Bootylicious ravenhaired looker has her muff rammed creampie brunette

Bootylicious ravenhaired looker has her muff rammed creampie brunette
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Time For Payback Ch 3 It had been a month since Jamie was given the remote and she had been having so much fun with it getting payback and making enough money to be set for life.

Jamie went to school again and stopped time to have a little fun then a message appeared on the remote that said your month is up please pass this remote on to someone who deserves it.

Also once you have possessed the remote you will no longer be able to tagalong with the remote. Jamie was a little disappointed but this was the best month of her life and she was financially set so she was not that mad, but who to give it to. Jamie thought about it and then decided it was obvious she will give it to Freddy he did not get as much fun with the remote since his family had gone on vacation but now he will have all the fun in the world.

Jamie looked around for Freddy and she spotted him in the cafeteria stuffing a whole sandwich in his mouth at once. "Freddy, I got a present for you," Jamie said excitedly. "What" Freddy muffled through the sandwich. Jamie held the remote out to him. Freddy looked like he was going to cry with happiness.

Freddy grabbed the remote and Jamie told him about the one-month rule so Freddy would make the most of his month.

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"Thank you so much" Freddy cried as he gave Jamie a huge hug. "Your welcome, now don't just stand here thanking me go have fun," Jamie said. Freddy paused time and ran down the halls with excitement. He walked around seeing who he was going to have fun with first. That is when he spotted Nikki Jones, bent over drinking out of a drinking fountain, and his eyes lit up. Nikki was a sr. like Freddy but that was all they had in common.

Nikki was head cheerleader and ran this school with her bitchy attitude. She was real mean to the odd balls of the school. One time she convinced Ashley Freeman, who is a lesbian and had a crush on Nikki, to strip and put on a blindfold for some kinky sex but Nikki just took some photos of the naked Ashley and spread them around the school.

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Nikki had shoulder length brown hair with blond highlights and a perfect tan. She also had a perfect set of big perky tits and an ass the rivals Miss Kardashian. She was wearing her red and white cheerleading outfit. Freddy goes up to Nikki and lifts up her skirt revealing a perfect red spank covered ass. He then grabbed the sides of he spanks and pulled them down to the ground.

Nikki's ass showed no tan line which means she tans naked. Then he pulled her top over her plump tits. She had small dark nipples on the best set of boobs Freddy had ever seen and with all the porn Freddy watches that is saying something. Freddy got behind Nikki and decided to do something Jamie never let him do, lose his virginity to this bitch. Freddy pulled out his average sized dick and slammed it into Nikki's pussy.

The felling was great, Nikki's pussy was very tight.

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This was the best moment of his life losing his virginity to the hottest girl in school. His moment of pleasure did not last very long because once his dick first entered Nikki's pussy Freddy released his massive load right inside her.

Freddy collapsed to the floor in pure pleasure. Now how to get my revenge Freddy thought to himself, he went around the school and found Ashley then he stripped her naked her body was not very impressive she was a little over weight with dark hair and very white skin. Freddy then strapped a strap-on onto Ashley and shoved all of the 9in strap-on up Nikki's perfect asshole.

Freddy then pulled his pants down and pressed his dirty asshole against Nikki's puckered lips and unloaded a great big fart. Then Freddy laughed and put his close on and restarted time.

Once time restarted Nikki pulled her head up from the drinking fountain licking her lips with a disgusted look on her face.

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Then Ashley pushed Nikki's head down and said, "Take this bitch," as she drove the strap-on as hard as she could into Nikki's ass, as Nikki started the scream. After about 30 sec Nikki's body went limp as she passed out from the pain.

Ashley pulled out and hocked a loogie on Nikki's unconscious body. Then a group of 3 nerds grabbed Nikki's body and pulled her into the Av clubroom.

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It was later found out that the nerds took turns fucking every single one on Nikki's holes on camera. They then left her in one of the stales in the boy's bathroom after they all released their bladders all over her. Freddy did love messing with bitches from his school especially Nikki who he might visit later but I think Hollywood is calling him.

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Freddy went to the airport and used the time stopping ability to sneak on a plane. To his enjoyment there were a few open seats so he could sit down. A few minutes into the flight the guy in front of Freddy set his seat all the way back giving Freddy no room to move his legs. Freddy tried the move his legs a couple time to get in a better position.


Then what must have been the guy's girlfriend turned around and yelled a Freddy for moving her boyfriend's chair. Freddy tried to say his peace but the girl was not having it, so Freddy said fuck it and stopped time.

Freddy went up to the couple the girl was a brunette in her early twenties and the guy was kind of a small guy but even Freddy could admit he was good looking.

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The girl was turned around looking at Freddy's empty see giving him a great view of her perfect ass. Freddy then pulled her jeans down revealing an ass, which had no panties on them. He admired the girl's ass for a while then he grabbed the guy's hand and made a fist with it.


After a lot of pushing and shoving he got the man's fist and half of his forearm up her ass. He went back to his seat and restarted time. In the middle of telling him off the girl gave a loud scream. Her boyfriend had a look of surprise on his face as he realized where is hand was. He then yanked his fist out of his girlfriend's ass, which was not smart.


This quick action lead to the girl releasing her bowels all over both of them. The brown liquid went all over the boyfriend and pretty much everywhere. Then the girl toppled over from the pain into a huge puddle of her own shit.

It was great revenge seeing that bitch lying in her own shit screaming in pain. The flight attendants rushed to the couple but did not want to get to close because of the smell. The attendants decided to just move the passengers close to this situation to different seat and landed in LA one hour later.

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Freddy was so excided to be in LA he did not know what happened to the couple. If you guys want me to continue I would really appreciate comments if you liked or did not like this or any of the other stories, so I can make them better in the future. Also if you have any ideas I would be pleased to hear them.