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Tremendous blond margurite in live sex porn do nice on tea with
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We live in a world where we have to hide to make love, while violence is practiced in broad daylight. ~ John Lennon. Chapter 17. Well hello mom and dad. After Brad and Alyssa's steamy foursome, with their friends Kayla Morrison and her boyfriend Danny Ellison.

The young stepsiblings are still hot for each other, and remembering it's Friday night, and they're allowed to sleep together they wasted no time getting home. But as they step inside their home, they find their parents, Jack and Grace half naked in a very compromising erotic entanglement on the family sofa. In their passion, Jack and Grace have all but forgotten that their teenage children had gone out on a double date with their friends.

Now the elders of the Wilson Dean family have taken advantage of their quiet evening home alone. From the dark kitchen doorway, Brad and Alyssa stand watching Jack on his knees with his head buried under his wife's pink with white lace nightie. He's giving her oral pleasure, Grace is leaning back against a stack of throw pillows, her green eyes are closed tight, her long slender legs are spread wide, she's moaning.

Their parents are so into their passionate heat of the moment, they don't see their teenage children watching them. Alyssa's completely aroused by the scene. Since loosing her virginity to Jack Wilson's son, and their hotel threesome with her mother, she's became very curious about her stepfathers sexual skills.

Now from her viewpoint in the dark kitchen doorway, she sees why her mother loves the older version of Brad. Jack's kneeling on the floor eating her mothers pussy, wearing a pair of loose fitting boxer shorts. His long thick cocks protruding from the fly of his boxer shorts. She cant take her eyes from her stepfathers erection. Suddenly Alyssa breaks into a nervous giggle, Grace opens her eyes seeing the outline of two people watching them from the darkness of the kitchen doorway.

She screams, fearing they have intruders. Jack yanks his head from under her nightie. "What's wrong baby," he says startled. "Did I hurt you?" Now discovered, Brad and Alyssa step from the darkness. Brad holds back laughter as he apologies. "We're sorry mom and dad, we didn't mean to scare you." he says. Jack looks up with saliva and his wife's juices dripping down his chin, finding his stepdaughter staring at the erection poking from the fly of his boxers.

He quickly covers himself, but notices; the young girl seems to be captivated by what she sees, or maybe she's actually sexually aroused, he's not sure. Grace sat up, scolding them. "You two should be ashamed of yourselves. You scared the hell out me, standing there watching us like a couple of perverts!" Alyssa chimed in. "We should be ashamed of ourselves, but mom, were not the ones who just got caught doing it on the family sofa." Alyssa winked at Jack, he blushed.

"Mom really seemed to be enjoying what you were doing Jack." She flashes a clever smile letting her eyes roam over her forty-two year old stepfathers body, she has always thought of him as good looking; for an older guy. His hairs thick and wavy, dark brown like his sons, but with slight flecks of grey scattered throughout. He's kneeling before her mother shirtless. The man doesn't workout, but his job as a shipyard engineer keeps his body well toned and fit.

But for Jack, seeing his almost fifteen year old stepdaughters green eyes ogling his body, as if he were a piece of fresh meat shames him, he scolds her. "Alyssa&hellip.Would you please stop looking at me like that. I'm your stepfather for god's sake!" Alyssa blushed and turned away, feeling slightly ashamed of herself, but aroused just the same. "Oh sorry," she says, holding back laughter.

Then suddenly, she cant help but speak her mind. "Wow Jack. I must say…Now I really see your family resemblance to Brad. I mean like, giggle. You are well hung, now I know why mom comes from the bedroom in the morning smiling like she does." Grace cuts in scolding her. "Alyssa&hellip.That's enough. Now both of you go to bed." Brad took Alyssa by the hand. "Come on," he says. "It's Friday night, now it's our turn to play," he smirked pulling her away. "But we'll play in my bedroom.

Not out here, like they are." He's sort of angry with Grace over the way she's acting tonight, after what she did with him in that hotel room a little over a week ago. Although he's young, he knows that was just a fantasy fling. But since that night, he's wanted to do it again. Although since that crazy night, he feels a bit shameful whenever these erotic memories come to mind.


And it's hard for him to face his father. Once they're alone in the upstairs hallway, the young lovers are so completely aroused by what they've both just witnessed. He pulls Alyssa close kissing her, while fumbling with the door knob to his bedroom. Once inside, Alyssa pulls away from the kiss speaking in an aroused whisper, trying to hold back giggles.

"Brad things keep getting strangers and stranger.

