Gay emo boy porn bondage Adam Watson loves nothing more than having a

Gay emo boy porn bondage Adam Watson loves nothing more than having a
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I'm the subject of the picture, on all fours on the bed in a particular favorite fetish outfit of mine. It's full length, in gleaming black PVC, with the expected sections cut out at crotch and chest.

My ankles are in a set of ankle cuffs cut in half, and with each half welded onto the end of a steel bar, (I've never been able to find reference to the proper title of such a contraption, and we just called it 'the bar', for lack of any other name), my wrists are fastened together by the cuffs of the outfit. I'm also wearing a blindfold and a weird contraption around my head with blinkers and what can only be called a 'ball-gag'; it's about the size of a golf ball and it's between my teeth, preventing me from speaking.

It's not a conventional photograph; rather it's a still-image from a video recording; a long video recording; the whole thing runs for the best part of four hours, which focuses mainly on me, as my little angel screwed me six ways from Sunday, at least twice over! I can still remember the night we recorded that session, and it was quite a night. It started out with me on the bed, dressed and positioned the way I describe, with Erika kneeling behind me, performing oral on me; probing with tongue and fingers, getting me very, very wet as I writhed and whimpered.

Then she moved around in front of me and, grabbing my hands, placed them onto the shaft of a large, thick, plastic prick, inviting me to give it a hand-job. To anyone else; if they ever got the chance to watch the recording, I must look a right fool, masturbating a plastic prick, but I could hear moans of appreciation from Erika, and I figured that the clit pad was being pressed back just right, to stimulate her clit and give her some pleasure from what I was doing.

After a little while of doing that, I could feel her hands on the skin of my face as she asked me, "Would you like to try taking this in your pussy now, baby?" I nodded my head quite vigorously and felt Erika move around behind me. I could hear that she was messing around with a box of some sort, and then I felt a dollop of lube being applied to my bum.

I didn't need that to accommodate the big strap-on in my pussy, so I figured that she was intending to use a vibro on my back passage, too. So much the better babe; I loved being double filled after all.

I felt the pressure of my little angel's fingers on my ring, slipping past it, as she worked the lube in, adding more as she worked. Then I felt something cold and plastic, not to mention broad and hard, being pressed up against my sphincter, which I concentrated on relaxing, and opening, for my little angel to press whatever she had, up inside of it, as best I could.

"Do I have your permission to push this big thing a bit deeper, baby?" I heard Erika ask, and I nodded my head in agreement; yes, she had my permission. Whatever it was, it was bigger than any prick I'd had pushed up my backside at any time in my life, but as long as Erika was able to recognize the symptoms of hurting me, I'd give it a go. It must have taken three full minutes for Erika to work the large dildo, as I though of it, as far in as she wanted, and my bum felt considerably fuller than it ever had before in my life; I was well-stretched!

(That reminded me about what I'd gotten up to with the bouncer I pulled, on the night of my first proper gang-bang. I'd had my hand in his pants and been quite impressed with what I'd gotten hold of. Clearly it was big and impressive. He'd boasted to me, at the time he had two fingers in my cum splattered pussy, that when it stood to attention it was thirteen inches long, and so broad that I would have trouble getting it in my mouth when I blew it.

I'd laughed at the time, accustomed as I was to schoolboy boasts, but when we were in his shower and he was washing me, I wasn't laughing anymore. I was trying to decide which of two conflicting feelings was stronger; my nervousness at just the thought of how much that black monster was going to hurt as it went inside me, or my eagerness to be able to rejoin the girls the following day, and boast to them about just how much meat I'd had inside me.

I doubted that any of them would have been on the receiving end of something that big. I'd had ten inches before, and I was only fourteen then, but the monster of a prick that I was looking at seemed to be far bigger than the additional three inches.

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As he turned me around and pressed me up against the wall, and pressed the colossal head of that equally colossal prick up against my pussy lips, nervousness took over. I steeled myself for the discomfort that I was expecting from the first penetration of something so massive, as I felt the huge thing begin to push its way up my tight fifteen year old pussy.

I felt the first couple of inches going into without too much trouble, but after that, it began to really stretch my walls apart, to the point where it was getting to be a really tight fit.

