabeth. Quite a pretty name, it fit her. I sat and thought about what I was going to do with her when I got my hands on her. On my next day off I went and sat outside of her building, watching and waiting. Her car was parked off to the side, so I knew she was home. I fingered my off duty weapon and plotted. There! She was walking out the door and got into her vehicle.

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I started my car and followed her as she went about her errands. I almost had a heart attack when she dropped something and bent to pick it up. Her skirt started to rise and I could just see the bottom of her panties. I got a jolt in my crotch. I followed her a few more days before my shift started again. With my time off I began setting up my basement, preparing for her arrival.

I got a two spare sets of handcuffs and a pair of shackles from work. We use them for prisoner transport, but this time there would be no traveling. I took a couch and put it downstairs, along with a TV and a rug, something to make it a bit warmer. I built a wooden cross, a table with the top just a little below my crotch level, and a some eye hooks in the wall and ceiling. There were some paddles and whips sitting in a drawer under the table, ready for easy access.

Following her was too easy, she was so wrapped up in her own world that reality never even entered her mind. Of course, everyone was like that. Too busy staring at their text messages and phones to notice the predators watching and waiting. I came to the stunning realization that I cared for this girl. I had been watching her for months now and was concerned for her safety.

One day when I was tailing her I noticed two guys who were starting to follow her. I dropped back and waited, letting them pass me while I pretended to look in a store front. They kept inching closer and closer to her as they headed up the street until they were right behind her.

I got a terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach, and moved faster, getting closer. As they passed a doorway they grabbed her and slammed through the door, dragging her with them. I dashed forward and pushed through the door. Her eyes were terrified as the sunlight flashed through the doorway.

The two men stood, "You got the wrong place motha fucker, turn around and you get to live." I pretended to be shocked "I think I made a wrong turn". They stepped up to shove me. When they reached out to grab me I grabbed the arm and jerked, shoving him through the door and watched him face plant into the sidewalk after missing the stairs.

An arm wrapped around my chest and jerked me backwards when a fist slammed the side of my head. My vision went blurry and my breathing jumped. I was thrown on the floor. The guy started to jump on me when I brought my boot up, catching him in the chest. He slammed back into the wall and slide down, obviously dazed. I forced myself up before I passed out, bringing my knee up into his face, slamming his head back.

A shadow blocked out the sun behind me and I dropped. The mans arm went blowing past my head, and I launched myself upwards head butting his chin, jamming his head backwards.

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Elizabeth was on the floor crying, shocked and frozen. I staggered over and dropped my phone. "911" and passed out. I came to on a stretcher with EMTs standing over me. Elizabeth was on the stairs giving a statement to the cops.

My hand reached down and I had a minor heart attack when my badge and gun weren't on my belt anymore. Then I saw my Sgt.

with a black holster with my Glock and badge clipped to the leather. I passed back out. When I came to in the hospital the first thing I saw was her. Elizabeth was here, sitting in my room. She was asleep, but came to relatively quickly when I coughed and reached for a glass of water.

"Thank you so much, I owe you everything! You saved my life." I spent 2 more days in the hospital before I was released, and it was another few days before I was cleared for duty again. Finally, the day was here. I was so excited I could barely stop from shaking. I followed her around in the evening, waiting for the perfect opportunity.

I had a small .22 handgun with me, watching and waiting. We got on a small, dark road running next to a lake and I knew it was now or never. I opened my window and leaned out, placing the gun on the mirror to steady it. I aimed and carefully started to squeeze the trigger. Crack! Pop!

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With that her tire was blown and she swerved trying to compensate. She pulled off to the side and I followed suit. She was jittery and nervous, freaking out a little. She was shocked but happy when she realized who I was. She went from freaking out to begging for help. I told her of course I would. I pretended to make a call and asked for a tow. I told her to grab her stuff and put it in my car, I'd give her a lift to her home.

She leaned in to grab her purse and everything. I stepped up opposite of her line of sight. She stood up and looked kind of startled to see me standing so close. I reached a hand out and took a bag from her hand and she relaxed instantly.

"This is going to be too easy" I thought to myself. We walked back to my truck where she opened the passenger door. I set the bag down quietly and slid up closer until my chest was right against her. I grabbed her as I growled in her ear, "Shut your mouth". She whimpered and her eyes were tearing up.

