Grandpa sucked my dick and i sucked dads dick gay porn He truly works

Grandpa sucked my dick and i sucked dads dick gay porn He truly works
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Lola was a 62 year old married woman with blondish gray haira retired high school teacher she had lead a pretty normal life until she met Marty a 19 year old maledom hypnotist in her local supermarketshe had barely noticed him as she was sorting through the fresh vegetable aisle but he sure noticed her. Marty had already two sex slavesbut none as old as Lola. She was medium height had thick cock sucking lips & would sure she'd look great in heels while she sucked on his meaty 10inch meat stick.

Without hesitation Marty introduced himself on the pretense of which cabbage he should buy.

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Lola took the bait & she was soon under his spell and they drove to his home. Where his two other submissives would be waiting and they would have a very kinky 4way on this fine Saturday afternoon. Chapter 1 - Lola meets the ladies Opening the quaint bungalowLola& Marty were met by a 40 year old redhead dressed in a French maid outfit & 3 inch heelsshe French kissed her master Marty& before she knew what was happening she did the same to Lola who was shocked, (she had never been kissed like that by a woman before ) but liked it.

Marty introduced the woman as Joyce & said she was also his mother. Lola gasped but her pussy was wet because Marty had hypnotized her, & now she found their relationship to be kinky rather than taboo. Marty led Lola to the living room where he told her to make herself comfortable & Joyce would bring her a glass of white wine.

As both ladies sat on the sofaLola noticed Joyce was not wearing any panties & her pussy was shaved.

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Blushing she wondered if Marty would have her to do that. Marty once again entered the roomthis time with a raven haired 20 year old bbwslightly chubbySandra was originally just his girlfriend but when he hypnotized her he turned her in to his kinkiest, cum & pissbucket. She had cheated on him that's why he had put her under mind control in the first place.

So now he really didn't give a shit about her. For the last hour she had been tied to his bed .So he had Mom ( Joyce ) sit on her face for a while before he went out & picked up Lola. Now he led a naked Sandra by her collar and leash (who also wore her 5inch thigh high hooker boots) into the living room & he had her kneel before Joyce. Lola, Marty said this is my slutty girlfriendsay hi to Lola whore .Marty said SandraHello said Sandrayour gonna love eating Lola's pussy Sandra she's old enough to be your grannyMarty laughedYes Master Sandra said in a monotone voice.


Marty motioned to Joyce" mom come suck my cock " Marty said immediately. Lola strip naked for Sandrathat young lady will make you orgasm on the couch.


As the french-maid/mom sucked her son/master's fuck stickSandra who like Joyce was also on her kneeslicked Lola's clit & the old hag achieved her first orgasm from the tongue of a a woman. As Marty unloaded a load of jism down his Moms throathe watched as Lola continued moaning & groaning with glee beside himhe knew the old lady was now part of his harem.

Chapter 2 The Party Continues Marty was smoking a joint as Lola sucked his wang & Joyce licked his nuts .Sandra had gone home for some family obligation. Nina Rogers(Sandra's Mom) was a total bitchhe'd have to hypnotize her too one of these days. She was always interrupting Sandra's sex training. Well back to the present Marty thought. Lola was okay at giving head but mom was betterso he had them switch places as Mom now deep throated her son/master's monster dong.

To punish Lola he had her lick his assthis is something she had never done. (in 40 years of marriage to her husband Herbshe would never had done such a dirty vile thingbut here she was doing it to a 19 year old man& Lola enjoyed itlicking man ass, she even told Marty he tasted like cake.

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Marty laughedwhat a whore you are becoming Lola he said in a humiliating fashion" thank you sir " Lola said with a smile.

Marty unloaded more jism in his mom's mouth & this time Joyce & Lola shared the penis dessert in a passionate French kiss Chapter 3-Sandra & her annoying Mom Nina Rogers Visit Two days later Nina Rogers was pissedshe knew her daughter could do better than this good for nothing Marty Evans. So she decided she'd visit the Evans household herself with Sandra.


She rung the doorbell .& immediately a red haired woman in a gold bikini & leopard skin 4 inch heels answered the door. She couldn't believe it, this was Joyce Evans, she had been sucking Marty's cock by the pool. Hard as a rock & naked Marty walked in after his mom & he looked at Sandra and told her why don't you continue what mom started as Sandra got on her knees engulfed his cock & began bobbing her head up and downMotioning to Joyce Marty said mom get behind & lick my ass ".

" What the fuck are you doing said Nina in a loud stern voice ( she hadn't looked into Marty's eyes yet so she wasn't hypnotized).

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Marty quickly hypnotized Nina & told her to quickly undress. Once NUDE all three ladies were told to get on their knees after which an explosion of sperm hit their faces.

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Covered in Marty's man juice they followed him into the bathroom where he washed their faces by urinating on them. Nina like her daughter was now one of his owned bitchesSoon he would fuck Nina in all her holes & have her lick his ass also