He actually had to take it out of me, and get some K.Y. After massaging a good supply of the lube into both of us, he re-entered me and began to push deep. I felt as if he was going to tear one pussy lip away from the other, and it was uncomfortable, but I was prepared to accept the discomfort, the way I had from other men, as long as he was careful, gentle, and gave me my own pleasure. I bit my lip and then I felt the fronts of his thighs pressing against the backs of mine and realized that I then had all thirteen inches of that huge prick inside my tight pussy.

No wonder I felt as if I was going to split wide open. Believe me when I say that I could feel every inch, and I wondered just how far up my body that thirteen inches would take a prick head.

It was then that he leaned forward to whisper in my ear that he was as deep as his balls, and asked if I was ready to have him begin thrusting. I wasn't really sure if I was ready or not, but I replied that I was.

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He began slowly, as I became accustomed to the feeling of something so big inside me, and slowly increased the pace until my head was swimming, and I was moaning loader than I had before. My first climax was brought on quite quickly, and I shuddered on the end of that huge thing.

By the time he climaxed for the first time, spraying inside me, I must have climaxed four, maybe even five times, and I'll never forget the way he gave me one last hard thrust before pumping me full of semen. That final, hard, thrust was quite painful, and I cried out.


After he'd finished squirting inside me, he pulled out and then commented crudely that, quote, "Your cunt is gaping wider than a railway tunnel, white meat." He called me 'white meat' all night because I hadn't actually told him my name, and he didn't see the point in asking! (To be fair, he hadn't offered me his name either, so had to settle for being addressed as 'black meat.' I wasn't racist though. Any attractive man with a big prick was welcome to shove it up me if he got my attention!) As I reached down to my pussy, to feel how wide it was, I was pleasantly surprised at just how wide I was gaping open after that screw.

After that, black meat carried me to his bedroom, and put me on my knees, which he told me was where white girls belonged; on their knees, taking black prick, doggy style, like the cheap, dirty bitches they all were.

He really laid into me on the bed with that massive weapon, until I was wailing like a professional porno slut. That was one hell of a night, and I just had to take a photograph of his prick, in such a way that I could show its sheer size. I managed to get a sense of scale by putting a cigarette beside the prick and took a picture on my cell phone, and the other members of the slut club were very impressed with my account of what I'd gotten up to with the prick in the photograph.) As Erika released her grip on the big dildo, I could feel some sort of thread or other kind of material touching the backs of my thighs, and heard Erika say, "You really do look the part of the submissive now, my princess.

Princess Blonde Dirty Bitch! Wait until you see the pictures." Then I felt the end of the large strap-on being pressed up against my pussy lips, and rubbed up and down them, as Erika tweaked each of my nipples in turn; just teasing.

That was the sort of moment where I'd usually have turned around and started to beg, but being gagged, I couldn't beg; I was just going to have to wait.

Not that I had long to wait. Grabbing me around my waist with her left arm, Erika jammed all four fingers of her other hand into my pussy, thrusting hard.

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"Fuck me baby, this is one warm, tight cunt, and I'm going to fuck it raw." Erika announced, quite loudly. Despite having a gag in my mouth, I still screamed softly as I took that first, forceful thrust of Erika's fingers. "Oh," said Erika. "You like it rough do you, you dirty blonde bitch?" Erika asked, as she gave me a second, equally forceful, thrust, and I moaned again, and nodded my head; vigorously.

I most certainly did like it nice and rough. That was how I got it, too, as Erika moved round behind me and slipping me that nice, hard, plastic length, I could both hear and feel the front of Erika's thighs slap against the back of my own as she thrust hard into me, over and over again.

I climaxed, hard, after what felt like only a short time, my pussy muscles clamping quite involuntary around the plastic shaft. Erika showed me no mercy though, just continuing to thrust away, telling me to, "That's the way baby, you clamp that juicy little cunt tight for me to pump, and I'll make you scream yet, gag or no gag!" The picture came from only a couple of minutes later.

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I heard Erika's climax commence, as she gave me a few, final, even more forceful thrusts, and she made plenty of noise, swearing at me as I felt the effects of her climax; the way her body shuddered, and the way her spasming pussy caused the plastic prick to move up and down within me.

After that, I could feel the way she changed position, and with what can only be called a disgusting slurping sound, she pulled the double-ended dildo out of her honeypot.