I ran a strip of duct tape across her mouth and shoved her into the seat, taping her legs and wrists together so she couldn't run. I went up to her car and turned off the lights, and started pushing.

Her car was easy to push with how excited I was. I steered the vehicle towards the bank of the lake, and let it go once gravity got a hold of it. I watched it go into the water and start to sink. I had picked the deep end of the water, and knew that the car wouldn't be found anytime soon. I walked back to my truck and started it up. I shifted into gear and looked over at the girl, Elizabeth, perfect, sexy Elizabeth.

I couldn't wait anymore, I ran my hands up her sweet body. My hand cupped her tight breast, that pretty B cup made me want to do things, horrible dirty things. We rolled up to the back of my home. I opened the cellar door and cut the tape on her legs and wrists. I gently peeled the tape back and looked in her eyes. "Step down into my home". She looked into the darkness and started crying. I put my arm around her shoulders, "Calm down, it's going to be ok, I promise." Her gorgeous eyes kept shifting, her sexy body was trembling.

I reached past her, knowing she was in no condition to even think of shoving me. I flicked on the light switch and she saw the couch and rug, the warmth waiting for her. She stepped down and shivered, trying to think of a way out, knowing there was none. Somehow, there was still that trust that I would save her from myself. I almost felt bad for doing this to her. But I had to. I was having to go through with it since I had already stepped up and come this far.

I took her down and set her on the couch. She was still shaking. I ran a hand through her hair, feeling the silkiness I had dreamt about for months. She gasped, almost a moan. It made my heart trip hammer, bouncing harder then ever before. I slipped the hand lower and carressed her jaw, rubbing the skin gently.

The fingers trailed up to her ears before sliding down to her shoulder and chest, rubbing and caressing. She moaned gently and leaned her head back, then shook herself and realized what she was doing. I sat down next to her, my arm wrapped around her shoulder, pulling her into me, feeling her breath against my ribcage. I shuddered as what I had dreamt about finally happand.

I sat there with Elizabeth curled up in my arms and explained everything, I explained what happand and why I had made it happen. She just stared at me while I told her this entire story.


She just stared at me. I started to feel awkward for opening up to her the way I had. I started to get angry with her, I mean who the fuck did this fuck meat think she was, judging me. And then she looked up, stared right into my eyes. "I understand. I'm with you". My heart stopped. Literally.

"W-w-what?" I can't believe it, I actually stuttered. She slapped me and took off running, bolting from the couch! I jumped the back of the couch and dove after her, before stopping. Let her run, she will get nowhere. I like a girl with fight and spunk. I walked to the table I had built and opened the drawer. I pulled out a studded length of leather, I had planned to use it only if she fought heavily, but now seemed as good a time as any. I walked over to her where she raged against the cellar door.

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I caught a hold of her beautiful brown hair and jerked her head back with one hand while slapping the leather across her throat with the other hand. The collar snapped as it went around her neck, making a sharp cracking sound.

She froze in shock, and I snapped the bronze masterlock into place. I pulled the leash off the wall as I dragged her backwards to the center of the room. Tossing her to the floor I pull the handcuffs out of my pocket and snapped them around her wrists with her arms behind her back. I clipped the leash to her collar and waited. She eventually stopped shaking and raging, her reserves worn out. I sat on the couch in front of her and watched her shake and sob.

I pulled the leash, dragging her face into my crotch while speaking. "You have let me down, you have turned your back on your savior, the one who kept you from being raped, the one who only cares about you and wants whats best for you. I want you to be happy and live your life as best we can. Now, to that end, get to work. And if you bite me, your teeth rub me, anything painful at all happens." I pulled my gun and set it next to me, "bad things will happen to you baby.

Please Elizabeth, please don't make me punish you. Now, unzip my pants and put your sweet, pretty mouth to good use." "How?" she croaked from her pain filled throat. "Damn, her crying really tore her throat up" I thought to myself. I'll make sure she gets some tea before I go to bed tonight." I looked down at her pleading eyes and again began to feel that self-doubt crawling back into my mind.

"No! This is how it must be." I kept trying to convince myself, even as I heard my mouth spit out "With your teeth beauty, pull the zipper with your teeth." I watched those eyes, the ones that had first caught my attention so long ago at the mall. Those beautiful green eyes, striking and so pretty. They were staring at me as her teeth sought out and found the zipper to my jeans and began to pull them down. I wrapped the leash around my hand several times in anticipation. Our eyes never left each other, we stayed locked onto each other as her tongue tried to pry through my jeans and boxers before finally I felt the damp, warm, strong tongue bump into my shaft.

