Blonde teenager Mia Malkova gets a large dick to suck on before getting on top of it

Blonde teenager Mia Malkova gets a large dick to suck on before getting on top of it
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The thin veil of darkness that was the back of my eyelids wavered. Something was amiss, not quite normal. I had slept in the nude regularly before, but this was my first night doing so since Nora had been staying with me.

The toying I felt on my penis was a clear sign that Nora didn't mind. It was the long, warm, and wet sensastion that accompanied it that opened my eyes though. A confangled mess of bedhead slowly moving up and down my hard cock. An alarm clock you definitely don't sleep through. Her eyes met mine and she paused, lips curling into a smile around my member. "Good Morning!" She chirped in between suckles, her eyes still on mine. "Good Morning" I replied with a hard swallow.

"Sorry, wanted a different kind of breakfast this morning." She said with a giggle. She was buttering me up, that I knew. I had planned on taking her out shopping. Her first real outing since deciding to distance herself from Eric and we both agreed a new wardrobe was in order. It would be on my dime, naturally. I guess she wanted me to remember this when I saw the price tags. The head was slow, methodical, paced. Light brushes from her lips and tongue across the glans kept me perked up. She took care not to let me cum, she wanted it drawn out.

Just before I hit my limit, she popped off of my cock and kissed me. "I'm stopping here." "Oh, you tease" I squirmed. "It will make you want it more later." She laughed, gently stroking me, easing me back into my flaccid state.

"C'mon, you have pancakes in the kitchen." The breakfast was incredible, at least it is when an incredible woman makes it for you. The perks of having a woman strongarmed into the housewife role for so long, the food. With the pancakes devored, the bacon savored, and two glasses of orange juice down, we went to the mall. Were this a movie, the shopping montage with a non-descript card being swiped a dozen times would go here. Out was the old Nora always very fashionably conservative with sweaters and pants, and in came low cut blouses, cute skirts, comfy tees, a semi-formal dress for dates, and even a couple pairs of yoga pants and sports bras for the inevitable rebound fitness wave.

She looked amazing and the dent in my savings was easily justified.


"I have to swing by Eric's later to pick some things up. I may have to go alone, if that's okay." She said over authentic Chicago-style pizza, her favorite. "Fine." I replied, mouth half full. I swallowed and continued "No doubt you have a thing or two to talk about in private anyway." "Yeah, not looking forward to the talk.

May wear some of my new clothes though. Like my nifty new workout pants." She chuckled. "The way your butt looks in those, he will have a hard time focusing." "You think so?" "Know so." I smiled. "I'm struggling myself, and you're not even wearing them yet." She replied with a sly grin while we finished our food before parting ways.

Your SMS tone booms like a hand grenade when you are waiting to hear from a special lady. A boom I had waited a few hours to hear. Nora: Hey! Me: hey, whats up?

Nora: wrapping things up here. Should be headed your way shortly. Me: Great! How did the talk go? Nora: it was kind of weird. Me: Weird? Nora: ya, so I wore my yoga pants and a tight shirt over there, i guessed different clothes would help show I'm moving on. Nora: He used to be against this kind of dress. Well today he acted like he didn't like it, but he followed me around alot.

He definitely had a boner too. Me: wow a boner? You sure? Nora: lived with him for a while, I know his boner when I see it. Me: wow so he just gawked at you the whole time? Nora: no we got to talking and I let it "slip" I was seeing another guy. He tried to get sanctimonious about adultery as we are still technically married.

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Nora: i told him it isn't hard to move on from a guy who says he loves you one day, then hits you the next. Me: dang, pour it on. Nora: I did, it was kinda liberating, actually. Nora: I even told him I slept with the other guy ;P Me: how did he react to that? Nora: you know, he clearly didn't like the idea, but he kept asking questions. Detailed ones. Me: Like? Nora: started normal, how long have I known him? Did I sleep with him the night I left?

Normal enough. Nora: then he started asking if the other guy was bigger than him, better. If I came harder. Like he was clearly uncomfortable but HE pushed the conversation. Me: that is weird Nora: I told him it was easily the best I've had and that I'd slept with him this morning and would again after I left. Me: the other guy is so lucky! XD Nora: he has no idea ;) Nora: I even told him I came like I never have during our marriage and that I had never had such difficulty keeping up sexually.

