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Fbailey story number 347 NOTE: There is no part one, there never was a part one, because I never wrote a part one. This is sort of a joke for all of those readers that keep asking me to write a part two to my stories.

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I apologize in advance for any criticism over this. I feel that I do very well with short stories that are easy to read and don't require you to come back eighteen times to get the complete story. That being said…please enjoy this part two. Sydney Part Two In part one Sydney lost her virginity on her fifteenth birthday to her eighteen-year-old brother.

As you remember he and Sydney played hooky from school and he screwed her three times before her two younger brothers came home from school. He fucked her as often as he could after that. Two weeks later she let both her fourteen-year-old and thirteen-year-old brothers fuck her too. For the next four weeks everything was fine except that her mother treated her like a slut and she couldn't figure out why.

Now six weeks after her birthday her father was confiding in her, "Sydney I don't know how much long I can take it. Your mother shut me off weeks ago.

Now she sleeps in a fucking girdle with a flannel nightgown. She even sewed a fucking zipper in the bottom so that I couldn't get to her. The best I get is to feel one of her tits when she's sleeping. Fucking bitch!" So I innocently said to Daddy, "You can fuck me." Daddy looked at me as if I had kicked him in the balls and said, "What did you just say?" So I said, "You can fuck me if you want too. It's all right. I'm not a virgin anymore and I let my three brothers fuck me all the time." Daddy asked, "How long has this been going on?" I replied, "About six week for Bobby and about four weeks for Ted and Sam.

Bobby stopped fucking Mommy because I was much more willing to let him do it." Daddy asked, "Bobby was fucking his mother?" I replied, "Yes. Until about four weeks ago when he told her that he wanted to fuck me instead of her." Daddy smiled and said, "That fucking bitch. Four weeks ago was when I accused her of having an affair. She called me crazy, she said that she would never cheat on me, and that's when she shut me off.

She got shut off by Bobby, so she shut me off. Fucking bitch!" That was when Daddy marched right into the house with me in tow.

He found Bobby and the boys in their bedrooms. He took us all down to the kitchen where Mommy was fixing dinner. Daddy said, "You fucking bitch! You stopped letting me fuck you because Bobby stopped fucking you?" Mommy stood there with her mouth open. She looked at Bobby with a blank stare. Bobby said, "I didn't tell him. Honest." Daddy asked, "How long have you been fucking your mother?" Bobby answered, "Since I turned fourteen, maybe four and a half years now." Daddy got in Mommy's face and said, "Pack your stuff, get out, and don't expect anything in the divorce or I'll see to it that you rot in jail." Mommy was crying when she left the kitchen.

Bobby asked, "Are you mad at me?" Daddy said, "Hell no.

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You kids have been fucking your sister for a few weeks now and she seems to enjoy it. In fact she offered to let me fuck her too. Are there any rules?" I smiled and said, "Just a few. You have to respect me when we are in bed and when we are not. You have to ask me if you can fuck me…no rape.

Then you have to get totally naked with me…unless we are outdoors then we do what we can." Daddy smiled and asked, "You let the boys fuck you outdoors?" Bobby smiled and said, "Oh yeah. Dad she isn't anything like Mom was.

She even likes anal once in a while." Sam said, "Twice now all three of us have fucked her at the same time and got to cum in a different hole. I always get her ass, Ted always gets her pussy, and Bobby always gets her mouth." I stepped in and said, "Their cocks are smaller and Sam has the smallest one for anal, at least when I get both holes down there filled at the same time.

Otherwise Bobby and Ted get anal whenever they want it." Ted said, "So far Sydney has never said no to sex." Daddy smiled, held me close, and said, "All I ever hear from your mother is…no." It took a few days for things to settle down, for Mommy to really get her things out, and for Daddy to get used to my three brothers fucking me all of the time. We no longer hid it from Daddy. The boys took turns fucking me on the floor at night when we were watching television.