My eyes widened and my breathing grew heavier. I could feel her breath pressing between the slot in my boxers as it grew heavier, her excitement growing. "Yes sir, I promise it will be good". I was shocked when she said that, all of me except my cock. It lurched and stood at attention when she said that. I groaned out loud when Elizabeths lips slowly spread open and glided their way onto the head of my cock, her tongue beginning to flick across the tip.

I tightened my grip even harder upon the leash, clenching my fist around the leather, loving how her mouth felt, this mouth I had dreamt about for months, loving how reality felt, even better then my imagination.

She had the head in her mouth when I felt the back of her mouth already pressing against the slit in my cock. I could hardly believe how amazing it felt, but I had to maintain control. I took a handful of her hair and pressed down, forcing more of my cock into her throat. I listened as she gagged and tried to breath around the shaft, barely fitting half of it in at this point.

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I pulled my spit soaked cock out of her mouth after a few minutes of her attention and stripped her down. She obeyed when I told her to, maybe she was learning. The collar seemed to have broken some of her spirit. I uncuffed her hands and she stood in front of me, hands at her side and eyes down. I hadn't even had to train that into her. This was going to be fun. I laid her on the table, her beautiful body spread in front of me like a buffet at a kink luncheon.

I hooked the leash through the eye hook on the table, making sure you aren't going anywhere. I took the second pair of cuffs and attached them to the table, and hooked your hands through the two sets, one on either side.

Elizabeth was laying spread eagle on the table top. I slowly kiss and lick my way down from your forehead, the tip of your nose, lightly pecking at your lips.

Licking lightly along your jawline and down to kiss along your collar bone. Sliding my hands slowly up from your waist to gently caress your breasts. Flicking and rubbing my thumbs on your nipples as I lick down between the sweet sweet crevice that is formed between the two dollops of heaven that are your breasts. Elizabeth is staring at me, her breathing getting deeper and deeper as I work my way down slowly, teasing and taunting lightly.

You start to say something but I look up and say "Shh". I pause and look down, grinning, and begin to tongue your belly button, giving a hint of what's to come. As I work my way down my hands massage the diamond hard points of pleasure on either side of the valley that still has my saliva resting upon it. My tongue dances on your mound, tickling it and making you squirm. A low moan grows from the base of your throat, getting slowly louder as I work my way further and further southward.

And just before I lick that glorious, heavenly cluster of nerves and juice I stop, causing you to whine. I can hear your hands rattle against the cuffs, making the cuffs jingle. I smile to myself and kiss my way down your left thigh, dragging my hands with me across your stomach. I work myself all the way down to your ankle, and then slowly running my fingertips back up before kissing your mound again, gently rubbing my chin against your sweet pussy.

Teasing you mercilessly, I kiss my way down your right thigh and down to the ankle. Your eyes bore into mine as you beg me to finally give you the pleasure you crave. I slowly lift myself upwards, my palm gently running across your thigh, and up, up, up, until it just brushes your beautiful, dripping sex.

My tongue works its way into your sweet sweet hole while my nose rubs against your glorious clit, making your juice pour out onto my tongue. The feeling of your flesh against my tongue is divine. I could die at this moment and still be grinning when I meet my maker. I dive in and lose myself for hours, licking and nuzzling until my tongue has gone numb and you've come as close as possible to passing out as I'll take you. The sound of your moans are still ringing in my ears, even after all the muffling of your sexy thighs covering my ears.

I let you rest, rolling you over and pulling you down the table by your legs. Your head lolls side to side as I let you relax and enjoy the afterglow of your multiple orgasms. I gently cuff your hands to the table and your legs to the table legs.

Your pussy and legs are soaked with your cum, just begging for a sweet filling. I slide my finger in, feeling your warmth going straight to the bone. I can feel every pulse of your muscles as they continue to contract, drawing my finger in deeper.

I pull out a little and add another finger, both of them pumping in and out, my pinky rubbing your clit. You start to moan, begging for no more. I ignore you, adding another finger, all three starting to stretch you out wider and wider.

It's tighter then ever, but I know that you can take more. I stop rubbing your clit and add my pinky, getting my hand in to the bridge where all four fingers start.