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We've just caught our parents getting it on in the living. Before that, we had sex with Danny and Kayla. I wonder what will happen next, giggle. I saw your dads cock, now I'm so turned on." Brad chuckles trying to peel her blue tank top from her upper body. "Yeah," he says. "Seeing dad going down on your mom…I'm pretty turned on too," he yanked her tank top off. "And they think we were just out on a simple movie date.

We had more fun at Danny's house, then we did watching the movie." Alyssa dropped to her knees, and began unbuckling his belt. She yanked his blue jeans down, along with his underwear, then shoved his half erect cock into her mouth. Feeling her warm lips wrapped around his cock, and feeling her wet tongue licking his growing erection, he fucks her mouth.

She lets him fuck her mouth. He fucks her mouth too fast, shoving in too deep causing her to gag. She pulls away catches her breath, then shoves his erection back in. It's been over two months since she first sucked his cock. Now the gag reflex which used to cause her to stop pleasing him, only arouses her more.

She lifts her knee length plaid skirt and begins stroking her pussy through her panties. Brad watches her masturbate while sucking him. He remembers seeing his father kneeling in the family room, eating his stepmothers pussy. He remembers doing the same thing to Grace in a hotel room, just a little over a week ago.

That night he compared the flavor and aroma of his stepmothers sex to her daughter. And now only a couple hours ago, he watched Alyssa and her cute blond haired blue eyed friend Kayla, experience their first lesbian encounter together. He groans an order to Alyssa. "Stand up baby…Take your dress and panties off, then lay back on my bed with your legs spread wide.After watching you and Kayla tonight, then coming home finding dad eating your moms pussy&hellip.I'm hungry for pussy too." Hearing the aroused tone in his voice, Alyssa wasted no time dropping her skirt and panties at the same time.

She flopped backwards on his bed, telling him. "Well come on Bradley, eat me&hellip.I love the way you eat me." Brad kicked out of his shoes and blue jeans; of which are now around his ankles.

He drops to his knees, spreading her vulva with thumbs and forefingers. He began licking and sucking her already swollen clit. Flicking his tongue over her clit, then sucking it while gently pulling on it with lips. Her young teenage body reacts, she moans and begins humping against her lovers mouth.

Fearing her parents will hear her moans, she covers her mouth with the palm of her hand. She feels two long fingers thrusting deep within her cunt, while he licks and sucks her clit. This brings her over the edge, she begins violently thrusting her cunt against her lovers tongue and fingers.

She moans, her moans are so loud the palm of her hand won't quell them. He stops going down her and lays beside her on the bed.

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They kiss, she likes tasting her own juices on her lovers lips. She licks her tongue over his lips, savoring her own flavor. Pulling away she tells him. "Fuck me now&hellip.It's all I've been thinking of since we left Danny's place." He remembers watching her fuck Danny Ellison, and although watching her with his tall red haired friend was a turn on, he acts jealous.

"What…Didn't you get enough dick, from good old Danny boy tonight?" She slapped him on his bare shoulder, looking into his dark brown eyes she tells him. "Don't you dare say that&hellip.I love you Bradley. What I did with Danny tonight, was just for fun. Now come on, put your jealousy aside and fuck me." He kisses her then lays his body over hers. He explains while guiding his cock to her opening.

"I'm not really jealous baby. As a mater of fact, I got off watching you ride Danny's cock. You looked so hot, and Danny liked it too." Alyssa spread her legs, letting his erection enter her all the way.

The head of his cock strokes her G-spot. She moans, her body shivers with delight. "Mmm, Oh Bradley…Your cock feels way better then Danny's did inside me." As he fucks her, she rocks back against his thrust. Since she lost her virginity, she's learned doing this enhances her pleasure. As he fucks her, she remembers it was just a few hours ago when she shared him with her best friend Kayla.

This fond memory makes her even more aroused then before. Her voice trembles in his ear. "I got off watching you fuck Kayla…We should do that, ugh ahh Again." With him banging her hard, she barley gets her words out.

But she really does want to experience that again. Suddenly she gathers her strength. Bringing her leg up, she uses it for leverage rolling Brad on the bottom. In two months, she's changed from being an intelligent wallflower. To a beautiful girl who gets what she wants. Last week at school, she fought with Mary Jones and won. She's never told Brad what she did.

Now she rides his cock hard and fast, memories of seeing Mary nuzzling her face between Kimberley Carlson's legs arouse her. She rides him hard, her firm ass cheeks slap against his hips. Brad has already came once tonight, when he fucked Kayla Morrison. Now he can lay back and enjoy watching her ride his rock hard erection, without cumming too fast.