Me: now you know thats a lie lol Nora: but he doesn't ;* Me: fair enough. Nora: anyway, he kinda seemed like he liked it. Liked hearing about me fucking someone else.

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I'm pretty sure he jerked off while I was thumbing through some stuff Me: maybe we should create a few more stories so you have more to tell him about ;) Nora: oh, we're gonna do him one better. Be home soon omw love you! ;* Me: love you too!

Drive safe! The word love comes easy when you actually do, and easier still when it's a woman like Nora. As for whatever do him one better meant, I was excited to find out. Nora got home shortly after the text exchange ended, her car packed with small boxes, clothes, keepsakes, and trinkets. It was a small shoulder-strapped bag that she seemed most pleased to have attained, though. "Moving in?" I joked. "If you don't mind.

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I can be out in a couple weeks, tops." "No, stay here, I like you being here." She smiled at that and pecked me on the lips and retreated to the bedroom while I hauled in the rest of the freight and put some tea on. With it brewing I checked on Nora, who had seated herself on my bed while she tinkered with a camera. "We used to use this for filming church plays and stuff for the congregation.

A donation from another churchgoer rendered it obsolete though. Even still has the 8Gig SD card. Remember these?" She laughed as she handled the gadget. "So what's the plan" I asked quizically.

"I deleted the play on here, Christmas Nativity 2006. It won't be missed. I figure we can put our own little adventure on it." "You have my attention" I laughed. "Good, hold still. I want to test it." She set the camera down and deftly unbuttoned my pants, pulled out my semi-erect cock and took in her mouth. She then handed the camera to me.

Taking the hint I aimed it at her while she worked. Her eyes found the lense and the display showed her piercing green eyes as her red lips moved slowly and sensually up and down my cock. "How is it?" She asked. "Amazing" "I meant the picture, silly!" She laughed. "Also amazing" I grinned. "You should see if the record function works" she said coyly teasing my head with her tongue. I hit the button and the light came on.

Nora clearly knew it would work. "How's that baby, does it feel good when I suck your throbbing cock?" I nodded the camera. "Good" she uttered with an exagerated moan, dragging her tongue up and down my length, stopping at points to slowly kiss it. "I love it, your stiff cock against my lips. It tastes so good. I could suck you all night." She bit her lip flirtatiously.

"Actually, I may just do that." She dove on it, taking me to the base. Her mouth and tongue gripping and caressing me as she worked. Slowly going all the way down onto me then all the way back up until my head fit perfectly between her lips.

She would give a slight suckle then back down she went. "You go all the back into my throat. Thats never happened before!" She winked at the camera.

She took all of me in again and stopped, eyes popping up the camera with a joyful surprise. "Easily my favorite dick to suck." She whispered gasping as she came off of me.

Her spit smeared across my member and her lips. Her free hand went to her sopping wet sex. The moisture showing through her now damp yoga pants. I zoomed on it with the camera while she rubbed herself.

"My tongue is in heaven but my pussy is very VERY jealous!" She said with a horny wimper. "I think I need to let my pussy taste you for a bit." Nora pulled her yoga pants off, showing no underwear underneath. She layed on her back and pulled me onto the bed by my cock, guiding me into her.

"I bet you slide right in." She said biting her lip. She was right, as soon as my head penetrated her wanting lips, she pulled me in completely. I fucked her slowly, panning the camera up and down her gorgeous body, making doubly sure to catch the ecstacy on her face. "It's so deep, baby. Your cock fits so perfectly inside me.

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Fuck me, please? I've been a good girl, I deserve your dick, don't I?" Electric coursed through me as I pushed into her.

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Her moans and gasps filled the air and her toes curling on the bed rustled the blankets. She pushed back against me as I fucked her, gripping me as she worked her hips.

"When you cum, pour it all inside me. This is your pussy now, own it." It was almost too much. I used one hand to spread her puffed pink lips to rub her clit. I felt her quiver when I did. We found a rythmn and fucked harder and faster.

Our bodys slammed together with the moist packing sound of sex and lustful panting. The image on the camera shook with each thrust.

I zoomed in to where I was penetrating her, getting full view of my rod coming out till only my head was inside her and my cock glistened with her wetness, then plunging all the way in with the welcoming squish. In seconds my brain gave the signal for cum and my dick pulsed with eagerness. She sensed it immediately. "Thats it baby, claim your pussy. It's all yours now." I erupted, though didn't stop thrusting. "Oh, I feel it. I feel your cum and I love it!

