Gay doctor sucks married male Preston stopped by the clinic because

Gay doctor sucks married male Preston stopped by the clinic because
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(Sorry it has taken me so long to write the second part) I stayed on my knees, the three guys who were interviewing me stood around me in a circle. Looking down at me with dirty, satisfied looks on their faces, their cocks still semi erect. I spoke up in a pitiful voice, "Alan is my interview done?" They all chuckled for a bit before Alan replied. "We have to talk about that Katie." He glanced at the other guys, "Well I have to take a serious piss, you guys want to talk about Katie and her interview; follow me.

And Katie, you stay right there! Don't move and don't get dressed." The three went off to the men's room in office, by this time everyone else, I assumed, was gone since they went left the office naked. I waited for a minute and then I decided to follow them to listen in on their conversation. I could have quickly put my panties and pants back on and left but I don't know why I stayed.

Maybe it was the thrill of what I just did, giving three guys blow jobs, swallowing all that cum, getting my tits fucked by a big black cock. I had a feeling my interview was not over but part of me hoped I had satisfied their lust and I started to hope I had the job too. Although a small part of myself said if I took the job, I would be nothing more that an office slut, fuck toy, however you wanted to put it.

At that moment, I didn't really care. I snuck through the office, naked from the waist down, still wearing my suit jacket and dress shirt, still open of course. I got to the men's' room door and pushed it open maybe a half inch at most and I listened to the three of them as they stood at the urinals pissing away. "How the fuck did you get that hot slut Katie to strip down and suck cock?" Thomas asked, "I just kept looking at those very nice big tits, we did some word play where I pretty much made it clear if she didn't show her tits she wouldn't get the job; making sure to cover my ass of course.

That's when Katie said ok and she showed me her tits. She let me play with her tits, and then I pulled out my cock. She gave me that bullshit about not wanting to swallow cum, then she started sucking, you guys called and that is where we are.

I guess she really wants the job or she is just a slut." Dave snickered, "What a bunch of bull shit she gave about not wanting to swallow cum. She fucking gulped it down as if she snacked on cum all the time." "Yeah, I love watching a hot white chick swallow my spunk. She has such a fucking hot body." added Thomas. "You have to hire her Alan. All the guys here would love taking turns fucking Katie." " I was going to offer Katie the job for just showing me her tits!

The fact she went down on my cock that easily only made it a for sure! But need to decide, are we done with interviewing her?" Dave quickly said, "Fuck no!" Thomas followed up by saying "Fuck no; we need some of her pussy." "Are you guys sure?

We don't want to push it too far right away." " Shit Alan, Katie is not only a slut but I bet she really wants this job so I think we can fuck her nice pussy and she won't mind." " Yeah man, she has never had a big black cock in her pussy and you know I want to give that hot white girl that experience of a nice big, thick black cock in her pussy." " Ok then, we will go back and tell her the interview is not over and we will take turns at her pussy, make her earn the job." They all laughed as they flushed.

I quickly ran back to the office. I was nervous and still at odds about what I was doing. I knew it was not the way to get a job but part of me was enjoying this and part kept lying to myself saying 'you need the job; they won't do this after you take it.' Moreover, I was nervous about Thomas's big cock. I never had sex with a black man before; I never had sex with a cock that big. I was a bit curious to know how it felt being fucked by such a long, thick cock.

I got back into the office, got back down on my knees where they had left me. The three of them strode into Alan's office and all looked at me with smirks on their faces and apparent lust in their eyes. It was an intense moment; I still couldn't bring myself to believe I was actually doing this. I looked at all three of them and just asked in general, "Did you decide? Is my interview done?" The laughed and Alan said, "Well Katie, we talked about it and you have excellent oral skills. But we need to take a closer look at your, how I should I put this, your interpersonal skills." Dave and Thomas smirked and nodded yes.

The three of them were standing in front of me, partially erect. They watched me for a moment to see how I would react. It was not as if I had a choice.