Her eyes are closed tight, she's smiling. Her long chestnut brown hair flies recklessly in the air, as her tight cunt strokes his cock. He plays with her tits, gently pinching each of her long erect nipples. He loves playing with her nipples, they're long and pinkish brown. An orgasm rushes from her breast to her full pussy, she stops to make a request. "Fuck me doggy style," she begs. He smiles looking up at her. "Oh baby…I thought you'd never ask.

Ok assume the position…My beautiful little puppy dog." She quickly moves to her hands and knees, this is her favorite position. And his too, he wastes no time kneeling behind her. She looks over her shoulder, speaking playfully. "Fuck me baby…Fuck me like I'm a bitch in heat." Grasping her soft hip with one hand, he guides his erection to her wet snatch with the other.

Her body trembles, feeling his warm cock spreading her open. Her cunt lips clinch around his erection, he begins thrusting into her once more. Now he's back in charge; or at least he thinks he is.

He begins ramming inside her with unbridled lust. She moans, her juices drip down her inner thighs. The smell of sex drives his lust for her. He fucks her harder, his hips slap against her firm butt cheeks.

He controls his orgasm, wanting the end of a very interesting evening to last longer. It's a cool winter night in Florida, but they're both sweating. She moans. "Oh yes&hellip.Your cock feels so good inside me." He shoves in deep rotating his hips. She cums hard, her legs grow weak, she falls belly down on the bed. He falls with her, but continues his assault; now she's even tighter.

He feels cum churning deep within his groin. He cums hard grunting like a cave man, filling his young lovers cunt with warm semen. They lay together in this awkward position, too exhausted to move. A few minutes later, Alyssa speaks out of breath.

"Brad…I love you, but your sweating all over me." He slowly rolls from her backside, and lay on his back beside her. "Well look who's talking lover, you're all sweaty too." He stood from the bed. "Lets go take a shower. I'll wash your back, if you'll wash mine." "All right," she says. "I love showering with you, it always brings back good memories of the weekend mom and dad left us home alone." Chapter 18.

Dreams and reality. In Jack and Grace's bedroom, Jack lay dreaming. In the dream, he's kneeling behind Grace thrusting his long thick erection into her beautiful pink snatch, but there's something different about his wife's appearance. He cant see her face, she's facing away from him. She's wearing her hair different in the dream, Grace wears her chestnut brown hair cut pageboy style, but her hairs much longer in the dream; in fact, her hairs so long it drags over the pillows below her head, as he thrust inside her.

And in the dream, her hips and ass seem slimmer. He talks in his sleep. "Beg me to fuck you baby…Tell me what you want." He begins slamming harder and harder into the woman kneeling before him, suddenly she turns her face to him, his heartbeat quickens, panic rushes through his mind.

The face looking back at him isn't Grace, it's Alyssa.

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She smiles her young girl sweet smile, the one he's grown to love since he met her when she was twelve. She tells him what she wants, sending him into complete and utter panic. "Fuck me daddy&hellip. Fuck harder Daddy, give it all to me!!" In reality, he's thrashing around in bed and talking in his sleep. His thrashing and talking woke Grace, she's watching and listening.

Suddenly he speaks in a panicked voice. "No Alyssa, I cant have sex with you." He wakes up looking into Grace's green eyes, she looks so much like her daughter, he thinks Alyssa's laying in bed with him. He gasps. "Alyssa&hellip.What the hell are you doing in our bed?" Grace's eyes open wide, her mouth drops open.

"Jack!!…I'm not Alyssa, you've been talking in your sleep. I heard you say, Alyssa I cant have sex with you, or something like that.

Were you having wet dream about Alyssa?" He blushed three shades of red. He sat up quickly denying his immoral dream. "Oh No honey, that's ridicules. I wasn't dreaming of Alyssa." Grace leaned over for a kiss, he grasped her elegant face accepting her kiss.

She reaches under the covers, finding his cock fully erect. She giggles pulling away from the kiss. "Why Jack Wilson&hellip.You've got a hard on!" He expects her to be angry, fearing she'll know, he was dreaming of Alyssa. But instead she lifts the covers then lowers her mouth to his throbbing erection. He moans, feeling her warm breath and wet tongue licking around the sensitive mushroom shaped head of his cock.

She looks up, speaking flirtatiously. "Jack, you bad boy&hellip.You were dreaming weren't you." She wraps her lips back around the head of his cock, he moans feeling her tongue. She licks her experienced tongue around the head, then down his shaft. "Oh sweetheart," he exclaims. "You really know what I like&hellip.Ahhh yesss." He begins humping her mouth, she plays with his nuts while stroking her lips up and down over his shaft. She does this for a good five minutes, then suddenly stops.

