Slutty Teen Cums on Cam well Mom is At Work

Slutty Teen Cums on Cam well Mom is At Work
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George had us both stand by the toilet as he looked for mom's douche under the sink. He had Debbie sit on the toilet with her legs spread.

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He stuck the douche in her cunt and cleaned all the cum out, then her ass. I never saw so much cum before. I was next he clean my inside really good.

I got up and saw all the cum in the toilet. Wow we sure got fucked good and a lot. We all jumped into the shower and washed each other. Debbie and I wanted to suck on George's cock. But George said it was too sore right now and we should wait.

We finished and Debbie wanted to go her room and fuck some more we had three hours before mom got home. We both laid on her bed with are legs spread wide open. George looked at are small white bodies with are red swollen cunts and ass holes looking back at him. Our little cunts where puff red and swollen our cunt lips where so filled with blood they did not cover our clit or cunt holes.

George could see inside our hole about two inches. Debbie said her cunt was sore and needed some air. I lay there on Debbie's bed as I stared up at George, I gasped seeing his cock spring to life, like I said it was amazing.


I whimpered and cried with joy as he lay down next to me and started to caress my body. He ran his fingers up my belly and gently cupped my small breast as he nuzzled my neck and then began to tug at my hard nipples.

I gasped and groaned. I didn't know what to do. I had to submit, but he was being so tender it was feeling nice. He kissed and suckled my earlobes as he worked his hand over my tummy again. I readily started to hump my hips at him knowing he was moving to my vagina. He worked up and down my slit and was using my own juice to lather me up. I was already feeling excited and my mind was trashed trying to figure out what was happening.

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He saw the dog and Ron just fuck me I was so tired from cumming. While he was playing with my pussy he moved his head down to my chest and started to suck on my nipples, I gritted my teeth, feeling his tongue and lips working on my aching areola, it was agony the anticipation waiting for the feeling of him to start sucking my nipple.

Suddenly he scooped it up between his lips and I was lost, I felt my hips start to undulate as his fingers worked over my clit and into my sopping wet pussy. He kept this up for nearly ten minutes and I was racked with pleasure because he was making me so hot after all.

Next he moved down my body and worked his lips over my stomach and to my cunt mound I was nearly hyperventilating feeling his lips grasping my pussy lips and tugging gently teasing me before he pushed his tongue down on my clit. Again my thoughts had me making whimpering whispers while my hips rose up to meet his oral assault. His tongue flicked over my clit and he sucked it in between his lips, I spread my legs wider letting his head drop down between and he worked his tongue into my soaking wet pussy.

I like it. I was moaning and withering there on the bed with a George giving me incredible oral sex; I was gasping and moaning I huffed out in a raspy, lusty tone. I just wanted to cum. He was working my clit so good I could hardly stand it. Suddenly he stopped and I felt my body still moving I wanted to tell him to keep it up but I couldn't, I had to submit my body I knew my mind was gone.

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My eyes fluttered open and I watched as he got up and moved around between my legs kneeling there his enormous cock jutting out proudly, my eyes went wide seeing the massiveness of it again. I gasped realizing he was about to put that huge thing inside me.

I was in heaven watching between my legs as he lowered himself on me, I was muttering, "YES!!!.HARDER!!! MAKE ME!!!.CUM!!!.AAAAIIIIEEEE!!!!" I felt the bulbous head nudging at my opening to my little worn out pussy. I had spent all my energy on that last fuck. I let out a deep groaning gasp as I felt the head of his cock slip between my wet pussies. Unable to move anymore I only managed a feeble verbal struggle saying, "PLEASE, FUCK ME" If he heard me he didn't show it as he attempted to slide his cock into me.

The sudden thrust, I whimpered, "it won't fit, and my pussy is too worn out and small?' That he heard and, he whispered in my ear, "By the end of the day your pussy will want all the dicks in the world!" I whined and whimpered as he continued to push the massive cock into me. I gasped and withered then with a groan managed to say "SLOWLY, please?" My statement shocked me at first then I thought to myself, "I am just trying to make it less painful" but that was lame justification.

