Majority men go crazy from busty sluts

Majority men go crazy from busty sluts
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This Story is the second of the Trilogy of…The Boys & a dog at Play. I hope this part is enjoyed as much as the first part… Three weeks had passed since Matt and I had enjoyed each other along with Boss the dog. Since then Matt and I had spent more and more time together it seemed. We had only once since that fateful Saturday sucked each other off. It wasn't because we didn't want too. It was the last day of school for the term, Matt and I had Math's, worst luck as it always dragged.

We were sitting together. I was busy drawing, Matt was busy looking at Amber, she lived across the road from him. Sometimes, she would walk to or from school with us.

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I have to admit I always wanted to fuck her. She was a slim, tall, fair sized Breasted girl for her age. She was the sporty type, so her legs were well toned. Finally after what seemed like forever the final bell went. That was it, school was over for two weeks. That afternoon, Matt and headed straight out and headed home, we lived about three streets from each other. On the way we talked about what we were going to do over the holidays.

"Dad's at work every day for the next few weeks so I'm at home alone with Boss. So me and Boss will have to find something to do." Matt chuckled. I knew what he would be doing. I was going to be staying home, as my mum and Dad were both working. So I figured I would be seeing Matt and doing a lot of sucking. That was a great idea to me. "Well, Matt, we should have more fun then last time if we both go for it." I said, already knowing Matt would jump at it.


We came to my street first so we said our good byes and planned to meet up tonight. Jeff was going to be at the police station until two a.m. So I was going to hang out at Matt's and god willing have a good time with Matt.

It was about six when I got to Matt's. I went around the back like normal to go inside. Boss was no where to be seen. I made it up to the steps to the back door and saw Matt standing there, towel wrapped around his waist. Matt had a look of delight and embarrassment on his face. Boss standing next to Matt seemed to have a look of relief on his big dog head.

I was soon to find out why. Matt greeted me at the door and we worked into the kitchen. "Dave, I I wow, wait, wait, I have something great for you to try with Boss." Matt said as he closed the door behind us.

This had me thinking, but I figured it would be good. How good I knew I would find out. Matt and I made our way into the hall way. Looking at his almost naked body made me so hard and horny. I couldn't hold back any longer. I grabbed Matt from behind, ripped the towel off from him, span him around, fell to my knees and started to suck his cock.


It was great to taste him again. Matt moaned with pleasure as I worked his cock with my mouth and tongue. Matt leaned against the wall, his hand forcing my head back and forth. "That's it, oh man, you fucking suck great." Matt moaned. I was tonguing the head of his cock, I could taste his pre-cum. It's at that time I noticed Boss, he was sniffing at my ass. He seemed to want in. I was too busy at that moment, I was going to swallow Matt's hot cum.

I felt the cum shoot out all over my tongue. I didn't like the taste, but I didn't want to stop. With each movement of my mouth, more and more cum filled my mouth.

I forced myself to swallow every drop. After that, I stood up, Grinned and rubbed Matt's balls. "Let's go in here." Matt puffed out, pointing to his bed room door. We made t to the room with Boss following. Matt closed the door behind us. Once in the bedroom he pulled my pants down and off, ripped my shirt off, we were now both naked.

Matt stepped in close to me.

"How far can we go?" Matt smiled. Without a word, Matt and my lips locked together. We tongue wrestled for a few minutes with Boss licking at our cocks, Matt's cock was already back up, harder then before. Matt and I fell back onto his bed, still locked in our passionate kiss. Matt broke away, still laying on me. My hands running all over his body. It was so unbelievable. "Watch Boss fuck me." Matt said as he rolled off me and got on all fours on the bed.

Boss wasted no time; Boss leaped up and moved his cock straight into Matt's ass hole. Boss started to ride Matt as I watched. Boss was pumping Matt so hard and fast, Matt moaned as Boss continued to fuck him.

I watched on as I got on my knees. Matt then turned his head in my directions with his mouth open.

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I put my cock straight in. Boss rode Matt as Matt sucked my cock. I reached under Matt and played with his balls then moved onto play with his hard cock. This I quickly grew tired of just pulling Matt so I again took him in my mouth. A few moments after, Boss had cummed and now tried to detach from Matt.

