Sweet Kery fuck in her work

Sweet Kery fuck in her work
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BANNED TO THE FARM When I was fourteen my father caught me fucking the boy next door. He was so mad and whipped me with his belt.

Then he sent me to his brothers in Minnesota. It was a small farm about thirty acres. My uncle Charlie raised chickens, pigs, and purebred Saint Bernard's. All total he had 60 chickens, 20 pigs, 8 St Bernard's, two milk cows, two plow horses, one small riding horse and a four year old Great Dane/St Bernard mix. He also had a large 10 acre vegetable garden. My Aunt Edith who had a massive stroke was in a convalescent hospital in town. My Uncle had a man come three times a week to help him manage the farm.

I had to feed the chickens & the pigs as well as giving the other animals their feed.

I went to school every day by bus 10 miles away. On the week ends my Uncle went to town to visit my aunt and would some times stay over night. One of the reasons I was fucking my neighbor boy was that the school started telling us about sex when I was eight years old.

I had up to that time never thought about it. I had a natural curiosity and I would walk home with Taylor the boy next door.

We talked about all that we learned. Taylor had a play house in the back corner of his yard. We started experimenting by touching each others private parts.

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When he touched the upper part of my pee hole I remember getting a strange feeling there, and when I played with his penis (that's what they called it at school) it would twitch and get real hard. The more they told us in school about sex and how people have children the more we experimented. By the time I was twelve we were fucking. I remember the first time as if it was yesterday.

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We got out of school early because of a teacher s conference. Taylor's mom & dad both worked and didn't get home until after six. We took off our clothes and laid down on Taylor's sleeping bag that he unfolded. By this time Taylor had started fingering my pussy each time we got together. The day before he had asked me if he could lick it.

At first I didn't think it such a good idea because that was where I peed. He kept pleading with me so I let him, boy what a surprise. He laid down in front of me and grabbed my thighs and licked my little pee hole. I felt my legs go weak and when he would run his tongue along the top of my hole I nearly jumped out of my skin.

Then he stuck his tongue into my hole and I nearly fainted it felt so good. I started moaning and squirming all over the place. And when he ran his tongue again over the top of my hole I felt the greatest feeling of my life and a bunch of creamy stuff came out of my hole. Taylor wouldn't quit, he kept on sucking and plunging his tongue inside me and I got that feeling again between my legs and wow I had an even bigger sensation. I was so weak that I grabbed Taylor's head and pushed him away.

I told Taylor I wanted to give him the same feeling that I had experienced. I took his cock in my hand and it was so hard. I pulled on it a couple of times and then put it in my mouth.

I began to suck on it and run my tongue over the underside of his peter. He grabbed my head and said easy with the teeth, so I pursed my lips so my teeth wouldn't scrape him and started sucking. He got real excited and jammed his cock into my mouth, I nearly choked. I kept on sucking and feeling him run his cock in and out of my mouth. I don't know why I liked it so much but I did.

Then he grabbed my head and shoved his cock as far into my mouth as he could and it hit the back of my throat. I started to gag, but just then I felt a lot of liquid shoot out of him and down my throat. I kept gagging, but Taylor held me so tight so I couldn't move and I just started swallowing.

It ran down my throat and I could feel it go clear into my stomach.


His creamy stuff tasted a little salty but I liked the taste of him. We laid there awhile and then I leaned over and started sucking on his dick again and it sprang up immediately. When it was as hard as before I said why don't put it in my pee hole.

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He got this great big grin and got between my legs and inserted it into the entrance of my pee hole. It would only go in about two inches and came up against a wall inside my hole. He pushed harder but wouldn't go any farther. I told him to lie on his back and I got on top of him.

I inserted him into my pee hole and pushed down. When it wouldn't go in any further I put my legs out in front of me and grabbed his ass and pulled him to me. We heard a pop and oh how it hurt, but he went all the way in me. Tears were coming down my face so I just sat there.


Soon I started moving up and down his shaft and the pain subsided and was replaced by that wonderful feeling I got when Taylor fingered or ate my pee hole. I could feel my pee hole getting all wet and his cock slipped in and out of me more easily. I felt that sensation coming back and I began to pump up and down on his shaft as fast as I could. Oh what a sensation of relief as I shot my creamy stuff all over Taylor's shaft and tummy. After that we fucked and ate each other almost every day after school, some times two or three times until that day when I was late for supper.

We had fucked once, and fell asleep. I woke up and Taylor had his cock part way into my ass. He had taken some of my pussy juice and rubbed it on my bun hole. It felt real good so I pulled my knees up to my chest and he shoved his cock all the way in.

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I let out a scream because it hurt so bad. He stopped and just held it inside me for a short while. Then he began to ease in and out of me ever so slowly.

The pain went away just like when we fucked for the first time.

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I couldn't believe how quickly the pain turned to pleasure. It was almost as good as when he fucked my pee hole. he started ramming me, faster and faster.

I was moaing and grunting at every inward thrust he made and when I felt him cum in my ass I came too.

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Iit made my ass-hole all nice and warm with his cum deep in my ass. When we first started fucking Taylor was about four inches long and about an inch in diameter. By the time I was fourteen and Taylor was fifteen he had grown to about six and a half inches but his diameter had really grown, to about three inches around, and the size of my wrist.

I didn't realize I had been making so much noise because just as Taylor came in my ass my dad opened the door.


Continued at the farm.