With that he moved with more care as he eased it inside me filling me up with his thick cock. Soon he had it all in my aching pussy and began to move. I was shocked that he fit it inside my sore cunt. I watched with wonder as he began to pump in and out of me slowly. I became ashamed of myself as I marveled that I could fit a big dick in my little worn out pussy and it actually felt good.

He knew what he was doing he had worked me up to the edge of orgasm with his tongue on my pussy and now his cock was sawing away inside of me the upper edge of his shaft gnawing away at my clit. His mouth was working back and forth on my tiny flat tits licking and sucking hard on each sensitive nipple and I was arching my back and pressing them into his face.

My nipples were tender and aching but it felt as erotic as he began to nibble them gently with his teeth. I bit my lip to stifle a moan but the longer he fucked me the closer I got to orgasm and before long I was raising my hips to meet his thrust and moaning like a little whore.

I squealed and wrapped my legs around his ass thrusting my hips at him burying his cock inside me as I came, I was shuddering and whimpering incoherently as my orgasm coursed through my body. Then I dropped back down and I lay limp as he kept pumping away my body rocking with the rhythm of his penetrating thrust my tiny tits jiggling lightly, my hard nipples glistening with his saliva, it felt heavenly having his big cock sloshing away inside me as I came down from my orgasm.

George Pulled his rock hard cock out of me and said he wanted Otto to fuck me. He got Otto and had him get between my legs and started to fuck me, Just like Debbie, Otto found and entered my tight little cervix. It grabbed a hold of his cock and would not let go. Otto keeps right on fucking me. He shot his load right in my cervix and pulled out.

George pushes him aside and enters me his cock found and entered my cervix and it would not let go of his massive cock. The wonder of his huge cock in my little cervix made me cum even harder than ever before.

I looked over and saw Debbie sucking on Otto's cock. Suddenly he picked up speed and was really ramming me deep and almost painful, he was grunting hard and low my whole body shook as he gripped my hips and lifted me up impaling me with his throbbing cock.

I could feel it twitching inside me and my eyes shot open and wide as I knew he was going to cum. I cried out, "OH YES PLEASES CUM INSIDE ME I'M NEED IT!" If he heard that he showed no sign as he collapsed on top of me and I felt the hot jets of his cum filling me up. I clenched my eyes closed and shuddered feeling the slippery jism working around his cock and the wet sloshing noises that came from my pussy. I whimpered in shock, it felt like gallons of sperm were swimming in my womb, I started to smile again thinking about what might happen but he just kept pumping his cock back and forth urging more cum into me and it made me have a secondary orgasm.

I was shocked when he leaned down and gently touched his lips to mine my eyes shot wide open, I thought "My God he going to kiss me again?" His tongue found mine and began to flick it back and forth in an erotic dance that was so sensuous that I couldn't help myself and I kissed back. When the kiss broke he lowered his head back to my chest and began working on my nipples again, my head rolling up and back with the rhythm of his thrust.

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I felt so horny as I let him kiss me and I enjoyed kissing back with equal enthusiasm and having him play with my tits made me hornier than I have ever been in my life. After the last fuck I thought he would be done but my cervix would not let go of his cock head. He kept pumping away until his cock was hard again inside me, then he pulled it out of me and crawled up kneeling by my head.

I looked over at his cock the head was nearly purple and the shaft had thick blue veins that coursed up the length the taught skin was pink and raw looking and I assumed it got that way from being gripped by my tiny little cervix, I felt him gently cup the back of my head and I looked up into his eyes, I could tell what he wanted but I was so weak I feebly opened my mouth as he nudged his cock head at my face.