I looked at Alan and responded by saying, "What do you want me to do?" Alan just smirked at me, "You can start by standing up Katie." I stood up; the three men were slowly stroking their semi erect cocks. They just looked at me, their eyes roaming up and down my body, mainly looking at my pussy. "Do you guys want me to take off my suit jacket and shirt?" Alan quickly said no. He said it was an interview and needed to be dressed.

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I think they just loved doing this to me being partially clothed. Then the three of them moved in close to me, surrounding me. Then they began to grope me. All of their hands roamed all over my body.

They were feeling my tits, squeezing them, pulling and pinching my nipples, grabbing my ass, rubbing my pussy then taking turns fingering me. All of them made comments about how wet I was, how tight my pussy felt. I had never had three men doing that to me and it did feel good, very good. I closed my eyes and just let them do what they wanted to me. I moaned every time one of them fingered my pussy.

Thomas told me to watch them as they played with my pussy. I just stood there, being 'interviewed', watching them each slide their fingers inside my pussy and slowly fuck me with their fingers. I moaned even more. Then Dave and Alan pulled back my shirt and suit jacket, each of them grabbed one of my tits and began to suck on them. It felt so incredible, having my tits sucked by two men at once while a third fingered my pussy.

I think he likes it

Alan and Dave played with my tits and grabbed my ass at the same time. Then they switched, Thomas changed places with Dave. Dave got down on his knees and began to lick my pussy. I changed my stance, spreading my legs wider as he licked my pussy. Thomas and Alan sucked on my tits, bit my nipples, the three of them drove me wild. This went on for 10, 15 minutes. I don't know, they all took turns licking my pussy as I just stood there, moaning like a slut, enjoying the sensations, enjoying being treated like this; all of this for a job.

Then Alan told the other guys that was enough, it was time to see how good my interpersonal skills were. All three of the men were fully erect, my pussy was dripping wet from what the three of them had been doing to me.

Alan was holding his hard cock in his hand as he grinned at me. "Ok Katie, time to finish this interview by finding out how good your interpersonal skills are." He slowly stroked his cock as he said that. "What do you want me to do?" Alan grinned at me. He grabbed his hardening cock as he sat down in his chair. He sat there very slowly stroking his cock, "How about you sit down on my lap and show me your interpersonal skills." I knew exactly what he wanted; he wanted me to ride his cock.

I moved slowly towards him, Dave and Thomas stepped back and watched as they stroked their cocks. As I got up on his lap, I asked if I could take my jacket and shirt off. Alan said 'No, we have to keep this business like.' I was already getting sweaty and I knew I was going to be ringing wet after the three of them got done with me.

Alan held his hard cock steady I got up on the chair, on his lap and straddled his cock. I hesitated for a few moments; Alan was staring at my big tits. Then he said, "Come on Katie, if you want this job you are going to have show us your interpersonal skills. I like to conduct a very detailed interview." I slowly lowered myself onto his cock. He let out louder moan than I did as his cock slid into my tight wet pussy.

"Oh fuck!" He finally said. He looked at the other two guys, "Fuck, you guys are going to love interviewing Katie." He grabbed my tits and gave each of them a hard suck as I sat on his cock. Alan flicked his tongue across my hard nipples, lust pouring out of his eyes. 'Come on Katie; show me you want this job.' I knew what he wanted and that was me riding up and down on his cock.

I started very slow, rising up slowly and then slowly sliding back down, I wanted to act like I was not very willing but deep down I was very turned on. Alan let out several moans as his cock slid in and out of my pussy. "Do you like my interpersonal skills?" I asked. He grabbed my tits, "So far Katie it's the best. But you are going to have to work much harder to prove to me you are right for the job and that you want it." Slowly I began to ride up and down on Alan's cock as we sat in his chair, Dave and Thomas on either side watching and listening to us, mainly me moaning.

Alan pushed apart my suit jacket and dress shirt, grabbed onto my tits and buried his face between them. He moved from one to the other sucking on them, flicking his tongue across each of my erect nipple as I slowly rode his hard cock.

After a bit Alan stopped sucking on my tits and looked at me, glanced at my tits bouncing up and down to the rhythm of my body riding up and down on his cock. "Come on Katie, you are not convincing me on how much you want this job. You are going to have to do better." I responded by riding up and down on his cock faster, moaning a bit louder as I looked at him.