As I sucked and Boss tried to pull out, Matt moaned then leaned forward again and took me in his mouth. We continued on again for only a few minutes as Boss was now detached. Matt and I exchanged a few small kisses then got back up off the bed.

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For the next hour, Matt and I sat in Matt's lounge room, drinking. It was about 11pm when we heard a car pull up, a door slam and some yelling, then the car speeding off. Matt got up from the chair he was sitting in and looked out the window, it was Amber, she slammed the door of red car. She stood there and from what we saw Amber was very upset. The red car speeded away.

"Be back in a tick." Matt said as he raced over to and out the front door. I sat back and got comfortable, thinking about what else Matt and I could do with and with out Boss. This thought was about to be replaced with thoughts of Matt, me and Amber with some Boss action. Less then a minute later, Matt walked in with Boss and Amber in toe.

Amber's soft smooth face was tearful; her cheeks were wet from her tears. Matt sat Amber down in the arm chair and walked off into the kitchen.

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"Hey Amber, you ok?" I asked "Yeah, just that stupid cock head boyfriend of mine cheated on me." Amber sobbed Matt walked back in with a bottle of rum and coke along with three glasses. He sat them down on the coffee table and mixed three drinks, one for each. Matt handed Amber her drink first then mine then he took his and sat on the arm of the armchair. "So what else you guy's done tonight apart from drink?" Amber asked after downing her drink in one mouthful.

"Um…not a lot, just guy stuff." Matt smirked. We sat there and finished the bottle. But which time all three of us were pretty well drunk. Matt, Amber and I lay on the floor next to each other. Amber started to rub our legs. This gave Matt and I the same idea. I got up first and started to rub Ambers bare leg, her mini skirt was so shot I could see a pink piece of her panties.

I think she saw me because she smiled and pulled up her mini skirt exposing her hot pink panties. "So you boys want some real fun?" Amber asked with a smutty, seductive tone in her voice.

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Matt wasted no time, his hands started to play with her breasts. I placed a hand down her panties. I started to rub her clit and felt her hairy mound. It felt so great. Amber laid there and moaned as we played. Matt moved in and started to kiss her as Amber's hands found our hard cocks. She played with our hard cocks. "I want to suck your cocks." Amber moaned out as she pulled out our hard cocks.

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First she took Matt's cock in her mouth and thrashed back and forward with her head as her hand on my cock started to speed up. I loved this. I started to finger her while I rubbed her clit. She finished up on Matt then swallowed my cock. She loved cock. And from how she was doing the blow job, I figured she'd done this before. Matt moved down on all fours and started to lick at my balls. Amber stopped and watched, you could tell she liked what see saw.

Matt and Amber both then started to lick the head of my cock. Then from no where Boss raced in. He was up and into Amber before we knew it. "Oh fuck, what…oohhhh…yes…leave him.ummmmm" Amber cried as Boss fucked her. I pulled back from Amber and Matt as I was about to blow and I wasn't ready. While Boss worked Amber, Matt and Amber tongued each others mouths as I watched.

I then got down on all fours and joined the tongue action. Our tongues touched all over. "Fuck…he's blowing…oooohhhhh&hellip.yeah. We're both cumming&hellip.oooohhhh" Amber cried as her orgasm roared. While we waited for Boss to detach himself, Matt and I sucked each other off while Amber watched on.

Up until that night I always figured Amber was a clean, normal Aussie girl, but now I knew better. Once Boss detached himself, I dove behind Amber and started to fuck her doggie style. Matt stuck his cock back in her mouth. For the next hour Matt and I changed spots and cummed so much that by the end of it neither Matt nor I could get our cocks up. From that night on wards all three of us stayed together. Some times all three of us fucked together or Matt and Amber would, Amber and I or just Matt and I.

But more times then not Boss would join in. THE END Well that's Part 2 of the trilogy. Part 3 will be a while away, but I promise the adventure of these 3 kids and Boss will end better then any of you can imagine. Look for more of my stories coming soon (Depending on the feedback I get for all three of these stories.) CYA

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