Medical free clip gay After a minute or so I hopped right in there

Medical free clip gay After a minute or so  I hopped right in there
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It was finally time to enjoy the fruits of his labors. He started off with Alexis. She was both weak willed and easy to manipulate. The need for sex and her drinking made her an easy mark. Alexis desire for sex was her greatest weakness. Ian promised her that he could satisfy her needs if she wanted him to. Alexis didn't hesitate at the offer. She would do anything for him if he could satisfy her sexually.

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He promised her that he would take good care of her needs after he took care of some problems for one of the other neighbors. Alexis was already desperate for sex but would give him time to finish what ever he had to do so he could then focus completely on her.

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It took him about a week to finish helping Janet and gain control of Melissa. With this out of the way, he went back to Alexis to keep his promise. On a Friday night, he called her and invited her to dinner at his place. She accepted and came over about 6:00pm.

She wore a simple see through dress with sandals. It was obvious that she was wearing a thong and no bra because he could see her nipples push against the dress and her make up was rushed as she was waiting for this moment for over a week.

Alexis stepped into the house and headed for the living room. Before Ian had even closed the front door, Alexis had stripped and was standing in front of him wear just her thong. Ian smiled and walked over to her. Now he was about to teach her who her new master was. He placed his hand on her breast and squeezed gently. She closed her eyes moaned from the warmth of his touch. Ian pushed her back to the dinner table and lifted her on to it.

He push the dinner plates aside and leaned her on her back and spread her legs wide. He took the thong in his hand and began to twist it around hand till it tightened and the center cored pushed between her pussy lips. Alexis cried out as the thong got tighter around her waist, pushing it deeper into her lips. The amount of fluid her pussy was releasing was getting heavier. She had a orgasm and moaned loudly from the event. Ian released the thong and pulled it down her legs and on to the floor.

He undressed himself slowly to give time for Alexis to recover. Alexis was eagerly waiting for his next sexual activity and she didn't have to wait long. Ian Got down on his knees and put his lips against hers and sucked her pussy sensually.

Alexis arched her back slightly as the sensation of his suction was strong and yet gentle. He then put his tongue into her and licked the inside of her pussy causing a load moan to erupt from her mouth.

She climaxed again and a large shutter came down her body. Ian pulled away to see a weak and sweaty woman laying on the table gasping for air. Alexis raised her head and her eyes meet Ian's eyes. He walked up and slowly placed his cock into her pussy. A smile came over Alexis's face and Ian began to thrust in a slow relaxed motion trying to get a rhythm started. Alexis laid back on the table as Ian's thrusting got stronger and faster. Her whole body started moving has each thrust made contact with her pussy.

Her breast began to bounce up and down in a almost circular motion. Her moans soon turned to cries and then to soft screams. Ian grabbed her breast and squeezed them with his hands. Alexis's screams got louder and Ian was forced to put one hand over her mouth. With his other hand, he pincher nipple which caused her to squirm with pain. In one last hard thrust, Ian shot his semen into her womb.

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He thrust a few more times to ensure every drop got into her. Through his hand, he could her Alexis scream with pleasure as the unloaded his seed into her. He pulled out of her and let her rest. He picked up both of their cloths and threw them into a closet. He then picked up the exhausted woman and carried her to his bedroom. He would let her rest until his dick had reloaded itself and then he would give her a second round. He gave her about 2 hrs to rest from their first round of sex.

Ian rolled Alexis on her back and spread her legs. He moved up and placed his cock into her pussy. He was more forceful this time and Alexis jumped slightly. He began to thrust and leaned forward and began to suck on her tits.

He placed his hand over her mouth and put 2 of his fingers into her mouth. She sucked on them like they were a mans dick. Ian continued his thrusting movement till he fired his load into her. He felt Alexis bite down slightly on his fingers and he pulled them out of her mouth. He finished off his load and pulled out. Alexis smiled and laid flat on her back breathing heavily. Ian then rolled her back over on her stomach, raised her hips up and placed his dick back into her.

Alexis moaned loudly and a small giggle slipped out. He thrust-ed in her again but with much more power. He went from sensual to forceful and Alexis loved it. The sound of his body hitting hers made a loud slapping sound.