That seemed to please him for a moment or two before he said, "Not good enough Katie. I want to hear you say you want this job." I knew what he wanted to hear. I rode his cock faster, "Please Alan.I want it.this job. I need it. Please give it to me." He gave me an evil smirk and said, 'yeah that's what I want to hear Katie. Now work harder for the job, beg for it.' Now I have to admit I was becoming very turned on by this. Even though I knew to most people, I was lowering myself for a job.

I was starting to enjoy, very much, what I was doing. I rode his cock faster, bouncing harder up and down on his lap. I grabbed his head and held it between my big tits. "Oh god Alan. I want it. I want it so bad. Please give it to me. I will do anything for it. Give it to me Alan.give it to me." I looked over at Dave and Thomas; the two of them were smiling as they jerked off a bit faster. Thomas said, 'Katie sounds like she wants the job.

Does she impress you with her skills?' Alan pulled his head out from between my tits. He squeezed each of my tits, and then gave each of them a hard, long suck.

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I moaned out very loudly as I tilted my head back and closed my eyes, the pleasure was so intense. I kept my pace up knowing it would be a while before he was ready to cum again.

I on the other hand was getting very close to my own orgasm. I glanced down at Alan who was still holding onto my tits as I rode his cock. He gave me a lustful grin. He told me to slow down at bit, I really didn't want to but I did as he said. He pushed open my dress shirt and suit jacket, pushed them so they just barely slid off my shoulders so my tits were fully exposed. I still had my bra on, the cups pushed underneath my tits. Now Dave and Thomas got a good eye full of my 34D tits bouncing up and down as I rode Alan.

Alan let go of my tits and put his hands on my waist, "Lean back Katie, put your hands on my knees." I did as he said; I reached behind myself and braced myself by placing my hands on his knees. I bent backwards, about 45 degrees or so, my big tits just sticking right out along with my hard, erect nipples.

"Don't stop showing me how much you want the job Katie." Alan said to me, I knew what he meant; he wanted me to keep riding his cock. I did as he told me to, sliding up and down on his hard shaft.

"Go on look at it Katie." He then said. I looked down at his hard cock sliding in and out of my pussy. I could see how wet it was from my pussy. "Now watch it Katie. Watch it as you tell me again how much you want this job." He laughed a bit. I stared at Alan's cock, watching it going in and out of my pussy. I could feel my own orgasm building; I began to moan, loudly. Alan told me he wanted to hear me again say I wanted the job.

I moaned loud, "I want it. I want it Alan." He pulled me up and down on his cock even faster as I worked myself up and down his shaft as well. "Please Alan…please give me the job. Give it to me!" My orgasm was getting closer as I slid faster and faster on his cock. The whole situation was really turning me on, I never thought I could be this big of a horny, slutty woman and that deep down I loved it. Then Alan glanced at the guys both of whom were staring at my big tits bouncing all around as I rode their bosses cock faster and faster.

My shirt and suit jacket had now slipped down my shoulders a bit, my body was glistening with sweat. "Dave, Thomas, why don't you suck on Katie's tits. Give them a nice, thorough going over." The two of them didn't waste as moment both of them grabbed my tits and immediately they began to suck on them. Thomas and Dave were going to town fondling my tits while the sucked on them, playing with my hard nipples too with their tongues.

I was riding Alan's cock even faster; my own orgasm was building up very quickly. Alan began to groan, 'oh shit Katie, ride my cock. Ride it faster.' My moaning became louder and louder. Soon I found myself moaning to the guys. 'Suck my tits, oh god yes suck on them. Please don't stop, please don't stop.' I was riding alas' cock like I had never done to any other guy before.

I was arching my back, trying hard to keep my hands on his knees, keeping my balance as the guys sucked on my tits.

Alan held on good to my hips helping to pound his hard cock into my wet and tightening pussy. I closed my eyes letting myself get flooded by the incredible pleasure the three men were giving to me. My breathing was very heavy and fast as my orgasm built.