He smeared the mixture of our juices the dog and all, over my cheeks and lips as I made a muffled whine, I could smell my musky cunt juice on my upper lip as he rubbed his cock over my chin and back up. I had sucked cock after they had put it inside of me but something about the smell and feel of his spongy cock head on my face was exciting to me. The enormous head slipped past my lips and over my tongue as he pulled my head toward his crotch. I just held his cock in my mouth as he held my head up for me then I began to gently suckle then bob my head and finally began to blow my brother.

He was moaning and tossing his head back and forth as I sucked his cock, he would look down on my face and comment how pretty I looked. Soon he began to pull my head toward him and pump his cock into my mouth. All of a sudden he held my head still and began to quake, my eyes went wide as I realized he was going to cum in my mouth. I could feel his hot sperm spurt out onto my tongue, huge gobs sliding down my lapping tongue to the back of my throat choking me until I swallowed it.


I had never swallowed so much cum in one orgasm But now I could feel the residual cum pressing out passed my lips clamped on his cock and rolling down my chin and neck, something about the way he was making that animalistic grunting moan was turning me on and I kept sucking until he pulled his cock from my gasping mouth.

I don't know what came over me but I started kissing all along his shaft while he rubbed his dripping cock all over my face. I was so spent I could not move I laid on my back with my legs spread wide open. Debbie had Otto's cock rock hard she wants to fuck him.

She looked at George and he smiled "You're going to have to suck me hard again." Debbie smiled and said "OK" George moved over to her and let his limp cock fill her little mouth. She started to suck on it and it began to grow hard.

He pushed her away and lay down next to me.

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Debbie got on top of him and put her small cunt at his head so all he had to do was push and in it went. Her cervix was open up from the last fuck and he slid right in with little force. Her muscle gripped his cock and would not let go. He called Otto over and he mounted Debbie right away.

His rock hard cock went right in her ass and started to fuck her freely. Debbie could not stand the pleasure and started to cum right away. She yelled out "I want cum to swallow and I want it right now." This made George's dick as hard as it has been all day. He stretched little Debbie's cervix so much it could not hold tight his cock anymore.

He pulled Otto off of Debbie and told her to finish him off with her mouth. She spun around with his cock still in her cunt and laid Otto down on his back and started to suck him off.

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The taste off shit was not too bad; it was her shit on his cock. She sucked on it until he shot his load in her mouth she swallow it all.


Loved every drop. Otto was pleased and jumped off the bed.

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He had not finished with her yet and proceeded to fuck her, more she shamelessly had a mind blowing orgasm and a series of mini orgasms when he would flood her pussy with his cum.

George called Otto over and had him lay at the top of my head. He gently rolled me over on my stomach. Otto was lying on his back with all four of his legs in the air. George smiled at me and said "Start sucking the dog's dick." I smiled I wanted to suck the Otto's dick. I started to pull his sheath and suck on his pointed dick. I keep sucking on it until I had all six inches out. George lifted me on top of Otto and put me down right on top of his dick.

He guided Otto's dick into my small cunt. I held Otto down with my weight. Otto started to ram his cock all the way in me with no mercy. George got behind me and started to push his dick into my ass. I was now fucking my dog and brother. Otto had the speed and length to drive me to cum. George took it slow fucking my ass and feeling Otto fuck my pussy. Otto came real quick in my pussy. George lifted me up with his cock still in my ass and told me to clean Otto dick. I wanted to suck all of Otto cock at once but he was too long to get all of him in my mouth.

I sucked all the cum off of Otto dick. Otto got up and went under the bed. George put me down on the bed with his cock still in my ass.

He pulled it out of my ass and brought it to my lips. I could smell all the cum and my own shit on his cock. "Now clean me up." He stuffed my little mouth with his thick cock. I suck all the shit and cum off his cock. He laid me down on the bed with my little ass hanging off. George started to fuck my pussy hard and fast. I could feel his cock getting bigger and he stopped and emptied his load in my wanton pussy.

We both took some time off of fucken to rest up.