She smiles down at him, straddling her cunt over his stiff erection. She moans feeling the head of his thick cock spreading her cunt lips. She flashes a playful smile then begins riding him slowly. He plays with her full adult breast. He loves playing her breast, they're neither too large nor too small. They're almost perfectly round, with long pinkish tan nipples and silver dollar sized areolas.

She looks lovingly into his eyes, smiling contently she places her soft hands over his pressing his strong working mans hands to the soft flesh of her breast.

Then without lifting her pussy from his cock, she leans down for a kiss. Their lips meet, he rolls her over then begins thrusting inside her. As he thrust inside; the mother of the teenage girl he's been dreaming of. The dream flashes through his mind, wanting the dream to fade he begins fucking his beautiful wife harder and faster.

She wraps her long legs around him, and fucks him back. She moans gasping. "Yesss. Oh yes fuck me Jack, fuck meee!!" Grace knows who he's been dreaming of, she heard him say her daughters name, and she felt his hard cock. But her recent bout with infidelity over a week ago, with his son, in a beachside hotel room, while he was on a weekend business trip, causes her to quell any underlying anger.

Since Jack came home, she's been struggling with bouts of guilt, mixed with fond memories of how his sons cock felt inside her. She comes back to reality when an orgasm rushes through her body, caused by her husbands cock. Jack feels her body trembling beneath him, he continues thrusting inside her.

He feels sperm churning in his groin. When he cums, he kisses her. They lay in each others arms for an unknowingly long time. Finally gaining his strength, Jack rolls over on his back. Grace lay on her side with her head on a pillow, caressing her fingers through his chest hair. She spoke, waking him from his stupor. "You were dreaming of Alyssa, weren't you Jack." He looked into her eyes, she noticed shame in his dark brown eyes.

"Ok," he said, shrugging his shoulders. "I was dreaming of Alyssa. But it wasn't anything sexual." He looks in her eyes to see if she believes his lie. She rolls her eyes. "Well of course," she says. "But why was your dick so hard then?" "Because your sexy warm body's been laying so close to me all night…That's why. Your warm body makes me hard like that all the time." Not wanting to discuss the mater any longer, he changes the subject.

"Lets go take a shower. Then after that, you go wake our horny kids, and I'll start making breakfast." In Brad's upstairs bedroom, they're startled by a sudden knock at the door, Alyssa's laying beside him. Suddenly his door swings open, Grace steps in wearing the same knee length; pink with white lace nightie she wore last night, when he and Alyssa found her laying back on the sofa with his fathers face in her crotch. His heartbeat quickens, remembering the night she caught him screwing her daughter, then punched him in the nose.

"Good morning Bradley," she says in a cheerful tone. Alyssa sat up, hearing her mothers singsong happy voice. Grace sat on the edge of Brad's bed, then kissed her daughters cheek. She looked at Brad, speaking nonchalantly. "I heard your daddy dreaming this morning," she glanced at Alyssa. "I think he was having a sex dream about you baby." Alyssa chuckled nervously. "What makes you think that mom." Grace smiled, her eyes grew wide. "He had a hard on. And I heard him talking in his sleep, saying something like.

Alyssa I cant have sex with you." They both notice a faraway look in the woman's green eyes. She changed the subject. "Well anyway, get up you two. Jack's cooking breakfast," she chuckled. "Every time we have sex in the morning, he gets hungry afterwards." She leaned over and kissed Brad's cheek. "I heard you two up here last night, I bet you're hungry too. Well anyway, hurry up. That is unless you like cold breakfast." With that said, she lefts them alone.

Alyssa looked at Brad, speaking in disbelief. "Do you think he had a wet dream about me. I mean like, he's not into girls my age; is he?" Brad gave his opinion.

"Last night, you made that comment about, how well endowed he is. It most likely triggered him to fantasize about you." He leaned in whispering in her ear. "Your mom screwed me. It's only fare, that you screw him&hellip.That is, if you want to." Alyssa began verbally contemplating the pros and cons.

"No I couldn't do that Well maybe I could, I mean like. Your dad is really good looking, for an old guy." Brad cut in.

"Maybe your mom came up here telling you about his dream, as a hint. She feels guilty about what we did. Maybe she'll feel better if you would screw my dad." Alyssa stood from his bed, completely nude, saying.

"Like I said last night Bradley, things just keep getting stranger and stranger," She chuckled. "But I like all this strangeness, it's making life very interesting." Chapter 19.

Two weeks later. Its Friday evening. And, if you can say this about the Wilson Dean family, things are for a lack of a better word; normal. Like a lot of modern American family's they have other things they do, beside experiencing unusual sexual adventures. Grace went to visit her older sister, who lives in Orlando, and she'll be spending the night there. Brad has an away high school track team event, Jack was supposed join Brad at the meet, but he had to stay late at work.

