Mi zorrita con culito rico

Mi zorrita con culito rico
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Growing up I had always fantasized about sexual experienceswith guys. In high school, on some occasions, my friends and I would jerk each other off.Sadly that was the extent of it.

After graduation I was able to finally admit I was bisexual. at the least. I made some gay friends and was slowly introduced to the gay world but for an instance. With no work around I decided to follow a close friend and I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps.

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I loved it! Hot young studs to stare at for ages. But this was still 2005 and "don't ask don't tell" was in full effect. My brief time as bisexual was but an unfulfilled dream. I had only kissed a guy before joining. I moved around going through training for the first year until finally getting orders to Okinawa, Japan. I spent an extensive amount of time in the gym. From 2005 to 2008, I had transformed my 5' 8" 135 pound toned body to 185 pounds of lean ripped muscle.

I found any reason to work on my tan. My dark eyes would often find reasons to compare my physique to others. I eventually managed to attain my own room in the four story barracks after being promoted a couple of times.


It was hard not to check some of the other Marines out. They would often come out of there rooms wearing only basketball shorts. The shape of their manhood draped by the thin fabric that was those shorts.With fast promotions occurring rooms started to be doubled on. There was no way I was going to have an ugly roommate. Stephen had just been promoted so he had to be moved with someone of the same rank.

He was 5'10" 165 pounds. He had a muscular swimmers build. He would joke that he could never be pinched on Saint Patricks day because is eyes were a dark green. I would often watch as he would stand supervising his Marines. The sun making his light brown hair seem like a halo around this Greek god. I had heard stories from his former roommate that he liked to walk around naked and had a HUGE cock that he would often flash.So I gladly offered him the opportunity to move in to my room and the bottom bunk.

All the while hoping that I could catch a glimpse of his cock.I first saw how big he was one morning we woke up to go PT. He woke up with morning wood and walked towards me to go to the bathroom and I could see the length and girth through his boxer briefs. The tip of it reached to his hip and the thickness of it made my mouth water.

Oh did I want to see it! We became as close as roommates could become. Everyday we would enjoy a beer together afterwork. On one night though one beer turned to twelve. We were relaxing in our room lounging on his bunk watching a movie. With our backs flat against the wall and our legs dangling off the twin sized mattress, we watched a movie play with our beer in hand.

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I don't remember exactly how but we were just sitting there in our boxers watching the movie. Filled with liquid courage I started thinking of how I could see his bare cock. He got up to go take a piss and I ran to the bathroom and proclaimed," Not before me!" But I knew he wasn't the shy type.

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And as planned retaliated with,"I'm gonna piss next to you I don't care if you see my dick." Sure enough he pulled his cock out while I pissed and went right next to me.

Of course I looked! It was huge!! It was about 6inches soft! "Dude you have a huge cock!!!" "You haven't seen it hard." We went back to his bed and we both sat down, pretty drunk already, and continued watching the movie.I don't know what got into me. Probably the fact that I was drunk and all inhibition went out the window.

There we were sitting, and I looked over and his cock was sticking out the front slit of his boxer briefs. He must not have put it away enough when we finished pissing. In drunken blindness I reached over and grabbed it and told him it was sticking out. WHAT THE FUCK did I just do?!He just looked at me.

We stared at each other for a moment. Finally I asked if I could play with it. He nonchalantly responded," Sure it's just a cock." Yesss!! I began to fondle him.


I tugged and pulled at it. Stroking it and jerking it making him get harder with each one. It was magnificent. His huge head followed by a thick veiny shaft beckoned me.I looked at him and asked,"Can I try something.?" I had never done anything like this. I had only dreamed of this kind of stuff.Before he could respond I got down on my knees in between his legs and put his thick cock in my mouth.I sucked and licked all up his shaft.

I loved the aroma that his balls gave my nostrils as I put each one in my mouth. I would look up at him and run my free hand all over his muscles as my mouth worked his ever enlarging cock.I tried to put as much of it as I could in my mouth but he was too big for my virgin my mouth and throat.I only managed about half. His cock was about 9.5 in and about 6.5 around. It was way to much for me to swallow. After enjoying myself and tasting him as much as I could handle, I remembered he had lube!I went to his closet and grabbed it.I poured some on his cock as he lay in his bed.

I rubbed it all over and I knew what I wanted to do.I straddled him and I raised myself high enough I could feel his head at my virgin hole.I slowly let the tip slide in.

Oh was it painful but it felt soooo good.I was only able to put some of him in me before the pain was too much.I got off of him and he grabbed the lube and ran it over my cock!!!Did he want me to fuck him?!He spread his legs and pulled me towards him.

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Oh fuck!! "Be gentle its been a long time since I've done this." I couldn't believe it. He actually wanted to bottom.Fine by me.I positioned my head at his tight little bud and slowly pushed in.I could feel his tightness surround my head and it going past his first sphincter and then him relaxing and allowing the rest of me to push in.I pushed until my balls were pressed against his soft ass and all 6.5 of me were in him.

I let him adjust as he kept his hands on my hips to adjust himself. I slowly started pulling out and sliding back in.I could finally feel him relax completely and I began to slowly pick up the pace of my thrust.His hole felt so tight and warm it was amazing.With each thrust he would moan. I hoisted his legs from my hips to my shoulders and reached around and grabbed his muscled pecs.

"Oh you feel amazing inside me," he moaned. That excited me even more and I pound harder into his hole making him moan louder. Thank goodness the movie was still playing if not we might have been discovered.

I looked down at him and watched in full amazement as my bare cock slid in and out of his magnificent hole. With each thrust I felt more like a man. His tightness sending almost an unbearable pleasure deep inside my loins. He grabbed his cock from bouncing on his stomach, the tip dripping with precum, and began to stroke it vigorously.

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His body began to tense. I could see almost every striation in his muscled body as his body neared orgasm. He moaned with pleasure before yelling "I'm about to cum!!!"Just as he let his load explode all over his chest and some hitting him underneath his chin.That's all I needed.

Watching him blow his load and feeling him squeezing his ass around me brought me to orgasm. I quickly pulled out of his now gaping hole and stroked my dick to the sight of his cum covered body and let it spray all over his hole and balls.I collapsed on top of him and we held and kissed each other. Allowing our bodies to stick to each other with our own cum. We got up and showered eventually, we had to be up in about four hours for work.