Alan must have sensed I was about to orgasm. "Come on Katie, ride my cock. Show me how much you want this job." I looked at him with glazed over eyes.

I was almost mewing like a kitten as I said, 'I want it Alan. I want it so bad." He grinned as I felt my orgasm just about to hit. I screamed out, "OH GOD GUYS! I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum!" They went wild sucking on my tits even harder, Alan ramming his cock into my pussy as best as he could, repeatedly.

I heard him hiss, 'Oh fuck.her pussy is milking my cock! Fuck I'm gonna cum too!" Then my orgasm hit me, such intense pleasure. I arched my back, thrusting out my stomach and tits as squealed louder than I ever have before. I could feel my pussy almost gushing, coating Alan's cock with my wetness as well as clamping down on his hard thrusting cock. "OH FUCK! I'M CUMMING KATIE!!!" Alan yelled out. Thomas and Dave stopped sucking on my tits long enough to give their encouragement to Alan.

My eyes were still closed as I was lost in my intense pleasure and I was actually experiencing a multiple orgasm. In a blur, I heard the guys say, 'That's it cum inside her. Fuck her pussy. Give your cum.' Then I could feel Alan's cock tense up before he groaned out 'Katie, I'm cummmmmmmming' Dragging out the cumming part as I felt him release. I could feel his cock pumping each surge of cum into my pussy.

I didn't care; it made my orgasm that much better. The guys had to hold me on his lap as I was still wildly writhing around on his cock making us both orgasm. Part of me didn't want this to end it was pleasurable. Quite quickly, I had drained Alan's cock of his load and my own intense delight was over. He and I were panting away like dogs, I was dripping with sweat, and my dress shirt was soaked with sweat as well.

I was still in a bit of daze from my multiple orgasms as Dave and Thomas helped me off of Alan's cock. I stood there dripping in sex sweat looking at Alan, his very wet cock and the smile on his face. He held his cock at the base of his shaft, "Fuck Katie that was the best interview I ever had." He looked at the other guys.

"You guys are really going to enjoy interviewing Katie." He then looked at me, wagging his semi erect cock at me, "But first I think you need to do a little clean up." I knew what he wanted and without hesitation, I bent over, grabbed his cock and slid it into my mouth.

I sucked hard, sucking out the remaining bits of cum from his shaft. I have to admit I loved the taste of his shaft, his cum mixed with taste of my own pussy juice all over it. I slowly worked his cock in and out of my mouth, looking up at him as I did it. He grinned in delight. "Damn guys, I didn't even have to argue with her. I guess Katie really does love having cock and cum in her mouth even though she said earlier she doesn't." I blushed away, knowing what he said was right.

I heard Dave say, "I can't take this. I need to interview Katie." As I was still bent over, cleaning up Alan's cock with my mouth I felt Dave get behind me. He pushed my legs apart a bit and then in flash I felt him searching for my pussy with his cock head, then he slammed his cock into my hot, wet, tight pussy. He let out a very loud moan; I knew he approved of what he felt. He grabbed my ass and began to push and pull me up and down on his cock as well as doing his own fucking.

"Wow! Katie's pussy is fucking the best!" He slammed hard into my pussy. "I love her ass too. I would love to interview that as well." Alan told him not yet, they had to go easy on the interview. I raised my head up to let out a moan, saliva, dripped out of my mouth.

I don't know why, I just moaned out, 'Oh god yes, interview me Dave. Interview my pussy.' The three of them snickered as Dave fucked my pussy hard and fast. Then he grabbed me by my hair and pulled my head up.

Then using my hair to guide me he spun me around, still fucking me, told me stay bent over and made me take a few steps over to Alan's desk. He had me put my hands on the desk as if I was getting a pat down. Then he really began to fuck me hard and fast. I was overwhelmed with my own dirty lust; I loved what I was doing, and loved being such a dirty slut. I moaned like a porn star.

Mixing in 'fuck me Dave with interview me Dave. And give it to me, along with begging I need it, I need the job.' He seemed to go ape shit with that, slamming his cock into over and over again.

