Sexy girl Aurora is having a cock hungry

Sexy girl Aurora is having a cock hungry
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He is CONVICT Convict is a person who is guilty of one or more criminal offences declared by the judge. Here even he hasn't done any crime he remain a convict until declared innocent and given compensation and other rehabilitation cost related to it and punish who were involved in it!

But here this man hasn't received anything and no punishment for real criminals (Dr Bhuller and group). So, he is still convict! Had bad times! Hours, days or weeks? No, not even years! Convict spends his lifetime prison not in a jail, just within the so called community! He doesn't know what his problems were, but he spend his precious time within the boundary of the community!

This time he knew how much the people surrounding him used to hate him. Criminal's family Tonight is thirty first night, so it is going to be busy in the city area near the swan river! People are coming from different parts of the metro area to gather here to see the firework for the new year 2019. Convict is very hungry now, he checked his mobile, it's 9:30pm. The car park cross the road near river and family court, is full.

Luckily he managed to get a parking spot! He can see three hot chicks with really big boobs laughing and watching him. He took his eyes off, all bitches know him very well! Suddenly he realise that chicks he saw with big boobs were really sexy and their boobs are bouncing lightly and threatening him and hypnotised him so he couldn't see anything else! Suddenly he felt huge erection!

He waited sometime to calm down but it is refusing! They are in their mid teen age he guessed and he felt really uncomfortable watching these newly grown tits. What is happening to this world, girls in this age have these gigantic boobs! He just can't take his eyes off.

Suddenly he saw dr Bhuller and his very sexy wife and dr Graham all join with these girls and talking about their years 11 class. Now he realise that they are 16 years old.

Very sexy body, amazing skin and nice eyes and smile with huge boobs for that age make them really desirable! He is begging to God to make opportunity to fuck them ! Now He notice that both Bhuller's wife and dr graham has even bigger jugs!

He realise from where those big boobed teens come from, their vaginas and they sucked those melons to grow themselves sexy like their moms and have prejug tits!

He gasps, felt like those were in his mouth! First he thought those prejugs gone throw boobjob, may be by Bhuller's knives as he is staring at those things again and again and he does mind give a break or go somewhere else!

These prejugs are real, their ancestors showing the evidence! Adventure Today is Monday, Jan 1,2019, new year. He wanted to have some relax time.

Early in the morning 4:30am he starting his journey towards windy harbour beach. According to gps it will take 4 hours and 12 minutes. He was near city, need immediate sex and the result is fucking a white chick for hours, she was really nice he can't think getting blowjob like this before!


He slide in a 50 dollars note between supersucker's youthful full 25 yo boobs while she was hooking up her bra! She wanted to go with him but suddenly she got a potential long term boyfriend and she knew she can't hangout with convicts after this journey so she decided to stick with the new guy. Convict didn't mind as long as he get some sex whenever he need! Actually he wanted to get rid of her because there will be another chick waiting for him near windy harbour beach boat ramp.

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The plan to go to the sandy island came to his mind last night and talked to a yacht owner for exchange of $1400 but beside that he is getting his 17 years old daughter, Sandy for free for couple of nights. He did this before. She doesn't mind staying with him for few days at the yacht and the beach.

He is pretty sure she like to spend time with him. So instead of saying it's free he should consider thinking she likes his company. He felt guilty for wrong thinking. She is not very beautiful but very nice smiley girl anyone would like to be her company. Now he is still driving on Mitchell freeway which turns into forest highway, he need to take Hynes road exit.

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After over three hours of journey he reach to windy harbour road. He is following the gps it is showing just before the windy harbour boat ramp he have to take Mitchell way which is of windy harbour road.


So it will take less than an hour to get to Sandy! He is now getting more excited to meet her and realise he likes her company more than he thought! After total four and half hours journey he finally reach near the boat ramp and park his car. On the way he bough some groceries and other gears for staying at the beach. He start unloading what are needed for the adventure. Just before finishing sandy come to him and give him a big hug!

