Step Daughter Ride My Cock While I Video Her Giant Titties Bouncing Screaming

Step Daughter Ride My Cock While I Video Her Giant Titties Bouncing Screaming
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Well this story takes place a few months after my first story I submitted titled "Wife sucks two". My lovely wife Talisha and I had such a good time with the double blowjob she gave to Tim and myself that we discussed the goings on of that evening quite often.

It was such a turn on for me to see her sucking another dick.

I know she enjoyed it as well. I asked her what her favorite part was and she said it was the fact that she had two super horny guys in the bed with her that both wanted to shove their dicks down her throat.

My response to her was that her throat was not the only place we wanted to shove our dicks. She also said that she was very nervous the whole time that we were in bed with her because she didn't really know what to expect this being her first MFM experience.

I reassured her that it was absolutely wonderful and she gave us both an experience neither of us would forget. Her response was surprising. She said "the next time we all three get together, I'd like to get something out of it this time". Next time? I'm all for that! I took it upon myself to call Tim a few days after this latest conversation with Talisha and ask how he enjoyed our little liaison from a few months ago.

He told me that it was absolutely the best dick sucking performance he's ever had before in his life. He also said that's the hardest he's ever came in his life as well. Going off of what Talisha told me and what I saw in reference to the sheer volume of cum that he released into her mouth, id have to believe him. She told me that what I didn't notice was she swallowed two other times before he let her pull off of his dick and with those two wads down her throat, he still filled her mouth and cheeks to the point that she just couldn't hold anymore in.

This all makes perfect sense remembering back on what I saw with the cum that had dribbled out of her mouth and down onto her chin. The fact that she again swallowed two more times once she was able to withdraw from his cock and then run off to the bathroom to get sick made sense as well.

It seems he gave her one hell of a load. She must have drained him well.

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Though I may be somewhat biased, she is very good at sucking dick. Im never able to let her go more than maybe 30 to 45 seconds before I have to ask her to stop before I cum. She's like 1" shy of being able to take all 8" of me down to my balls.

Back when we were dating, she was a freshman and I was a senior in High school. I would pick her up at her house every morning and give her a ride to school. Every morning we would go straight to the park and I would get a blowjob and she would swallow my cum before we went inside.

I would tilt my rearview mirror down so I could see her mouth on my cock. She just looks so damn sexy with a cock in her mouth. I don't know what it is about that but it literally drives me crazy to see it! Well it's a Tuesday night and I take Talisha out to a really nice dinner and drinks. With the comment she made a few nights back about our "next time", I really wanted to find out what her intentions really are. After a few drinks, I finally get us on the subject again. I ask her what she would like and she tells me that she's always wanted to find out if she could pull off a double penetration.

My heart drops and my dick rises! Talisha has never been one to enjoy anal sex. In fact she hates it.

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I was able to talk her into letting me do that to her right after we started dating and it just didn't work. I popped the head of my dick in but that's all she could take. She said it felt like her ass was going to rip open and she made me stop. I asked her after she told me of her DP plans how she thought that she could do this and she said she feels like his 4" dick would be best suited for her ass. Thinking about this scenario did make sense to me once I thought about it.

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Oh well! If that's what my baby wants then that's what my baby will get.

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After all, it's her ass! I do want to stress the point here that I'm straight. I explained to her that I was somewhat uncomfortable with having my dick in that close of proximity to another. She expressed to me that she understood that and that she would do her part to make sure nothing touched down there.

It also should be told that I wasn't fortunate enough to be the person that was lucky enough to take her virginity. That had happened a couple years before we started seeing each other.

She had also had an experience with a much older man that tried to force himself upon her shortly thereafter but that's another story for another time. Ok so now I finally have an idea on what she wants out of this little get together, now we just have to make sure Tim is on board and wants to participate.

On the drive home she begins to text him and kind of test the waters to see if he's interested in our little get together. It seems that his wife Becca has never let him penetrate her ass either and he says he's always wanted to fuck a girl in her ass and he would be a very willing participant.

With everyone on board now, Talisha suggests that he meet us at our house on Wednesday evening at 8: pm. I sure hope she knows what she just got herself into here! Wednesday gets here and I spend all day at work thinking of what's going to be taking place in our bed later this evening.

I'm very excited. I'm unable to think of anything else. Talisha again goes to the nail salon and gets her fingers and toes done up and her hair styled so she's looking her best for us. Finally the workday ends and I'm able to leave work and drive home still unable to think of nothing else other than us both fucking my wife later this same evening. I get home get a shower, change clothes and just do my best to relax until Tim gets there.