Thomas and Alan moved around to the sides of me. Thomas said, "Would you look at those nice big tits hanging there, bouncing all over." He and Alan grabbed my tits for a moment then let them go. "I would love to put my big black between them and blow my load all over her tits and face but I need to try out her pussy." I had my head bent down moaning with every thrust of Dave's cock.

I looked over at Thomas who was slowly stroking his cock an inch or so away from my face. He began to slap his huge cock into my face and hair, getting his pre cum all over it. "Ever had a nice big black cock in your pussy Katie?" I didn't answer him, I just moaned as Dave fucked me and Alan bent down underneath me and began to play with my tits; fondling them and sucking on them. Thomas kept slapping his cock into my face, on to my cheek, against my mouth and forehead. "Come on Katie, answer the question.

This is an interview after all. If you want the job you will have to answer me." I looked up at him as best as I could, as my body was shaking from the pounding I was getting from Dave. "No. I have never been interview by a big black cock." He smiled. "Do you want my cock in your mouth again?

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That is until you get it in your pussy." I moaned from a sudden surge of pleasure from Dave and Alan. I looked up at Thomas and just nodded my head. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. Thomas holding his huge cock slowly guided it into my mouth. "Now suck it Katie! Suck it good! Suck like the cock loving, cum craving slut you are. Show me how much you want this job." I tried to brace myself on the desk with one hand as I grabbed his huge cock and did my best to give him head.

I had never done that before while being fucked from behind at the same time. He just looked down at me, watching me being a dirty slut, being fucked, getting my tits sucked on while trying to suck on his big shaft. It was a very sloppy blowjob to say the least. I was drooling all down my chin, a mix of saliva and pre cum.

His cock kept popping out of my mouth as I kept losing balance. Then Thomas held his cock with one hand, placed the other hand behind my turned head. He began to fuck my mouth, shoving his cock in until the point I began to gag. He would hold it there for a moment, saying 'suck it Katie, suck it good.' After a couple of minutes of repeating that, he said he knew what would help.

He pushed me up and slid his body onto the desk in front of me. I knew what he wanted. I quickly bent back over placing my hands on either side of his legs; Dave was pacing himself, not wanting to cum to quickly. His big cock was standing straight up and he began to slap my face with it, rubbing his cock head all over my face, wiping his pre cum and my saliva all over it.

"Now suck it Katie, if you want this job, suck my cock." I did. I gave him a no hands blowjob. I bobbed my head up and down his cock as Dave fucked me. Thomas leaned back for a bit watching me suck on his cock before he sat up straight, placed his hands on head and began to pull my head up and down on his cock; forcing me into a face fuck.

I was moaning through all of this, squirming around, loving every single moment. I loved the fact I had made three guys this horny. Dave pulled his cock out of my pussy.


"Shit she is wet. She seriously loves every moment of this. My cock is all lubed up with her pussy juice." Then he began rubbing his cock head up and down my pussy lips, driving me wild. "I want to fuck her ass so badly.

But I am very addicted to her pussy right now." I have had anal before but I wasn't going to tell them that. Dave slid his cock back into my pussy and began to fuck me with the intent of cumming as quickly as he could adding his load to Alan's.

Thomas finally pulled my head off of his cock. "You better stop Katie." I moaned 'why? Not good?' "No you hot slut, you would have made me cum in your mouth and as much as I want to see you swallowing more of my cum, I don't want to deny you of having your first big black cock in your nice pussy." He looked up at Dave. "Now fuck Katie good, cum in her so I can have my turn at interviewing her." Dave went wild, fucking me like some animal in heat. I let go again, moaning away.

Dave kept hissing at me, 'tell me you want it Katie, tell me how bad you want it and need it.' Again, I mixed it up telling him to give it to me, to give me his cock, give me the job. I needed it so badly, needed the job. Then I began to beg, saying "Please Dave, give it to me. Oh yes please give it to me." Slipping in several harder and faster's as well. I knew I wasn't going to orgasm just yet but I moaned and groaned away making him think I was about to get off again.

I began to thrust back at him, looking back over my shoulder at Dave. I did think for a moment how odd this was, here I was being fucked by three guys I just met, fucking for a job and the fact that I so loved it! Then he started to say repeatedly, "Oh yes Katie I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum." "Go on Dave, do it.