He thought he never could hate her, amazing girl, real beauty! Sandy start helping him to take everything in the yacht! He thought that was a very good bargain. It could be easily $1500 per night. After good half an hour they finally load everything in the yacht and sailed the yacht in the water. Sandy island They are heading towards sandy island, nearly 5 km south of the ramp. It is nearly 20 hectares landmass. Got some trees, sandy beaches and highlands. The easiest access to the beach is the north west sandy side of the island.

They found a four meters high land from the sandy part of the beach, 100 meters off the coastline nearly 10 meters high from the sea level. They started to prepare tents to stay there. Even though the sea is quiet they have decided to stay in the tent during day light and yacht during night. Discovery Sandy had her breakfast before she meet him today but convict started to have very late breakfast now.

After resting half an hour they have decided to have a walk along the beach and some part of high land. But they walked along the beach before so they have decided to check the high land first. They start walking towards south east of the island. There are few trees 5 to 10 metres high but rest of the area is few centimetres to a meter high bush lands. The convict is checking the island from drone camera, now it is 500 meters high and he could see the island is approximately 700x300 meters in size the longer side starts from northwest to southeast.

The northwest side is the bigger beach area, so he is happy they dock in the right side. After they get in the centre of the island they found something very suspicious under a rock. Part of a polythene bag is coming out from under the rock.

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There was something, birds tried to remove the bag. Someone eat some foods here which was under the polythene bag! Convict remove the stone and found someone dug a briefcase under it. Sandy gave him hands to bring it on the grass. With surprise they found full of cash and gold ornaments in it.

They couldn't believe what they just have seen.


They guessed over half a million cash and gold itself worth one to two millions. Both they agreed that at least two and half millions worth of cash and items. They decided to take it to the yacht for further investigation.

After they reach to the yacht they changed their mind and decided to pack up and return home for this time. Revenge Suddenly they heard sound boat approaching to shore. They saw some people were checking their belonging near tents. Convict recognised they are those six people, Bhuller and other five ladies, full of youthful boobies, Convict just can't forget those amazing things created by God or nature, whoever, done a good job! Suddenly he had an erection again, but this is not the time for that!

Money and criminals both here, God must have some plans! As soon as Bhuller saw him his eyes were popping out and asked him what they were doing here.

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Convict told he just want to fuck his wife and daughters! Bhuller got angry but run toward the centre of the island! After minutes later they saw someone yelling at him and falling from the top of the hill and stuck in the trees!

When everyone reach there they found Bhuller's lower part is seriously injured and his wife declare that both his balls bursted piece of woods everywhere in his balls (testicle)! He is dying! He started begging convict for life! Convict told everyone emergency items are in his yacht compartment knowing nothing is there and it will take them more than 10 minutes to come back!

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All of them except convict and Bhuller's wife went to their yacht for emergency items. Convict and Bhuller's wife tried to bring him on the grass and Bhuller lost his balls on the way, he is in serious pain and dying! Convict hold his wife tightly and start kissing her and undo his pant and insert his dick into her mouth!

Bhuller cried in pain to help him. Bhuller's wife knew exactly what to do and start sucking his penis. Before it blast convict started fucking his wife, Bhuller's wife started crying but her tits were bouncing in different direction! Convict in serious pleasure both sexual and revenge. The yacht started moving for some reason, it is going away from shore, something problem there!

Convict didn't stop and Bhuller's wife in serious pleasure too! Just Bhuller is in pain, and after few minute he stop making painful noises, stop making trouble to the people having sexual pleasure next to it, Bhuller,itself, dead!

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Police and law Next day police collect Bhuller's dead body and it's balls (testicle) from the woods! Police talked to everyone and found it's just an accident! The lady police thanks Convict, she know about his conviction before! She is a very beautiful lady with huge tits and nice body, he can tell from a big distance, he always find police lady sexy, not for dominating, not for uniform, he just find them smart!

Dr graham realise what happened but couldn't tell police and agreed to be sexslave of the convict! His wife was scared and she knew about illegal association with the foreign country, money, collecting illegal donation, abuse of power! Their daughter knew too! They don't wanted to be scandalous.

So, they follow the same path of Dr graham, Sexslave!

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Happy ending Next weekend after breakfast Convict was in his own yacht and five boobies came to him and shake his world and gave everything they had and did something no one ever did before or never could, in the entire universe, from starting to the end!!!