Vintage czech newbie rides oldmans cock

Vintage czech newbie rides oldmans cock
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Jake tried to open his eyes, the problem was they seemed to weigh a ton and he was really comfortable laying on the soft lap that he was. Almost as if in the distance he could hear Trully talking to someone, "… it appears that reestablishing the bond was overpowering to Master Jake. I was beginning to wonder why I wasn't feeling anything. He tried to protect all of us, especially me, you Sheeka and you Akeesha." "What can we do for him?" Jake heard a tearful and worried Sheeka.

"Please Trully, please help him!" "I'll do what I can but I am afraid it is mostly up to him, and all of your powers," Trully said a sly smile on her face she could feel that Jake was slightly awake, good then he was able to fight whatever it was. Reaching down, Trully touched Jake on his chest immediately drawing a gasp from her. Blue energy raced up her arm then down the other finally fading when it reached her other hand. Smiling again Trully had to admit that was really tasty almost as good as sex with Master Jake.

Groaning Jake tried to sit up, Trully suddenly got a shocked look on her face as she started to convulse then erupted in orgasm. Jake smiled he thought that might happen but wasn't really sure how he knew that. Falling on the bed Trully could only gasp and scream as the feeling washed through her over and over.

Finally able to open his eyes Jake struggled to sit with his back to the wall. Rushing over Gen, Rosalinda, and Akeesha reached him first, each grabbing and arm of steadying him. To their and his astonishment they all watched as more blue energy shot out of Jake into first Gen, then Rosalinda. Akeesha had tried to let go but it caught her also; all three of the women's mouths dropped open. Jake watched as the energy went through each of them, Jake wasn't that worried about Gen, and Rosalinda as he knew they were used to it.

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It was more how Akeesha would respond, Jake could see that she was fighting it and losing to it quite quickly. Even as Gen, and Rosalina were shaking in the throes of their orgasms. Akeesha felt the feeling start to well up in her more intense than anything she'd ever felt, though not painful, she wasn't really ready for the intense feelings she was starting to feel.

Starting in her chest she felt it spreading far faster than she thought it would. She had a definite handle on it 'til it reached her vagina, still she fought the ever increasing wave of pleasure that was trying to overtake her senses. Gritting her teeth she tried to dig in resisting with every ounce of her being.

Jake could see that Akeesha was fighting the feeling with all she had, damn that wasn't good. Walking over to her Jake lean close and whispered, "I know you do not want it but if you continue to resist it you may hurt yourself," then as an afterthought, "and your sister in the process." At these words Akeesha eyes flew wide, Master Jake was right, sighing she let go as the intense feelings washed over her like a wave.

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Falling against Master Jake's chest only seemed to make it stronger but she had to admit she was glad he was there. Gently laying her down, Jake sat next to her as she started to scream out her orgasm.

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Her arms flailing she grabbed Jake's arm and erupted again her eyes wide in wonder as the pleasure climbed even higher and she started all over again with her second orgasm. Across the room Sheeka could feel her sister as the intense feelings and tingling started in her breasts and vagina. Sighing she also lay down as she quickly embraced the intense pleasure that was washing through her. Amid the island of shrieking panting females Jake's eyes were wide, he really needed to talk to his Jinns, there had to be a way to lower the attraction.

At the rate he was going he would soon have women orgasming without even touching them; that would suck. Outside Tankena had been watching Master Jake's place, when the waves of pleasure began to escape, Tankena growled. Master Jake was a coward hiding behind the skirts of his Jinns! The weak fool didn't realize what power he had at his command, a simple word from his lips could have him in control of this world! What kind of mindless idiot was Master Jake not to seize control while he could!

Snarling Tankena tried to enter the dwelling but was stopped cold. Concentrating he tried again but was buffeted back like a rag doll, amazed he felt the layers of protection the first three he knew but there were two more! Disappearing he had to inform the leader of this and find out what the trio was doing, they had to destroy this mortal man before it was too late!

Jake sat in the middle of the bedroom, shocked that almost all of the females there had passed out. Sighing he was frustrated that he'd not even gotten to touch most of them to relieve them let alone his own self.

His own member was at full staff and throbbing almost painfully as he looked around the room at the females all in various states of undress.


As quietly as he could Jake got up, he guessed he could relieve his self in the bathroom. He was almost to the door when Sheeka touched his leg, "Master? I know that I don't really deserve it but I need you Master. The feeling I felt was strong but it wasn't enough." Looking up at Jake with soft pleading eyes Jake's heart at once melted with a feeling he wasn't sure he'd have ever feel for this female.

"I know that Trully released you but are you sure? I don't want to endanger you by doing this, as I said I now owe you as you say you do me." Jake told her plainly not wanting to have her close to death again. "Master there are a lot of things I did that I never wanted to, but this, I feel that I almost HAVE to. Please Master take me, please let me repay you this small thing." Sheeka said almost pleading the tears now freely falling down her face.

Much to hers and Jake's amazement, Jake leaned down and kissed her deeply, passionately, a small shock running through both of them. Lifting her gently, Jake placed her on the bed. Sheeka quickly shed her clothes as Jake did the same. Quivering and almost afraid, Sheeka opened her arms to Jake as he leaned in and passionately kissed her again then trailed kisses all the way across her chest. Reaching each breast he paused to lavish tender kisses suckles on each taking his time to devour each nipple plying them with even more kisses.