Give me your cum. I need it, I want it. Please give it to me." Moreover, as stupid as it sounds I began to say repeatedly "Interview me Dave, interview me!" Instead of 'fuck me'. It apparently drove him crazy as he fucked me so hard and fast. Then his cock hardened even more, I knew his load was about to erupt.

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"KATIE!" he moaned out as I felt his cock explode inside of me. It only took two or three spurts for me to drain his cock the second time around but I could tell he loved every second of it. He slammed his cock into my pussy, timing each thrust with a spurt of his cum.

As soon as he was done he quickly pulled out, I spun around and dropped down onto my knees in front of him. I grabbed his still hard, sticky, hot, throbbing cock and slid it into my mouth. I sucked hard on it as I looked up at him. I sucked out a bit more cum, which Dave knew I did. "Katie open your mouth and stick out your tongue I want to see my cum on it." I did as he asked and he smiled, 'yeah that's it Katie. You really are getting the hang of this interview.' I really licking his cock clean as they looked on; I was enjoying my taste on his cock.

I spent a couple of minutes cleaning up his cock before Thomas pulled me up onto my feet. "Ok Katie, time to get your first interview from a big black cock." I was very nervous just looking at not only the length but also the girth. He led me to the desk and told me lay down on it. I did as he said; my dress shirt was sticking to my sweaty tits.

I spread my legs as wide as I could for Thomas as he moved between them holding his big piece of meat. "Pull your shirt off your tits.

I want to see them bounce during our interview. I love seeing big tits like yours move to rhythm of my fucking." I nervously did as he asked as he moved closer. He ran his huge cock head up and down my pussy very wet pussy lips. "Hey guys you want to hold on to her since she had never had a cock like mine interview her I may push her off the desk." Alan and Dave smirked, moved around the other side of the desk and placed there hands on my shoulders. Thomas slowly pushed his cock head between my pussy lips, I could feel them stretch to the point I thought they could go no further.

He smiled, "I can already tell your going to have such a good pussy this interview will be over quickly." He glanced up at the guys, "Don't worry, once the interview starts and she gets used to it, you can suck on her tits for a bit." Then he pushed his thick cock into my pussy. I could not even let out a moan from the feeling, the pain and pleasure.

At first, I thought my pussy would tear apart as he buried his cock as deep as it would go. It felt like it was going to come out my mouth.

Then he slowly slid it back out, most of the way. The two of us moan. I rose up just watching that huge black dick slid in and out of my pussy. It hurt but it felt so good, it was rubbing up against every pleasurable point in my pussy.

"I was right Katie; you have the best pussy ever, tight, wet. I'm gonna love interviewing.fucking you." My eyes were fixed on his cock. "I see you enjoying my big cock, aren't you?" All I could say was, "Oh god, don't stop. Interview me.please." With that go signal, Thomas started pumping his log in and out of my pussy faster and faster.

I grabbed on to the edge of the desk so I wouldn't slide off as he fucked me. Soon he was fucking me at a good pace, the guys had let go of me, I didn't realize when cause I was so lost in the painful pleasure of having this huge cock in me.

Thomas was moaning he thrust his cock into me again and again. "Mmm you have such nice big tits Katie. I love watching them bounce around as I fuck.interview you. They make me want to cover them with my cum. But your pussy needs one more load to finish this interview." Then he nodded to the other guys who practically jumped onto the desk and me in order to start sucking on my tits again. Now I began to squirm all over the desk, moaning loudly, almost to the point of screaming out my pleasure.

I would lay my head down for a few moments, writhing around as the guys sucked on my tits while Thomas hammered me with his big cock. Then I would raise up my head to just watch this thick, long black dick go in and out of my pussy, losing myself in the incredible pleasure I was feeling all over my body.

I could feel my orgasm building very, very quickly. I was breathing hard, moaning like a slut. "Fuck me Thomas; fuck me with your big cock.

