Se la folla bien duro y se corre en su cara

Se la folla bien duro y se corre en su cara
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It was a beautiful sunny day and I had been stuck inside the office all morning converting purchases and sales. I could hardly concentrate on the job in hand as I stared through the windows at the bright sunshine beating down on the city. "Enough is enough" I mused to myself "a nice healthy profit for the day so mow I'm going to take some me time!" and with that I closed down and locked up the office and headed out of the building to make for the park.

Everyone I passed seemed to be just soaking up the warmth and the speed and hustle of the city began to slow and ease away as I passed through the park gateway to stroll along the avenues there.

I let my jacket slide down from me and folded it over my arm as I made my way to a square enclosure where a neat lawn area was surrounded by raised flower beds interspersed with inviting park benches and selecting one facing the sun I draped myself along it with my arms extended either side and my head tilted back to absorb the heat of the sun.

Mmmm this was nice and even through my closed eyes under my shades I felt the rays begin to warm my retina as I day-dreamed of far away island beach holidays.

The time was my own and I'm not quite sure how long I had sat there when I had that strange feeling of being watched.

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Slowly opening my eyes beneath my shades I was able to look ahead and spot my observers without them seeing me. Directly across from me about twenty feet away, lying face down on the grass were two youths, one with a tight cut head of hair and the other very dark curly hair and they were both snatching glances in my direction.

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They were probably about 14 years old or so and quite good looking in that adolescent way. They glanced around at the few passers by and then when they had gone they would return their gaze to me. They were nudging each other and giggling as they ogled me and I swear one of them was wriggling about as if trying to hump the ground he was lying on.

With more than a little sense of amusement I realised that they had positioned themselves where they could look at my legs in the hope maybe of a flash of thigh at some point. Here was I in my mid thirties with what were basically two children trying to get a flash from me. At first I thought of sitting forward and asking them what they thought they were doing. Then I thought of simply sitting forward and staring back at them which would probably have sent them running off home as fast as their legs could carry them.

However, if they thought they could sneakily enjoy themselves at some drowsing woman's expense in the park they were in for a shock as I finally decided that I would be the one to have some fun from the situation. Still pretending to have my eyes closed as I basked in the sun, I slid my hips forwards a little in pretence of lounging further on the bench and as I did so my knees parted slightly.

I had a real struggle to keep my face straight as I saw their jaws drop in amazement and they nudged each other hardly able to believe their luck.

I stayed in that loose cruciform state with my face tilted up to the sun, my arms spread along the back of the bench at each side accentuating the swell of my breasts and my hips almost dropping off the front of the bench with my skirt riding upwards along my thighs. They were now clearly uncomfortable and both slid hands beneath themselves no doubt stroking their cocks at the sight they were receiving. This was feeling good! I didn't need to touch myself to know my pussy was leaking fluid and soaking my panties.

I have always been a bit of an exhibitionist but this day was all the more pleasurable as I was flashing to these two boys who would hardly have any control over their actions once that teen testosterone kicked in. I absentmindedly bent my left arm and brushed away imaginary flies and then settled it into the open top of my blouse where I slowly stroked it across and down my cleavage, as if rubbing away the heat of the day. This was too much for them now and I saw the dark haired one mouth "fucking hell" to his friend although I couldn't hear him as they were too far away.

They were both almost purple with the effort of staring at my legs and trying to peek up my skirt and me stroking my breast almost put them out completely. This was such fun and I sneakily scanned around beneath my shades to be sure no one else was nearby and then spread my knees apart to reveal a full shot of my white panties for them. This stopped them dead in their tracks and they both just stared open mouthed and didn't move a muscle. I'm not even sure if they breathed at that moment.

The sight of them then was just too much for me to keep up the pretence and I burst out laughing. They then realised what I'd been doing and looked a little sheepish before noticing that although I was now looking directly at them and laughing, my legs had remained open and my panties were still fully on view.

