Forbidden lesbian rendezvous with blind babe

Forbidden lesbian rendezvous with blind babe
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Starting Over Chapter 2 This is the second in what I hope will be a series of stories about Jack, a senior citizen who discovers there is still life after loosing his wife of 53 years in a tragic auto crash. There are some references in this episode to facts that were described in the first post. If you are interested, please search for it and read it to get a better idea of Jack's sexual reawakening. After the fantastic, mind blowing, toe curling, sex that Judy and I had on her massage table, we spent a lot of time together.

It was a different relationship than I had ever experienced before. We were not in love, although we cared for each other and greatly enjoyed giving each other great pleasure. (I think I had forgotten what it was like to give someone else great pleasure!) We didn't want to spend the rest of our lives together.

But almost every time we were together, we were really together. That is we were having the most wonderful sex I had experienced in a long time. We each had families. Judy had a son and a daughter and six lovely grandchildren. I had three sons and five grandchildren. We were welcome, and comfortable, in each other's families.

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We had some very candid discussions about our relationship. We decided that marriage wasn't called for. We kept our own homes. We agreed that we were not exclusive to each other. Judy calle our arrangement, "Friends with Benefits." One day Judy called me and invited me to drop over after dinner.


She said that it was time for me to meet an old friend of hers. "Be there about 8:00 tonight. The weather will be warm, so we can swim." I stopped at the local wind shop and picked up a couple of bottles of my favorite White Zin and a couple of bottles of a good Chardonnay. I didn't know anything about Judy's friend that I was on the way to meet, but between the two selections, I thought I had it covered.

Right at 8:00pm, I eased my new Avalon into Judy's driveway. I couldn't help but marvel at her gorgeous house. It is a large, long, low profile California Ranch.

The garage is attached to one end making the ranch look even bigger. The entrance is warmly landscaped and features a large patio where Judy often welcomes her guests. The formal living room has a wall of glass panes that can be retracted, opening it to the front flower garden.

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The back of the house features a six foot high redwood privacy fence that encloses a large swimming pool and Jacuzzi. The back features that same type of movable glass panes which allows the family room to open to the pool area. Judy rearranged her furniture to have her massage table right there. When the weather was nice, like tonight, the table was essentially outside. I picked up the wine caddy and headed to the back gate.

My reverie about this gorgeous setting was interrupted by sounds I didn't recognize…at first. As I walked into the back yard, I could see the massage room was open.

There were two people on the table. I couldn't see much about the person with their back on the table other than the fact that she had coal black hair. Her body was covered for the most part by another woman laying on top…in the sixty Nine position.

I immediately recognized the round ass and beautiful blonde hair. It was Judy on top. Judy was moaning and mumbling in total pleasure.

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"Oh Yes, Nan! Right there. Right there. Oh fuck don't stop. That is so fucking good!!!" The rest was lost to me as Judy lowered her mouth to Nan's pussy. I could see Nan open her legs, raise them and give Judy even better access to Nan's clit. I couldn't make out what Nan was saying because Judy had Nan's mouth completely covered with Judy's own pussy.

I could see that Nan was attempting to move her head from side to side, but Judy's beautiful legs had Nan trapped. Based on Judy's obvious pleasure, Nan was attending to Judy's clit and pussy. I could see the two figures tighten their grips on each other. All of their cries of pleasure were muffled since each had their mouth on the other's cunt.

I suddenly realized I had a raging erection! Let me explain that a bit. My cock is about 7" long. I never measured the girth, but when I hold it in my hand at the base, my thumb and index finger just meet each other. I'm tempted to claim it is 7 ½" or 8 ½" since you can't see it, but I've resisted that temptation. It is an honest 7 inches. When I was a young man, my erect cock used to stand out from my body at about a 45 degree angle. It was a magnificent sight, if I do say so myself.

Today, this 73 year old cock still gets the job done. It doesn't stand as proud as it used to, but it still, with a little help from Viagra, gets hard enough to curl your toes. As long as I'm on the subject, I love to show hard. I love to walk along the nude beach. I love to watch and be watched. I don't know if there is anything similar to a woman, but having an erection makes me feel alive.

And boy was I alive at ths moment. After a prolonged period of holding each other tightly, Judy's and Nan's climaxes subsided. The two women were spent. They relaxed and Judy rolled off Nan. That's when she saw me, "Hi Jack! You must be glad to see us." She looked right at the tent in my shorts that my cock was making.


"I think you're overdressed." As we talked she walked to my side. Judy opened the belt on my shorts and pulled them and my briefs down. After getting them over the tent from my cock, she dropped them to the cement. Then she motioned for me to remove my shirt. When I was naked, Judy wrapped her arms around my neck and slowly massaged my naked body with hers. I involuntarily thrust my cock between Judy's legs. I kissed her on her neck.

"Oh Judy, you feel so good!" She wrapped her arms around me. And that's when I felt it. Two warm points pressed against my lower back. "Jack, this is Nan. We've been friends for a long time. She has wanted to meet you ever since I told her about us." "Hello Jack! It really is a pleasure to see you in person." With that, Judy took a small step back and Nan wrapped her arms around me, under my arms. One hand went to my right breast and the other to my cock.

Nan began to slowly, gently stroke my already hard cock. "Ummmmm…this is even nicer than Judy told me." Judy moved to my side and took my head in her hands. She opened her mouth and planted a most sensual kiss right on my lips. I opened my mouth to allow our tongues to begin to pleasure each other.

Pam shifted to my other side, never releasing my cock. She took my left nipple in her mouth and began to lovingly suck it. Oh my God! I was in heaven. My senses were on overload.

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My knees were weak. I might have collapsed from the pleasure, but I couldn't fall since I was being held upright by these two beauties. Nan took her lips from my nipple and began to kiss her way down my body. I could feel her breath along with her wet open mouth. When she got to my cock, she began to lick its entire length. Slowly, agonizingly. Meanwhile Judy was caressing my upper body, tenderly, lovingly. Nan positioned her mouth at the head of my cock.

She licked it and then began to slide it into her mouth. I could feel her tongue wrapping itself around my cock, licking, teasing. She began to suck me deeper into her mouth. I felt my cock bump against the back of her mouth and then enter her throat. How did she do that?

I never felt her gag. What a woman! I freed my mouth from Judy's kiss.


"Oh ladies, I can't take much more of this. If you keep it up I'm going to shoot my load." I managed to find Judy's pussy with my right hand. I slid two fingers inside. Judy was soaking wet. "Oh jack that feel so fucking good. Finger fuck me while Nan sucks the cum right out of your cock. That did it!

I grabbed Judy with my free arm and pulled her tight against my body. I forced my hips forward, driving my cock even farther down Nan's throat. I began to shake all over. The pleasure was so fucking intense. Here were these two gorgeous woman giving me so much pleasure. It was as though my skin became electrified. Every sense was heightened. I thought for a moment that I might pass out.

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"Oh fuck I'm going to shoot! Yes. Yes. Yesssssssssssssss.

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I'm Cummmmmmmmmiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnggggggg. Oh God this is so fucking good! Nan took her mouth off my cock and grabbed it with both hands. She aimed it at her tits and began to stroke it fast and hard. I felt spurt after spurt shoot out of my cock. I heard Nan begin to moan as my warm juice landed on her body. "That's it Jack, Give it to me. Give it all to me" Nan extended her tongue and licked the last little dribble of the end of my cock.

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I jumped. My cock gets so sensitive after a climax. "Ladies, I need to sit down, please!"