Nadya Nabakova in Naughty Russian Teen With Massive Tits Gets Oiled Up And Fucked Rough

Nadya Nabakova in Naughty Russian Teen With Massive Tits Gets Oiled Up And Fucked Rough
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NOTE: These Christmas Stories have nothing to do with one another. Each is an individual story of it's own. Christmas Story Two Here Kitty Kitty I was away at college during the holidays. My mother was home all alone, since dad had died earlier in the year.

I didn't have the money or anyway to get home so mom would have to face this first Christmas all alone. I missed being home for Thanksgiving and my roommate knew it. He tried to comfort me, he tried to get me drunk, and he even tried to get me laid too. As it got closer to Christmas I told him that my mother had been born on December twenty-three and that I had been born on December twenty-four and that we always had a big celebration every year to celebrate.

I was getting more depressed as the days went by. Then school let out for the holidays and all of the other students were going home. I had no place to go so I was staying in the dormitory by myself.

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My roommate had gone home already so when he came back I was shocked. He simply told me to pack a bag and to come along with him. When I got out to his van he introduced me to his mother Juggs. It was sort of a family joke. It seems that her grandmother's maiden name was Jugg so her mother gave it to her as a middle name. Then after her tits grew in no one ever called her Louise again. They were going to take me home for Christmas. I could not believe that they were willing to drive me that far just for Christmas.


We would have to spend the night in a motel too. During the long drive that day I got to know more about my roommate and his mother Juggs. He and I were both nineteen years old and Juggs was now forty years old. She was pretty sexy for being that old too. Her tight little mini skirt just barely covered her panties when she sat down. Juggs obviously didn't believe in wearing a bra either and everything she owned showed cleavage.

She sure did have nice cleavage too. I caught her son touching her knee several times and it wasn't just a son touching his mother either, it was much more sexual. I swear that I caught him with his hand on her pussy once or twice too.

When we finally stopped at a motel for the night we ordered a pizza and had it delivered to our room.

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After we ate Juggs took her shower and then I took mine. While her son was taking his shower she just dropped her towel on the bed and put on a T-shirt without panties to sleep in. I just looked at her body from behind. She had a great body. I especially liked her ass and I could even see her breasts bulging out on either side of her body from behind too.

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She sure had jugs and big ones too. There were two beds in the room so Juggs told her son to climb in with her and that she didn't mind sharing her bed with him. As I lay there in my bed I could hear her giggling.

I was facing away from them so I pretended to be asleep. I had done that before lots of times and my roommate never knew it. So as I lay there listening to them I heard her whisper that she really needed him inside her.

Then I swear to God that I heard her and him start to breathe hard and I heard the bed bouncing as if they were having sex.

They were having sex and I was facing the wall, damn it. She was cooing softly and he was grunting as they climaxed together. Soon I caught a glimpse of her passing by the bottom of my bed on her way to the bathroom. She was naked and she was holding her crotch as if she were going to leak out a big gob of cum onto the floor. Her big jugs were swaying as she walked. She didn't bother to close the bathroom door either. I could heard her tinkle into the toilet, run the water in the hand bowl, and then flush the toilet.

I saw her come back out of the bathroom and start to sneak past me. However I had turned my body enough to get a better look at her. All of a sudden she stopped dead in her tracks and stared at me like a deer caught in a headlight.

She could see that my eyes were open and that I was looking at her. She just smiled at me and then went over to her bed. Apparently she washed off her son's cock and then took the washcloth back into the bathroom. On each trip past me she would stop, face me squarely, and then smile at me. Just before Juggs climbed back into bed with her son she reached under my covers and caressed my cock for a moment.

In the morning when her son went into the bathroom to pee, shave, and brush his teeth Juggs got out of bed. She stood up and then gave me a peck on the cheek as she said good morning to me.

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She was just making sure that I was awake before she got started. Juggs faced me directly as she removed her T-shirt. I couldn't figure out why she had even put it back on the last night after exposing herself to me. I was treated to a full frontal view of her body as Juggs slowly pulled her panties on, then her tight little mini skirt again, and then a fresh low cut top.

That way I got to see her tits for the most amount of time. Juggs then turned around and lifted her skirt up to her waist as she adjusted the strap of her thong into the crack of her ass. Juggs was a very sexy woman and she was having sex with her own son. I had often though about having sex with my mother too, especially since my father had died.

On the rest of the drive to my house Juggs explained that when her husband left her for a younger woman that she had gotten very horny. Then one day her son had slipped into the shower with her and things changed. Since then she has never been horny again and she loves him even more than she had before. We talked about sex all the way to my house.

Both her son and I got to slip our hands up under her skirt a lot. She would let me see her nude body and feel her up all I wanted too, but she wouldn't let me fuck her. She said that her heart belonged to her son. It just seemed so right. When we finally arrived at my house I just used my key and we went in.

I could hear the water running in the shower so we just sat down in the living room to wait for mom to finish and come out. After a few minutes the water stopped and apparently mom was drying off.

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Soon we heard mom calling out, "Here kitty kitty, here kitty kitty, mommy's ready for you." Then my mother entered the living room, took one look at us sitting there on the couch, and then she fainted dead in her tracks. Mom had been totally naked and she had a big gob of peanut butter on her pussy.