Alexis started calling out "oh god!" with each thrust of his cock. Alexis climaxed and dropped on her side with Ian laying next to her. He wrapped his arms around her pressing her breast against his chest. Her nipples were still hard and he body still covered in sweat. Ian kissed her for the first time and placed his tongue in her mouth and she responded in kind.

He slowly moved his hands down to her ass and gently rubbed it. Alexis leaned her head against his head and feel asleep. Ian was enjoying his new toy and couldn't wait till later tonight when he would fuck her for a third time.

He wanted to make this night last as long as he could. About 3:00am Alexis was laying on her right side fast asleep and didn't react to Ian's movements. He slide her left leg forward to expose her pussy. He laid parallel to her body and slide his dick into her and began moving it in and out slowly.

After a few minutes, he pumped his third load into her body. She let out a slight moan and went back to sleep. Ian pulled back out and also went back to sleep.

He awoke a few hours earlier to a strange feeling around his cock. When he looked down he could see Alexis had his whole dick in her mouth and was sucking on it like mad.


Ian didn't move, he just let Alexis keep working away on him till he almost reached his climax. He quickly raised up and pulled her head up and pushed her on her back and spread her legs.

Alexis let out a quick wine but it was shortly followed by a strong moan as he shoved his dick into her pussy.

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It only took a few quick thrust for him to release his load in her, all the time she was calling out for more. Evan after he released, he kept pumping away at her till she screamed in orgasm. He pulled out, leaned forward and kissed her lips.

She asked him to ram his cock into her again and he took her by the hand and lead her to the bathroom. Ian turned on the hot water and they both walked in. He spun her around and pressed the front of her against the tile wall. Her breast began to rub against the rough rocky tile as Ian rammed his dick into her heavily used pussy. He was thrusting hard and fast making her body move up and down with his motions. Her breast were getting sore as they were rubbing against the tile and soon turned red.

The pain was enjoyable at first. Between the slamming of Ian's cock and the pressure on her breast, she was calling out "OH GOD" loudly and didn't want to stop. But as the skin on her breast began to be scratched off, she began to try to lean away from the wall. Ian's hand kept her in the same spot as he continued to thrust. Soon the skin had worn away to the point were blood began to trickle out.

She finally asked Ian to turn her around and fuck her from the front. But Ian kept going as is. Alexis finally orgasm with a loud scream and Ian let her up from the tile wall.


When she turned around, he could see the red and wore skin spots on her breast. Evan one of her nipples was bleeding. With a clod smile he slapped both of them forcing a painful cry out of Alexis.

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She feel to her knees with arms wrapped around her chest. Ian grabbed her hair and raised her head and forced his dick deep into her mouth.

Alexis sucked just has hard as when he woke up and she was going at full strength.


She kept going for several minutes as Ian enjoyed the powerful sucking motion. He released a small load into her mouth and she swallowed it in one fast gulp. Alexis released his dick and stood to her feet. On her face was a look of total defeat as she begged him to fuck her again. After the shower, Ian took Alexis back to the bedroom and treated the cuts on her body. The feeling of his hands on her breast and the pain it brought made her pussy wet and she climaxed with great release of fluids.

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It took about an hour to take of her and they made their way to the kitchen were he bent her over the counter and put his dick into her one last time. His thrusts made her scream as her body was already weak from the shower sex and could barely stand up. Ian fired his last load into her pussy and removed his dick. Alexis fell to her knees and laid her head against Ian's legs. His wet dick just a few inches from her mouth. The smell caused her eyes to open and she gave it a small lick followed by a gentle kiss.

Ian helped her stand up and walked her to the couch. She collapsed and fell asleep, exhausted from the heavy fucking she had taken all night. Just as the sun was coming up, she woke up and Ian told her to get dressed. With only her dress on, she walked out the sliding glass back door and headed for the small gate between the fence.

Ian gave her one more deep kiss and she left to enter her house.

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He knew that in 9 months she would be his property forever, and He was looking forward to it. With Alexis securely under his control, Ian began to prepare for his next objective: Janet.

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