I walked around nude whenever I wanted too, which was most of the time. I never closed the door to the bathroom either. Then Friday rolled around. That is Daddy's payday. He left my brothers home and took me out on a date. He took me shopping for some sexy nighties to wear around the house and some sexy clothes to wear to school in the fall, even things that Mommy would never let me wear.

I got sexy underwear too. Then he bought me a dress that was made out of cotton like some of my T-shirts, it was skin tight so I couldn't wear any underwear under it, and it was short too.

I wanted white but Daddy said it would show far too much, so we decided on pink. After seeing me in it the sales girl suggested a bikini wax. It sounded like fun and I had heard about them before…then I experienced it first hand.

My legs were spread in a pair of stirrups like in the doctor's office, hot wax was smeared all over my crotch, and then the bitch ripped all of my beautiful pubic hairs out by the fucking roots. God almighty, it hurt so bad. When she was done with me my pussy was the same color as my dress. Daddy asked me how it looked so I showed him. I think the other ladies in the waiting room were shocked that I would show my own Daddy my raw red pussy in front of them. Daddy apologized to them and took me out of there.

After that I got some new shoes with just a little heel to make me taller and make me feel like a woman. I think it was a way for him to say that he was sorry for getting my crotch hair ripped out. It was all worth it thought.

Daddy opened my car door and helped me out, I got to hold his arm as we walked into the restaurant, and then everyone started at me as our waiter held my chair for me. I felt like I was Queen for a Day. I was a little self conscious for a while about how high my dress had ridden up my legs, that my nipples were sticking out through my dress, and that I wasn't wearing any panties.

I just knew that my pussy was drooling and that the back of my dress was getting wet. I knew that when I got up my dress would be right in the crack of my ass too like my jeans always were. However, when Daddy poured me a little wine and told me how beautiful I looked, all my worries melted away. He asked me for sex and I said yes, he asked me for sex every Saturday from then on and I said yes, and then he asked me not to let my brothers fuck me on Saturdays and I said okay.

It was a bond that would last for many years. It was as if we were married but only one day a week. Right in the middle of dinner I excused myself to go to the lady's room so I could masturbate and relieve some of my frustration.

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I wanted Daddy to bend me over the table and fuck me from behind while everyone in the restaurant watched us. I did not bother to adjust my dress, I left it high on my thighs and with it tucked in my ass crack as I made my way across the vast room.

I smiled at the men that I passed knowing that they would be turning their heads to watch me walk away. I smiled at the women knowing that their men desired me over them at that moment.

Then I walked down the short corridor and into the lady's room. It was the most elegant lady's room that I had ever been in. The antechamber had plush overstuffed couches covered with velvet material, full wall size mirrors, and a counter full of perfume samples. I walked into the next room were there was a wall of sinks with an assortment of fancy soaps and real cloth towels to wipe with.


There were six stalls. As I entered one of the stalls a mist of room freshener wafted out over my head. I lifted my dress up to my waist and found out that the toilet had a heated seat. I splayed my legs out and inserted a finger into my vagina. As I played with my clit I was wishing that my Daddy were in there with me fucking me fast and hard.

It only took moments for me to cum and it felt oh so good. I flushed after wiping my pussy and then lowering my dress. I walked out as another woman came in and I washed my hands. I tried to iron out the wrinkles in my dress with my hands when she flushed and came out to join me. She saw what I was trying to do and offered to help me. Before I could say anything I felt the woman's hands all over my ass smoothing out the wrinkles.

I knew she was feeling me up but at that moment I just enjoyed the attention. I even enjoyed it when she kissed me full on the lips. She walked me out into the antechamber and over to the perfume samples.

She picked out a tiny bottle of Chanel Number Five. She tipped the bottle to put a small drop on her finger then rubbed it behind one of my ears. She did the same thing to my other ear, then she slipped her finger down my cleavage, and finally she slipped her finger up under my dress and left the alluring scent in the crack of my pussy. Beverly then shared my bottle and applied it to herself in the same places. Then she put a sample bottle in each of my hands and walked me back into the dinning area and over to my table.