Juggs just laughed her ass off. She had her son and I take my mother over to the couch.

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Then she told us that before her son had started fucking her on a regular basis that she too had a cat that liked peanut butter. She told us that their tongues were like sandpaper but that they could sure give some wonderful orgasms.

We just sat there checking out mom's tits until she started to stir. That's when Juggs sent us out of the room before she woke up. We didn't go very far though because we wanted to listen to them talk.

Mom said, "Who are you and what are you doing in my house. Where is my son?

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Where are my clothes?" Juggs said, "Calm down dear. My son is your son's roommate at college. I sent the boys out of the room so that we could talk. And what else, oh yes, your clothes. Well I don't know where they are all you were wearing was that gob of peanut butter when you came in." Mom said, "Oh my God!


The peanut butter. Did the boys see me like this?" Juggs said, "Oh yeah. They saw you all right. I had them carry you over here and then I explained to them that I too had a cat that liked to like peanut butter off my clit too. That was before I started fucking my son." Mom said, "You let your son fuck you?" Juggs replied, "Yup I sure do. He is twice the man that my husband was and he loves me twice as much too." Mom said, "Isn't it against the law or something?" Juggs said, "I don't think so.

We are both consenting adults. I know that people wouldn't approve so we just don't tell anyone about it. You and your son are the only ones that we have ever told." Mom said, "So why are you here?" Juggs said, "Well your son was so depressed because he had no way to get home for your birthday and Christmas that my son begged me to bring him home.

So we did and hear we are. If it is alright with you we will spend a week or so here and then I'll take them back to college after the first of the year." Mom started to cry. As we looked around the corner Juggs waved us in.

I got into a threesome cuddle with mom and Juggs.

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Mom seemed to forget that she was naked until Juggs asked, "Can your son lick that peanut butter off you? My son likes peanut butter too so if you don't mind I'll join you." Then Juggs reached between mom's legs and wiped up some of the peanut butter with her fingers, she opened her legs up, and then she slapped that peanut butter into her pussy.

With a simple motion my roommate got between his mother's legs and started licking her pussy. My mother watched them for a moment and then she sat back pulling my head down between her legs. I had never even dreamed about doing this before. As I licked up the peanut butter I was enjoying looking up at my mother's tits. They were nowhere near as big as Juggs tits but they were all I had ever wanted.

Eventually I had gotten all of the peanut butter cleaned up and was licking her pussy and especially her clit. Mom just loved it. Juggs managed to get out of her clothes and sit back down next to my mom.

I saw them hold hands and I saw mom squeeze hers as I was licking her clit. I could not believe that an hour had gone by. It was late and we had all had a long day. As mom was trying to figure out the sleeping arrangements Juggs suggested that she take my bedroom and that their sons just sleep with their own mothers.

Nude of course! Mom sort of had a shocked look on her face at first but when she saw Juggs press her tits into her son's chest, kiss him on the lips passionately, and then grab his cock and walk him out of the living room she just smiled. Then mom grabbed my cock and led me to her bedroom. Mom said that all of the foreplay was over and that we could just make love. She said that I was better than my father at cunnilingus then she smiled and said that I wasn't as good as the cat…yet.

She threw back the bed covers, got in the center of the bed on her back, and watched me as I struggled to get out of my clothes. I was so hard that I had a problem getting undressed.

When I was finally naked I got on the bed between my mother's legs and slipped my cock into her. Mom was only the third girl that I had ever had sex with. My first girlfriend only let me fuck her a couple of times and my second girlfriend was just too much for me so she moved on to another guy pretty quickly. So there I was between my mother's legs about to slip my cock into her waiting pussy. Wow, what a wonderful feeling of excitement. As I slipped my cock into my mother I heard her exhale, I saw her close her eyes, and I felt her squeeze my cock with her pussy.

It had been more than nine months since she had felt a cock slip into her pussy and she liked it. Then I smelled a mixture of her perfume and her sexual order. Of course my upper lip and chin were still covered with her pussy fragrance. I leaned my chest onto her breasts and slipped my arms under her shoulders until my upper arms were holding her breasts up firmly onto her chest where they belonged as my weight tried to smash them out flat.

Then I cradled mom's head in my hands, kissed her on her lips, and started making love to my mother for the very first time. I also knew that it was not going to be the last time either. If Juggs and her son could get away with it then so could my mother and me. I just enjoyed making love to my mother. I kissed her, I squeezed her, and I made love to her.

I thought back to all of my nocturnal emission that were caused by thoughts of my mother. As I was slipping my cock in and out of her I was in heaven. I couldn't have been any happier. Then just as I was cumming inside my mother she whispered in my ear, "I love you." I replied, "I love you too mom." The End Christmas Story Two Here Kitty Kitty 147 Christmas Story One - The Christmas Angel My Christmas Angel becomes my Christmas Angel.

Christmas Story Three - Sister's Are Forever Girlfriends may come and go but sisters are forever! Christmas Story Four - Stocking Stuffer Santa makes a big girl's wish come true. Christmas Story Five - Box & Bow Have you ever ripped a bow off a box before…dad did and it got him in trouble.