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I work in and out, listening to you groan and scream a little as I force more and more into you. I roll my hand, forcing even more into you. My thumb is resting against your asshole, all lubed from your own juices. While my fingers are stuffing your gorgeous and perfect pussy, my thumb starts to rub against your asshole. I press in and you start to fight the bonds. Your muscles strain and even though you're fighting in your arms and legs I feel your pussy fight my hand, causing you more agony.

But then I notice my hand is slipping in easier then before. You've cum again! I suddenly realize that you weren't fighting your bonds, you were cumming, again!

With this realization and your moaned encouragement I slide my thumb into your rectum, eliciting another screech of pleasure. "My god, she is amazing. Not only is she beautiful, but she cums from my every touch" I thought to myself. I smile and push, stretching your holes even further. I pull my thumb out and stare at your ass, opened wide and waiting for another filling. "Later, I will make sure she has something in there later." My mind races, hoping I can get something I've never managed before.

My thumb presses into your hole next to my other fingers, you scream and I can feel your pussy at its ripping point. I stop and lick your asshole, feeling you tense and then relax as you feel my tongue delving deep into your ass.

This is easily the hottest thing I've ever seen, my entire hand again sliding into your pussy, gently and slowly pushing past my thumbs knuckle. It's in! My entire hand is sliding deeper and deeper into you. Your tunnel is so tight, squeezing around my hand as you cum again. I couldn't believe it, you were actually cumming again. I push in as far as I can go, your pussy has eaten my arm up to just past the wrist, feeling your muscles contract again and again around my wrist.

I've never felt anything like this before, and I am loving every minute of it. Judging from the sounds coming out of your sweet mouth, your muscles spasming, and the fact that your cunt has been leaking since I got my thumb in you are too. I slide in and out, fist fucking you hard, enjoying the screaming orgasm you're having, feeling every throb of your pussy. You scream, louder then ever before, your pussy tightening so much my wrist feels like it's almost going to break.

Suddenly, silence reigns except for the squishing of your pussy around my hand. I slowly pull out, gently so as to not hurt you. I step forward while licking my hand and check on you. With your head laying on the table and your eyes closed I realize you've passed out. I smile to myself and unlock your limbs. Gently lifting you up I kiss your lips before taking you to the shower. After warming the water I gently and lovingly wash your beautiful body, slowly exploring every inch and crevice.

Your pussy is grotesquely gaping after the fisting I gave you. I almost feel bad for stretching you out so much until I remember the sounds and pleasure you felt. I smiled and dried you off with a big fluffy towel.


Your eyes open and you smile at me taking you to my bed. I took a leash and clipped it to your collar, snapping a lock on it so you can't run off if you wake up before me. I laid down and pulled you into me, holding you and listening to your gentle breathing, feeling your heartbeat as I drifted off to sleep, smiling and dreaming about tomorrow.

I wake up to find you cuddled up to me under the blanket, your leg on mine and your arm across my chest. I smile to myself and lay there, listening to you breath and watching you sleep. My arm is under your head, supporting it like a pillow. My hands are on your side, my hand on the side of your stomach.

I run my fingers along our smooth stomach up to the side of your breast, gently rubbing your nipples. I can feel it harden slowly under my ministrations, slowly and gently pinching the brown nub of joy.

You moan in your sleep and I can feel my thigh getting moist from your crotch. You roll over and open yourself for me, still waking up. I kiss you on the lips and nuzzle your face. I kiss my way down your chest, lightly biting and sucking your nipples before working down yo your belly button. My hands are running up and down your thighs, feeling the dampness between your legs. I work my way down and tongue your clit while sliding two fingers into your wet and willing hole, listening to you moan and groan in pleasure.

After a little attention I flip us over, you on top with my cock in your face. While I eat you out and gently massage your inner walls I feel your mouth gently take my penis in your mouth.

The hot wet hole working the head of my cock felt heavenly. I roll us over and feel your weight on top of me, the leash gently pulling against you. I pull out the key and unlock you from the leash as you continue to suckle on my cock.

You moan around my shaft, and I shiver feeling the vibrations. I cant wait anymore, and roll us over, kissing my way back up from your beautiful pussy to your lips, sliding my cock along your leg and up to the entrance to heaven.