Alyssa and here friend Kayla Morison, have a date to spend the night at Kayla's house. Kayla's boyfriend Danny Ellison's on the track team too, so he's out of town with Brad. Now after working late, Jack Wilson came home to an empty house and went directly to the shower located in the master bedroom, knowing a hot shower will sooth his worn-out overworked body.

As he's showering, Alyssa came home. She's in trouble, she wishes Brad was home, so he could hold her while she tells him what happened at Kayla's house, and why Mrs. Morrison is so angry with her and Kayla.

Passing her parents bedroom she hears the shower running, she stops and leans against the bedroom doorway. She hears Jack singing out of tune as he showers. Now alone in the house with him, she remembers her mother saying; she heard him having a wet dream about her. And she also remembers Brad saying, her mother might've dropped a hint for her to have sex with her stepfather, because she's feeling guilty about having sex with him. As she stands in a daze leaning against the doorway, Jack steps from the bathroom, completely nude.

Not expecting to see her, he doesn't cover himself right away. "Alyssa! What are you doing home," he says startled. Seeing her eyes roaming over his body he stammers. "Um Alyssa, can you please turn around until I get dressed." She turned around, and he found a pair of Miami Dolphin sweatpants. "I thought you were staying at Kayla's house tonight, what are you doing back here?" "Kayla had a fight with her mom, now she's grounded.

Her moms made at me too, she told me to go home, so I walked home." She turned back around and leaned against the doorway. He notices she's smiling, it's not just any smile, it's a playful alluring smile. "Why is Mrs. Morrison mad at you Alyssa. I met her once, she seems like a nice lady. Now tell me, what did you and Kayla do to piss her off?" She replied nonchalantly.


"She caught us having sex." What she said, and the way she said it, with the playful grin on her face made him gasp in surprise. "You and Kayla were having sex," he paused searching for the right words. "Alyssa…Are you a lesbian?" She giggled. "No as a mater of fact, I think I'm more like bisexual," she chuckled.

"Kayla's vagina taste good, but I like Brad's penis better." She moved to the bed and sat close to where he's standing.

While he pulls a black t-shirt over his head, she began graphically confessing other things she and Brad have been up to. "This wasn't the first time we had sex with each other," she said. He pulled his t-shirt over his head. "It wasn't?" he said curiously. She rolled her green eyes and smiled.

"Nope the first time me and Kayla had sex, was two weeks ago. We did it at Danny's house, right in front of him and Brad. Then after that, Kayla had sex with Brad… And I had sex with Danny, right beside them on Danny's sofa, giggle. We had so much fun!!" She looked up at him, he's speechless trying grasp the concept of his son and stepdaughter doing something so kinky.

"Alyssa…You're joking right?" She looked into his eyes grinning mischievously. "Nope…Brad was their, you can ask him if you want." Seeing concern in his eyes, she added. "Oh don't worry Jack, both boys wore condoms. And both me and Kayla are on the pill." He scolds her. "Alyssa…I know damn well, your mother would not approve of what you just told me.

You're way to young to be doing kinky crap like that." An alluring smile appears over her full pink lips, he's seen this smile on her mothers face so many times before. She looked into his eyes, her reply is full of shameless sarcasm. "Oh but I bare to differ Jack, I think mom would approve." She almost told him about, what she and her mother did with his son, but then quickly decides to let her mother explain that odd little get-together.

He's standing in front of her, and from her viewpoint where she's sitting on the bed, she sees a massive bulge rising from the crotch of his aqua blue sweatpants. She smiled. "And I think you approve of it too!!" Standing from the bed she hugs him. Holding her slender body to his, she feels his warm erection pressing against her body.

She's wearing a short midriff top, and snug fitting black skinny jeans. Her exposed bellybutton feels the heat of his cock, as it becomes more and more erect, due to her body touching him. Jack knows he should push her away, but he just cant. Her firm young body feels too good against his. At almost fifteen, she's almost as tall as her mother.

The fresh floral scent of her silky chestnut brown hair reminds him of Grace. She looks up at him, without thinking they kiss. Suddenly a kiss meant to be, just a kiss, quickly becomes a deep passionate kiss. His hands slip under the back of her midriff top caressing the bare skin of her back. She grinds her body against his growing erection. Without thinking, he lays her down on his bed.

He slips a hand under her top pushing her bra cups up, and plays with her small firm breast, her body trembles. She strokes his now completely hard cock, through his sweatpants. He feels her fingers grasping his manhood, jacking him off.