Oh, god yes, fuck me. Interview my pussy. More, more, make me cum." I kept repeating to the delight of everyone there. The guys good sense I was getting closer to my own orgasm so Dave and Alan stopped sucking on my big tits and just stood there watching. With nobody holding me down I squirmed all over the desk with my body, just letting out slutty moans.

Thomas was now fucking me hard and fast, I knew not only did he want to get me off but he wanted to cum as well. I looked up at him as I was moaning and writhing around on the desk, "Do you like my pussy?

Do you like interviewing me with your big cock? I want this job, I want your cock. Will you cum for me?" He fucked me even harder, grunting away, 'Katie you dirty slut. I love your pussy. I will fucking interview you every day. Fuck yes I'm going to cum and fill up your hot pussy.' As he fucked me faster, I kept looking at him, teasing him, driving him wild.

"Make me cum. Make me cum all over your thick cock. Fill my pussy up with your hot cum and you can interview me any time you want. I want your cum inside me, all over me." Even faster now, the two of us insane with pleasure. He was breathing hard, I could tell he was closing to cumming, and then he said, "Do you want this job Katie? Do you want to be the company slut?" I moaned back, trying to hold back my orgasm, "Yes.

I want the job. Please give me the job." I looked at the other two who were smiling away. "Give me the job.please give me the job. Give it to me. You can interview me all the time." Then I screamed out, "OH GOD!" My orgasm hit with such intensity. I felt my pussy gush all over Thomas's cock, clamping down hard.

I arched my back to the point I thought I would break it. I screamed out, 'ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!' I began to squirm all over the desk then Thomas cried out. "Yes! Take this Katie! Take my cum!" I didn't think it was possible for his cock to get any harder or thicker but it did and I felt him unleash his load. It felt almost like a steady stream of cum shooting out of his cock and deep inside of me.

As he came he was still sliding his cock in and out of my pussy, it felt as though he coating the whole inside of my pussy with his cum.

He yelled out, "FUCK YEAH!" I actually blacked for a few moments from the sheer intensity of my own orgasm. Thomas kept his cock inside of me until I came too.


He was smiling ear to ear. "Nice interview Katie. Now watch my cock." I sat up a bit and watched him slide his cock out of my pussy as he did a fair amount of cum went along with it, cum was dripping out of my pussy. I ran down my pussy lips and onto the desk. He was smirking away, his cock was covered with cum, his and the other guys probably. "You have one hell of a mess to clean up Katie, get to it." At first I used my fingers to wipe the cum off of my pussy, of course I licked it off my fingers and swallowed.

I slid a couple of fingers into my pussy to finger out some more of the guys load, doing it very slowly and very slowly licking clean my fingers. Then I rolled off the table and looked at the guys. Alan said, "Katie, clean off my desk first." So I knelt close to his desk, I slowly licked all the cum off of his desk.

As I did I suddenly realized I was becoming a cum junkie. I licked up and swallowed every drop, then turned my cleaning attention to Thomas. I licked his shaft, using my tongue as a scoop to get all that cum, swallowed it.

Then I grabbed his cock, slid it into my mouth to suck it dry. I grabbed hold of his shaft and slowly moved my hand down it squeezing out the cum that was still in it. I showed it to the guys before I swallowed that down.

I stood up and looked at Alan. "Is the interview over?" "Yes, I think it is Katie. I don't think we have it in us to interview you anymore." "As much as we want to." added Dave. "Did I get the job?" I asked in a meek voice. "We will have to think about it." Alan said. "WHAT?!" "Just kidding Katie, why wouldn't we hire you? We just have to decide if we need to have anyone else interview you or just hire you on." "Maybe she needs to meet one of our clients first, make sure they are happy with her." Thomas threw out into the conversation.

Alan then asked, "Would you take the job?" I just looked at them, knowing full well taking this job meant a lot of sex for me and not a lot of work. "Yes. I'm sure I will enjoy working here." Ok so for everyone with the negative comments, IM's emails.

Yes, I took the job. Yes, I love it. Yes, I and two other women there are sex toys, for the guys and for each other. So there are plenty more encounters I could write.

Moreover, for those who enjoy what I have shared, glad you do.