Mississippi Couple Amateur Sex Video

Mississippi Couple Amateur Sex Video
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My first time with a tranny It happened on a Monday morning.

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After waking up with a throbbing hard-on. I called up my regular booty call. But she couldn't make it. Because her husband stayed home from work that day.

So I decided to browse Craigslist, looking for someone local. After posting my ad, looking for NSA sex. I sat back and waited.

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Within minutes, I received over a dozen new messages. But none of them really appealed to me.


Then after a few hours of receiving numerous messages, from both women and some men. I finally got a hit. She was an older white tranny who loved BBC. Her message said: "I'd love for you to fuck me with your big black cock. I'll be your little white slut, Daddy." Then she attached a few pics of her cute little bubble butt.

She wasn't passable as a woman, but she was still very sexy and feminine looking. I've never been attracted to men, but this tranny was really turning me on.

So I told her that I would love to fuck her tight little ass. After she sent me her address. I took a shower, then I was on my way. As I pulled into the parking lot. I was nervous, so I looked around to make sure no one saw me.

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Then I walked in to meet Candace. Candace opened her door and invited me in. She was wearing a little school girl outfit. Complete with a white shirt, red checkered skirt, and a pair of black mary janes. Once she locked the door behind me. Candace moved in and locked her lips with mine. I wasn't expecting for any kissing to be involved.

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But I let my tongue slip into her mouth and kissed her passionately. I could feel the whiskers on her face, which reminded me that she was still a man. But when I was squeezing her firm ass, she felt like a sexy woman.

Then I picked her up, while she wrapped her legs around my waist. Once we were seated on her couch. Candace unzips my jeans and pulls out my 8-inch black cock, and strokes it as she talks to me.

"It's nice to finally meet you, daddy" As she uses the precum that's oozing from my cock to stroke my cock even harder. "Oh yeah, that's it, baby.

Stroke Daddy's big black cock" She stares at me while she's stroking my cock.


"Do you like that, Daddy? Do you like it when I stroke your big black cock?" "Oh yes baby, don't stop" Then she moves closer and starts to kisses me again, while still stroking my cock. After a few minutes of making out. She crawls onto the couch next to me and takes my cock into her mouth. "Oh yeah baby, that's it. Suck that cock." As she was sucking and stroking my cock. I lifted the back of her skirt and rubbed her firm ass.

"Do you like that black cock, baby?" She pulls her mouth from my cock "Yes, Daddy. I love sucking your big black cock." Then she takes my cock back into her mouth.

Watching her ass wiggle while she was sucking my cock, was really starting to turn me on. Soon I was rubbing her smooth ass and sliding my middle finger into her tight asshole. "Oh, Daddy. That feels so good" It felt like the further I pressed my finger into her ass, the further my cock went down her throat. "That's right suck that cock, you slut!" Then I slapped on the ass. "Oh yes, Daddy. Spank your naughty little slut." While I was fingering her tight little asshole.

Candace reached over to grab a bottle of lube. "Are you ready to fuck me, Daddy?" I smacked her on the ass again and told her to lay back on the couch. As she lifted her legs above my shoulders. I lubed up my cock and pressed the head of my thick cock up against her tight asshole, and eased it in.

"Oh Daddy, your black cock is so big." I poured a little more lube onto my cock, so I could fuck her deeper into her tight hole. Once more than half of my thick cock is in her ass, her 7-inch cock came to life.I started stroking her cock, while I fucked her ass. Then I tasted her salty precum, that dripped on my fingers.

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It was kind of salty tasting, but not too bad. I knew that the main reason I was there, was to get my hands on her juicy bubble butt. So I told her to get into the doggy style position. I took one look at her juicy white ass and shoved my cock in. "Oh yes, fuck me, Daddy" Making me fuck her even harder. I knew that I was close to cumming. So I gripped her by the shoulders and fucked her hard and fast. Making my balls slap against her round ass. Then I grabbed her by her hair and turned her around, so I could cum on her face.

"Open your fucking mouth, slut" She sat on her knees and watched as I stroked my cock "Oh yes, Daddy. Give me that load." I couldn't hold it in any longer. "Open your fucking mouth, slut.

I'm gonna cum!.Aaagghhh fuck!!!" The first blast hit her straight in the face, followed by 8 more thick ropes of cum. Leaving her entire faced frosted with my cum.

She took my cock back into her mouth and continued to suck my cock, with my load on her face. My legs were beginning to get weak, so I sat down. As Candace went to the bathroom to wash her face.

I decided to try something new. Since this was my first time being with anything other than a woman, and I wasn't sure if I'd ever been with another tranny again. I figured, "why not try sucking cock for the first time?" When Candance returned from the bathroom. I asked her if she wouldn't mind if I sucked her cock.

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She wasn't sure at first. "I don't know, Daddy. I'm more of a submissive bottom. But I'll do it for you" I was seated on the couch when I took her cock into my mouth. It felt weird at first. But I quickly got the hang of it. Soon I felt Candace's hands rubbing my head, as she tried to push more of her cock down my throat. I started to gag. So I moved back a little. Candace was really getting into it. Because the next thing I knew.

I was laid back on the couch, while Candace was above me, shoving her cock into my mouth. I couldn't believe it.

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She was fucking my mouth. She began fucking my mouth so hard and fast, that I could barely breathe. She was literally shoving her cock down my throat, making her balls slap against my chin. Then it happened "Oh God, I'm gonna cum, Daddy.

I'm gonna cum" And with the head of her cock at the back of my throat. Candace shot her load. Using my throat to milk her cock. "Oh yes, swallow it.

Swallow it all Daddy" When she finally dislodged her cock from my mouth. She let her cock sit right on my face, allowing a few drops of cum to land on my face.

I really wasn't expecting for her to be so rough.


Let alone, cumming in my mouth. But I was so aroused, that my cock sprang back to life. Candace hopped on and rode my cock until I came inside her. Then she blew another load on my chest. After I got dressed. Candace gave me a goodbye kiss and made me promise to visit her again. And I did see her several times before she moved away.

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