Now it's Alyssa's turn to seduce Jack, just as Brad did her over two months ago. She's not sure if screwing her step dad will help her mothers shame of what they did in that hotel. But as of right now, she really doesn't care. She's been thinking of doing this with her handsome stepfather, since the night she and Brad caught him with his tongue buried in her mothers snatch two weeks ago. knowing, he's been dreaming of her motivates her need to fulfill any fantasies he has of her.

She feels his hand between her legs, she spreads for him. He whispers in her ear. "Let me eat your pussy baby. I'm better than Brad, or Kayla." He sucks her earlobe. "Yes," she gasps. "Please eat me, Kayla never finished me before her mother caught us." Now with his little head, doing the thinking for the big head, Jack unsnaps and unzips her skinny jeans. He kneels on the floor pulling her pants off, along with her pink cotton bikini panties in one swift tug. Now she lay bottomless for his warm brown eyes to see.

He spreads her legs, she moans feeling his tongue and hot breath caressing the soft pink flesh of her cunt. "Hold your legs up with your hands, and keep them spread," he says. She does what he says, asking curiously. "Why, what are you going to do?" He slapped her butt cheek. "Ouch!!" she yelped. Speaking gruffly, he tells her. "Don't asks dumb questions, just do as I say. I'm not a little boy, or a little girl. I'm a man, I know exactly what I'm doing." Hearing his dominating voice, she quickly lifts her legs and hold them up.

At her age she's very limber, she holds her legs up almost to her ears. Now with her young sex fully exposed, Jack spreads her open and sucks her exposed clit. He licks around her clit, then laps his tongue down her butt crack. Going lower, he licks and sucks her exposed sphincter. Doing this, he drives her into her first orgasm. Her body shakes, she moans and humps his tongue.

Knowing he made her cum, he keeps licking her butt hole. Her entire body trembles, she giggles. "That's so perverted," she says "But I like it!!" He brings her to another orgasm, inserting his middle finger inside her sweet tasting pinkish brown sphincter. "Ugh. Oh Jack, that feels good." her body shakes.

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He licks over the pink hairless folds of her vulva, then inserts one of his long fingers deep inside her cunt. Her body quivers, she moans She rocks her pelvis humping his tongue and fingers. He sucks her clit, while fingering both of her holes. Feeling one finger in her ass and one in her pussy, she cums. He sucks down every drop of her sweet girl cum, he stops and lays beside her.

They kiss. He holds her, letting her young body calm down after a massive orgasm. She feels his cock against her bare leg, grasping it through his sweatpants, she tells him. "It's my turn now. Please Jack, let me suck you." Saying no more, she rolls to her knees and begins tugging on his pants. She has them about a quarter way down when Jack stops her. "No Alyssa we shouldn't, you're my step…"She lays her hand over his mouth, seeing concern in his eyes, she tells him.

"No Jack…Don't speak, just enjoy me." She smiles a sweet reassuring smile. "We're home alone," she says. "No one will know but us, now just lay back.

Being as moms gone, I'll take care of you." Feeling at ease he lets her remove his pants, without hesitation she wraps her lips around his hard cock.

His cock's thicker and slightly longer than Brad's, but she's experienced now. She has no trouble getting her lips around his thick warm cock. It must be the taboo act of being with her stepfather. Tasting his cock flesh, her pussy quivers causing small orgasms rushing over her body. She moans with his cock in her mouth, her moans cause tingles of pleasure flowing down his prick.

He watches her, his cock looks huge stuffed between her lips. She looks up from her task, her green eyes seem to smile at him. Showing she's enjoying what she's doing for him.

She licks her tongue around his long thick shaft, then up and down; as if she's enjoying an ice cream cone on a hot summer day. Watching her, and feeling her warm breath and tongue, small electric orgasms tingle from his groin, he fights the urge to cum.

For the past two weeks, since the dream he had of her, he's had more dreams of doing so many carnal things with the younger version of his wife. Now his dreams have become reality, and he's enjoying every taboo second of this sensual reality. With her full pink lips caressing his cock she flirts with him. "Mmm, you're really enjoying this aren't you Jack. I bet you never thought I'd be so good at this," She sucks and licks the head of his cock, he moans thrusting his cock into her mouth.

She works her lips tongue and mouth around his shaft. "Oh sweetheart," he says. "I knew you'd be good at this, ahhh.

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"I think you've inherited your mothers oral skills." Hearing this she quickly strokes her lips up and down on his sensitive shaft, letting her lips fuck his cock like a pussy. She brings him to the brink cumming then teasingly stops. "Why'd you stop Alyssa&hellip.I was really enjoying that," he says out of breath.