Beverly then said, "You have a darling daughter. Would you mind if I took her out on a date sometime?" Daddy looked at me and I nodded my head so he said, "Yes of course, anytime." Beverly handed Daddy her business card and said, "How about Friday evening. Call me with directions to your house." She looked back at me and asked, "Would you be up to a sleep over?" I nodded my head again and she returned to her table.

She was with another woman. I slipped the perfume samples into Daddy's hand and said, "I've got to bring a purse with me the next time that we come here." He laughed.

On the way out, the ma?e d' handed me a cute little gift bag and said that it was with his compliments. I looked inside to see an assortment of everything that I had seen in the lady's room including soaps, lotions, and perfumes.

I thanked him and left holding onto Daddy's arm. I was so excited about my very first date that I could hardly contain myself until I got home. I simple told my brothers that from then on that I belonged to Daddy on Saturdays and that next Friday I had a date with a beautiful woman. Daddy told them that I was telling the truth. He scooped me up in his arms and carried me to his bedroom. He then asked me again if I would make love with him and I said yes.

Daddy undressed first and then he lifted my dress straight up over my head and off. He kissed me as good as Beverly had. Then he laid me on his bed. He noticed the perfume behind my ears and said that it was driving him crazy.

He noticed it between my breasts as he mauled them and sucked on my nipples causing my pussy to leak. He also noticed the smell and got a taste of it as he ran his tongue up my slit.

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He then ate my pussy for the first time ever. The boys had fingered it, fucked it, and even pulled at it but none of them ever ate it out before. I liked it and I hoped that Beverly would do that to me too. After Daddy gave me two good orgasms he slipped his massive cock into me stretching the walls of my pussy as he went.

I though that Bobby had the best cock and was the best lover until Daddy entered me and started making love to me. I could have let him do that to me for hours but by then I knew that boys only lasted long enough to get their own rocks off.

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However, Daddy was different. He made sure that I got my rocks off first. He also lasted twice as long as any of my brothers had before flooding my waxed pussy with his baby juice. I knew that it was the same baby juice that had me. He knew that I was on the pill and I knew that he had a vasectomy so there was no danger of me getting pregnant but it didn't stop me from thinking about it. His cock felt so good inside me that I didn't want him to take it out. When I asked him to make love to me again he kissed me, said maybe in the morning, and then he fell asleep.

I lay there for over an hour thinking about Daddy, Beverly, and my brothers. I wanted their cocks in me but I had promised Daddy that I would only let him fuck me on Saturdays.

Then I was trying to reason if Saturday ended at midnight or when we woke up in the morning. I decided that since Daddy had promised me more sex in the morning and that we had only made our arrangement that afternoon that it would only be fair to let him have me in the morning too. So I played with my clit and pretended that it was Beverly doing it to me.

Soon after my orgasm I fell asleep. In the morning Daddy was between my legs kissing me until I woke up. Then he asked me if he could make love to me again and I said yes.

It was not as good as it had been the night before. I chalked it up to the fact that I had been flying high all night long, that Beverly had really excited me, and that Daddy had eaten my pussy for me. Then I realized that I hadn't cleaned up or cleaned it out since he had fucked me. I wondered if that bothered him.

I had sucked my brothers cocks after they had been in me and while they cum in my mouth too and it didn't bother me any. Hell I even sucked them after they had anal sex with me too.

Maybe it's just a guy thing. Daddy took me into the shower with him and cleaned my body all over. I walked down to breakfast in one of my new nighties. While he made us pancakes my three brothers lined up to fuck me. They had been good for a whole day so I bent over the kitchen table and held onto the far side while Sam, Ted, and Bobby took turns fucking me from behind.

When they were finished I just sat down in my seat and started eating. When I finished I washed off my chair and went up to take another shower. It was a waist of time because my brothers were waiting for me when I came out.

Instead of messing up my bed I took them into Bobby's bed and left a big wet spot on his sheet.