They quickly realised that I was not objecting to their voyeuristic acts and was in fact enjoying it myself. They had a quick conversation with each other whilst still not taking their eyes off my prize and then they eased themselves from the ground and edgily began to approach me.

Even from that distance I could see two handsome bulges in their jeans and it was flattering to know they were there simply due to a quick flash from me. As they drew nearer I removed my shades and stared into their eyes and with a seductive smile I welcomed them towards me. When they were about six or eight feet away I asked "Well you two, did you like what you could see?" They grinned rather stupidly and nodded a yes as they faltered a little in their approach.

"If you liked it so much maybe you would like to see a little more." I purred and dropped my left hand to my lap where I let my fingers slide down the rim of my panty leg until they were level with my soaking lips and then I slid them beneath the material and pulled it to the side to reveal my dripping hole. "How's this then?" I asked the two slack jawed zombies in front of me "Is this better now? Just look how excited you two have made me!" and with that I slowly slid my finger inside me and then swished it backwards and forwards.

As I did this two hands slid absentmindedly onto two cock bulges, not quite sure what they were supposed to do. The only speech they could manage came from the dark haired one who simply muttered "Fuck!" Extracting my finger and pulling my panties back into place I raised my hand to my mouth and licked my juice from it whilst staring directly at them both.

I couldn't suppress my laugh again and I giggled at the sight of these two. How I had turned the tables on them now. I think I could have walked up to either one and knocked them over with my breath. "Now you." I said. It took a few seconds to register and even then they were still befuddled and unsure what to do. "What?" was all the short haired one could say. "You heard me. I said now you! You were happy enough to spy on me and then to ogle my pussy so now it's your turn.

Show me your cocks! Come on, fair's fair, I've shown you mine so now you show me yours." "Someone might see!" he spluttered and his friend sort of nodded his agreement.

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"That didn't bother you before. What if someone had seen me?" "That's different, you could hide it easily but we can't if we pull our cocks out!" "Yes" his dark haired friend agreed, feeling braver now and grinning from ear to ear now that he had recovered a little "if I get mine out now I'll never get it back!" They both laughed at this and I had to agree it was a funny comment as I imagined a rampant cock being bent and pushed as he tried to get it back inside his pants.

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"OK" I agreed "you've got a point there, but you don't get away with this that easily and I want to see what you've got. Come on you two must be from around here somewhere so lead on and let's get to where you feel you can show without being seen." They looked at each other then started an animated conversation with them looking around and nodding and they finally turned to me and said "OK, there's an old bandstand right across there and not many people go there now so we could see if it's empty and go there." "That sounds perfect!

Lead on." They set off across the park as I sauntered along behind pondering what might happen when I got them to this bandstand. They had to keep stopping and waiting for me to catch up as they tried to hurry things along but I was enjoying myself too much to rush this. Eventually though we reached the bandstand and sure enough it was deserted. It was surprisingly much cleaner than expected, although there was a fair amount of graffiti boasting about various things with a few amusing little quips too.

I moved across to the far side and rested against the handrail. They just stood in the entrance looking sheepish and obviously wondering what they should do next. "Well" I challenged "have you forgotten what we came all the way over here for? It's your turn now so get those cocks out and show me what you are hiding!" They looked at each other with rather stupid teenaged grins on their faces and then the dark haired one nudged his friend and unzipped his jeans.

His friend followed suit and they both reached inside to pull out what I must say were two very nice looking cocks, both over 7" in length and looking nicely weighty in their hands. They appeared rather comical just standing there with cocks in hands and not knowing what to do next.

I was clearly going to have to take control so I beckoned them to come across to me and they shuffled over. "Now that we have these out, what do you think we could do with them?" I teased, taking hold of one in each hand. I thought for a moment they were both going to just cum there and then. "Whoa boys" I urged "lets not be in too much of a hurry now that we've got here. I want to inspect what you have to offer. What are your names?" "I'm Jed and he's Tony" said the dark haired one with short gasps "are you really going to give us a wank?" "Would you like that boys?" I giggled "do you want me to wank each of you separately or together?