She smiles flirtatiously. "Because I want you to fuck me that's why," she moved her body towards the head of his bed, and looks back over her shoulder. "I want you to do me doggy style&hellip.I love doing it this way, don't you." Seeing the ass he's tried not looking at since she began developing into a young shapely woman, over the past few years. He finds himself drawn to it, like a moth to a flame. Once again his little head does the thinking for his big head. Without hesitating Jack kneels behind her firm round little rump, then guides his prick to the glistening pink folds of her teenage cunt lips.


Her body trembles she moans, feeling the head of thick man size cock spreading her open. She's tight, much tighter than Grace he thinks as he slowly shoves inch by inch inside her tight little snatch. Going deeper, her cunt grips his erection like a tight velvet vice. He feels the inner walls of her sex quiver around his cock meat. She feels his cocks girth, it's different then Brad's; but in some strange way, it's the same. He begins fucking her slow, knowing it wasn't too long ago when she lost her virginity to his son, he fears his long thick cock might harm her.

She forces her cunt back against his, looks back over her shoulder and orders him. "Fuck me, fuck me hard. I like it hard, when I do it doggy style." Hearing her plea for satisfaction, he begins fucking her hard. "Alright little girl," he says. "You want it hard, then that's what you'll get." He begins slamming into her, his hips spank her tight ass cheeks.

Smacking sounds echo from the walls of the bedroom, and throughout the house. Feeling his cock stroking her young G-spot, she moans loud. Her moans echo from the bedroom walls, and throughout the house. Loosing control, Alyssa looks back over her shoulder exclaiming. "Fuck me daddy…Oh yes fuck me daddy." Jack cant believe this, these are the same words she screamed in his dream. In the years since he married her mother, she's never called him daddy. Her real daddy was killed in action somewhere in Afghanistan.

Now she calls him daddy, it doesn't make since, but he cant stop fucking this beautiful young version of Grace.

He feels hot sperm erupting deep within his groin, suddenly he looses control spewing hot seed deep within her sex. In their sexual stupor, they don't notice Grace standing beside the bed. She yells out in anger. "Jack, you son of a bitch…Get away from my daughter…!!!" Just as Jack looks to his right, history repeats itself. Grace lands a hard right hook to his right cheek. Luckily for Jack, it wasn't his nose like she did his son, back when she caught him screwing Alyssa over a month ago.

But the sudden punch to his face sends him backwards, he rolls from the bed, his body hits floor hard. Alyssa screamed at her angry mother. "Mom…I thought you wanted me to do this." Grace replied in angry confusion. "What the hell are you talking about?" Jack sat dazed on the floor holding his bruised cheek, Alyssa let her mothers secret spew from her mouth.

"Mom. I fucked him, because you feel guilty for fucking Brad, at the hotel, while Jack was on that business trip." Hearing this, the pain in Jack's cheek disappeared.

He stood from the floor, yelling at Grace. "You fucked my son&hellip.What the fuck Grace." With her secret revealed Grace began to cry. Jack yelled at her anyway. "You're pissed at me for fucking Alyssa. Grace…You're a fucking hypocrite." With her mother crying speechless Alyssa stood from the bed to defend her.

"She loves you Jack, what happened last month. It was just a fling, she's never done anything like that before. I'm taking the blame, I egged her on by telling her about the things me and Brad were doing with each other." "What?" Jack said in disbelief.

"Alyssa, you're just a kid, and so is my son. Now Grace tell me, have you gone fucking mad." What he said angered Grace, she pulled herself together.

"Oh yeah right Jack," she said, her green eyes showing defiance. "Look who's talking, I just caught you screwing my daughter, she's not even fifteen yet." Jack went silent, knowing she's right.

Alyssa cut in. "Mom…Dad, please stop fighting. I know you love each other," she chuckled. "I do admit, things have gotten pretty weird since Brad and I began our stepsibling love affair, but I think every strange event, has some how brought our family closer. Since my relationship with Brad started I've never been so happy." Feeling she has her parents full attention, she continues speaking her mind. "Mom…Dad, do you remember the wedding vows you took two years ago. Well if you don't, I do," she took a deep breath then recited their vows.

"To have and to hold to this day forward, for better or for worse. Now that's an important vow isn't it." She kept talking, they seem to be listening. "Lets see&hellip.Oh ok. For richer and for poorer, in sickness and in health. My favorite one is. To love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part." She noticed both her parents eyes watering up, the rooms silent. She got dressed, they never look at her. They just look at each other, Jack broke the silence. "Alyssa, can you please leave us alone.

Your mom and I need to talk." "Oh sure," she said. Before leaving, she stopped and hugged her mother. Whispering in her ear she told Grace. "No more hitting, ok mom." She made Grace laugh. "Ok I won't hit him again." she said, looking at Jack's black and blue cheek.