I lean back to savor the moment, the first time I enter your beautiful, silky love hole. I look into your eyes and all I can see is lust and need, no hint of fear or denial. I gently push, spreading your lips. I stare down as I slowly slide in, deeper and deeper. I've thought about this moment for months and it's finally happening, and it's infinately better then I had ever imagined it could be.

You, so wet and willing staring at me in a mixture of arousal and sheer lust. I finally get all the way home, the root of my cock is wider then the rest of it and I can see where your pussy is spreading again, straining around my cock. As I hit bottom and my balls are resting on your ass I can feel you contract around me, cumming again. I take a couple of slow, gentle, loving thrusts before leaning down and wrapping my left arm around your head, lifting your face up and gently kissing your lips.

My right hand slides down your side and holds your ass cheek as I pump in and out, speeding up as we go along and I feel you getting wetter and wetter around me. The juices slide down your hole and soak the sheets, my fingers playing on your butt. I slip a finger into your ass and hear you moan into my ear as you wrap your arms around me and pull me harder against me, kissing me hard.

I lean back and wrap a hand around your throat, feeling you tense as my fingers wrap around your windpipe. I squeeze, applying little pressure but feeling you respond as you orgasm again from the pounding I'm giving you, my finger in your ass and my hand around your throat.

You start shaking and shivering, unable to control yourself. I pull out and you moan in disappointment, upset I stopped. I kiss you gently and roll you over, pulling you up to doggy style. You look over your shoulder and give me a lustful look. I slam myself back into your sweet hole and you scream in pleasure.

I grab the leash while pounding your little hole and clip it to your still new collar, pulling tightly. You gasp as best you can when your breathe is being cut off, your body responding by soaking my balls with your delicious cum. I go back to slipping a finger into your ass, this time with two fingers. I can feel myself getting close and add a third finger, spreading them out and feeling your hole fight the stretching I'm giving you.

You scream and I worry I hurt you, but you keep pumping back into me. I'm getting closer and closer, and I decide to go for the three hole prize. I pull out and slap your ass before placing the head of my cock at your anus. I push gently, slowly sinking my meat into your ass. You scream and start to fight, but I hold your wrists as I slowly push in. You start to shiver again, throwing your head side to side as you begin another orgasm.

I manage to get my cock all the way into you and pump it a few times before your muscles spasm. Your orgasm triggers mine, and my seed spews out into your asshole, filling you with my love juice. I scream out, having a truly amazing orgasm. As we both finish out mutual cum we fall to the bed, obviously exhausted. We are a tangle of arms and legs, sweat and cum soaking the sheets. And then you surprise me.

You slip down and take my softening cock in your mouth, sucking me clean and making me hard again. I lay back and enjoy the feeling of your mouth. I reach down and pinch your nipple, feeling you moan around my cock again. I can feel the jizz building in my balls and warn you. You just smile and push in harder, taking me deeper into your mouth. I grab your head and hump upwards as I unload into your mouth, moaning in pleasure.

You grin and slide up to cuddle me, gently kissing me. I can taste my cum and yours as we kiss, and erotic flavoring. We cuddle together and pull the blankets up, falling asleep in each others arms.

I wake up smiling, happy and content. And then I feel the cold at my side.

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I look over and you're gone, long enough for the sheets to get cold. I dive out of bed and throw my jeans on, grabbing a white shirt and my sneakers as I tear downstairs. I come into the kitchen to head out the back and stop short. There you are, naked except for the apron, cooking bacon and eggs, some potatoes and biscuits.

I grab a cup of orange juice and try to stop my heart from blowing out of my chest from the shot of adrenaline just a few moments before.

You look at me and smile, like you knew what would happen when I woke up. After what I've done to you you still have a sense of humor and mischief. I love that. You make the two plates and sit at the table with me, and we eat and talk.

As strange as it is we seem to click and I can see you getting more interested, leaning forward as we chat and engaging in the conversation fully. We finally decide to go for a swim that day, and for that we had to get you a swim suit. We drove to the mall I had first seen you in, and went to the clothes store that had bikinis. You picked out a few and went into the dressing room to try them on. I looked around quickly and snuck into the room, pulling the door shut behind me quietly.

You merely smiled to yourself, not even looking up. I step up behind you, kissing your neck with my hands resting on your hips, gently massaging the skin and muscle under my fingers. You groan slightly as I tease and lick my way up the side of your throat, my tongue dancing against your earlobe before flicking inside lightly.