Just for now let me see how good you are at holding back." I squatted down on my haunches between them so that they had a good view up my skirt and began to stroke these two teenaged cocks. They just stood there and shuddered slightly as they looked down at me.

Holding their shafts in my hands I drew up and down on them, not too much pressure and not too little, guessing what seemed right for them both. Almost together they were oozing nice dribbles of precum and I slid my index fingers over each cock head and smeared it around for lubrication which served only to increase the flow of this slippery fluid. That wasn't the only slippery fluid oozing right then and I could feel my crotch cool as my own juices soaked through my panties and were exposed to the air.

God this felt good I thought and I was almost breaching an orgasm myself. "Oh fuck yes!" muttered Jed. "It's so good I'm going to cum soon!" grunted Tony as he began to thrust his hips forwards. "If you two find this so good" I teased "let's have a race now and see who can cum quickest and who can cum the most" and with that I began to up the speed of my strokes with an almost immediate effect.

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I had expected it to be Tony to cum first but I was wrong by about five seconds! With a gasp and a grunt it was Jed whose balls let loose and thick gobs of spunk flew from his cock with some landing on my silk blouse whilst the rest flopped on my skirt. As I continued to tease his thick load from his cock, Tony's knees shuddered and he began to cum too. His was much thinner in consistency but there seemed to be so much more as jet after jet splattered onto me, joining that of his friend with some splashing onto my face and hair.

Now my lust took over and pumping these two handsome cocks just made me want more. Switching from side to side, and cock to cock I slipped each into my hot wet mouth to suck the remnants of their cum from them and to ensure they maintained their hardness. I needn't have had any fear there as these youthful cocks seemed to be in no hurry to soften on me.

They tasted lovely! Both with a sweet tanginess that can only come from youth. "How old are you two anyway?" I asked between licking and stroking them. "Eighteen" muttered Tony. "Yeah, eighteen we are" agreed Jed.

I stopped my sucking and looked up at them both "Do I look stupid?" I challenged "neither of you two are even close to eighteen so if you want me to keep going with this you had better tell the truth." "OK then, we're both fourteen, but I'm oldest" volunteered Tony. "Are you going to let us fuck you?" Jed chipped in with a note of hope in his voice.

"You cheeky sods" I laughed "you wander around the park, get me to seduce you both and wank you off, then I suck your cocks and now you want to fuck me! Your two ages combined still make you ten years younger than me so why do you think I'll let you do that?" "Come on misses! You are the one who started it and you are enjoying it too or you would have gone by now." He was right of course and now that the subject had been raised it started to stir my thoughts too.

So far I was just enjoying having a bit of fun with these two but the thought of having a pair of fourteen year olds in a public park was certainly getting to me and my juices were already running through my panties and dripping down my thighs at the thrill of these two meaty cocks in my hands.

"Well, can I finger you then?" Tony asked "can I just feel what you are like?" How could I refuse such a polite request? Standing up now before them I let go of their cocks and leaning back against the rails of the bandstand I lifted my skirt up to my waist and pulled my panties to the side giving them both a clear view of my soaking pussy. They were back in stunned shock again at this and I thought I was going to have to take the lead again when Jed reached out and I felt his cool hand against me, cupping my hole and then he slid his finger into me and I grasped it with my pussy muscles as I shot into another orgasm.

God this felt so naughty and so good! "Fuckin' 'ell, she's dripping here and it's so hot too" he advised his friend who took the hint and pushed his hand at me too.

He followed Jed's lead and now I had a finger from each of them wriggling inside me. I was the one gasping and shaking now and I clung to the rail to hold myself up. If it hadn't been there I'm sure my knees would have failed me and I would have just flopped to the floor.