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That surprised me, because I didn't know we had a double-ender as big as what I had just had stuck into me; I thought that we just had the single-ended strap-on that we'd had since our early days. Mistress must have been shopping and not told me. Then it got pressed back into my pussy, and pushed deeper than anything I had ever been made to take, at any time in my life. The picture shows that my pussy is taking a large, dark blue double-ended dildo that my baby had in both hands, encouraging me to, "There baby, you take Mistress' big cock; take it deep inside your hungry little hole.

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Push yourself back and we'll see how much more we can get in your sweet, tight, little cunt-hole. Sling it for me baby; you know how much I like that." Added to that, I've got all ten inches of the handle of a big fetish whip clearly stuck up my bum, with the trailing fibers reaching down to my knees, like a horse's tail. As the big dildo was pushed deeper and deeper into my body it was beginning to hurt and I began to gently move away from Erika and the dildo, hoping that she'd take the hint, and the pressure eased.

"Am I hurting you, baby?" she asked me, so I nodded my head. "I'm not really surprised, seeing just how much of this fucking huge rubber cock I've got rammed up your sweet, juicy cunt! Do you mind if I mark the shaft before I pull it out so that I can show you?" she asked me. Seeing as the pressure had let up, I shook my head; I was curious as to how much of that 'fucking huge rubber cock' I'd been able to take.

When Erika pulled the shaft out of my pussy, with the same sort of disgusting slurping noise, she turned her tender attentions to me, with her fingers, and lightly ran them around the skin that she could touch through the gaps in the outfit I was wearing, before she separated the two halves of my outfit, and lifted the top part and began to stroke my belly and thighs with her fingertips, as she pressed her tongue into my gaping pussy.

She knew that aside from my erogenous zones, I liked to have my belly and thighs touched and stroked. I got rolled over onto my back, and my little angel pulled the lower half of my outfit down a few inches, and ran her fingertips down and over my hips, in addition to my belly and buttocks, before she removed my gag to entwine her tongue with mine. Then she took off the blindfold and waved the big dildo in front of me, before running her tongue over the outside of it, and licking off my pussy-cream.

Erika was right, it was huge! I measured it later; it was sixty centimeters long, and half as thick as my forearm. When I saw the two items I'd had pushed deep into my lower orifices, I was genuinely surprised at the size of both, especially the mark on the dildo that showed how far it had been pushed into my pussy.

I had taken almost forty-five centimeters of the thickest plastic prick I ever saw, and as Erika commented, I had "moaned like a right dirty whore, despite the gag," as I took those inches. When we watched the recording, I had to agree with her; I had 'moaned like a right dirty whore', too! I'll admit that at the time I was trying to get away from the big prick, I was feeling as if it was almost reaching my tonsils, it was so long.

The idea that I could accommodate almost a foot and a half of plastic prick in my pussy was quite a surprise to me. My hands were freed from the constraints and my little baby's tongue quickly found its way back inside my pussy again, as a reward for what I had done for her; as a reward for being sufficiently trusting and loving, that I let her chain me up, knowing that I was helpless in her arms. I really was helpless, too, but I never really felt as vibrant and as alive, as when Erika had me trussed up like a Sunday roast and was thoroughly dominating me, giving me no choice in what happened, yet still giving me plenty of pleasure and lots of orgasms.

It was something she'd taken to quite readily, after the birth of our daughters, despite having been abused in that manner a few years earlier. At first I was surprised to realize that my little angel liked tying me up for sex, and talking so crude and dirty.

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Sometimes every other word was a swear-word, and that was great, being talked to so dirty and so vulgar. One of her favorite positions for me was on my knees, hands behind my back and my face pressed down into a pillow. She could have suffocated me so easily like that, yet of course I was always perfectly safe in the arms of, and at the mercy of, the woman I loved.


When I was in that particular position, Erika often used to entwine her fingers with mine, and keep hold of my hands as she made love to me, and swore at me.

She could keep hold of my hands for a long time, just thrusting deep inside me, from behind. I didn't need rewarding after something like that; I got my reward during such a sex session, from the sex and the orgasms, and I never asked for any more than that, yet at times, Erika would insist on giving me such 'rewards,' and with her ability to pleasure me like that, I had no intentions of ever stopping her. If she wanted to give, then I would wrap my legs around her neck and accept…Well, I would if I could actually close my legs!

I often still had the bar attached to my ankles, which was keeping my legs apart, for my little angel to crouch, or kneel, between.