Now sure there'll be no more violence, Alyssa left them alone. Grace closed the door behind her, then took a deep breath. "She's a smart isn't she Jack&hellip.She's almost too smart for her own good sometimes right." Jack chuckled. "Yeah, you're right.

She's a smart girl." Tears rolled down Grace's cheeks as she spoke. "Is our marriage over, or can you forgive me for the dumb thing I did. Jack, I do love you. I know its hard to believe, but I do. You're right, last month I did go mad. I'm so sorry Jack, oh please forgive me." Seeing tears flowing down her high cheek bones like rain, melts Jack's heart.

He hugs her, caressing her back. "Yes my love," he said sincerely. "I forgive you."He looked into her watery green eyes. "But, do you forgive me?" he said. She wiped tears away, and attempted to smile. "Yes Jack. I forgive you," she said.

Saying no more, they kiss. It's a long deep passionate kiss, just like the kiss they gave each other two years ago in front of their friends and family at the church where they married. Alyssa stands with her ear to their bedroom door listening in, she wipes tears from her eyes.

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They were tears of sadness, but hearing them forgive each other, they became tears of joy. She remembers Brad asked her to call his cell phone, and needing to talk with him about sudden events of her day, she grabbed the family house phone than raced to her bedroom.

She dialed his number than sat on her bed anticipating hearing his voice. "Hi Baby, I'm so glad you called," he says knowing its her calling him. "Oh Bradley…I miss you. I wish you were here with me." she says with tears rolling down her cheeks.

"Alyssa why are you crying," he says. Her reply takes him by surprise. "Mom caught me and your dad having sex." Fearing he'll be angry, she wants to take back what she just said.

"Please don't be mad at me Brad, I love you." His end of the call went silent, she thinks he hung up. "Brad, are you there." she says. He spoke. "Alyssa baby. No I'm not mad at you, but what you said took me by surprise," he whispered. "Grace caught you…Is she mad?" "Well she was at first," she said.

"But Brad, mom slugged your dad." He gasped "She hit my dad…Oh shit, did she bust his nose too." Alyssa chuckled. "Nope not this time babe, but she did knocked him off the bed. Brad I think you should know, I told your dad mom had sex with you." He gasped.

"You what…No Alyssa, please say your joking. Oh god he'll kill me." "It's ok baby I don't think your dads mad at you. As a mater of fact, I talked them into forgiving each other.

Their down in their room making up right now." "You did?" said Brad. "How did you do that?" She giggled. "I'll tell you that when you come home." She rubbed her pussy thinking of him. "Oh please make an excuse to come home early baby. I miss you so much.

It's the weekend, and you know I hate sleeping alone." "Oh baby I miss you too," he says. "But don't worry, our track team kicked ass down here in Fort Myers, I'll be home by noon tomorrow&hellip.I miss you baby, I love you and I cant stop thinking of you.

Oh and by the way, Kayla called Danny. She says her moms all pissed off, because she caught you going down on her. Wow Alyssa…You've became a runaway nympho." Alyssa broke into laughter, catching her breath she reminds him. "Yeah and it's all your fault Bradley Wilson, you seduced me, now I'm out of control. Now you get your ass back home. Because things are getting very interesting at home. And I don't want you missing one more second of it." She kissed the phone.

"I love you so much baby," she says. He returned the kiss. "I love you more," he says. "I have to go now, but don't worry I'll be home soon." They both hung-up, Alyssa struggled out of her pants and panties then began fingering her cum soaked cunt, thoughts of Brad's face merge with visions of Jack's face. She shoves two fingers deep within her sex, and cums hard. The end of part 4. **************************************************************************************************************************** I just wanna say a few words.

One of my readers told me to keep the story realistic, with more one on one sex scenes. The reader said, I'm making Alyssa seem like a whore, and it seems like Brad and Alyssa don't really love each other. Well first of all, Alyssa's no whore; and they do love each other.

I wish people in the real world could be like these characters. They don't have the hang-ups, we have. When this story began, Alyssa was an intelligent teenage wallflower, but when Brad took her virginity, the wallflower blossomed.

Now she's a girl, who's been cast into a world of sexual adventures she never knew existed. And she's willing to experience everything. After all aren't good experiences what we all want. Now maybe that's not realistic, but I think that's why people love xnxx stories.

We come to this site after going through our; sometimes boring day in day out sex life's and personal life's looking for stories that bring us into a world, most of us; myself included, will most likely never experience.

But that's the beauty of fantasy, in fantasies we can experience anything and never worry about the negative outcome. Until next time, yours truly~ Papaprv.