I can feel you tense slightly and then relax, grinding yourself back against my crotch gently. My hands slide forwards, one heading north, the other south. As I gently lift the bikini away from your beautiful tits my other hand slips under the bottoms and slowly works it's way to your clit.

Before my finger gets there I can feel the heat and dampness, and it is an incredible turn on to know you are already getting excited. Meanwhile, my other hand has cupped your breast, gently squeezing and kneading it, my fingers slipping up to your nipple. I can feel it harden under my fingertips and I harden against you. You start to moan as you turn your head, catching my tongue in your mouth as we kiss. You start to put pressure on me and I return the grind, pressing my hardening cock against your fine, tight ass.

You suddenly pull away and turn around, patting my pants before leaning in for another kiss before whispering "Not here". I'm tempted to grab your collar and make it here, but I follow you out the door trying to adjust myself before being seen by sales staff. I pay for the bikini you're still wearing and we head out the door, back to the parking lot.

Once we're in I start driving the 45 minutes to the beach. You have decided that the bottoms are no longer necessary and have removed them. I glance over to see you with your legs spread, your fingers soaking in the fuck sauce your gorgeous pussy is streaming out and down your legs. You grin and slide a hand over, rubbing my pants before pulling down the zipper and unbuttoning them, pulling my boxers down. My hardness springs up and you wrap your hand around it, gently stroking up and down on the shaft.

I groan and you smile, leaning over to kiss the head while still rubbing yourself. You stop and shake, shivering and quaking with me still in your hand. After a minute or so you have melted, your head against my thigh, your fingers still in your love pot.

You slowly slide them out, drenched with your juice, and use it to lube my cock for your hand job. You slowly slide your hand up and down, picking up speed until I can barely contain myself. I groan through clenched teeth and you smile, evilly. Suddenly you stop, gripping my dick at the bottom of the shaft, stopping the cum from blowing out. I groan in the sudden pain, slapping your ass hard and wrapping a hand around the collar, pulling tight and choking you. You gasp and I shove your head down, forcing the head of my cock into your mouth.

I use your throat for a few moments, barely getting the shaft wet before I blow, coating your throat and filling your stomach. You smile and kiss me as we try and get dressed again for out day at the beach. I wake up and shake my head. I look over and see you chained up on the bed next to me.

You're still asleep so I get up and use the restroom and cook up breakfast. I bring some up for you after I finish mine. Your sleeping form is incredibly arousing, with the sunlight caressing your curves, showing the beautiful shadow that is the crack of your ass. With you asleep I grow harder and harder, thinking and getting angrier about how you have affected me with my dreams.

I pick up the paddle and think about where we've been and how far I want to take it. Where is the line? How far is too far? Do I truly care one way or the other?

I slam the paddle down on your ass and listen to you scream in shock and pain, and bring it down again and again. Your screams force a drop of pre-cum out of my cock. I stop spanking you and grab your hair, forcing my cock into your mouth, your gagging making more cum roll in my balls. I grow more and more aroused by the sounds you make and the tears running down your face. I pull out and go back, listening to you crying gently.

I slip a hand between your legs feeling how wet you are, dripping down onto the sheet. I take my leather belt and bring it down again and again onto your ass, the red marks raising and forming into welts on your ass. I stop and lay down the belt next to you, climbing on behind you. Your cries grow as you feel my weight on the bed behind you, my hand running up and down your ass.

My cock drips pre-cum on your thighs as it slides up and up, closer to the final destination. I feel the wetness of your tight cunt on my cock head, soaking it with your juices. I slam myself into you suddenly, loving your screams of agony.

I take the belt and wrap it around your throat, pulling it tight. Your gasps make me pound you harder and harder, your fear coursing through my body, forcing my cock harder then I thought possible. I pump load after load into your cunt and finally release the belt, listening to you gasp as your breathe floods back into you.

You are barely conscious as I spank your ass cheeks again and again. I go back up and face fuck you while bringing my belt down on you, your back, your ass, your legs, your shoulders, everywhere I can reach.

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All the while throat fucking you. I feel the cum boiling, and grab your plate of food. I pull myself out of your throat and blow load after load onto your breakfast. I lay back after releasing one of your arms so you can eat, listening to you trying to catch your breath and crying gently to yourself.

I fall asleep as you break down crying, and force myself to wrap my arm around your shoulders as I drift off and pass out.