For any of you who didn't read our first story, Talisha is a stunningly pretty lady standing 5" 4" 145# brownish black hair blue eyes and very nice 36c breasts. She has an awesome shape to her ass as well. She again dresses herself in mid thigh length shorts sans panties, flip flops and a t-shirt minus the bra. She's such a sexy little short fuck; she still turns me on like no other girl could. I still to this day get an instant erection every time I see her sexy little feet, toes and legs.

I'm a very lucky man! 8:00pm. we hear a vehicle pull into the driveway, then footsteps coming up the stairs to our front porch, and a knock at the door. This time I send Talisha over to greet our company. She shows Tim into our living room and we all just take a seat and make small talk for several minutes. Tim then tells her thank you for being willing to let him do the things to her that his wife just won't let him. He asks her if she needs him to use lube and a condom when we do this.

Its then it dawns on us that we have neither there at the house and both are a good idea to have so we all three jump in the truck and make the 5 minute drive up to the drug store to acquire lube and condoms.

I have to say the looks that we got standing there at the condom display making our selections were exciting in themselves. I guess it's just not every day that you see two guys and a girl buying sex lubricant and a box of condoms.


I think everyone who saw us knew what was going to be happening to her shortly! We get back to our house, proceed upstairs and we all three go ahead and lose our clothes at the same time. Talisha is the first to lose all her clothes so she climbs up on the bed and lies down on her back. Tim climbs up on the bed as well on his knees and places his fully erect dick in Talishas face.

She reaches out and takes it in her hand and strokes it a couple times then takes it into her mouth. She begins to suck his cock all the way down to his balls. She takes it out and licks it a few times then begins sucking him again. While this is going on, I make my way between her legs, place my face between her soft thighs and start to taste her pussy.

Her pussy feels like its 120 degrees! Dripping wet! I'm utterly amazed at the heat and the wetness in her pussy. This is the horniest I've ever seen her!


She continues to suck his dick while I continue eating her wetness. This lasts maybe 5 or 6 more minutes then he asks if we can change places. I withdraw my face from her wetness and take the opportunity to grab her ankle and lick her sexy little foot and suck her toe for a second, then proceed to put my dick in her waiting mouth. Tim don't bother to eat her pussy, instead, he positions himself in front of her pussy and places his dick at the opening of my wife's pussy.

Talisha holds my dick in her mouth with her right hand and uses her left hand to guide his dick into her dripping pussy. With one push, he's in her and pumping. The rhythm with which he's pumping her makes it somewhat hard for her to keep my dick in her mouth. She's being rocked back and forth. I can't explain how hot it was to look at her and see him pumping her and to see her sexy legs and feet wrapped around his back taking a fucking.

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This continues for maybe another 5 minutes then she says she wants to try something else now. She asks me to lie down on my back and I comply.

She straddles me and inserts my dick into her dripping pussy and starts bouncing up and down on me. I reach up and grasp her shoulders and pull her down on me to where her tits are against my chest.

I give her a kiss and tell her she's doing a wonderful job and I'm so proud of her. I take that opportunity to put a hand on each asscheek of hers and hold her asshole open. Tim puts a little anal lube on her asshole then puts on the condom. Talisha reaches back, takes his dick in her hand and guides him to her tiny hole.

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He immediately pushes it in her to his balls and she almost jumps off me! The feeling inside her pussy just got extremely tight. It was a totally different sensation. It was awesome! Meanwhile he has his dick buried in Talishas ass and he just holds it there for maybe 25 or 30 seconds, and then starts to pump her.

I look into Talishas face and it's obvious she's in some serious pain. Her eyes just looked huge! Meanwhile Tim and I continue to pump her and she's starting to squeal now. I ask her again if she's ok and she says for us to hurry up and cum so it will be over with. Well I'm to the point where I'm ready to so I pump her hard a few times and I ejaculate hard into her pussy.

Just a few seconds later Tim does the same thing.

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He then removes his dick from her asshole and collapses in total relaxation beside us. I can see instant relief in her face the instant his dick was pulled out of her ass. She then rolls off of me and lays down on the bed in exhaustion. Tim and I both take a look at her pussy and see my load starting to drip out of her. He removes his condom and takes it into the bathroom to dispose of it and there's another extraordinarily huge load in it. I'm surprised the condom held all of that. Its then I actually feel sorry for her for having to try to swallow all that our first time.

How she did it is way beyond me. Tim comes back into the room and lies beside her and gives her a nice small kiss and tells her thank you again for giving him what he's never had. He gets dressed and shows himself out again. I ask Talisha if she had a good time and if it was all she had hoped for. It was then she told me there would not be another DP anytime soon and she wouldn't mind just letting him and I take turns with her next time&hellip.

Next time? I'm cool with that too! More to come pending positive comments!