So warm and hot. Don't pull out till you give me everything." I did just that. My retreating cock popped out of her, glazed in our mutual lust. She whipped around and sucked on me more. "Oh, God!" I blurted out. To her obvious pleasure.

She sucked vigorously and I nearly dropped the camera.


I eventually went flaccid and had to lean back to catch my breath. "Rest up!" She chirped, kissing my forehead and snagging the camera and running to the living room. While I lay there recovering, i heard the clatter of plastic and metal, followed by a pause, and then a rustling in a bamboo box. She was in my weed again.

I didn't mind, it just signalled a second round. Nora loved fucking while stoned. She reappeared completely naked and pungent with the aroma of marijuana.


She thrust a full pipe in my hand and helped me up. "We do this, then move the living room. Okay?" She said with a smile. "Don't threaten me with a good time." I replied with a laugh. I hit the pipe and as my lungs filled, her hand found my damp soft member.

She stroked me gently until I could get hard again. "Come on, I'll be waiting in the living room." She bounced out of the room. I staggered to the living room where most of the lights were out save a few candles and the camera now mounted on a tripod facing my chair.

"Sit there" she said, gesturing toward the scene she had set up. As I sat, she put her hand on my chest and leaned me back. She went to her knees again. "I'm not done with you, I need you a little bit longer." She whispered gently kissing and tonguing my cock. It was growing again, just as she had intended. When I was throbbing again, she stood, faced the camera and sat on me, expertly pushing me inside her.

She wiggled her hips and got comfy, then looked at the camera. "See Eric, this is how you fuck. You weren't very good at it but he is, and he is going to show you how to make a woman happy." The grinding started immediately and her hands found mine and pulled them to her supple, firm tits. "He even loves these, Eric. For fucks sake, why was I with you so long?" I moved my hips in time with her grinding and felt her clench on me. Her orgasm was lightning fast and thunderously loud, still fresh from the previous fuck.

"You disappointed me a lot cumming to fast, now I have to worry about keeping up with him!" She exagerated. She started grinding again body still trembling from the orgasmic overload. "Finish me off, baby. Please?" She purred. The command was recieved and I grabbed her hips and turned a grinding into a pounding.

Pulling her onto me and letting her round ass bounce on me. The fleshy clapping now the loudest sound in the room. Our laboured breathes reaching to make her cum one last time. She leaned forward changing my angle of penetration and with a lustful twerk hammered her hungry pussy down on my throbbing cock.

"Oh fuck. Do it. Cum in me. Oh God, it's so fucking good." She reached down and started massaging my balls. My stamina officially hit it's death throes. With a hard grunt I let it loose and she must have felt the hot spurts. "Oh Fuck!" She screamed as her body wrenched again, cumming with me, on me. "So hot, so much." She sighed in erotic exhaustion.

She leaned back onto me, grabbed my head and kissed me over her shoulder moving one of my hands to a breast and another to her drenched sex, our juices mixing and flowing. We made out like that on camera for what felt like a week.

We seperated briefly and she whispered gently "I love you." She kissed me again and hobbled to the camera. She blew a kiss to it and waved, "Bye Eric!" The red light went out. "Wow, that was incredible. Was that your plan all along?" "Maybe" she giggled. "If he wants to get a hard on hearing about me fucking other men, I bet he'd love seeing it." "Fair enough. Are you going to actually show it to him?" "Don't know yet.

Sure was fun to make though." "Boy, was it ever" I chuckled. "Oh shit, I left the tea kettle on". We both broke into laughter. "I have to go check it." "One sec." She replied with a smile, kissing me again, then down my chest until she got to my wet and tired cock.

"And don't let me forget you." she gave me one last, slow suckle followed by a peck on the head. The water had completely boiled away, any longer and the kettle could have been damaged. I took it off, cleaned it and brewed a new pot.

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Nora and I shared it while passing the pipe one more time. We put a bow on the night by cuddling naked together on the couch until we fell asleep. The next morning I awoke alone. Nora gone, but her stuff still in the house. A note on the coffee table read "Be back soon, had to go out.

-Nora". I got up and immediately saw the camera still on the tripod with an empty SD slot. I grinned and stretched until I saw a letter on the counter, opened. The bold logo of the DNA lab emblazoned across it.

I unfolded the letter inside. My eyes scanned the lines quickly. "Huh, well how about that."