Another shower and I was free for a couple of hours so I went to my best friend's house. I told Jill about my date with Daddy, meeting Beverly, and our date on Friday. Jill said that Beverly was a lesbian and I told her that I didn't care. I told her that she made me feel as good as any boy had. Then Jill said that if I was going to do it with another girl that I should try it first with her so that I didn't look like an armature. We got undressed and started kissing, we rubbed our breasts against the others breasts, and we rubbed our pussies together too.

Jill loved my waxed pussy and wanted one until I told her how bad it had felt. At her suggestion we got into a sixty-nine and licked each other's pussy. She spit and said that I tasted terrible. She then took me into her mother's bathroom and taught me how to douche and then she douched. Her mother walked in as we were finishing. She saw us both naked and she saw her douche bag in Jill's hand. She just smiled and told us to get back in Jill's room before her father came up.


We giggled and ran off. In Jill's bedroom we once again got in position. That time she tasted better and I certainly must have too because Jill attacked my pussy after that. She was almost as good as Daddy at it.

When I asked her where she learned to do that she blushed and said that her mother had taught her. I was a disbeliever so Jill called out the door for her mother. When she arrived she asked her mother to tell me that she had taught her how to please another girl.

Her mother did better than that. She locked the door, undressed, and got between my legs. Oh my God, was she ever good. Daddy was nothing compared to Jill's mother. She brought me to the brink of an orgasm and stopped just to do it over again. She drove me up the fucking wall before she finally allowed me to cum.

Then it took forever for me to stop cumming. As we swore ourselves to secrecy I revealed that my three brothers and father had been fucking me. I also told Jill's mother about my date with an older woman named Beverly. After that we showered together, got dressed, and Jill's mother drove me to the drug store and bought me my very own douche bag and the powdered stuff to put in the water.

I was relieved to have someone know what I was doing. Jill's mother suggested that Jill sleep over at my house for a couple of days and help me out with my men. Jill was a virgin but her mother told her that it was probably time to remedy that.

She suggested that Jill start with the smallest cock and work her way up to Daddy's cock. My brothers were excited when I brought Jill home and we came back down naked. Daddy was surprised but when I told him that Jill's mother wanted him to fuck Jill too he just had to call her up and check out my story.

Shortly afterwards she knocked on the door and Daddy invited her in. Everyone went to Daddy's bedroom. Jill got on the bed and let Sam fuck her, then Ted, and finally Bobby. The three boys were sent away and the door was locked. Then Jill's mother went down on her daughter and licked all of their cum out of her.

Next Jill's mother told Daddy to fuck Jill and he did. Then she licked both Daddy and Jill clean again. She sucked Daddy hard and sat on his cock telling us that it was good to be on top occasionally.

She enjoyed Daddy's cock in her and he sure enjoyed being in her too. After she made Daddy cum again she got into a sixty-nine with me letting Daddy's cum drip down into my mouth.

She told me that I needed to get used to licking clean and dirty cunts, clean and dirty cocks, and also clean and dirty assholes too.

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She told me that I needed to be a good girl as well as a dirty girl and a bad girl. She said that I needed to get used to spankings, getting my nipples twisted, and things shoved up my snatch.

She said that she would be happy to work with my Daddy and teach me and her daughter what it was all about. She wouldn't let Daddy quit until he had come in me and Jill had cleaned it out. Then Jill's mother left the three of us in bed together and went home to her husband. The four guys fucked us two girls all that they could but we kept asking for more. Finally my brothers showed Jill what it felt like to have three cocks sticking in her.

She loved it. When Friday came around Beverly came to the house. I had the white version of my little pink dress from the weekend before. She approved and we were off.

Beverly took me to a private women's club. There were many couples there…all women of various ages. It was surprising how many older women like Beverly had younger girls like me with them. Many said hi to Beverly. We were served glasses of Champaign to drink while we waited to be seated. Finally we were escorted to a tiny table for two.

The table was smaller than our seats but a plate of finger food was placed on it. It was an assortment of veggies with a Ranch dressing. Apparently the object was to feed your partner, Beverly fed me and I fed her.