Sheeka's breath was coming in small gasps now what was Master Jake doing to her? No one had ever taken the time to do this to her! Smiling, Jake then started to kiss his way lower circling her belly button lapping slowly at its recessed depths. Then slowing down he crept ever so slowly lower, his own senses almost over come by the scent escaping her womanhood. Jake could almost swear that her vagina was begging him to dip lower and taste deeply of the treasures that were hidden there.

Still he took his time though it seemed to take a toll on his own senses. Finally she let out a gasp as he reached the edge of her pubes slowly diving through them, finally reaching her most intimate secret. Careful not to disturb her clitoris yet, Jake kissed his way lower taking in the heady aroma of her extreme arousal. Then he was suddenly lapping at her woman's juices; a sweet tasting nectar that almost had his head spinning.

Working his tongue into her opening, she gasped then screamed out in orgasm, riding the wave of pleasure that once again washed over her.

After only ten minutes Sheeka could take no more. "Please Master Jake, please take me! I will die if you don't!


I need to feel you filling me, please!" Sheeka was begging now. His own desire at a high point, Jake nodded yes as he moved up and positioned himself at her opening. "I had to make sure Sheeka I didn't want to do this and you regret it later." "I will never regret this decision Master Jake, NEVER!" Sheeka told him fiercely.

With that Jake started to move in slowly, Sheeka quickly wrapped her legs around Jake and pulled in all the way in as deep as she could. With a satisfied grunt she felt the last of Jake slide home filling her completely. Sheeka's eyes opened wide, by the great Jinn!

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She'd never felt so full and complete! It was wonderful so wonderful at least she thought so 'til Jake started to move in and out. Her mouth open in surprise she kissed Jake as the feeling began to climb in her again, suddenly screaming into Jake's mouth as she orgasmed again.

Jake could feel the tight heat of Sheeka below and around him, he wasn't sure but something was different, this whole act felt different. Jake couldn't put his finger on it but it actually felt more like love making rather than just sex. This was a definite turn on for him as well as the fact that the feeling felt ten times more magnified. Already he could feel his scrotum starting to twitch with the feeling of release this quickly.

Sheeka had never felt this close to anyone not even her sister, she knew now that if she were to die she would now be complete! Jake could hear Sheeka's breath starting to quicken as her legs were also trying to draw him deeper into her.

Yes he was sure of it, his scrotum was preparing for a massive flooding of her vagina. Staring to plunge faster he wanted to release when she did so he kept up feeling his orgasm starting to build higher. The moment Jake started to go faster she knew! Master Jake was going to fill her! She'd been dreaming of this for days! Moving beneath him she tried to bring herself closer, feeling the building pressure within herself.

Only a few moments later Jake felt the now familiar rising of his seed as it moved up his cock. Sheeka's eyes went wide when she felt Master Jake swell up in her, he was… he was going to cum!

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Then the feeling swept over her, still she could feel the heat of Master Jake's seed as it rushed out and washed through her vagina and flooded her cervix. Jake let out a roar as he felt his own orgasm along with hers, his scrotum was pumping what felt like the largest orgasm he'd ever had.

Finally he held his body tight against her feeling the last of his semen as it emptied deep into her body. Neither able to move for a few moments they both stared at each other with wide eyed wonder. "I have never experienced anything like that thank you Master!" Sheeka told him in an almost whisper.

"That felt very special I am glad it was with you Sheeka." Jake told her bringing a huge smile and a look of pride on her face. Finally they both were able to move and lay next to each other for a few moments longer. Sheeka was a little confused with what she was feeling for Master Jake.

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It wasn't possible that she could feel that way for him. Besides he already had his first three Jinns that he loved. How could he love a Jinn like her who had done such terrible things?


Beside her, Jake was somewhat in a quandary as well, he had started to develop feelings for Sheeka also but she was his Jinn at least 'til they took her away from him. Though he tried to remember what Rasmir had said. Holy shit! Sheeka IS his Jinn he'd forgotten about during the bond breaking what had been said. Sitting up Jake could only shake his head. Sheeka looked at Jake as he was shaking his head, he was rejecting her even after what they had shared!

Tears were soon falling freely from her eyes. Jake saw this and tried to hold her close, withdrawing from him she shook her head no. "I am sorry this has happened I know that you did not want to be saddled with me. This won't happen again Master I apologize." This time it was Jake who was surprised, "whatever made you think that," he asked. "You were shaking your head rejecting me Master it is alright I am used to it I." Sheeka started. Jake quickly quieted her with another passionate kiss that sent shock waves through them both.

"How in the hell can I reject you? I was shaking my head because here I thought the council was going to take you from me. I realized that Rasmir had said that you were mine now, my responsibility. You Sheeka are my fourth Jinn I will do all I can to protect you." "As will we," came several voices in the room.

Looking behind then there were five pairs of eyes watching them, four had tears in them. Trully herself was smirking so the legend was true four Jinns then that meant. quickly her head snapped to attention as she stared at Sheeka intensely then her mouth dropped open.

By the great Jinn it was true! Looking at the other Jinns in the room she could only shake her head.

Well it wouldn't be long now she thought with a smile, I'm going to be busy! To be continued