Of the two, it seemed that Tony had the slightly larger cock and I reached for it and pulled him in to me, easing it along my slit. "Come on then" I gasped "you wanted to get it in me so do it now. Come on, fuck me then!" and I tilted myself backwards slightly to give him better access and I felt his lovely cock slide into me.

"Christ I'm in!" he gasped "it's so hot and wet and I'm in her now!" "Fuck me!" his friend mumbled "fuck me, I can see you going in her. Give me a go" and he hastily shoved Tony to the side and slammed his cock into me. "Oh yes! Damn you are so right it feels great." "Fuck off you bastard, I was in first, it was me she wanted first" growled Tony as he now pushed Jed out and slid his cock back into me, leaving Jed furiously wanking at his side as he gazed at Tony's cock slamming in and out of me.

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"Alright, alright you two" I breathed "there is time for you both but don't you dare waste that cum now that you've started. When he's finished I want it in me." I nodded to Jed as he pumped his cock and thankfully he took the message and slowed his stroking almost to a stop.


Meanwhile Tony was pumping in me at a furious rate in the excitement of what I'm sure was his first time. His prickly tuft of hair was scratching my clitoris perfectly with each thrust and driving me crazy and I lifted my right leg up and hooked it around his hips pulling him in tighter when he suddenly gasped and clenching his teeth he started to cum inside me.

He grabbed my hips and thrust as far in as he could get and I felt those lovely spasms as his spunk flew from the end of his cock inside me. Yet another orgasm washed over me and my pussy muscles clamped tightly on him again as I milked his fluid from him. As he finished he dropped his head with a sigh, almost as a signal to Jed, and he let his cock flop from my gasping hole which was immediately filled by Jed who was almost frantic in his desire to get into me.

Only a half dozen thrusts or so and he too started to cum in me. I could feel Tony's spunk dribbling down my thighs as Jed added to it and pulse after pulse shot from his cock to splash all over my cervix.

The excitement was so intense I swear I could taste his cum all the way through me. He rammed his cock hard and deep with each squirt of his spunk until he had emptied himself and then he slowly eased his cock from me. My open pussy was like a tap when he pulled out and I stood there, legs apart, as these two loads dribbled from me to the floor between my legs.

All three of us clustered in silence as we caught our breath, although they were both still erect and both stroking their cocks again. I eased myself to the floor between them again and returned to my alternate licking of one cock then the other, tasting a beautiful mixture of both lots of spunk mingling with my own juices. "God, I'm exhausted!" I mumbled "you two are just going to have to wank yourselves off onto me because I don't have the energy for any more right now" and I eased myself back against the side of the bandstand and enjoyed myself watching these lovely boys tossing their cocks just for me.

With the impetuousness of youth, they concentrated on gratification with the least possible effort and quickest possible time and within another five minutes I was thanked with two more loads of cum jettisoned over me. Although only fourteen and hyper excited at their activities, this was the final cum for them both and as their last dribbles fell onto me and the floor their lovely cocks began to subside until they hung limply down.

They were both grinning like Cheshire cats as they looked down at me then at each other, nodding at what they had just experienced and they looked so funny that I started to giggle again. "What's wrong?" asked Tony with a puzzled look on his face.

"Wrong? Believe me boys," I answered getting to my feet and smoothing down my skirt and trying to wipe as much cum from my blouse as I could before putting my jacket back on "believe me there is absolutely nothing wrong.

Thank you boys" I quipped giving each a final kiss as I left the bandstand "and maybe we will meet again sometime for some more fun." As I walked from them across the grass towards where I had parked my car at the start of the day I received a few querulous looks from passers by as they peered at my cum stained blouse or so I thought.

It was only when I got into my car and checked my mirror that I realised not only was my blouse stained but there were several strands of spunk clearly visible in my hair and on a hot day like this they glistened there for all to see what a sex crazed little slut I had been today.