Deliciosa novia da regalo da sorpresa de cumplea ntilde_os

Deliciosa novia da regalo da sorpresa de cumplea ntilde_os
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Kendall Poem the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my whole entire 16 years of my life I would have said 17 but thats not until 3 more days. I have this crush on this girl she goes to my school her name is kendall poem.

She has everything a man could ask for fat assnice sized breast beautiful long hair. That you can pull when your smashing her from the back. I would always visual how I would do her. I have have sex with girls in the past but kendall had a vibe that made me wanna jump and fuck her forever and ever. We were good friends not close but good. She always said to me in school why such a cute looking boy like yourself dosent have a girlfriend.

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I would reply I dont know a good one hasnt come around yetwehn really i wanted her. I never thought anything would happen between us until my birthday weekend. My birthday came and everyone wished me a happy birthday. I got punched a few times by the jocks. The same day i was walking down the hallway heading for lunch when Brittnay jumped in front of me.

Happy Birthday birthday boy she looked me up and down. Me and brittnay had a thing in the past she gave some good head 3 weeks ago. So you wanna go down to the basement and talk about stuff. She rubbed her hand up and down my cotch .I knew she really didnt wanna talk so I agreed to go. Sure I said to her. We walked down to the basement she through me against the wall pressed her body againts mines and started stroking me through my jeans.

Her lips met mines and we stood there kissing It felt good thats for sure. She whispered in my ear how much she wanted to suck me off again.

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I grabbed her ass and caressed itshe did a slow wine on my dick and lowered her self down onto her kneees. She unzipped my pants and swallowed me in one gulp she was good at what she did. She bobbed her head back and foward. swirling her tounge around my dick slurping and moaning. I grabbed her head and started pushing it foward all the way downshe released her mouth from my dick and went to sucking on my pulls she had on a dress too so she started playing with her self.

Eyes closed I imagined that it was kendall sucking me off and fingering herself. Brittnay got up turned around and ordered me to put it in her. Fuck Me TysonFuck me now.

I want you so bad.


I looked at her smirked and entered herit was so nice and warm and tight. Fuck me harder she moaned. I grabbed her ass and began pounding as hard as i could. Her screaming echoed the basement. Yes, Yes ,yes right there birthday boy fuck me hard. I thrusted a little harder this time lifting her off the floor with each thrust. After 6 more thrust in and out I felt a wave coming.

I was about to bust. Im about to come I said to her.


Come inside me tysonstill thrusting pounding her insides out I let go and came inside her I slide down on the wall onto the floor. Panting hard.

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Damn that was the best birthday gift ever. Brittany turned around with her vagina in my face it was such a pretty sight. She bent down i thought she was gonna give me some head again but she didntshe kneeled in front of me and slide down on my johnson.

Round 2 she saidslowly she began riding meI closed my eyes rested my head and thought i'd just enjoy the sensation. Brittnay started riding fast bouncing up and downside to side throwing that pussy on me.


Oh god tyson you feel so good . I got up with her still on me and put her against the wall she wrapped her legs around my waist she gave me a sloppy kiss on the lips. I started off slowly with each pace i went fastand thrusted harder still imagining in my head that it was kendall i was banging out.

Oh gosh yeah baby work it work it Brittnay screamed loud. I shushed her. stop screaming somebody will here us down here. I dont care she replied backshe squeezed her hands around my neck and kissed my neck softly then started sucking on my neck like it was a jolly rancher.

We were bothing moaning loudly. Brittnay squeezed my ass tightly and we both came at the same time. My knees felt like jello I coudnt hold her anymore. We both fell to the ground breathing hard.

She sat up and said to me. Your doing good we should fuck more often.

I didnt reply to her I just wanted to enjoy her this is birthday sex. I just rolled with it.

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Ready for round 3 ? I nodded my head and she turned around and slide down on my pole reverse cow girl still. She rode me as fast as i could bouncing up and downyou could hear our pelvis slapping. Oh yesright there damn this feels good i slapped her on her ass a few timesthis was the best birthday i have ever had and will probably be the only best birthday I will ever have. I shut my eyes and let brittnay have her fun.

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Then I opened my eyes and realizedi hadnt worn a condom? Too caught up in the moment to even think about it and ' Brittnay was still riding me like it was her last ride of her life I then said to myself Oh shit ?!