Then after each of us had swallowed our food we kissed. I was sad when we ran out of food but Beverly then took me into the next room where girls were dancing together. Beverly pulled me close to her with our breasts smashing together. As we danced she ground her pussy into mine and her hand went to my ass where she slowly but surely lifted my dress up to my waist exposing my ass to everyone in there. For some reason I didn't mind, in fact I found it rather erotic. As I looked around I saw that other girls my age had their asses hanging out too.

I was bold so I held onto Beverly's ass and raised her dress up too. That certainly pleased her, and she kissed me before thrusting her bare pussy into mine. When the song ended Beverly took me into a third room where we were served more Champaign. However, in that room the seats were connected, facing each other, and had a dildo sticking out of it. Beverly grabbed her dildo and lowered herself onto it. Then she grabbed my dildo and helped me sit on it.

It was not very long but it was fat and felt quite nice. After each sip of Champaign she hit a button. At first I had no idea what was going on until after about six hits I felt the dildo within me grow.

It felt strangely nice but eventually it started to get uncomfortable. Beverly explained that every time the button was pushed that my dildo increased by one PSI whatever that meant. She also said that her dildo grew at the rate of two PSI. She said that it was a contest and that the highest scoring couple that week would get their names engraved on a plaque and win a prize.

It became quite uncomfortable and it felt like my hips were going to break. Just as I felt that I couldn't take anymore Beverly reached down and started rubbing my clit then she kissed me as she kept hitting the button. When I finally could not take it any longer I reached out and hit the panic button.

Immediately the dildo relaxed and retracted from me down into the seat. Beverly took me right over to a recliner and tried to relieve my pain with some warm washcloths and then some ice. She kissed me when she saw our score.

Apparently it was a very good score. Our names were placed at the top of the list for that week, Saturday being the end of the week. Beverly would be contacted if we won.

After all of that we went to her home. It was very expensive looking. She had silk sheets on her bed. Lying on them was like being in heaven. Then Beverly went down on me. I didn't have to do anything except hold onto her head and moan. She was even better than Jill's mother had been. Beverly wore me out so much that I fell asleep under her. When I woke up it was still the middle of the night and Beverly was asleep. I decided to return the favor and I started to eat her pussy.

I wasn't very good but I made up for it with enthusiasm. In a while Beverly held my head and moaned. I managed to give her an orgasm and then I fell asleep on her pussy. The next thing I knew it was daylight.

We douched and then showered together before getting dressed for breakfast. Beverly introduced me to her girlfriend. She was the lady from the restaurant and she had a young girl with her too. I had seen them last night. After breakfast we girls were encourage to make out with each other. Everything was fine until she bit me.

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It hurt, I cried out, and she bit me again. That's when I punched her in the gut and doubled her over. It pays to have three brothers. Just to get even I bit her pussy lips and her breasts leaving teeth marks on her breasts. I had her nipples pinched tightly in my fingers and twisted in opposite directions when she cried to be released. I told her that she would have to be punished further and she conceded.

I had her bend over and grab her ankles as I administered thirty wacks with Beverly's hairbrush. After that I was taken home. Beverly apologized for her girlfriend's girl and gave me a hundred dollars.

When I got home it was Daddy's day to be with me. I told him about my adventure but I told him that I would like to do it again if Beverly ever asked me too.

Sunday Beverly stopped by. It seems that we had not only won the swollen dildo contest but we set a new club record too. She handed me five hundred dollars, a small trophy, and my very own dildo bench to practice on. I couldn't wait to call up Jill and get her and her mother over here to try it out. All in all I sure grew up in a hurry. When school started up in the fall I felt like a full fledge woman.

I was the one that the boys wanted to fuck and the girls wanted to be like. I was the trend setter. I had sexy clothes, I had sex underwear, and I knew that I was sexy. I had the body, the hair, and the looks to drive men and women alike crazy. The End Sydney Part Two 347